Saturday, 24 April 2010

The Slave-Lord Relationship of MIC to UMNO

MIC Information Chief, P.Kamalanathan 
Greeting UMNO's Deputy President, Muhyiddin Yassin By   Kissing His Hand Slave-like
kamalanathan and Muhyiddin


Self-Respecting UMNO Malays Greeting 
UMNO Deputy President Muhyiddin Yassin
muhyiddin yassin shaking hands

Excerpt from article by Bridget Welsh in Malaysiakini

MIC's  Loss of  Face

There is considerable loss of face as a result of the party being passed over in their candidate selection and many consider Kamalanathan to be a traitor to the party for kissing the hand of the DPM.

 Note: Malaysian Insider quoted Muhyiddin Yassin as saying, I did not ask him to kiss my hand but he did it..." Read here for more

Traditionally MIC has many of its voters in its parliamentary seats registered outside. They are brought “home” to vote. Kamalanathan himself is apparently registered in S Samy Vellu's former seat of Sungai Siput. The MIC party has been largely excluded from the campaign as Umno has dominated the ground.

This may affect the party's own efforts in supporting the MIC candidate. Their presence this round is lower than previous campaigns. Part of this is a result of the by-election dynamics.

Another part of this is a sense that Umno bullied MIC  publicly and many are smarting.

The final unknown is the impact of “patronage”. Traditional development promises have been comparatively lacking this round, due in part to the size of the constituency. It is also a product of the fact that many of the “hard” deliverables of development - road, water, electricity, and schools - have been provided.

The areas of contestation have involved land and scams/unfulfilled promises linked to private companies. The BN hopes that by giving funds upfront, promising more and addressing areas such as Sungai Buaya where feelings of betrayal run deep, they can win over voters. They are betting with serious money, from promises up to RM50,000. In my view, while this can make an impact, it may not deliver as much as they expect.

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my vote goes to Zaid simply because kamal comes from mic ...oops, umNO !