Thursday, 29 January 2009

The Parting of Ways of Two Prominent Bloggers

UPDATE: (30th Jan 2009)

Haris Ibrahim replies:

Excerpts: Read here for more .

"... In your post under reply, you had said that you had expected me to do my homework, to grill and cross-examine my informant. Truth be told, Rocky, I did. And that’s what left me with the predicament.....

The predicament? Who to believe? You or my informant? Confronted with this predicament, I resolved to narrate both your assertion that no such meeting took place and the insistence of my informant to the contrary in the ‘Right to reply’ post....I am sorry if you feel I have fallen short of your expectations.

If I have erred in resolving my predicament referred to above by inclining towards my informant’s version rather than yours, I proffer my sincerest apologies...."
-Haris Ibrahim

--- End of update

Prior to the March 2008 General Election, they were both comrade-in-arms.

Now, no more.

Blogger "Rocky's Bru " @ journalist Ahiruddin Atan turned Pro-UMNO Blogger since March 2008 election now calls Pro-Pakatan Rakyat Blogger/Lawyer "People's Parliament" @ Haris Ibrahim a LIAR.

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Anonymous said...

They both just have to move on. Even if it means to each his own way. Time to let the dust settle.