Thursday, 23 September 2010

DPM-cum-Education Minister Muhyiddin Yassin Says He CANNOT Act Against RACIST School Principals: Malaysians Respond

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An Example of Leadership Irresponsibility
- Unfit to Lead the Nation

MALAYSIA's Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, who is also Malaysia's Education Minister claimed today he had NO power to take action against the two school principals who allegedly uttered racial slurs.

He explained to reporters here today that this was because disciplinary matters involving high-ranking civil servants comes under the jurisdiction of the Public Service Department (PSD).

Earlier this month, PSD director-general Datuk Seri Abu Bakar Abdullah told a press conference in Putrajaya that the department had already received a “six-inch thick” report from the Education Ministry on the matter.
  1. Siti Inshah Mansor, the principal of SMK Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra, had allegedly told students during an assembly that the Chinese could return to China and that the Indians resembled “dogs” with their prayer strings.

    “Pelajar-pelajar Cina tidak diperlukan dan boleh balik ke China ataupun Sekolah Foon Yew. Bagi pelajar India, tali sembahyang yang diikat di pergelangan tangan dan leher pelajar nampak seakan anjing dan hanya anjing akan mengikat seperti itu,” she had allegedly said last month.

    Following the public uproar over her controversial statement, about 20 reports were lodged against the principal.

  2. In the Kedah case, Ungku Aznan Ungku Ismail, the school principal for SMK Bukit Selambau in Sungai Petani, caused a national outcry when he too allegedly uttered racial slurs to his non-Malay students.

    Ungku Aznan had allegedly publicly told a few Chinese students to go back to China for they were behaving disrespectfully when they were seen having breakfast in the school canteen during the Ramadan fasting month.

    He later escaped stern punishment when he was merely reassigned to an office in the district education office at Kuala Muda in Sungai Petani, shortly after the incident, drawing flak from many political leaders, including those from MCA.
The government has come under fire for failing to act quickly on the matter, despite their swift action in the case of controversial rapper Wee Meng Chee or “Namewee”, who had produced a video in response to the incident involving the principals.

The opposition said the government was practicing “double-standards” in how it handled both matters, and have predicted that the Johor school principal would likely be let off with a mere slap on the wrist.

Malaysians' Response

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  • Imagine, the Minister of Education HAVE NO POWER to take action !! What does this imbecile moron of a Minister think the rakyat are fools or what. He is so stupid that he can utter this comment without blinking an eye. God save Malaysia.

  • What a joke ! The number 2 man in Malaysia?

  • REALLY...??? D PM has no jurisdiction! Since when does politicians/ministers have NO power over civil servants! Its almost unheard of. Most ministers, if offended, will turn ballistic and will transfer the officer (regardless of grade) within 24 hours. Don't you know that these politicians/ ministers are Almighty, and God help those civil servants who cross their paths. If you dont believe me, ask the DG of Tourism Malaysia! However and strangely, this DPM wasn't offended at all by the Principal's statement, so he did the sane thing and went to sleep ignoring it. Good advice by Badawi. Also, from DPMs perspective, its a good move, as he was probably more concern with offending Pekasa.

  • OMG, what happens to the country IF this guy becomes the next PM!

  • How nice to be a MALAY in Malaysia.

  • If a NON-Malay principal were to make racist remarks, would he suddenly find the power to take action?

  • Tentu la tak bolih take action. Tetapi when that Chinaman sing about makan banana, immediately police swing into action. Ini la dia Muhyddin, bila orang UMNO, tentu ada immunity from prosecution.

  • When it implicates his own people the authority is delegated but when the curse is against his people he will jump and proceed with action immediately. Response does not seem to originate from DPM, base on the shallowness of the answer.

  • If ONLY you were not so stubborn to maintain that you are Malay FIRST. That to me, was the greatest damage done. You are inculcating and encouraging many racists to be more racist. Has it ever occurred to you that since your pronouncement, many of your community have become bolder and extreme?

  • Itulah UMNO...atas meja salam-salaman,bawah meja senapang dah sedia untuk tembak.Jadi saya di sini berharap rakyat Malaysia...jadi-jadilah dengan BN dan keluar mengundi PR untuk perubahan berlainan dan telus in the next general election.

  • No it is not that I cannot take action against them, it is I am AFRAID to take action against them.

  • Incompetent minister, just imagine if this guy becomes PM, it will be nightmare.

