Thursday, 7 October 2010

Sack the Bastards !!

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The UMNO elders themselves are saying "ENOUGH is ENOUGH".

The Umno-owned Malay language daily Utusan Malaysia has been under fire from the National Union of Journalists (NUJ). The NUJ blamed “unethical reporting” on their part, saying that the UTUSAN MALAYSIA EDITORS sometimes do NOTgive the right of reply to Pakatan politicians, even when the story is directly about them.

Umno secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor revealed that party leaders are wary of the occasional hardline editorial stance of the newspaper and have taken upon themselves to “advise” the editors.
“WE have spoken to them.

WE are unhappy with certain things that they wrote.

WE told them, 'please write responsibly and write the truth'.

It is not right what (Utusan) has done, but these are just individuals, you know.

I don't know what they want to achieve."

However, he said that the newspaper on its whole should NOT be blamed over the actions of the editors, echoing NUJ president Hata Wahari's statement.

Utusan, at one time, was the best-selling Malay daily in the country until they were overtaken by tabloids Harian Metro and Kosmo. Some have attributed the dip in circulation to the racially-tinted reporting as well as their far-right wing stance.

Things reached a climax when an editor, using the pseudonym 'Awang Selamat', had hit out at Minister in Prime Minister's Department Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz who had questioned the daily's sincerity in supporting the 1Malaysia concept. Nazri had then written a scathing open letter, reminding the daily of who their owners are.

Malaysians Respond:

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  • Adnan, if Umno really cannot control the actions of the editors, have you considered banning the sale of Utusan? Just do the same of what you guys did to Zunar's 'Cartoon-o-phobia' or Kim Quek's 'The March to Putrajaya'. No need to thank me for the advice.

  • The question is, WHY weren't the 'bad apple' editors not charged under Internal Security Act for the seditious articles that they constantly and defiantly presented in Utusan?

  • If Umno can't control the editors of Utusan surely the GOVERNMENT CAN but it seems blatantly obvious that the govt wont do anything to issue show cause letters to Utusan for printing and circulating highly inflammatory, seditious and hate inciting articles

  • Come on, Adnan, don't beat around the bush. Umno owns Utusan, just like MCA through Huaren owns Star, Radio 988 where MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek calls the shots, not the senior editors.

    See how they booted out DJ Jamaluddin Ibrahim, 988 CEO Ms Wong, etc without reasonable cause. Just watch the ongoing drama.Adnan, consult Dr Chua - he may teach you a thing or two.

  • As far as I'm concerned, Utusan's line is perfectly consistent and in sync with Umno's ideology ie. Ketuanan Melayu. There's nothing to suggest otherwise. Umno-Perkasa-Utusan is the troika of evil which should and must be consigned to the fires of hell for this country to move forward.

  • Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, why chastise them when they are doing such a good job to the run up of the 13th general elections? The racial line taken by Utusan is okay, but you chaps in Umno now feel the heat when they take the racist stand.

    Utusan is NOT the problem, the problem lies with Umno and Perkasa.

    Look at Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin. Even being the education minister, he cannot even do anything about the racist headmistress. You tell the rakyat that and you think they swallow your answer?

    The Malays are no longer blind.

    Ask any Malay on the street and I can assure you the majority think that 'Sodomy II' is a set up just as 'Sodomy I' was. You read Malaysia Today so you tell me - how did Raja Petra Kamaruddin get all those classified documents? It must be from people in your government who are unhappy with BN.

  • Adnan, you ask Utusan to toe the line? Say "PLEASE" and it might work. Better still still go down on your knees and beg them.

    Our DPM has no gumption to keep a hold on those racist headmasters. It is hence understandable you are limpless over Utusan antagonising statements. Where has your authority wandered, I wonder.

  • STRANGELY UMNO CANNOT control these few subversive editors ! The DJs in 988 talk shows have been suspended or sacked so easily. Do you mean that they (ie Utusan Editors) have more power than the Cabinet Ministers ? The entIre country is watching this media racking the PM 1Malaysia agenda.

  • Biggest load of Bullshit that I ever heard from Tengku Adnan. You don't control Utusan? Please, spare us the nonsense and insult. You even were found influencing judicial appointments. We follow the Royal commission on the Lingamtape saga. we are also keeping tab on your time at the tourism ministry.

  • This is all wayang kulit or sandiwara by UMNO just to fish Chinese and Indian votes for the next general election. They are now pretending to distance themself from Utusan and Perkasa. Actually UMNO is the Director, Writer and Producer for Utusan and Perkasa. UMNO has done the damage for 53 years. I dare challenge Adnan to suspend Utusan or charge the editors concern along with Ibrahim Katak under sedition act. Will UMNO government do it?

  • Sounds like Utusan has gone "Rogue". It seems that the entities like Perkasa, BTN and Utusan, created by UMNO to spam the flames of racism and in turn help galvanize Malay support for UMNO has mutated and broken the bonds of their master’s control. Now these entities are rooming the political arena, free and uninhibited and are wreaking havoc for UMNO.

  • Utusan seems to be blatantly derailing PM Najib's 1Malaysia Policy. The DPM seems to be encouraging the daily with some hidden agenda. Malays are losing confidence because things are falling apart as the centre cannot hold. Wasalam.

