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Yee Sang is basically a Chinese raw fish salad.

It is served during the Chinese New Year and raw fish is sliced very thinly and lime/lemon juice is added to the fish before serving. The fish served in this case has to be very fresh.

Eating Yee Sang in Malaysia and Singapore is a tradition every Chinese New Year. Yee sang is NOT part of New Year cuisine among the Chinese of Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong etc.

Unlike Japanese, Chinese do not eat raw fish, preferring it cooked. However, this is the only Chinese dish known to contain raw fish.

This is a dish invented in Singapore and is popular only in Malaysia and Singapore. Chinese outside of Malaysia and Singapore will very likely not know what Yee Sang is. The eating of yee sang during Chinese New Year is a good example of the “invention of tradition” in Chinese culture in Malaysia and Singapore.

Prior to eating, there is the communal tossing of the Yee Sang salad with chopsticks. This is the attraction or fun of eating yee sang; audience participation or participant observation, i.e., all those present at the dinner table, whether young or old or men or women, are supplied with chopsticks and are actively encouraged to indulge in boisterous mixing of the ingredients simultaneously.

The action of tossing is known as Lo Hei which symbolizes increasing prosperity, abundance and vigor. That is why this dish is very popular among businessmen.

Yee Sang dishes at Chinese restaurants in Malaysia and Singapore are grossly overpriced during the New Year season (traditionally the period of celebration for the New Year is 15 days). Nevertheless, diners are willing to pay for it because of its association with good luck, prosperity and business success.

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Prediction by Master Andy Goh

(Note: In December 2007, Master Andy Goh correctly predicted the outcome of the US Presidential Election -read here or below)

Prediction date: Dec 14, 2008 for the Year of the Ox-2009

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The year of Ox, the heavenly stem and earthly branch are both earth. The earthly branch consists of hidden elements water and gold. The global economy will begin to recover from the financial meltdown.

2009 is a year of opportunities with the emergence of many new global empires following the collapse of big names like Lehman Brothers. Under the new administration of Barack Obama (self element earth person), the Wall Street stock market will recover faster than expected as Barack Obama enters his peak luck cycle.

We will see world major economies put aside their differences to overcome the financial crisis. The full impact of the unison can be seen in the second half of 2009.

The property market of United States will continue to recover as 2009 is the year of earth. Employment statistics will improve as United States’ job market bounce back from the financial meltdown. This will in turn lead to an improvement of the world’s stock market.

However, many major corporations will also undergo restructuring or even a change in leadership. For further predictions on the luck cycle of key CEOs of key Wall Street corporations, please subscribe to our website updates.

Despite the recovery of stock market, some Asian economies will persist to slowdown. A major event will strike in a key Asia region in 2010.


Master Andy Goh's Prediction of the 2008 US Presidential Election

December 2007: Read here for more

(First published in December 2007, see press releases from March 2008 on PRWeb and Free Press Releases )

Summary of the Predictions

The early Christians have the seven deadly sins.

We will also have our seven major predictions as follows:

  1. Barack Obama will win the Democrat Primary ahead of Hillary Clinton.
  2. John McCain will win the Republican Primary.
  3. John Edward will be the Presidential running mate for Barack Obama.
  4. Barack Obama will win the American election and become the new American President in 2009.
  5. John Edward will be the Vice President.
  6. Barack Obama will be a two terms President from 2009 – 2017.
  7. Major problem and even death will become of the Clinton family within five years (including year 2008).

In 2008, Americans all over the world will be electing a new President in November 2008 after current President George Bush completes his term and is stepping down in January 2009. Since American politics has always had a profound impact on the rest of the world in terms of business impact, stock market, and the security of the world, are all influenced by American policies at large.

The American electoral system is such that the two major parties, Democrat and Republican, will elect their party Presidential candidate starting late 2007 followed by nationwide election in November 2008. The process of electing the party representative is called the Primary, stands for primary party election. The Primary is conducted state by state with each state nominating their party Presidential representative. This process takes months to complete. A person can also run for President as independent candidate not associated with any party.

We will not touch on potential independent Presidential candidate here as none has clearly stated their intent to run as independent as at the time of this article.

Application of BaZi Analysis

BaZi or “eight characters 八字” is an ancient Chinese art based on a person’s birth year, birth month, birth day, and birth time, to derive a person’s destiny and Luck.

Unfortunately there are a lot of incompetent BaZi masters out there that have contributed to the perception that BaZi is not accurate and is religion related.

The reality is that BaZi has nothing to do with religion! It is purely a science based on the influence of certain earthly elements such as season of birth and astronomical influence that the stars exert on us.

There are not many good qualified BaZi masters, a good BaZi master can easily “read” a person’s BaZi and derive a person’s destiny and “Luck”.

The so call “twelve animals 十二生肖” has nothing to do with BaZi and is added on by some BaZi Masters to complement the explanation of the “twelve Earth Branches 十二地支” in BaZi to the general population who are not familiar with BaZi elements.

By using the BaZi analysis on the main Presidential candidates, we can EASILY predict the winners of the two parties Primary and the November 2008 Presidential election.

To some extent, we can even predict the Vice President candidates and the eventual winner.

In the sections below, we tried to explain how the BaZi analysis is used to derive the party Primary and ultimate Presidential race winner.

