Saturday, 7 November 2009

Hishamuddin Wants UMNO to Treat MCA like a Chinese Lap Dog

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Umno vice president Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said MCA should ask UMNO President Najib Tun Razak to step in to resolve the crisis MCA is facing.

Hishamuddin told reporters after attending a youth carnival here today:
" Umno is NOT happy with the turn of events in MCA.

MCA leaders needed to be concerned about the overall interests of the party and the BN and not act according to emotions.


Anonymous said...

hahahaha!!!!! woof woof woof !!!

vinnan said...

I do not know how many English speaking blogger can read Chinese newspapers. Let's just say the Chinese considered the MCA and also Gerakan to be UMNO dogs a long, long time ago. You see the Chinese have come to the point where regardless of what the government does the vast majority of the Chinese have decided to go with the opposition just so as to keep punishing UMNO for their racist 'Ketuanan' shit. UMNO can even take over all the opposition states and the Chinese will still keep voting opposition.

Unlike the other ethnic groups who to a large extant depend on UMNO, the Chinese have learned to be economically independent of UMNO a very long time ago. The opening of mainland Chinese banks in Malaysia will further add to the economic independence of the Chinese. What is not shown by Malaysia's trade figures is the massive amount of investments being moved by the local Chinese and their mainland counterparts in Malaysia. We can see the likes of the Genting and Kuok group moving their money out of Malaysia and the mainland Chinese giving loans for the construction of the Penang second bridge. However, there is an even larger chunk of money being moved by the second tier Chinese businesses in Malaysia. Anecdotal evidence suggest this amount of money dwarfs whatever that can be seen publicly.

There is however a very simple solution to this officially unacknowledged capital flight by the local Chinese business community.

REPEAL THE UMNO INSPIRED Industrial Coordination Act 1975
( ICA ) which allows the government to legally rob non-UMNO businesses. Anything less than a repeal is just UMNO jerking off into the wind.

Anonymous said...

Hands off! you moron Hishapmuddin. When UMNO was in crises, and there were many in its history, it dragged the whole country into the mud and resulted in many draconian laws being drafted in order to repair and protect UMNO standing and hegemony. Nobody interfered in their bloody business then. Now one of its coalition partners is in a minor crisis and it wants to interfere.

Let's see what UMNO crises had done to the country:

1) When the UMNO founder, Datuk Onn Jaffar wanted to unite the country and opened the party to all races, the warlords protested and forced the president out of the party. Thus began the racist makeup of the country.

2) When Tunku Abdul Rahman was inclusive for all races, those racists staged a coup d'etat and forced out Tunku through the May 13 incident. The ISA was given a lift on the pretext of fighting Communism but in actual fact it was to protect UMNO's interests.

3) The ascendancy of the Mahathir's obnoxious regime led to the emasculation of the judiciary by turning it into a high-class prostitution den; the raiding of the Constitution to be replaced by many draconian laws such as the Police Act, the Printing Act, the elevation of a Minister's decision over the oversight of the Judiciary; the radicalisation of the Civil Service by making it lopsided to the detriment of race relations. Prior to the ascendancy of Mahathir the Civil Service was well-balanced and respected but with Mahathir's policy the Civil Service became a one-eyed monster. The Police became a mafia organisation tasked to serve only the interests of UMNO.

4) The Constitutional crises between UMNO and the rulers led to the emasculation of the principle of the monarchy. Now the rulers are just pretty puppets dancing to the tune of UMNO and debased themselves to the level of the Ali Babas chasing after the gravy train.

Thus it can be seen that UMNO is the real enemy of Malaysia. It is the embodiment of the old Communists which sucks the vitality of its people and leaves them impotent and defenceless. Now UMNO being led by incompetents and reckless desperadoes, the country is at its nadir. Until the people open their eyes and weaned themselves off the "1Malaysia" jingoistic UMNO opiate, the country would surely joined the ranks of Zimbabwe, Burma and North Korea.