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Concerned Mother Exposed Hidden Islamisation Agenda in History Books of Malaysian Schoolchildren

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"...We want to know WHY our school curriculum has been allowed to be written from such a RELIGIOUS SLANT by a group of writers of only one religious background.

We want to know the reason for this sudden but quiet change in the school syllabus a few years ago.

We want to know WHY our children are COMPELLED to disproportionately focus and digest so much on ONE religion WITHOUT a balanced perspective of others?

We must demand for an immediate and urgent revamp and re-writing of the entire history curriculum for our schools and universities.

We must insist that POLITICS and RELIGIOUS INDOCTRINATION be strictly kept OUT of our textbooks.

We must no longer allow our school syllabus to be hijacked for political and religious propaganda.

Until then, it is unacceptable to even think that History should be made a compulsory pass subject in SPM.

- A Concerned Mother

School History Textbooks - Historical Facts or Political and Religious Propaganda?


"A Concerned Mother"

When one picks up a history book, one would expect to read a fair account of events as they actually happened in the past. Definitely, one would expect the most accurate record possible of history as it unfolded through the decades, written as objectively as possible.

A most reasonable expectation indeed when the book in question is a major textbook prescribed by our Education Ministry for our students nationwide.

A book that is instrumental in shaping the young minds of our future generation. The issue takes even greater prominence when the content of that book is going to decide whether our students pass or fail in a major exam on which their future hinges.


Lay hold of the Form 4 history textbook that our children are compelled to digest.

Read it for yourself.

Take a good hard look while the storm is brewing in the teacup. And it is brewing for good reason.

Be shocked at what the syllabus writers have managed to QUIETLY incorporate into our school syllabus just a few years ago, UN-NOTICED by most people, even parents of affected students.

This is no typical history textbook. Simply because the syllabus writers have not confined its content to history.

Instead they have extended its boundaries seemingly to push a certain agenda.

In the process, our history textbooks seems to have taken on a quest of its own - to win the hearts and minds of our children for that particular agenda.

We have to take note that all 4 writers of the textbook comes from only ONE race and religion, WITHOUT representation from other faiths and races.
  • I write as a concerned mother who cares about what my children are being fed in school.

  • I write as a troubled citizen who cares about the younger generation that will one day helm the nation.

  • I write based on my own personal review of the Form 4 history textbook and this review is based on the hard facts of the content of the textbook, without any intention to offend any religion, its prophet or believers.
I will leave the review on the accuracy of the history to historians, who are already speaking out on the historical errors and distortions contained.
  1. The first fact to note is the overwhelming proportion of the Form 4 history textbook being devoted to Islamic civilization (100 PAGES) while the other religious civilizations are barely given a passing mention (460 WORDS).

    Out of 10 chapters, 5 bulky chapters are devoted to Islamic history and civilization, which constitutes at least half a year’s study. This certainly is a disproportionate emphasis on one religion, to the exclusion of all other religious civilizations.

    Most of us would not mind our children understanding more about Islamic civilization. But it has to presented fairly accurately within a balanced perspective.

    Do we want to mislead our children to believe that there is only one important civilization in the entire history of the human race and the rest are insignificant?

    Are the other major civilizations not worth studying in equal if not greater depth?

    Giving our children a correct and broad worldview can only benefit our nation in the context of a globalized world. Otherwise, our nation will be producing people with an extremely narrow worldview and an incomplete and distorted view of world history. That is to our own loss.

  2. Secondly, this history textbook seems to seek to influence the young minds of our children who come from various faiths, to follow the prophet of one particular religion.

    There is a detailed study of the life of the prophet Muhammad (pg 102 – 107). He is repeatedly praised throughout the chapters. Students are then repeatedly exhorted throughout the book, to emulate him as a ROLE MODEL in life (pg 106, 111, 124, 133, 137, 138).

    We respect the Muslim belief in the greatness of their prophet. However, we have to respectfully suggest (with no offense intended whatsoever to the prophet) that teachings that encourage students to follow any prophet would more properly belong to a religious class meant for students who already subscribed to that particular faith. It has no proper place in a major history textbook for students of other faiths. In a plural society like ours, the religious sensitivities of other faiths must surely be respected.

  3. Thirdly, throughout the pages of the textbook, history seems to have been written from a religiously biased viewpoint. Other religions seems to be cast in an unfavourable light.

    Consider some statements found in the textbook:-
    (1) Islam is described as a religion easily acceptable and not confined to any race, nation or geography (pg 185).

