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Amnesiac Malaysia: Malaysia Boleh ! Transformed to Malaysia Lupa !

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  • Pazuzugate: In Defense of Lingam

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    1. Former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir

      ".. the longest-serving Prime Minister for 22 years, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and former Chief justice, Tun Eusoff Chin (were) competing with each other in selective amnesia at the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Lingam Tape.

      Mahathir said “I cannot remember” or its equivalent 14 times during his 90-minute testimony before the Royal Commission on Wednesday

      Mahathir has become so forgetful that he had to invoke the “I cannot remember” mantra 14 times in his short testimony especially as Mahathir is still famed for his poem, Melayu Muda Lupa.

      (Photo courtesy of The Star)

      Is Mahathir proving himself right with his sudden forgetfulness?

      The public perception (is) that Mahathir has an elephant memory (that an elephant never forgets), especially as Mahathir has a reputation for remembering details others could scantly recall as illustrated by his mastery to recall effortlessly details of Rafidah Aziz’s excesses in the AP scandal WITHOUT any prodding.

      How could his many lapses in memory in his appearance before the Royal Commission of Inquiry be credible and convincing (when) Mahathir is still very active in public life, who continues to speak on domestic and international circuits and highly respected for his analytical skills,

      Furthermore, Tun M is reputedly writing his memoirs presently which may take volumes. This is no task for a man with an amnesiac memory.

    2. Former Chief Justice of Malaya, Tun Eusoff Chin

      Malaysians were presented with another spectacle of a “pillar” of Malaysian society (with) protracted bouts of memory loss, out-forgetting Mahathir.

      Apart from his very questionable memory lapses, some of the things that he (Eusoff Chin) said raises question whether he should have been appointed the highest judicial officer of the country in the previous decade.

      Eusuff Chin said “I cannot remember” or its equivalent 18 times in his half-testimony yesterday – with the former Chief Justice testimony adjourned to next week to allow him to seek legal representation and engage legal counsel!

      It must be a one-in-a-billion case of coincidence for Eusoff Chin when he was Chief Justice and senior lawyer V.K. Lingam and their families to get into the same flight from Singapore to Auckland, and then from Auckland to Christchurch, and to visit the same places in Auckland and Christchurch as well as return on the same flight.


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  • "...Sad indeed. Memory failure is not new-lah.

    They FORGOT many years ago that:

    a. A Hindu - Parameswara founded Malacca. What is there in that state to remember him? Nowadays people want to refer to him by his 'converted' name. (The first Malaysian who reached Mount Everest, now dead, will also go down in the official history books by the name after his conversion?

    b. The Bujang Valley in Kedah had evidence of rich Hindu civilization. Is it now very accessible and a tourist attraction?

    c. There were many Hindu temples in the estates which the government was trying to take over into its fold (through government controlled companies). Did they later acknowledge the contributions of these places of worship to keep the Hindus united and focused on not being a social problem in the urban areas? Sorry-lah, they were slowly demolished - citing reasons that they were not built according to plans/approvals - that came very much later that the period the temples were built.

    d. Munshi Abdullah was also an expert in many languages, including Tamil. That example was ignored when national schools slowly sprung every where. Focus was mainly on one language. More than one generation of Malaysians lost their opportunity to master many languages and become confident in the international arena.

    e. United Asian Bank was there - functioning in Malaysia. They did all their best to swallow this financial institution so that there would not be any such bank which the Indians in Malaysia could relate to. (No need to ask anyway why other foreign banks faced same threats and yet now they are allowed to thrive - Citibank, Stanchart, Hong Kong Bank)

    Now recently, they forgot:

    a. The numerous police reports about mismanagement in Maika Holdings

    b. The various donations collections by MIC leaders that was not accounted for properly and against which police reports were done. But they can act fast on alleged mismanagement of funds collecetd by Hindraf.

    c. The numerous police reports on the death of Sujatha, the TV actress who died under suspicious circumstances.

    d. The numerous police reports on Malaysian Indians who died under mysterious circumstances in police lock ups.

    e. The way Indian nationals who came to Malaysia to lend their expertise in the upgrade of our IT capabilities were treated by law enforcement personnel in Brickfields.

    This country is indeed heading towards 'Memory failure' syndrome......

    And we should feel comforted that people who held high positions in this Bolehland are leading the way...."
  • From Captain Ahmad Yusof: Read here for more on "Ancient Mariner" Blog
  • "...His 'mad' or 'drunk' lawyer (Lingam) had access to state secrets and when asked about events which took place only a few years ago, our former PM chose to do a Ronald Reagan: I don't remember.

    How bloody convenient.

    And when asked about his holiday in New Zealand with the same lawyer he has identified only as an 'acquaintance', a former Chief Justice also had the same stock answer: I don't remember.

    One gets to wonder whether this selective amnesia business is set to become a NATIONAL AFFLICTION. ..."

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