Saturday, 29 August 2009

UPDATED ! Malaysian Muslims MUST Condemn THIS Barbaric Behaviour of Their FELLOW MUSLIMS

For Insulting the HINDU Faith and for Inciting Religious Hatred.

NOTE: As of 4.30 pm 29 August 2009, the Police is YET to ARREST these scumbag Muslims for insulting the Hindu faith and inflaming religious/racial hatred.


Adding to the INSULT, the Selangor Police stood by QUIETLY and UNMOVED to watch and allow the barbaric spectacle by these SCUMBAG MUSLIMS taking place right before their very eyes!!


"... This is the culmination of years of the AUTHORITIES ( i.e.POLICE and the UMNO-led Govt) closing one eye and taking sides.

Did the rabble rousers have a police permit?

They can harass candle light vigil participants, but not these actors in outright religious bigotry?

And arrest and imprison reporters ‘for their own safety’ and MP’s based on mere rumours, but not those actually caught red-handed?.."

- Reader on Aisehman Blog


Chairman of Section 23 Shah Alam Resident Committee responsible for the severed cow head protest, Mahyuddin Manaf, is a PAS member.

"... Menurut mereka yang menyaksikan perarakan itu, POLIS enggan bertindak pantas kerana mereka percaya perhimpunan dan perarakan itu didalangi oleh Umno.

Polis juga tidak sangka Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak akan mengeluarkan kenyataan yang mendakwa beliau kesal dengan tindakan penduduk mengarak kepala lembu sebagai membantah cadangan pemindahan kuil Hindu itu.

Bagaimanana, pihak polis dipercayai akan mengambil tindakan tegas hari ini terhadap Pengerusi jawatankuasa bertindak penduduk Seksyen 23 Shah Alam, Mahyuddin Manaf, seorang ahli PAS. Read here for more

".. NAJIB, you are the worst Prime Minister that this nation has ever seen. I would like to think that you have usurp your father in that ranking.

What has been done since the afternoon (severed cow-head protest) event? Nothing but talking cock.

Why are the 50 odd extremists still out on the roads?

Why is there still NO action taken upon this extremist Ibrahim Sabri who is calling for bloodshed.

Challenging the Hindus with their sacred cow. Shouldn't these disciples of satan be taken in by ISA to 'protect them from harm'?

Is this not what you claim the ISA is all about? Malaysians demand to see that such extremism be taken cared of. Nabbed them now.

And shut Utusan's printing machine for the next 1 week lest Awang and his fellow bodohs make matters worse.

And Anwar and PAS, sack Hassan Ali today. Enough is enough from him. We all know that he is involved in this some way or another
. Read here for more
-"Simon Templar"

The "BASTARDS" turned "bisu" and cacat"
Opposition stalwart Lim Kit Siang is asking why the Umno-owned Malay daily Utusan Malaysia is silent on yesterday's controversial 'cow head' protest. "If such an ultimate act of religious insensitivity, insult and offence had been committed against Islam, Utusan Malaysia would have gone to town. " Read here for more
Parti Keadilan Rakyat mengutuk sekeras-kerasnya tindakan sekumpulan 50 orang yang kononnya mewakili penduduk Seksyen 23 di Shah Alam yang telah mengarak dan bertindak menghina kepala seekor lembu dalam memprotes isu penempatan semula sebuah kuil Hindu. Tindakan mereka ini dengan jelas bertujuan untuk mengaibkan dan menimbulkan kemarahan penganut Hindu yang menganggap lembu sebagai binatang yang suci. Read here for more

---End of Update---

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Click here to see more photos of the dastardly act of these scumbag Muslims

Read here for more on The Aisehman Blog

This Is Extreme !

(Photos courtesy of Minaq Jinggo)

Look at these people !!

These people are reportedly upset with the decision to relocate a Hindu temple to Section 23 in Shah Alam. So they decided to protest in front of the Selangor government building. That’s not all they did.

They brought along the severed head of a cow for good measure and from the looks of it, were more than happy to pose for this photo. The dude with his foot on the cow’s head obviously knows what he’s doing.

If these people think they are defending Islam, then they are seriously misleading themselves.

They have NOT upheld Islam.

Instead, they have ridiculed and insulted their own religion (ISLAM) through their actions.

  1. (Prime Minister) Najib MUST condemn the actions of these people in the strongest terms.