    (2) Islam can be accepted by many people because of the purity of its teaching (pg 110).

    (3) The uniqueness of Islam resulted in many people embracing the religion (pg162, 163, 185).

    (4) The conversion of some Arab leaders to Islam in 629 AD is described as “an act done after rational investigation into the truth of Islam” (pg 133).

    (5) Islamic social policies are described as so attractive that European Christians converted to Islam during the Byzantize era (pg 163).

    (6) Islam requires rational thinking and therefore is accepted by all levels of society. (pg 185).
    Sadly, biased religious viewpoints are being unfairly shoved onto our children as established facts within the framework of a narrow religious perspective.

  4. Fourthly, the history textbook itself dwells on the TEACHINGS of the religion.

    Whilst the children have to study Islamic concepts (pg 185), no space is given to a balanced comparison with the teachings of other religions. Our youth are therefore taught the virtues of one religion to the exclusion of others.

    Why not have a balanced approach and allow our children to learn the basic tenets of all major world religions? Allow them to engage in comparative studies.

    Will it not be healthier to promote better understanding among the races which has positive effect on nation building?

  5. Fifthly, the textbook also promotes Syariah law as suitable and practical for a multi racial nation.

    It cites the example of the success of the multi racial community in Madinah governed by the Madinah Charter. The formation of an Islamic government in Madinah is stated to thus prove that Islam can be practiced in a wholesome daily living and should be emulated by the Malaysian society.

    Syariah law is hailed as just, complete and perfect, and can be followed by all communities (pg 128). There is mention of social justice under Islam (pg 128); equal treatment to all people under Islam (pg 110, 128); purity of the struggles of Islam (pg 112); fairness, integrity, consideration and generosity of Islamic economic principles (pg 128).

    Perhaps the fifth ground raises the most questions and rings loudest the alarm bells.

    It makes us wonder why our school history syllabus is written in a way that seems to be condition the minds of our youth to accept Syariah laws as the basis of our legal system in the future?

    Is there a deliberate political and/or religious agenda at play?
Our Education Minister owes us an explanation.
  • We want to know why our school curriculum has been allowed to be written from such a religious slant by a group of writers of only one religious background.

  • We want to know the reason for this sudden but quiet change in the school syllabus a few years ago.

  • We want to know why our children are compelled to disproportionately focus and digest so much on one religion without a balanced perspective of others?
We must demand for an immediate and urgent revamp and re-writing of the entire history curriculum for our schools and universities.

There should be a panel of qualified historians from all races and faiths working reviewing the syllabus. Feedback must be obtained from the public.

We must insist that politics and religious indoctrination be strictly kept out of our textbooks.

History should be what it is – an objective and accurate record of past events.

We must no longer allow our school syllabus to be hijacked for political and religious propaganda.

Until then, it is unacceptable to even think that History should be made a compulsory pass subject in SPM.


Anonymous said...

Islam is THE OFFICIAL religion of Malaysia ... that is The rule maam it , take it....dont like it , scram....Find a better place that might be

Anonymous said...

"Religion is the opium of the people". Give them generous qantities of it and no one will know what we in the ruling class are doing.

Malaysian Unplugged Uncensored Management Team said...

To Anonymous (17 December 2010 09:45)

Thank you for your comments.

Yes Islam is the official religion of Malaysia.

What has THAT got to do with TEACHING HISTORY to schoolchildren. Schools are meant to educate children, not to evangelise or proselytise young minds to a religious or political ideology. The proper platform is the mosque or political venues and at home.

Telling Malaysian citizens who are not of your ethnicity or religion to leave the country reflects your parochial view of what it is to build a harmonious nation.

Do not be like some other unfortunate educated Malays whose minds have been contaminated with negative and divisive racial political ideology and thus constricted their view of the larger world.


Malaysian Unplugged Uncensored Team

Anonymous said...

In Sarawak and Sabah, we need to write our own History text book and have it printed and dissiminated to all school children outside the school compound if need be and if it leads to a banning of it or imprisonment of the writers, so be it - let the whole world know...

Anonymous said...

Hi Story , selamat pagi !!

Anonymous said...

I never never trust BN esp UMNO with a bunch of religious zealots running a country education ministries. They will do all they can to corrupt the minds of non muslims in order to propagate their religion.The whole non muslim community esp[ those from East Malysia must counter react to these ugly religious and racialistic zealots in all government agencies esp in such important agency like Education Dept. You folks cannot just lie low and put on a tidak apa attitude.
Come GE13, throw BN and these religious and racialistic fanatics out. VOTE PKR/DAP/PAS!!

