Friday, 2 April 2010

70 % of Malays Still Want Crutches from Government

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Nearly 70 per cent of Malay voters in peninsular Malaysia agree with Perkasa’s demands that the government should NOT DISMANTLE quotas and economic protection for Malays.

Only 20 per cent disagreed.
Merdeka Centre polled 883 registered voters in West Malaysia between March 11 and March 27.

(Image courtesy of Malaysian Insider)

Its findings:
  • 68 per cent of Malays said government should NOT dismantle quotas and protection for Malays in the economic sphere, while 18 per cent said otherwise.

  • Malays surveyed were also roughly split down the middle that Chinese are trying to take over the country.

  • 44 per cent of Malays agreed that Chinese are trying to take over the country while 47 per cent of Malays disagreed.

  • Asked if groups like Perkasa would help Umno and Barisan Nasional win the next election, 61 per cent of Malays agreed while 20 per cent disagreed.


Anonymous said...

I heard a strange argument over Bernama TV on its Hello-Malaysia Programme today at 7.00am. The Vice-Chancellor of UiTM was asked why there were no non-malays students in UiTM. Answer; UiTM was created under Article 153 of the Malaysian Constitution and that it is specifically for Bumiputra students only or something to that effcet. This may be the thin end of the wedge for other things to come.

What many politicians overlook is that our founding fathers in agreeing to Article 153 also had an unwritten understanding that recruitment into the public sector will be on a four to 1 (4:1) ratio. The idea is that employment must reflect the composition of the Malaysian cabinet which at that time and now comprised Alliance/BN component parties.

I hope and pray that level heads will prevail and that our leaders will be blessed with the wisdom by GOD to do at the beginning what they will be forced to do unsuccessfully in the end.Ramalx

Anonymous said...

@#$%^&* damn ! 90% of taxes comes from nonbumis !! @#$%^&*, our blooded money is being wasted in uitm !!