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Pemimpin PAS TIDAK Iklas dan Jujur dengan Pengundi

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PAS Tak Ikhlas
Dengan Pengundi


Mustaffa Ali of PAS was asked:
Do you want to win the elections and form the next federal government OR do you want to propagate Islam?
His reply was:
Propagate Islam.

PAS leaders had said PAS is NOT concerned about whether it wins the general elections or not, as long as it can use the "political platform" to propagate Islam.

By using the political platform PAS would be able to talk about Islam, they explained, otherwise PAS would have no platform to stand on to talk about Islam.

If this is true and if it is still the policy of PAS. then the party must declare this to the voters.

PAS should be honest about its intentions -- that is, it wants to talk about Islam and NOT to win elections.

Then the voters can decide whether to vote for PAS or not.

Or else PAS is being DISHONEST and is taking the voters for a ride.

These types of PAS leaders should get out of politics and concentrate on doing missionary (dakwah) work and let the politicians do the job of winning elections and of changing the government.

PAS has to be clear on what it wants and this mission and vision statement must be made public.

If NOT, then PAS is NOT an honest party.

The reality of politics (is) about winning the general elections and about changing the government.

PAS, however, is talking about saving my soul and about making sure I get to go to heaven and not to hell.

We are on two different wavelengths here.

Malays would say: Macam ayam dengan itek bercakap.
-Raja Petra Kamarudin


Grow up, PAS supporters


Raja Petra Kamarudin

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We are still seeing a lot of venom being spitted out because of my article on Hudud. The trouble is these people appear to think they have every right to propagate Hudud (just because they happen to be Muslim-Malays) and others have absolutely no right to oppose the issue.

They appear to have forgotten one very crucial issue. PAS is a political party. Therefore, whatever PAS says and does is politics. That is all it is. Politics. Nothing more nothing less.

Any political party is allowed to propagate and promote its objective, aspiration, ideology, mission, vision, manifesto, and what have you. This is the right of all political parties. And in that same spirit, any citizen of Malaysia has the right to disagree with what these political parties stand for. It just happens to be that PAS promotes the Hudud issue. And those who do not support this issue are allowed to oppose it.
  • What if PAS promotes the issue that every Malaysian citizen must be given a free cow? Do we have right to oppose that if we disagree with this idea?

  • What if PAS says that Malaysian males of the age of 15 must be allowed to vote and for females it should be the age of 11 because that is the age of puberty?

  • Can we disagree with that proposal on grounds that Malaysians of age 11-15 are just too young and instead propose that all Malaysians of the age of 18 should be allowed to vote since they can get married and can drive a car at that age -- so they should be also allowed to vote at that age?

  • PAS members and Malaysians in general scream that Barisan Nasional and Umno do not respect the Federal Constitution of Malaysia. But do the PAS supporters respect the Constitution?

  • Article 8 (1 and 2) of the Constitution says all Malaysians must be treated equal. So how can Muslims suffer a different punishment from non-Muslims for crimes they commit? Is this not a violation of the Constitution?

  • And is PAS respecting the Constitution by proposing different punishments for crimes based on your religion? The Constitution says there must be no discrimination based on religion.

  • PAS requires non-Muslims to pay ‘Islamic’ tax other than income tax. Muslims pay zakat and non-Muslims pay kharaj. Is this not a violation of Article 11(2) of the Constitution?
Why scream about Barisan Nasional and Umno not respecting the Constitution when we too do not respect it?

We scream blue murder when it suits us. But we also violate the Constitution when it suits us.

This is what these emotional PAS supporters are overlooking.
PAS is a political party. And everything they say and do must be seen as politics. And in politics we have a right to agree, disagree, and agree to disagree.
So what if PAS happens to be talking about Islam or Islamic laws? It is still politics since PAS is a political party. And in politics we have every right to agree or disagree with what you say and do.

Grow up, PAS supporters. Stop acting like bloody spoiled children who throw tantrums every time someone does not agree with you. You are still far from matured.

And until you show maturity do not expect us to show you respect.

Respect must be earned. Stop demanding that we show you respect when you have not earned it.

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