Saturday, 6 October 2007

One Too Many: Another Divisive Race-Based Party Formed to Fish Indian Votes

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Another race-based political party called Malaysian Indian United Party (MIUP) was formed by S. Nallakarupan, after quiting Parti KeAdilan Rakyat (PKR).

Nallakarupan said that the party would cater for the Indian community in the country. He said the primary aim of the party will be to 'bring up' the Indian community which is lagging in economic, political and social development.

Nallakarupan quit PKR in May following his realization that the party has marginalized the Indian community. He said:

"I had high hopes and enormous ambitions of being able to do my part to uplift the Indian community through PKR. However, after some time I realized that PKR was not the right platform.

In the past three to four months, after doing much thinking and getting feedbacks from my family, friends and supporters, I have formed this party."

He said MIUP is presently an independent party, but left the option to either join the Barisan Nasional or the opposition front open.

Queried on the need for another Indian party, Nallakarupan said: "We can have 10 Indian political parties. But I have formed this party to do my part for the community.

S Nallakarupan was Anwar Ibrahim's former tennis partner.


  • From S Arutchelvan, pro-tem secretary-general of Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM)
  • "...I feel that a party representing only a particular race is not good for racial integration.

    I don’t see how the formation of MIUP would help integrate races in a country where racial polarisation is pervasive. We also questioned how the Registrar Of Societies had legitimised the formation of MIUP so quickly when our party has been denied legal recognition even after nine years of persistence.

    I feel that the legitimisation of MIUP is politically motivated...."

  • From Dr Xavier Jeyakumar, supreme council member of PKR

  • "...If you look at the masses, they want a multi-racial party where all races are included in the decision-making process.

    The formation of MUIP does not bode well for racial unity and we can see this reflected in other race-based Indian parties like MIC and so on.

    Having a race-based party will not benefit, instead it will divide society further. We should fight as Malaysians and not as a particular race..."

  • From Caravanserai Blog: Read here for more
  • "... I don' t know what he is trying to tell the Indians.

    They are the minority group; the least powerful in the country. Currently MIC and IPF handled the affairs of the Indians. PPP too chips in though the party claimed it is multi-racial party so is Gerakan.

    With this new party, the Indians will split into scare crows. So what advantages will this new party to the Indians? PKR too helping the Indians. I am afraid the Indians will face a dilemma amongst themselves.

    The cake is already too small to share yet the Indian leaders never see beyond the needs of the Indians; they only think of themselves.


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