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Minister Rais Yatim, How Stupid Can You Be ?


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Bernama reported that former Umno members who joined PKR have been urged to return to Umno following the latest revelation regarding Anwar Ibrahim.

Minister Rais Yatim made the call following the allegation by a blogger in New York, Elaine Meinel Supkis, that PKR advisor Anwar Ibrahim was a “tool” of the CIA, the US intelligence agency, to protect American interest and its covert operations in Malaysia.

"Hopefully, the blog writer has the facts to back her claims, but I believe she has made investigations before writing the article and it's not just an empty piece," Rais Yatim was quoted as saying by Bernama.Read here for more

Blogger Elaine Meinel Supkis Clarifies What She Said: Read here for more
"....Due to great interest in Malaysia, I am redoing my story about Anwar Ibrahim because…well, people reading about me over in Malaysia don’t seem to get the entire story straight. ‘Anwar CIA tool’: Ex-Umno members in PKR told to return: this article in Malaysia leaves out my sources which happens to be a Jewish editor of the warmongering Washington Post.

......Periodically, I rouse people in Malaysia by talking openly about things concerning the CIA, our imperial systems and the dangers the Malaysian people face. This causes some there to go haywire. Odd, isn’t it?....."
-Elaine Meinel Supkis

Rais Yatim Should Apologise to Anwar Ibrahim


John R. Malott

John R MalottJohn R. Malott was the United States Ambassador to Malaysia from 1995 to 1998.

Minister of Information, Communications, and Culture Rais Yatim owes Anwar Ibrahim, the Malaysian people, and the US government an apology.

Rais recently was named as one of three persons in Malaysia whose job it is to "thwart the dissemination of false news by irresponsible people."

That is indeed a worthy goal. No one want to see false news disseminated.

So one would have hoped that at the first opportunity he had to perform the job he was appointed to do, Rais would ensure that the news he received was true. But that was not to be.

Here's what happened.

On July 11, Utusan Malaysia published an article claiming (not for the first time) that Anwar is a CIA agent. Utusan quoted a blog in America that no one has ever heard of. Utusan falsely said that it is a “well-known” blog. and stooge.

For its evidence, Rais didn't check the background of the blog's author, and I doubt he even read the blog before he spoke. Instead, he ran with what Utusan reported.

If Rais had checked, then after a 15-second Google search, he would have learned that Utusan's "expert" says she has been struck by lightning 10 times - inside her house - and that the Queen of England is engaged in money laundering.

She says she lives on a mountain in New York with her horses and cats and dogs and chickens.

So how could she know anything about Malaysia and who is a CIA agent?

Before Rais disseminated false news from such a person, why didn't he check the truth and save himself from embarrassment?

Why didn't he do the job he was recently appointed to do?

But it is not just Rais and Utusan. It amazes me that today people in Malaysia still continue to disseminate the nonsense that "Anwar is a CIA agent" for their own political gain.

I dealt with this issue 10 years ago in an article I wrote for Malaysiakini ('Anwar was never an American spy', Sept 2, 2000) in which I said categorically that Anwar is NOT and NEVER has been an American agent.

If I was lying 10 years ago, then :
  • Why couldn't Mahathir - after 22 years in control of the Special Branch - prove me wrong?

  • And why hasn't anyone been able to prove it in the seven years since Mahathir left power?

  • Why can't they prove it today, instead of relying on the ramblings of mountain top bloggers in New York?

  • Why hasn't Anwar ever been arrested on espionage charges?
It's an easy answer - because it is not true. Anwar is not and never has been an American agent.

I say this for the same reason I told then-foreign minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in 1998: If you say that Anwar is an American agent, you also are saying - falsely - that America is interfering in the internal political affairs of Malaysia, and that is not true.

As I wrote in Malaysiakini a decade ago (I had then said I went to 'a very senior official in the Malaysian government. I can reveal now that the official was Abdullah), I said that on behalf of my government, Anwar was NOT a CIA agent.

And if the Malaysian government arrested Anwar and claimed that he was an American agent, we would immediately issue a denial of the strongest order and challenge the Malaysian government to issue any proof to the contrary.

I also bluntly told Abdullah that his government would be embarrassed because they could never offer any proof to the contrary – because it does NOT exist.

I went on to say that the Malaysian government might have its internal political differences with Anwar, but if it made a false claim against the US, namely, that we have interfered in your internal affairs, that someone in the government is an American agent, then it is involving the US, and we will expose it for the lie that it is.

Today, twelve years after I met with Abdullah, Malaysia still has not offered any proof that Anwar is an American agent - because it is NOT true.

Finally, there is one more person that Rais Yatim needs to apologise to, and that is Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak. That is because Najib has made a special effort to improve relations with the US. People in both countries think that so far he has succeeded.

So why are you now undercutting your prime minister's efforts and claiming that the American government is interfering in Malaysia's internal affairs and supporting the opposition?

And if the US government is happy with Najib's efforts, then where is the logic in supporting Anwar and the opposition?
-John R. Malott


Blogger Elaine Meinel Supkis (Location: Berlin, NY) described herself:

Born at Yerkes Observatory, grew up on many observatory mountains and secret government testing grounds, burr under the saddle of the Real Rulers of America since childhood, family black sheep with three bags of wool, pulled down more than one politician in life, winner of the "Struck by Lightning Indoors" award for most hits in lifetime, three direct and seven glancing blows. Now living on a mountain with horses and cats and dogs and chickens and a husband.
Some of Elaine Meinel Supkis's postings on her blog:
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    By Elaine Meinel Supkis:
    As usual, the hypocritical Pope can't resist talking to us about materialism from either balconies of the world's biggest, fanciest palace in Rome or from helicopters, etc..... Frankly, Ratzinger hates me and I torment him.

    ....I happen to have a dislike for all religious leaders. Even when they claim they don't want people to worship THEM, this is what they get and they go about the planet, seeking. They love it when people bow to them, hand over their money, and in general, treat them like gods.

    This is why the demonic forces tend to collect around religious leaders. The more they lead and the more they encourage idolization of their religious representations, the more demonic they become. Even if their followers are honest, good people, the leaders are all demonic.

    I have debated this truth with more than one religious leader over the course of my life. They greatly dislike this sort of interview and thus, do not want to be in my vicinity. One would imagine that representatives of the Gods would just itch to debate me on the darker, most interior issues concerning their front seat relationships with various gods.


Anonymous said...

Rais Yatim is not born stupid
he is not a stupid grown up
he is not pretending to be stupid
also he is not that stupid until he
got crazy to be a Minister. Now being a Minister of Information our country has the biggest bullshitter of this planet. All goes to the one that appointed him being the master of stupidity.

Anonymous said...

This stupid senile pea brain old fart is again talking cock. He got the cheek to tell ex-UMNO members to leave PKR. This clearly show what sort of low mentality politicians we have in UMNO. As a matter of fact,he should be better balik kampong and sell chicken "rais". With politicians like him running Bolehland, it wont be long we will be like Zimbabwe or Burma. Forget about moving forward.

Anonymous said...

Today DPM has called for cooperation between UMNO and PAS for Islam and Muslims.God! please save this country.