Wednesday, 7 January 2009

ISRAEL BOMBED TWO UN SCHOOLS IN GAZA. The Israeli Massacre in Gaza Continues...

..... While MALAYSIANS Worry to Death about Who Wins Kuala Trengganu PAS vs UMNO By-election on 17 Jan 2009 .

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Did United States or the Western Countries Allow Palestinian people to have fighter-jets to DEFEND their lives against the Israel war-planes ?

While Palestinian Children are being Massacred by US taxpayer-funded Israeli war-planes, Obama is Enjoying Golf in Hawaii

Israel's assault on Gaza has exacted the bloodiest toll of civilian lives yet, when the bombing of UN schools being used as refugee centres and of housing killed more than 50 people, including an entire family of seven young children.

The United States late Saturday BLOCKED approval of a UN Security Council statement calling for an immediate cease-fire between Israel and Hamas and expressing serious concern at the escalation of violence following Israel’s ground attack in Gaza, council diplomats said.

The UN protested at a "complete absence of accountability" for the escalating number of civilian deaths in Gaza, saying "the rule of the gun" had taken over.

The death toll resulted from Israel's attacks has reached 363, including at least 59 children and 18 women. This figure is expected to rise.

Obama Gagged by the Powerful Israeli-Jewish Lobby Groups and Staff Within his Transition Team

(Note: Obama's Chief of Staff, Rahm Israel Emanuel, is an Israeli and holds a dual citizenship) -read here and here for more

THE refusal of the US president-elect, Barack Obama, to comment on the Gaza conflict had disappointed Arab leaders, the Palestinian Foreign Affairs Minister, Riyad al-Maliki, said yesterday. Mr Maliki said that Mr Obama's silence on Gaza contrasted with his willingness to comment on the terrorist attacks in Mumbai last November.

Israel rejects stationing of international monitors at border crossing as also any international force in the area.

UN General Assembly chief Miguel d'Escoto has criticized the Security Council for its inability to curb Israel's "monstrosity" in Gaza. D'escoto criticized the UN Security Council for not showing enough tenacity in ending Gazans suffering in the wake of the weeklong Israeli offensive in the coastal strip.

Doctors in Gaza said more than 40 people died, including children, in what appears to be the biggest single loss of life of the campaign when Israeli bombs hit al-Fakhora school, in Jabaliya refugee camp, while it was packed with hundreds of people who had fled the fighting.

Most of those killed were in the school playground and in the street, and the dead and injured lay in pools of blood. Pictures on Palestinian TV showed walls heavily marked by shrapnel and bloodstains, and shoes and shredded clothes scattered on the ground. Windows were blown out.

Hours before, three young men who were cousins died when the Israelis bombed Asma elementary school in Gaza City. They were among 400 people who had sought shelter there after fleeing their homes in Beit Lahiya, in northern Gaza.

Abed Sultan, 20, a student, and his cousins, Rawhi and Hussein Sultan, labourers aged 22, died.

Abed Sultan's father, Samir, said the bodies were so mangled that he could not tell his son from the cousins. "We came to the school when the Israelis warned us to leave," he said. "We hoped it would be safe. We were 20 in one room. We had no electricity, no blankets, no food. Suddenly we heard a bomb that shook the school. Windows smashed. Children started to scream. A relative came and told me one of my sons was killed. I found my son's body with his two cousins. They were cut into pieces by the shell."

The UN was particularly incensed over targeting of the schools, because Israeli forces knew they were packed with families as they had ordered them to get out of their homes with leaflet drops and loudspeakers. It said it had identified the schools as refugee centres to the Israeli military and provided GPS coordinates.

Israel accused Hamas of using civilians as cover, and said the Islamist group could stop the assault on Gaza by ending its rocket attacks on Israel.

The Palestinian authority president, Mahmoud Abbas, last night delivered an impassioned plea to the UN security council to act immediately to stop the Israeli operation, which he described as a "catastrophe" for his people. Israel has agreed a "humanitarian corridor" to allow Palestinians to get essential goods.

The rising casualty toll, more than 640 Palestinians killed since the assault began 12 days ago, gave fresh impetus to diplomatic efforts. The White House offered its first hint of concern at Israel's actions by calling on it to avoid civilian deaths. The president-elect, Barack Obama, broke his silence by saying he was "deeply concerned" about civilian casualties on both sides. He said he would have "plenty to say" about the crisis after his swearing in.

Gordon Brown said the Middle East was facing its "darkest moment yet" but hoped a ceasefire could be arranged soon.

The head of the UN Palestinian refugee agency, John Ging, said three shells landed at the perimeter of the school. "It was entirely inevitable if artillery shells landed in that area there would be a high number of casualties," he said.

