Tuesday, 9 September 2014


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Anonymous said...

Hadi is becoming more like a Taliban leader.

He is the President of Pas which in the corporate world is likened to a Chief Executive. As President, he is part of the Pas Central Committee. The Central Committee functions like the Board of Directors.

Can you imagine a Chief Executive of a company overriding the decisions that has taken by the Board of Directors. If this occurs in the corporate world, the Chief Executive would be sacked.

Now Hadi as President and member of the Central Committee says he has the power to override any decision taken by the Central Committee. Either he must be a mad mullah or had been inflicted by Talibanism spirit.

This fella is a nut case. Even Pas Legal Bureau had openly come out with an official statement that he had overstepped his boundaries.

Can you imagine this hypocrite sitting in a PR Council beside Wan Azizah.