  • UMNO now realized that it is Utusan that was damaging the image of UMNO and one of the factor that make the Chinese and Indians to go against BN. But Utusan actually has been giving PR an edge. They try to stop the nonsenses of Utusan. So PR needs a new strategy now so that Utusan shall remained as what they used to be. PR should now throw the baits for PERKASA to pickup and Utusan shall dance with it.

  • Going to the extent of publically denouncing Utusan is unprecedented. But the sad part is Najib and UMNO leaders continue to tell blatant lies, spin lies into truth and twist the facts. Who will believe that Utsuan does not carry out the bidding of its master? Najib and UMNO leaders must think the rakyat are fools. Next, porn star will come out to say MCA does not tell The Star what to write. But the rakyat know better - the sales of MSM has declined very sharply and they are hit badly.

  • Utusan must be banned & the Editorial Team arrested & charged once a new Goverment & Pakatan takes over and the rights of the people are restored & upheld, in good time. Please keep all the clear evidence of the extremist, racist & seditious headlines & clippings & the editorial team responsible for spewing such evil: spreading hatred, inflamatory statements in their very clear & desperate attempts in promulgating civil conflict & bloodshed! Umno is incapable for change. Adnan & ALL of Umno, especially Mahathir, Moooohyudin are trapped in a time warp & grasping straws for survival, sinking deeper weigh down by the many sins they have committed against the nation. Our nation, especially the Malays must be saved from Umno.

  • Thank you Utusan, for helping PR cause. Yes go and publish more racist stories so that not a single non Malay vote remains with BN. Plain idiots. Don't they know that if they drive all the non Malay votes to PR, the Malays in BN will lose big time to Malays in PR. PR Malays who knows the meaning of cooperation and make the country great again.

  • Ku Nan, just answer me a few simple questions:
    (1) Who is supposed to be the authority in monitoring Utusan Malaysia? Umno or Home Ministry?
    (2) Why Utusan has toe the party (Umno) line? Were you telling us that Utusan Malaysia is Umno's party newspaper like 'Suara Keadilan" and "The Rocket"?
    (3) If your answer to (2) is 'No', then why should Utusan toes the party line?
    (4) If your answer to (2) is 'Yes', why Utusan can be sold to the public and not restricted its circulation to Umno members like what Home Ministry acted on 'Suara Keadilan' and 'The Rocket'?

    If you can't answer these few simple questions, ask yourself, "Am I fit to be a minister in PM Ministry or rather Umno secretary-general"? It seems to me Utusan is even more powerful than Umno, as it is not come under the radar of the Home Ministry.

  • Correct! Correct! Correct! Utusan looks & sounds like you, but not you. Don't worry, Tun Mahathir won't remember either.

  • Mr.Adnan, again and again you think you can make us all fools. If Utusan has reported racist remarks and belittling other races then you in Umno must ensure that action is taken swiftly and immediately. Ever Umno has done that? Has Umno even penalise Utusan or even openly rebuked them. Has Umno made a police report against Utusan? All you and Umno have done is only " melepaskan batuk di tangga" itu aje.

  • Utusan's stance has been and is still is racist in nature, especially its editorials. Had it been any other paper, its editors would have been hauled up and its printing licence suspended already.

    The question I would like to pose is to the Home Minister, who is so quick to act with others but who has not even squeaked a wee bit on Utusan is this - Why is he silent when clearly there is room for a warning to be issued to this paper?

    As for Umno claiming it is not responsible for the racist stance of the paper, that is like a parent saying my three-year old likes to break things at the crystal shop but I can't do anything about it. Shame on Umno.

  • Tengku Adnan, if Utusan was any OTHER paper, its editors responsible for all its reports wouldn't be able to go as far as they have - they would have had been asked to show cause by the home ministry from their very first racist article.This goes to show that the Umno-led government condones their writings.

    Umno is feeling the heat, but it's still pussyfooting about as far as their wayward editors are concerned.Please do not patronise us with silly excuses.

  • As a man-on-the-street, I am compelled to support PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution's Utusan boycott decision.

    Utusan has gone too far in carrying inflammatory news stories. Sebagai pembaca Utusan sekian lama, saya pun sudah 'fed-up' dengan sikap berat sebelahnya. Tak boleh tahan lagi.

    And you, Adnan, don't shift the blame. How can you push the blame to those irresponsible editors in Utusan? If the owners can't call the shots and make them toe a moderate line, these irresponsible editors should be disciplined, removed, or even suspended and sacked.

    But the owners have chosen to let them run riot, condoned their inflammatory reporting and offended the feelings of other races. The owners are ultimately responsible for their editors responsible or irresponsible reporting.

    Adnan, at least have the moral courage to own up to Umno's condoning and support of these irresponsible editors and instruct them to toe a moderate line.


Anonymous said...

This kind of idiotism must stop where the reporter/media is guilty but the accused is righted.The government wont act on him bcos he's a malay.The non-malays must get together to form another Perkasa to counter these trouble-makers bcos nobody can stop them anymore from ruining the nation..DAP/MCA etc gentlemen politicians pls shut up not to criticise again this idea bcos you guys are helpless.We cannot continue allow our kids to be bullied like us now-it has to stop!

Anonymous said...

The DPM will say that he is not aware of this matter and will investigate.Probably you wont hear from him again or he will say that it is not within his Dept jusridiction to act on this matter!
Najib should know these racist's remarks are 'test case' for himself and his Government to show potential investors that BN is in control, and would not allow anyone to derail the 1Malaysia and the ETP plans.