He said UN staff vetted those Palestinians who sought shelter at the school. "So far we've NOT had violations by militants of our facilities," he said, though responding to questions he accepted there had been clashes between Hamas and the Israeli army in the area.

Earlier in the day, Ging visited Gaza's hospital and was shocked at the scale of civilian casualties. "What you have in this hospital is the consequences of political failure and the complete absence of any accountability for actions that are being taken. It's the rule of the gun now, and it has to stop," he said.

At least 12 of one family, seven children aged from one to 12, three women and two men, were killed in an air strike on their house in Gaza City. Nine others were believed trapped.

Rejecting Israeli claims there is no humanitarian crisis, Christopher Gunness, spokesman for the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), asserted, "The idea there is not a humanitarian crisis is absurd . . . it is appalling for anyone to say there is not."

UNRWA closed 20 health centres, although its staff are doing their best to aid the injured. UNRWA and the World Food Programme have suspended ration distribution, leaving 1.1 million people without basic foodstuffs. Mr Gunness criticised the Security Council for not adopting a ceasefire resolution. "Innocent people in Gaza have suffered enough."


Faizal Zakaria's Blog said...

Obama kena bertegas dalam membendung perkara ini :-(

Selamat Tahun Baru 2“00”9 :-)

Kite Pakat Undi BN Deh :-)
Takkan Melayu Hilang Di Dunia
Tiada ‘Hantu’ Di Kuala Terengganu ;-)

Anonymous said...

Obama golf game have nothing to do with the bombing. Let him have his round. His heavy chores will come when he is in office.
Whoever it is, do not take sides, unless you know every necessary points on why Isreal is so angry.
War is war(not wanting to be unkind or inhumane). We suffered under other occupation too. Who then pitied us. Sympathy or seeking sympathy will go no where. To accept and agree to peace needs a lot of commitment on both parties.
Just a thought. Nothing generalistic. Just another point. Do not finger point. Just a thought. If you are busy then the topic will not be your priority.

cyberkatmy said...

The objective of war is to destroy your enemie's ability and will to resist. There is no such thing as a "Civilised war" It's a contradiction in terms. No country in the world will sit back and do nothing when rockets are fired from a neighboring country into their territory. The fact that the rockets are poor weapons is not the point, they are designed to kill indiscrimately. Gaza democratically voted for a terrorist organisation to represent them internationally. That govenment openly stated that the state of Israel was their enemy and then proceded over a period of years to fire explosives into Israel. They cannot now cry "Unfair" when their civillians get injured and killed as a result. The situation is reprehensible, but the facts are that Israel exists legally. Some people may object to that fact, but that is of no consequence regarding Israel's legallity. There is no such thing as a civillian and non legal target any longer. Various terrorist organisations have stated that and it it true. If you doubt that, then why has the UK, France, China, Russia, USA, India and Pakistan have nuclear weapons? Simple, you attack me with Nukes and I will return in kind..... That would indicate major city destruction.... That equals to civilians as tagets.
One thing is for sure, either the Arabs and Jews learn to live together, or they die together and maybe are able to drag the rest of us into the conflict in the process. You may have noted that no Arab country has come out and offered substancial support for Hammas. No Arab country has ever offered land to the Palistians. Basically, it would seem that the Palistinians are really regarded as being difficult and loose canons and best only used for political ends. So the sooner the occupants of Gaza realise that they are being used in a political chess game and at grass roots level accept Israel and work with them and forget abot the West Bank, which is a totally separate problem, the better for them and the rest of us. Not in the least their children whose parents would seem not inclined to dissuade them from becoming suicide bombers. The remaining family getting long term payments for sacrificing their child. Now Lebanon fires rockets too. Who backs them? Iran and they are Persians, not Arabs. They had an Empire and they want it back and it encompased all of the Middle East. Maybe the whole lot deserve each other and the sooner they kill themselves the better?

Anonymous said...

A week before Gaza Bombing, Israeli Secret Service did inform Mahmud Abbas about the incoming catastrophe. It was ok. What we see here is reasons for FATAH (UMNO) to annihilate HAMAS (PAS). Simple as that. Infact we have a stupid Palestine ambassador here in Malaysia, asking supporters to bring down Ismail Haniyeh, Rantisi photos during demonstration in front of their embassy. At the same time, Rafah crossing was closed due to stop flows of people. They make life difficult. I mean Hosni Mubarak Laknatullah. Another reason is : you have millions of cubic metres of gas outside Gaza, few km from the beach.

amigo said...


Gen. 12:3 said...

What do you expect when Hamas fires from civillian areas? God Bless Israel!!!