The analysis was done using only six characters since only the birth date but NOT the birth time of the Presidential candidates are known. However, we are still 85% confident of the analysis because the six characters chart of the American Presidential candidates is obvious enough to predict the outcome.

BaZi, Feng Shui and Application

On the other hand, we would like to draw your attention to a recent prediction made by a famous Feng Shui Master in her magazine. This Feng Shui master predicted Hillary Clinton to be the next American President. Her explanation was that Hillary is currently in the Dragon Luck cycle and in 2008, the Dragon (H5 戊土) ascends to the heaven and thus is a sign that the Dragon, or son of god, will ascend to the throne.

This famous Feng Shui master’s prediction is not entirely baseless but highly INCORRECT because the impact of the Dragon or “E5 辰土” Luck cycle on Hillary Clinton’s chart was not considered. Do not be fooled by her reputation as famous Feng Shui master.

Most Feng Shui masters are good at Feng Shui but not necessary good at BaZi life analysis.

BaZi is a much more difficult art to master than Feng Shui.

Feng Shui has limited impact to influence a person’s destiny or “Luck”. Feng Shui can influence up to 20% of a person’s Luck if used correctly but it cannot alter a person’s destiny or “Luck” in any profound manner. It certainly cannot be used to predict a person’s “Luck”. Remember the old Chinese saying 一命二运三風水; first there is the influence of “Life 命” determined at the time of birth, and then comes “Luck 运”, then “Feng Shui 風水”.

Feng Shui comes third in terms of influence to a person’s destiny and “Luck”. The most profound determination of a person’s destiny is their “Life 命” which is basically their BaZi created out of a person’s birth date and time.

A person’s BaZi determines his or her destiny and is more or less pre-destined as it controls 40% of a person’s potential and what a person can achieve in his/her life time. A person’s destiny activation is determined by the person’s “Luck 运”cycle and the “Ruling Year 流 年”".
The Luck cycle and the Ruling Year together determine when a person’s destiny will take place or be activated in a person’s Life. If a person is very “lucky”, then all the good destinies are activated and the not so good ones are not activated. This is quite rare since Luck cycle changes every five to ten years and no good or bad luck lasts forever.

One of the most basic aGlobal BaZi teaching is the ability to derive a person’s character from his/her BaZi chart.

OBAMA'S BaZi Chart

Obama is an easy going person and is easy to get along with. He has good social skills and can mix easily with people of various backgrounds. He is very intelligent and has good sense of humour. He is righteous and uncorrupt. At 47 years old in 2008, he will use his intellect.

(H8 Metal 辛金 from Luck period Heaven Stem) and wisdom (E1 Water 子水 from Ruling Year Earth Branch element) to obtain power and authority (E4 Wood 卯木, H2 Wood 乙木).

Power and Luck Cycle

His power and authority elements are located at the Month Pillar which can only mean the highest authority a.k.a. the power and authority of a nation or the world.

Since he is able to completely control and conquer his two power and authority elements (one is Month Pillar Heaven Stem and one in Month Pillar Earth Stem), he is destined to be the leader of a nation in 2008.

Another important consideration is that he is in the beginning of his 25 years of good Luck cycle.

As such, he will be a good President for American and a rare leader for the world.


His one major disadvantage is that he is relatively young for a future President and relatively in-experience.

The general population will have the opinion that he is inexperience and relatively young for a President however, Obama is a very capable person and will certainly learn fast, and pick up the necessary skills to do a good job as the next American President.

Please refer to the comparison table in the section below for comparison of his strength and weaknesses in BaZi terms vis-à-vis John McCain.

JOHN McCAIN's BaZi Chart

John is a frank and direct person. He is very transparent, has high integrity, and is above board in his dealings. He has good support from the general American public with his war heroic background. He is destined a busy young life moving around the world to serve his country.

Based on his BaZi chart, he has a power/authority combination in his BaZi Pillar and is destined to be in position of great power and authority his entire adult life.

John is a cautious person and likes to lead others and is a true genuine leader, honest, righteous and un-corrupt. He would make a good President of America and benefits the general American population and the world.

Power and Luck Cycle

However he LACKS the power element in his Month Pillar Heaven Stem, which Barack Obama has, and thus will NOT command the top position in the country unless his luck cycle destined so, there is NO indication in his Luck cycle for such.

2008 is an auspicious year for John because his power element “H5 戊土” appears in Heaven Stem and complements his power element in “E9 申金” and because of this he will lead his Republican party in the 2008 US Presidential race. 2008 is the peak of his career.


One major thing going against him is his age. John is already 72 and lacks the physical ability to do what he wants for the country. He is also at the end of his good Luck cycle and close to end of his life.

Americans, being well educated, will vote for Barack Obama knowing that John McCain is probably too old to be their President.

From the comparison table, it was obvious that Barack Obama is in a more favourable situation.

Final Note: Hillary Clinton

Since Hillary is also considered by many as potential Presidential candidate, we would like to mention a few words about her here.

Based on her BaZi chart, Hillary is a power craving person, likes to have control over others at her will. Her destiny is tightly linked to her husband and her good Luck is also highly dependent on her husband.

She uses her intellect and wisdom to obtain power and authority. She does not have a big heart, is not forgiving and has hot tempers.

She likes to show off and always like to be in a position high above everyone else.

If she is elected President, it would be very unfortunate for the people of America and the world.
© 2007 Master Andy Goh
Master Andy Goh
Vinay Agarwal

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