Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Mr. Prime Minister, WALK the TALK


Despite protestations from Christians and non-Christians alike, the UMNO-led Government has effectively banned the Malay-language section of a Catholic weekly newspaper, "The Herald" , due to its use of the word 'Allah.'

The Prime Minister, Abdullah Badawi did NOT intervene on behalf of his Malaysian Catholic citizens on the action of the Internal Security Ministry.
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Read here related article on the controversy created by Deputy Minister, Johari Baharum that Allah is a God belonging ONLY to (Malaysian) Muslims and not to the 'Children of the Book'

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Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi called on the people to uphold the spirit of tolerance and mutual respect that they had been practising in a multi-racial community. He made the call at a Christmas tea party organised by the Christian Federation of Malaysia and hosted by KL Archbishop Datuk Murphy Pakiam.

He said Malaysia was a land of opportunity and a land where everyone knew how to respect one another and knew how to give and take. Read here for more

Well said, Mr. Prime Minister. Very well said.

As our Prime Minister and as President of UMNO, you will have our full and undivided support on this as citizens of our beloved nation .

But preach and tell that EVERYDAY to UMNO Youth Leaders and to your UMNO Ministers and Politicians. Because, if you are not aware, that is where the CAUSE and SOURCE of Malaysia's Problems of Racial Intolerance and Lack of Mutual Respect are located.

And, one more thing, it gets nauseating for past and present Malaysian Prime Ministers to keep on pontificating and giving sermons to OTHERS on tolerance and respect, when OTHERS are being forced to react to the dangerous politics of UMNO and UMNO Youth leaders over the last three decades.

What we are saying, Mr. Prime Minister, is that to achieve racial tolerance and mutual respect in Malaysia, YOU and future Presidents of UMNO should take the "bulls by the horns", so to speak, in YOUR OWN Political Party, ie UMNO.

On that note, we wish you, your family and Malaysia, a HAPPY and PEACEFUL NEW YEAR 2008

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