Wednesday, 4 June 2008

HERE is ONE Reason WHY Chinese, Indians and Other Non-Malays Should NOT Vote UMNO in ANY Future General Elections and By-Elections

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UMNO Youth education bureau chief Ahmad Ikmal Ismail objected on the increased percentage of PSD scholarships given to non-bumiputera students today.

Ahmad expressed concern in remarks published today over the steep increase in scholarship granted to non-bumiputera students, from 10 percent to 45 percent. He alleged that the move would make bumiputera students lose out on opportunities.

"We object to this move because it now means that 700 scholarships for bumiputera students are gone," Ahmad was quoted as saying in the Star.

Outstanding bumiputera students should not worry about being deprived of scholarships if their qualifications meet the criteria set by the Public Service Department (PSD), said MCA Youth education bureau chief Wee Ka Siong.

Wee, also the deputy education minister, said in a statement today that generally all students should not fear losing out to lesser performing candidates if they had met all the criteria set by the department.

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