Voon Yuen Woh said...

The Reid Commission 1957

Report of the Federation of Malaya Constitutional Commission 1957
(London: Her Majesty's Stationary Office) Colonial No. 330

State Religion
169. We have considered the question whether there should be any statement in the Constitution to the effect that Islam should be the State religion. There was universal agreement that if any such provision were inserted it must be made clear that it would not in any way affect the civil rights of non-Muslims. In the memorandum submitted by the Alliance it was stated - “the religion of Malaysia shall be Islam. The observance of this principle shall not impose any disability on non-Muslim nationals professing and practicing their own religions and shall not imply that the State is not a secular State.” There is nothing in the draft Constitution to affect the continuance of the present position in the States with regard to recognition of Islam or to prevent the recognition of Islam in the Federation by legislation or otherwise in any respect which does not prejudice the civil rights of individual non-Muslims. The majority of us think that it is best to leave the matter on this basis, looking to the fact that Counsel for the Rulers said to us - “It is Their Highnesses' considered view that it would not be desirable to insert some declaration such as has been suggested that the Muslim Faith or Islamic Faith be the established religion of the Federation. Their Highnesses are not in favour of such a declaration being inserted and that is a matter of specific instruction in which I myself have played very little part.” Mr. Justice Abdul Hamid is of opinion that a declaration should be inserted in the Constitution as suggested by the Alliance and his views are set out in his note appended to this Report.

Anonymous said...

This sort of sneaky agenda is what will eventually get this UMNO-dominated government thrown out by a citizenry that is increasingly aware of what's going on. Let those in authority who are responsible for this sort of thing be reminded concerning Abraham Lincoln's quote: 'You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time'.

Anonymous said...

Concerned mother has very carefully and logically expressed her genuine concerns about the way history ought to be taught. While we recognize and acknowledge that Islam is the official religion of the Federation, why must history as a subject taught in schools be used as a vehicle for religious indoctrination. That is not history. This is parochial and prejudicial to followers of other faiths, not knowing Islam as such but religion being thrust upon them in a history class. The authorities must be taken to task. They owe the citizens an explanation.

Anonymous said...

I am not a muslim so I can sy it without prejudice. History is not something we look at one point of time but rather history should look holisticly and objectively. History is a knowledge. If one look at it with prejudice than history cannot stand by its own. When I was studying in USM, Penang, as a history student Islamic history and civilization was a compulsory subject. My indian and chinese friends look at this papers with alot of prejudice but I told them that a subject need to be looked as a subject without any attachement to what we are. Look islamic civilization as a history and nothing more. Do compare islamic civilization with your own religion. If you do that, then you wont history but hatred. Infact many failed this paper including my malay coursemates but I got A's for these papers. I am comfortable with my son and daughter taking SPM history papers and they can score A. When we see it objectively, you will get away with prejudice.

Anonymous said...

Concerned mother, no matter how hard u cry & say nothing is going to be done by UMNO. B. The only thing is to vote them out !!!! OKAY??

Anonymous said...

I read this blog feeling that leaving malaysia was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I refused to study history for spm and replaced it with art. My curriculum teacher at VI, at that time 1992 gave me a million excuses why it was difficult for her to change my subjects for spm. I told her since I am in the science stream, how is history science and how is this any different from me taking accounting as an additional subject. My point is very few people dare to challenge the status quo but everyone in their own way must rise up if you feel that something is wrong.

Anonymous said...

it wil only b a cry baby act when some1 writes and the rest comments abt it(wel im 1 of em now).. seriously rather whining abt it in words.. we shld do sumthin! any available source out there to address this further?

Anonymous said...

We are talking so much about "brain drain" and trying all means to entice them to return but at the same time, this very same government is making such silly & "primitive" changes to our education system!! Wake up guys,everyone else is moving forward...our education system has gone backwards by 20 years!! I screamed when my son came back from school one day and told me that his teacher taught them English in Bahasa Malaysia....imagine A untuk Apple, B untuk Bodoh!!! Arggggg.....!!!

Anonymous said...

Demonstration & protests, teachers go on strike. Send your kids to study in singapore. There are many things you can do if you have the guts to do it. Most people in malaysia are cowards because of isa. So the best thing to do is to leave the corrupt and racist country like I did. I am a proud American now. No more a malaysian.

Anonymous said...

