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So You DON'T Want to Vote? F-U, You Moronic Robots

"The government is us; WE are the government, YOU and I ”
- Theodore Roosevelt - 26th US President (1901-09)

From POLITIKUS on "Squeak.Speak. Roar," Blog

Excerpts: Read here for more article by Politikus:

" Here’s how I see it.

The explanation is a bit crude, so please bear with me.

I think the rakyat has the OPPOSITION by the balls.

DAP, PKR, PAS, PRM, PSM, DLL (dan lain-lain) are at our mercy. They need our votes and support because without us, they are nothing. I think that’s a better bargain for the rakyat to have at least some kind of leverage over them.

(And) the ruling BN COALITION Government have ALL OF US by the balls and are squeezing them so tight that WE are nothing but mere shells of what a DECENT citizen is entitled to.

That’s what happens when you have a (BN)GOVERNMENT that has raped the system so thoroughly.

They just take it all. And they take it from us (and Petronas - which belongs to the PEOPLE !!)

F**k that, you moronic robots. So, you don’t wanna vote?

  1. Then you’ve just deprived yourself the chance to make the teensiest of change.

  2. You’ve also revoked your right to complain about the government or the opposition.

  3. Your decision not to vote, to me, is as good as a foot set in migration.

  4. The only difference that sets you apart from those Nazri has labelled ‘kalau you tak suka, you boleh keluar dari negara’ is that somewhere deep down inside, YOU LOVE the country BUT you’re NOT willing to bear the responsibility of actually DOING something.

Of course everybody just LOVES being a critic. So much easier isn’t it? I’m not surprised.

You lot ain’t got NO MORE BALLS left, that’s why.....the typical tidak apa attitude we’re so famous for.

Bitch, bitch, bitch and complain ONLY.

I’m happy for Kelantanese who think PAS is doing a f**king good job. Don’t see a mass exodus of them moving to KL cos PAS is treating them like dirt.

How well do you know PAS? Have you ever done research or speak to people from the party? I guess not. Whoever bothers these days. Just set up a blog and say PAS is evil because our ministers say so.

Our MINISTERS said WE ARE an Islamic state. Vote them in again-lah, dickheads.

I’m sick of you ranting Malaysians who can only complain about OPPOSITION, the GOVERNMENT and how imperfect every damn thing is.

Please- lah, look at your bloody self.

Having your BALLS squeezed till they’re black and blue; and many of you are licking the ones of your masters.

You f**kers deserve it.

And DON'T vote. You will STILL be a loser.

If you wanna migrate then migrate-lah. We don’t need PUSSIES in the country taking the easy way out.

If the ORANG ASLI has never had the urge to migrate although they are treated WORST in the country, then the lot of you sure have a sorry excuse to be Malaysian.

I’m voting and I’m not sorry. .."


  • From Rocky's Bru Blog, on "When he who's never been elected speaks ... " EXCERPTS:
  • Bernama reported: " ...Khairy Jamaluddin advised Umno Youth leaders not to lobby to become candidates in the next general election but to strive hard to consolidate the party machinery to face the elections. He reminded the movement's leaders and members to support those who were selected as Barisan Nasional (BN) candidates in the 12th general election. 'Let there be no one who broods, refuses to set up operations rooms or boycotts when the candidates of their choice are not picked. The candidates represent the BN, they represent us, and we have to support them,. he said. ...'"

    This statement here is the clearest hint so far that the PROTECTED ONE, ie the PM's beloved son-in-law, who was NOT elected to be the Umno Youth deputy chief, will be fielded as a candidate at the 12th general election.

    Question is WHERE , and at WHOSE expense? ..."
  • From Anil Netto:EXCERPTS: Read here for more
    "..I thought I would check out the atmosphere at the DAP ceramah at the Penang Chinese Town Hall in George Town tonight to gauge the mood among voters. The total turnout was around 3,000, including the few hundred outside the hall.

    This was not your typical DAP ceramah. I had covered ceramahs in Penang, including those held at the Chinese Town Hall, for some years - but this was unlike anything I had seen.

    Instead of an 80 per cent ethnic Chinese crowd, this time Indian Malaysians made up more than 90 per cent of the crowd.

    Instead of speaking in English and Chinese, the DAP speakers spoke largely in Malay and Tamil and some English.

    The Chinese Malaysians who turned up looked bemused and a bit taken aback to find themselve in a minority this time. One Chinese woman, a stranger, turned to me and remarked,After 50 years of Independence, you have finally woken up.

    I saw many, many men and women who looked like they had come from tough or difficult backgrounds, the lower-income group. Were they manual labourers, casual workers, factory workers or unemployed, I wondered. Many of them looked like they were coming to a political ceramah for the first time.

    How many of them were actually registered voters? All the same, they seemed eager to snap up reading material such as The Rocket and Aliran Monthly, which were being sold outside.

    I saw a few young Indian Malaysian men wearing the familiar red and pink Abolish ISA badges.

    You could almost feel the air of excitement hanging over the crowd.

    The DAP made a conscious effort to project the Indian Malaysian faces in their ranks such as Karpal, Kula, Prof Ramasamy, Guna, Sivanesan and Rayan. Also on stage were Kit Siang, Guan Eng, Chong Eng and was that Jeff Ooi?
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