  2. So MUST (Tok Guru) Nik Aziz of PAS .

  3. So MUST Anwar Ibrahim.

  4. So MUST the MUFTIS and ULAMAS.

  5. So MUST the Raja-Raja Melayu (as Heads of Islam).

  6. So MUST the MALAY mainstream media.

  7. So MUST EACH and EVERY Muslim in this country must come out strongly against this sort of thing.
I expect NO less.

MALAYSIA expects NO less.
- The Aisehman


Read HERE: From READERS of malaysiakini

Ida Bakar:

Dear Hindus of Malaysia, In the absence of an outright apology from Malay-Muslim leadership, please allow me to apologise for this unforgivable action.

What these people have done have nothing to do with Islam or the Malays. They have brought shame onto my religion in this holy month of Ramadan.

Dear syariah judges, these miscreants have acted against Islam - by insulting the Hindu religion and by not respecting the the dead cow (one of Allah's many beautiful creations).

Surely this is a crime worse than three glasses of beer.

Muslim true and true:

Dear all, please don't associate the remaining 99-9% Muslims in this country who are responsible and tolerant towards other religious beliefs with this incident. These hooligans don't represent all of us.

Amir H:

As a Muslim, I am ashamed at the behaviour of these hoodlums especially during the holy month of Ramadhan. I really wonder who the head honchos are behind this unscrupulous act. The protestors have been swayed off course from the true teachings of Islam. I dare say this is not the true reflection of the majority of Malay-Muslims in this country. Very sad indeed..


Action Commitee Chair' Mahyuddin Manaf said :'
" We will not budge an inch. Even if lives are lost and blood made to flow we will defend section 23 from having a temple built there'.
These are very threatening words and should not be taken lightly . These are words uttered just like 'terrorists' would and we have these people in Malaysia.

I wonder what made some people in our country so stupid and so extreme.

Let's see if action is being taken immediately or if a mere caution is given.

To my Hindu brothers and sisters, please forgive them.

from Haris Ibrahim

Read here in Peoples Parliament blog

The report of the incident by Malaysianinsider makes it imperative that decisive police action be taken against the perpetrators.

Bloodshed has been threatened, and the ringleader appears to have been named.

The police have NO excuse for inaction.

I’m also convinced after reading this report that something sinister is being planned by some very evil people in Selangor.

Again, stay calm, people.

I am deeply saddened by the actions of a group of individuals in Shah Alam today in desecrating the head of a cow to protest the relocation of a Hindu temple to their neighbourhood.

Malaysiakini has the report HERE.

I refuse to acknowledge this group as Muslims, as their action is unIslamic in the extreme, and mirrors the evil in their hearts.

They are said to have just concluded their Friday prayers before carrying out this despicable act. Any good arising from those prayers must surely have been nullified by this evil that they did so soon after.

I’m troubled by the inaction of the police who were present when the group of demonstrators did their absolute worst.


This is one of the worst incidences of incitement to religious hatred I have seen in a long, long time, and the police watch and do nothing?


Even more troubling is the recent spate of incidences of religious intolerance and extremism occuring in Selangor.

Are these connected, and part of a larger, more sinister agenda to destabilise the present state government?

If so, let’s not fall for it.

To my Hindu brothers and sisters, demonstrate the beauty that is to be found in your faith, and in the process shame these demonstrators.

Forgive them, and do not react in the manner that they appear to want to agitate.

I expect to see the Muslim MPs and ADUNs and leaders of both sides of the political divide condemn these acts in the strongest possible terms and to press the police authorities to haul the wrongdoers to court.

Should be easy enough to identify the perpetrators from the photographs on Malaysiakini (or see HERE).

Anything less and you would have failed in both your religious duty and your obligations as electe.
-Haris Ibrahim

Protes Penduduk Islam Seksyen 23 - Perlu berhemah didalam cara membantah!


Zainol Abideen

Read here for more in Mahaguru58 blog


"... Saya tidak gemar melihat provokasi yang dilakukan dengan sengaja terhadap kefahaman orang orang India berkepercayaan Hindu itu dan saya memang tidak boleh terima penjelasan yang diberikan oleh pemimpin protes semalam bila diajukan persoalan akan maksud membawa kepala lembu dan memijak nya dengan maksud simbolik menghina simbol penyembahan orang orang Hindu sedunia!