It's not surprising how things have changed greatly to suit political agendas since Mahathir's time, from basic rights of a citizen for a fair & just education in higher learning by meritocracy & to all aspects of internal affairs - education, economics, professions, sports, social welfare/help, scholarships, grants/loans, etc, just to name a few glaring ones. So what is history subject of Malaysia? Just do it to further your life as a stepping stone. U see they have no qualms abt all these cos these don't affect them, so long they benefited from the nation's pie - ultimately, their children study in different schools, further education in foreign lands with international recognitions & return home overtaking professional posts & leaderships - nicely paved & 'upheld' till they flourish. Thus, ordinary parents pls play your great roles well & effectively to steer your child, irregardless of circumstances, to a firm foundation of faith, beliefs systems, values, principles; honorably, & truly, your child will shine, with strong integrity & tenacity, cos we have gone through training in life; not an easy path but will triumph; whether 'history' is lopsided or not, for truth will prevail, if u know it & how to do it. God will be on your side & all that is true, righteous, holy boldness, wisdom, polished morality, fine integrity, sharpness of a true heart - requirements of a Great Leader. A Great Leader is not welcome at home (unfortunately), but out there...He/She will be sought after...just stay close with your child, in daily affairs, with your great minds of character moulding & skills. Meantime, I'm glad to voice out agreement with Concern Mother

Anonymous said...

'I want to be a proud Malaysian, but is Malaysia proud of me?' said Yap Ah Loy...Parameswara...

Anonymous said...

Good issue for the next GE.

Anonymous said...

History is history, and it encompasses a whole lot more than just learning about Islamic Civilization. Who is writing these lesson plans for the students? Certainly not well educated people but people with small visions and scaredy cats who are afraid to put everything on the table. You can't slant History, neither can you leave out the development of other civilization. Where is the discourse for thesis and antithesis, Or does anybody care about real education? And to make it a compulsory subject!!!!! How crazy is that? When we have no alternative but to go through the system, we will do so but with a distaste for everything Islamic, a civilization that seems to dictate not enhance, that wants supremacy not equality of mankind, that wants power, not love of man and nature.

Anonymous said...

The official religion of Malaysia is Islam, no doubt about it. We are talking about History NOT Islam. The 2 subjects are NOT the same. History is an account of what actually happened in the past. Our students need to have historical knowledge of the world. Some comments are so immature if you don't like it scram. Comments like these are uncall for and causes racial problems. Please spread love and friendship NOT war.

Anonymous said...

Malaysian unplugged...Concerned Mother... Well written and kudos for your upstanding and honest comments. I do hope the Education Ministry heeds the comments and concerns otherwise they will pay the price in the next general elections

Anonymous said...

I am teaching history & totally belief this is true...History shouldn't be one sided. Every religion has history & it has to be explained in fair for each of it. If not don't ever talk about it in the text books!! Due to this reason, many just don't like History subject!! Something has to be done seriously!!!

Anonymous said...

Treat History as just a subject. Don't take it seriously. Learn it for the sake of getting through the exams. While at it, work hard enough to secure good grades. If the fear is that children will be influenced to the extent of conversion, ensure that they are knowledgeable and strong in their own personal religious beliefs. Have no fear, there is much, much more for them to face in the real world yet. Teach them instead to rationalize or ponder over such issues but not dwell on them. Just move on.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised its only becoming an issue now. The books have been in use for years now.

Anyways, there really is no point in fighting it. From every angle, its a losing battle. The non-muslims are a minority in the country, which means that we will never get a foothold in the debate. The radical muslims love talking about how logical islam is, but when someone challenges them with similar logic, they snub us and tell us to leave if we are not happy (see first comment). The moderate muslims will never speak out against the radicals because they don't want to be painted as unislamic (in this country, thats worse than being a drug addict who killed his own mother for drug money.)

The only way to not become frustrated with the situation is to listen to the radicals and just walk away. One of these days, I will have the resources to do just that. Hopefully, after I leave, they crazy people in government won't shut down my favourite wan tan mee stall because it is run by a heretical filth monger who offends their great prophet just be existing. I'd rather like to come back for this country's greatest treasure, its food.

Anonymous said...

"Fifthly, the textbook also promotes Syariah law as suitable and practical for a multi racial nation.

It cites the example of the success of the multi racial community in Madinah governed by the Madinah Charter. The formation of an Islamic government in Madinah is stated to thus prove that Islam can be practiced in a wholesome daily living and should be emulated by the Malaysian society."

The History Writer forgot to mention the contant conflicts between Shi'ites and Sunnis in Madinah.

Anonymous said...

we bring this matter into God's hand. Nothing is impossible.