  • What to expect! Being a racist himself, he supports those school principals .

  • Ajaran kita sebagai manusia semakin merosot di negara ini. Guru besar semua ni, kalau anda tahu apa masuk nya menjadi contoh kepada murid-murid anda, sila letak jawatan. Kerajaan pulak tidak membuat apa-apa sebagai disiplin. Memalukan..

  • . As a DPM and Education Minister, YOU are powerless? The report is 6 inches thick just for confirming these principals uttered racist slurs? We know your modus operandi to drag the cases on and on until the rakyat lupa because they lupa easily, right?

  • By government circulars, this may be correct, but as the Minister of Education and Deputy Prime Minister of the country, he can easily instruct the PSD to initiate the action to sack the principal, or at least, Muhyuddin should say he thinks the principal should be sacked, and then instructs the PSD to follow up.

  • As a DPM, sure YOU can instruct the Public Service Department to discipline the two school principals, this is common sense.

  • It is completely rubbish to say that he has no authority to investigate and discipline those who made seditious slurs within the school compound. If our DPM as the highest Minister in charge of Education cannot discipline his sub-ordinate, who else is more powerful than him. Perhaps he should just resign and take full responsibility for the seditious remarks made by those two school principals.

  • DPM is right that he could not because if he take action on the racist principles, there would not be many left in MOE, including himself!!! Got it!!!

  • Not only did this guy decide to do nothing, he turns around and insult your intelligence with a dumb excuse. Or the government of Malaysia has just surrendered the country to the generals running the ministry of education.

  • When he was just another minister in Badawi's government, he openly called for Badawi, the PM then to step down. Now as DPM and also the Education Minister he claim he can't even instruct that the delinquent headmistresses be disciplined. C'mon DPM, you can't fool us all the time. What you have said plus the poor education system these days only confirms that he is not fit to be the DPM and Education Minister.

  • Great... now all schools can run wild because the Minister of Education has disclosed that he cannot touch the school heads. ... We are not stupid. If there is a will, there is a way. There is just an absence of ;WILL here (not to mention brains), I am sure you can think of something more intelligent. If it were someone from the PR they will probably be charged with sedition or transferred to Sek Keb Pulau Jerejak.

  • What nonsense message are you delivering to insult our intelligence !!! If its some other races doing these insulting remarks ( especially from the opposition front ) , even the navies will go down on them !!! As such, Muhyiddin, the LESSER you talk or do anything or better still , you have an early RETIREMENT , the better Malaysia will be !!! By the way, the whole admin education department should be OVERHAUL !!!

  • Hendak seribu daya; tak hendak seribu dalih!! This attitude or mindset as exemplifies by DPM is the very thing that pushes Malaysia down. Apa boleh buat, bukan dalam bidang kuasa atau taaluk saya - typical response from bureaucrats. If this is the kind of leaders that we have, we are doomed from the start!

  • He is not Malay first in the actual fact! He is UMNOPutra first !!!

  • Frankly, I do not agree with the DPM. In any chain of command, the DPM has the authority to instruct the Home Minister (read the IGP) and the Chief Secretary (read PSD DG) to take the appropriate actions to prevent these kind of incidents from happening again. These incidents which are very offensive (read seditious) to the 2 largest minority groups have already created unhealthy conditions in the country. The worst case scenario is that when no stern actions are taken, other senior civil servants are encouraged and will continue to belittle the minority groups in the country. Why? Simply because there is absolutely no fear of punishment for their inappropriate actions.


Anonymous said...

The Minister can take action against Mr. Thomas Bismarck if he makes a racist remarks in St. Johns Institution.

Anonymous said...

pls, he cant take actions against the 2 high-ranking principals who are being supported & protected by perkasa lah it ?

Anonymous said...

MAKAN GAJI BUTA. Why should we elect this mooooron on the first place.
We should sack all of this moooron on the next PRU. This mooooron is a goods example of MOOOORON KINCING BERDIRI, CIKGU KINCING BERLARI, MURID KINCING ........ TANYA SENDIRILAH...

Anonymous said...

What are we to expect He is 1 Malay so it seem right that he has no power to take action on Malay. He is clone just like TDM and IBRAHIM ALI all in one piece. ART 153 cannot touch the Malay.

As a Malay myself this is not right be it in any race action due must be executed.

zbak said...

"ya lah..every one is a this country..xcept "ME"..ha..ha.."
(everyone of us say this to ourself....???)