Bilamana pemimpin demonstrasi semalam memijak kepala lembu itu, perbuatan itu dilakukan dengan simbolik memijak kepercayaan penganut ajaran Hindu. Ini realitinya. Kebenaran wajib dinyatakan! Sebagai umat Islam malah sedang berpuasa lagi!!!

Bayangkan perasaan kita jika orang orang Hindu diseluruh dunia pula menghina kitab suci junjungan kita yakni Al Quranul Karim?

Sudah tentu kita marah dan mahu saja memerangi mereka!

Nah! Begitu lah natijah nya bertindak secara semberono melakukan sesuatu perkara yang sudah tentu mengguris hati dan perasaan mereka yang berfahaman Hindu didalam negara kita mahupun diluar negara.

Kepala lembu yang dibawa dan dipijak semalam biarpun ianya hanya sesuatu objek dan bukan kitab suci sesuatu agama tetapi ianya adalah lambang simbol ketuhanan kepercayaan orang orang Kaffir!

Mereka yang bertanggungjawab mengepalai protes semalam harus meminta maaf dengan segera dan secara terbuka kepada rakyat Malaysia berketurunan India yang berfahaman Hindu dan menyatakan kesal diatas kesilapan mereka bertindak sebegitu.

Walaupun saya tidak ada kena mengena secara langsung dengan cara protes semalam, selaku saudara seagama dengan penduduk Islam Seksyen 23, Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan, saya memohon maaf bagi pihak mereka kepada mana mana warganegara Malaysia berkepercayaan Hindu diatas kesilapan pembantah pembantah didalam protes berkenaan.
-Zainol Abideen

Makan Kepala Lembu lebih baik dari makan rasuah

Read here for more

Sedih dan kesiah melihatkan mereka yang memakai serban dan kopiah diperbodohkan oleh puak-puak Umno dengan sensetiviti Melayu dan Islam yang sempit.

Mereka mengarak dan menginjak-injak kepala seekor lembu.

Tidakkah ini satu usaha untuk memprovok sensetiviti ugama lain yang menganggap lembu sebagai binatang suci mereka? Jawatankuasa Bertindak ini sengaja berbuat demikian kerana jelas bahawa mereka menyedari perbuatan tersebut adalah satu provokasi terhadap agama lain.

Lantaran itu Mahyuddin Manaf , selaku jurucakap kumpulan tersebut mendakwa kononnya kepala lembu tersebut telah dibawa oleh individu yang 'extreme' dan bukan daripada Jawatankuasa Bertindak.

Kalau dah tahu ianya dibawa oleh individu yang extreme, mengapa kumpulan ini mengarak dan melayannya dan dia sendiri pula adalah antara mereka yang memijak-mijak kepala lembu tersebut. Terbukti dia seorang pembohong dan kumpulan Jawankuasa tersebut adalah extrem dan sangat merbahawa terhadap wawasan Najib, Satu Malaysia.

Saya sendiri melihat perbuatan mereka ini amat biadab dan diluar kesopanan apabila menginjak-injak kepala lembu tersebut.Bukan sebab saya melihatnya dari kacamata seorang penganut Hindu, tetapi sebagai seorang Islam yang melihat kepala lembu itu sebagai bahan makanan yang seharunya dihormati.Lebih baik makan kepala lembu daripada makan rasuah.
- Al-Husseyn

Adakah Orang Islam Bebal Atau Orang Melayu Sangat Bengap?

Read here for more

Adakah orang Melayu yang pastinya Islam ini dilahirkan dengan akal yang tak berapa sempurna tetapi ramai yang merasakan diri mereka jauh lebih superior berbanding orang lain?

Atau orang Melayu merasakan di Malaysia tidak patut wujud simbol-simbol dan bangunan agama lain.

Bila datang hari kemerdekaan (yang aku tak faham kenapa kita raikan besar-besaran sangat) bukak TV nampak iklan tunjuk 3 bangsa lain2 main bola sama-sama.

Kemudian kalau kita tanya sesiapa pun rakyat Malaysia,apa keistimewaan Malaysia,first sekali kita akan "keharmonian kaum."

Aku tak pernah nampak orang Cina carik pasal camni.

Aku tak pernah nampak orang India buat perangai macam ni.

Yang paling menyedihkan adalah bila orang Islam yang buat macam ni.

