Thursday, 1 February 2007


From: "Anonymous "

Gaya here, mengamok there,
Umnoputras' truth or dare,
Yet another Umno AGM,
Though this year without Dr M,

Same stale issues year in and year out,
When one is desperate, just howl out loud,
Dress in splendor - try to be glocal,
Only to end up sounding like a joker,

Curse the British and threaten the Chinese,
Blame 'em for everything even your rhinitis,
Spreading the gospel of bitter self-pity,
Teaching generations the victim mentality,

Scream for bangsa, yell for ugama,
Shanghai the masses with melodrama,
Dulu, kini, dan selama-lama,
No tenders or contracts just badger mama,

Belittle Anwar and downplay PAS,
After much hoo-ha still mismanage MAS,
Adore Hezbollah and condemn the DAP,
Bellow for Proton then sell an AP,

While Umnoputras prance onstage and go ape,
Daily we're gored by the murder and rape,
Families are shattered and lives are torn,
As Hishammuddin sounds his battle horn,

As young Malays get high on syabu,
Your efforts are merely to bodek and ampu,
KJ, sokong Pak Lah!
The heck with issues like incest and dadah,

Our graduates know much the escapades of Mawi,
And almost everything about the marriage of Siti,
Then when unemployed they'll ask for some pity,
Spoilt like a brat with years of NEP,

Our sick and poor get no decent meals,
While Datuks grow fat with close-one-eye deals,
Economic crisis and you blame orang asing,
Yet can go to space to spin a gasing,

This state is corrupted let's not deny it,
Mere rhetoric is something we don't need,
Unveiling the keris won't slay the iblis,
Who's Kasitah Gaddam? - an ikan bilis!

Shooing away Muthu and Ah Wah,
Welcoming Indons to the land of Sabah,
Sold out the nation through Project IC,
And ordained Sabah the haven of HIV,

Quit making non-Ms the sacrificial lamb,
The greatest treason is still Project M,
Shut the nonsense of bermandi darah,
This nation was built through kerjasama,

Snubbing the rise of China and India,
We're losing out fast to the rest of Asia,
Ignorance is bliss in the land of Malaysia,
No pain or suffering in Istana Zakaria,

Come next year in the season of sandiwara,
The fascism, bigotry and bla bla bla,
Do thick twice that act of a wira,
'Cos investors shake heads and bergelak ketawa,

As for me, a lowly non-bumi,
The signs are there that I have to hurry,
To leave a country that's increasingly hazy,
Defiled by the filth of Umno's insanity.


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