Thursday, 30 September 2010

Chinese Rapper NAMEWEE Made a Cult Hero by PERKASA Street Thugs

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Malay rights pressure group PERKASA has declared 'WAR' against controversial rapper and film-maker NAMEWEE, whose real name is Wee Meng Chee, following the launch of his debut album last night.

About 70 people turned up at the Chinese Assembly Hall in Jalan Maharajalela here tonight to stage a protest against Namewee.



The group was seen carrying Perkasa banners and Namewee’s pictures that were later set on fire, while some hurled abuse at the rapper who was launching an album in the hall.

Namwee said he is not afraid of Perkasa and believes that the police will protect him.

The young performer will kick off the tour tomorrow at the private New Era College in Kajang. It is owned by Chinese education NGO Dong Zong.

Its youth chief Arman Azha Abu Hanifah said members are ready to act as "panglima perang dan hulubalang Melayu (Malay warriors)," and are willing to tail the rapper throughout his upcoming promotional tour.

If he was so brave why didn't he step out yesterday?...If he is trying to act like a Tionghua (Chinese) hero, then why did he not have the guts to face Malay warriors last night? We only wanted to talk. We accept news (of his tour) with open arms. If he performs inside (a hall), we will 'perform' outside too,” he said when contacted today.

He added that Wee could only hide behind his Youtube account previously, and that he hopes to hide now behind the police and the electronic media.

About 100 policemen, including the Federal Reserve Unit from Dang Wangi, were present to ensure peace and safety.

Wira Perkasa Malaysia head Arman Azha Abu Hanifah, who headed the gathering, tried to enter the hall but was prevented by police.

The group later wanted the police to call Namewee out of the hall but police did not heed their request.

Arman Azhar later told reporters that the gathering was to protest against Namewee who had disgraced the nation through his controversial video clips and albums which were racists in nature.

Arman Azhar said, “We want him (Namewee) to openly apologise to not only the Malays but the people of Malaysia. What he has done has certainly damaged racial harmony and unity.

Namewee said this is NOT the issue, as his intention is to “address racism”.

Meanwhile, Dang Wangi police chief ACP Zulkarnain Abdul Rahman said nobody was arrested during the protest since they followed police instructions and dispersed when instructed by police.“We asked them to disperse within 40 minutes and they followed the instructions,” he said.


Anonymous said...

40 long minutes ...begging them kah !!!!!!!!!!????????
for others , 1,2,3, ok ,tangkap !!!!!


wayang beruk???

40 minutes show....not enough, should give 400 to 4000 minutes!

These "High Class and VIP Demonstrators" are receiving highly respect from POPOS!

Why others only few minutes, and 1, 2, 3, tangkap!

Very disgracing!

Where is the logic??

BUT people felt up with these VIP demonstrators.......

Last time, they also shown once in same area!

really disgrace and like big beruk show!

Anonymous said...

'Namwee said he is not afraid of Perkasa and believes that the police will protect him'.
The police should have taken those Perkasa goons back for questioning if they were serious.

Anonymous said...

the police pun takut kah !?

Anonymous said...

This lazy, no brains racialistic dickheads from Perkasa can only yell, shout, bully, running around like headless chickens. They do not work. All the time waiting for free handouts and money from heaven. What a bunch of no use, parasites to say the least.
We hope Namewee the hero, will stand firm to his principles and ignore these idiotic dickheads. We are sure a lot of us are behind u all the time, and that include a lot of our malay friends who work hard and behave as Malaysians first irrespective.