Banyak tempat lain yang ada masjid,kuil dengan tokong sebelah-sebelah.Apa susah benar ke?Ada ke dalam Quran kata orang Islam mesti pastikan agama lain disisihkan dengan cara menghina agama yang lain itu?

Berdoa mintak tolong kat Allah Swt tu buat apa? Aku rasa Tuhan pun takkan tolong doa orang yang berperangai ala-ala syaitan racist camtu.


Anonymous said...

simply disgusting...

Anonymous said...

ni lah masalah org melayu yg sokong parti keris!!!bila kaum lain hina Islam depa marah..tapi bila batang hidung sendiri hina agama lain dan ISLAM tu sendiri..boleh pulak polis buat bodohhh!!hairan la aku...

Anonymous said...

thank the mighty GOD for NOT making me & my family ...muslims ! SIGH !

Surind said...

Really? & I wonder what people think about this.

"The Koran contains contradictory statements like other religious books, but the Koran itself provides the reader with a way to know what to do with contradictions. In the Koran, it says if you have two passages that contradict each other, the one written later supersedes the one written earlier. A passage written later abrogates (makes null and void) passages written earlier that contradict it. It says so right there in the Koran. Most westerners don't know this. And they are unaware that the peaceful, tolerant passages were written early in Mohammad's prophetic career. According to the Koran, those passages have been overwritten by later, more violent, less tolerant passages." (continue reading):

& about this?:

Shah Alam-ian said...

Islam mengajar kita untuk mengenali dan berbaik-baik dengan bangsa dan agama lain, sepertimana firman Allah SWT dalam surah Al-Hujarat, ayat 13: "Hai manusia, sesungguhnya Kami menciptakan kamu dari seorang laki-laki dan seorang perempuan dan menjadikan kamu berbangsa-bangsa dan bersuku-suku supaya kamu saling mengenal."

Amalkanlah Islam yang sebenar...

IPOHKIA said...

Mahyuddin & Ibrahim,
A hindu temple built in a Malay muslim populated (90%) these malays protest like JI extremist, police just stand and watch, no one dare to touch them cos fear that they are UMNO supporters, now they found one of them from PAS, they start to act but still slow.
To let the rakyat aware (i live in a Taman in Ipoh, a new Taman basically)The malays have applied to built a surau next to a recreation field, even poster and sign board have been erected, but no one ake a single noise or protest to the DBI, THE TAMAN HAS ABOUT 90% NON MALAY MUSLIM and no protest and demostrations, the rakayat take this as normal practice by the government. To get rakayat more facts, despite two masjid is just 1.5km RADIUS OF THE Taman, yet the Malays apply, the best part is no one object, this is how Malaysians adapt and accommodate the Malays. So what the Shah Alam people does is just very Barbaric ad need to be send to Somali,it's not the Chinese asking or demanding too much but the Malays themselves are asking too much, TPM, PM, MUSA HASSAN all doing, act fast.
Soon 1Malaysia is just a slogan and marketing strategy and does not work in the current global landscape where integrity, accountability, transparency, effective leaders which is clean

Anonymous said...

aku tak mau jadi a 'muslim' !!

Anonymous said...

aiyooooooh, muslims macam ini kah !!?? kami tak mau jadi laa ....!

Unknown said...

Absence of any ation by Authorities can be deemed that they condone if not support such actions which insult a religion that is suppossed to propogate peace among all.

Surind said...


List of Malaysian Bloggers that Might be Pandering/Grovelling to Extremists/Fundamentalists/Zealots

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Anonymous said,... The Nation has become very much in a way muslin oriented. The police is on their side and care of the situation. Just for example, if it were the opposite of either the Indians or the Chinese doing that to them then action will be done by the police in a fast manner. On the other hand, the minister or PM or other members of parliament should and must condemned this sort of action.

Anonymous said...

It will be disastrous if authority does not step in and condemn this action. That is an extreme group that needs to be monitored closely. Words used are too serious to ignore.

Anonymous said...

Let us all pray this does not happen to our country and let us all join hands together like we did 52 years ago and condemn such people together as one race THE PROUD MALAYSIANS.

Again we must move forward,when Politicians are selfish & self centered with greed for others wealth, they become demoms of time, with everlasting hunger for power,to control and amass wealth from womb to tomb and their "ONLY WEAPON" is "Religion"to divide and RULE by the Majority that sheepishly follow without a reason.

