Friday, 16 February 2007

News from Kelantan: Pride versus Economics

Reported by AP on Yahoo.News

A Malaysian farmer from Kelantan has won custody over a 3-year-old cow after DNA tests ended months of dispute with another farmer over its ownership, a news report said Thursday.

Zulkifli Setapa was deemed the rightful owner after blood samples from the cow matched with those of two other cows that belonged to him, national Bernama news agency said.

Zulkifli and farmer Isa Mohamed, both from northeastern Kelantan state, had filed police reports in November for custody of the animal estimated to cost around RM 2,000.

They jointly paid for DNA tests that cost about RM 3,200 (US $914) to settle their dispute, in the first such case in Kelantan.

State veterinary official Zaimi Mohamad Daud told farmers to mark their herds to prevent future disputes, Bernama said.

State veterinary officials could not be immediately reached for comments.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

pride (maruah) cost more than all riches combined.

The farmer did the right thing as diplomacy had failed.

At least both of them didnt yield their parangs to settle their argument.

Well to go Kelantanese pride !