Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Hishamuddin Hussein is an Idiot and Unbecoming of a Home Minister

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Home Minister and UMNO vice-president Hishamuddin Hussein truly sank to a new low when he called Teo Nie Ching "dirty" and likened her presence in the surau to a "disaster". Read here for more

I question where Hishamuddin received the knowledge and moral authority to judge anyone to be dirty, least of all Teo Nie Ching who entered the surau in sincerity and with an open heart, and only because the surau leaders invited her in. She has already issued a humble public apology to all concerned.

teo nie chingI shudder to think if Hishamuddin considers Teo Nie Ching dirty because she is non-Muslim or simply because she is female.

Hishamuddin should look in the mirror to check if he himself is spotless and clean before judgment on others.

Hishamuddin's statement smacks of a holier-than-thou hypocrisy and is truly shameful for a cabinet minister who propogates this 1Malaysia concept which supposedly espouses unity among all Malaysians.

With that disparaging statement, Hishamuddin is once again fanning the flames of racial discontent like how he openly supported the Shah Alam cow head protestors last September. He backtracked later only upon public uproar.

Hishamuddin must immediately retract his statement and publicly apologise to Teo Nie Ching or he and 1Malaysia will forever have no credibility in the eyes of the public.


Anonymous said...

Let him cast the 1st stone if he is SIN-less !

Anonymous said...

Agree 100% get rid of him and his ilk in the next election!

Capt. Non Partisan said...

Nie Ching has no mistake...the fools were the Surau's committee.

In Islam, we have rules, Aurat is so important and eventhough if a moslem do not compy with the Aurat, he or she will not be allowed to enter into the Mosque.

The issue here is, the Surau's committe is accidently missed look the rules.

Non Moslem can enter into a mosque but he / she has to comply with the rules. first is Aurat and second is free from any we Moslem called 'Hadas'

Just to share, please learn Islamic rules before condemning.

Anonymous said...

he knows she is 'dirty' with bocored menses lah !

Anonymous said...

The mentri should refer those with
'corruption , lies ,racism ...' as KOTOR in stead of accusing the innocent lady who was NOT told earlier but she did wear a tudung the 2nd time !

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

-If she is "dirty" , is the home minister clean ( suci )?

It is the duty of Muslims and the surau committee people to remind Ms.Teo of the strict dress code and the head scarves.
She have no business with the surau at all.
It was the surau people whom had invited her.
Therefore she was there as a guest.
Hishamuddin is a fine example of a lousy Muslim.
Not just lousy but a very bodoh sombong minister as well.

Maybe the home minister will also comment that Lim Guan Eng helps to slaughter a cow for the Muslims .
Without checking that it is a hoax.

Another stupid cow will be the DPM.
Without checking facts he lambasted Guan Eng for banning the ramadan stalls from trading inside the Komtar bld.

Who are the ones playing dirty now?

Anonymous said...

The Home Minister should be charged for drumming up racial sentiment. He is not the national home minister but an UMNO minister that is why he is playing the PERKASA game.

Anonymous said...

This bum "Krismuddin" has already disgraced his great father and grandfather from his racialistic and no conscience actions since he become HM.
His recent comments on the DAP Teo proved how low......... this guy stoop.He is also a disgrace to Islam.

Anonymous said...

This is the problem with the UMNO government. They think the people are stupid. We all knew what Musa Hassan is talking about when he mentioned interference from Home Ministry. I am sure Home Minister Krishammuddin Hussein and Home Ministry secretary-general Mahmood Adam knew that too.Musa was referring to the Home Ministry interfering with the police doing their job. But that tail wagging Mahmood, thinking we are stupid, cleverly twisted the story as if the interference meant the Home Ministry not acceding to police's requests. Come on, learn to speak the truth.
Sometimes(if not all the time) their stupid racialistic head talk garbage and yet can put on a stupid grinning face. Do you expect this "kris" guy to say, "Yes, I did interfere"? Of course, he is going to deny it. That's what the BN/UMNO government is good at. All the major institutions in the country, including the judiciary and police, have lost the respect of the rakyat due to such interferences.

Anonymous said...

Concern is rising that Prime Minister Najib Razak has begun a series of moves including the use of force to retain control of Malaysia. Sparking the speculation is the second-day shutting down of popular political blog Malaysia Today run by the controversial Raja Petra Kamaruddin.

RPK had accused Najib’s government of buying small arms – pistols, sub-machine guns, stun-grenades and so forth – from underground sources in the overseas black markets.

Anonymous said...

Ada menteri melayu suka minum arak, semua org tau kan?