Let us all pray this does not happen to our country and let us protect our country from these vultures from destroying us and cheat our children of the peace and harmony. let us together build a Nation of One race The Malaysians

It is really sad,to see that we have proved again and again to be a "BOLEH LAND" to the world.

The very reaction of the barbaric protest of these handful minority of "uneducated FOOLS", should not and never never change or allow it to influence our Goal in PEACE and Harmony in our day to day

When the LAW fails to see justice,the country becomes the land for "grabbers with power and influence" Let's not allow this!!!!!

All of us are of the same origin, and none of us can claim as ours. As we originated from different directions just to meet in this one place "Malaya" so to say we are from the very same roots.

The only difference is that we embraced a "Religion of CHOICE" and not by "FORCE" but with love. So be it and we followed "Live and let Live" in harmony 52 years ago.

Today we have "Very Clever Politicians" who twist and turn matters in their favor just to make peace with the Rayaat. It is also interesting to note that they also behave like an "OSTRICH" When in fear it hides its head in the sand thinking the whole world is in darkness. This is the quality we have today.

Last but not least, let us all be calm, no matter what had taken place and pray that no such further acts will ever take place in our country. WE are the "Custodians of our country" Peace be with all.

Anonymous said...

dear hindu brothers sisters ithu eanthawagailum oru artam ilatha wealai namkul oru sanday mooti vida parkum oru manithaneyamatra sayal makalai thisaithirupum sayal samya urimayayi parikum sayal arsangam udaney ithusaithawargalai thandikawendum mirugathanamana sayal all the hindu prothers and sistrs porumy kathu iraiwanidam pray pannungal

Anonymous said...

THIS IS A "MUST VIEW" The audio is Arabic but the sub titles are very comprehensive. Watch it and be amazed at the wisdom of his philosophy and the open and liberal nature of his thoughts. Unfortunately, such people are hard to find in this world.
This gentleman is probably the new hope for mankind. Regardless of what religion you profess , Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism etc, if all of us have such wisdom and intellect as this gentleman...

just copy and paste:

AhBoy said...

These people worship God/Allah with their lips but their hearts are far from God/Allah. In fact, God/Allah will spit in their faces and call them HYPOCRITES for desecrating another religion in the name of their religion. For God/Allah is a God of Mercy, Love and Compassion not of Hatred, Bigotry, Prejudice, Intolerance and Violence. They are not submitting to God's/Allah's will but to the will of someone in high authority who is a tool of Syaitan.!!!

Unknown said...

No place on earth for this type of people to live,hell are only one place to go,

Anonymous said...

1 Malaysia ? What on earth or hell is that? It is nothing but just a stupid slogan concoted by BN! U think this can hide all the crime you are doing now? nothing but bullshit.


Dear All Brother & Sisters

We all are in this world to live a life peace and happy and sorrows as well

I got this email one of my chineese friend against hindu's muslim cut head of the cow...

Let me ask everyone did u see ALLAH BHAGWAAN JISUS BUDDHA ?





Anonymous said...

I think the authorities should act fast and bring this group involved in this barbaric act soonest possible.

If not check, they might turn violent.

We must live together like brothers
and sisters and bring Malaysia to greater highs.

Always practice Compassion and Wisdom and harmony will prevail.

Anonymous said...

anti terrorist;

they are the another type of TERRORIST in malaysia....this is the right time for ISA...
they have forgotten what they are sacrifing in the holy day of HARI RAYA KORBAN..!

Anonymous said...

I like to see what is the KPI score for the police; Tan Sri Dr. Koh Tsu Koon ...can you pls. highlight what are the parameters set for the police; how many cow heads before they can take immediate action ?

Unknown said...

Oh Malaysia, land of glory....
Where my true love begin
Where is that feeling of security living in this "once a land of glory, peace & harmony" place I always been proud of! Only in Sarawak, there is a little bit left, why??? Fikirlah sendiri!

Anonymous said...

these all stupid acts were done as a result of the people own political agenda..not to defend the religion of Islam or what..
besides..they must now too little about the religion that they acted the way they had..
poor must urged the authorities to provide a proper religious class..not urging to punish them.. the person who create this mail chain, dont simply connect other Muslim to these people just because they are wearing songkok ya..
Islam is a religion of full freedom by its mean..
tolerance and respect are the etiquette that we carry..
salam sejahtera..