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Must Read Article !!: IGP Musa Hassan- Harapkan Pagar, Pagar Makan Padi

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IGP Musa Hassan- Personal Interest above National Interest and Security


Din Merican

The Malay proverb “Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi” is classical Malay politeness in rebuking traitors and damning treachery.

The English reader would be more familiar with “A wolf in sheep’s skin”. That is how IGP Musa Hassan has been “fondly” labeled as the “Musang” (although musang is fox and not wolf).

As I reflected on today’s Friday sermon, I have decided to put to test the pronouncement by the Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin that he is “a Malay first and then a Malaysian”.

Whether being a Malay first would mean that Malaysian Malays would be more tolerant of the treacherous acts, abuses of powers and breaches of justice , epitomised in the person of IGP Musa Hassan and so rampant in other government institutions today, especially in the law enforcement agencies?

RPK’s Malaysia Today (The Corridors of Power) is now running Round 8 of 10 of the expose’ that IGP Musa Hassan had placed his personal interests over the interest and security of our country.

Musa Hassan has been clearly shown to have canvassed for the “Police Reporting System” just as he did for the PDRM helicopter leasing with companies all linked to him and to that shadowy character B.K. Tan.

What is startling is that RPK had disclosed all these since 2008 and yet Abdullah Badawi extended Musa Hassan’s contract for two years!

It is as clear as light of day that Musa Hassan has betrayed his oath of office to protect the country and the constitution. His connection with companies like Asiacopter, Webpower and Asiasoft have been illustrated in the documents provided by his own officers to RPK.

Why should this happen?

The answer is simple enough – because the men in blue are just too revolted by the lies perpetrated by their own IGP, and have lost confidence in him.

Musa and Gani Patail

This is a silent revolt by the men in blue.
  • They saw in Musa a man who lied about being a law graduate and yet continues to be promoted.

  • They saw Musa’s determination to fix Anwar Ibrahim and dubbed him the “Mattress Carrier”.

  • They saw Musa’s mercuric rise despite his mediocre performance as a police investigating officer (IO).

  • They saw Musa working hand in glove with the Along syndicate in 2006 and in an affront to the country’s system of criminal justice, A-G Gani Patail released a known criminal Goh Cheng Poh @ Tengku Goh, while 6 rank and file officers were charged for blowing the whistle on Musa, the No. 1 crook.
Fixing Dato Ramli Yusuff

They saw how Musa fixed Dato’ Ramli Yusuff, his only adversary in PDRM. Even as Dato’ Ramli was vindicated and acquitted by both the Sessions Court and the High Court in Kota Kinabalu, the criminal justice system was constantly being manipulated by A-G Gani, in whose hands are vested the absolute power of prosecution.

On the pretext of enforcing the law, IGP Musa and A-G Gani Patail victimized the innocent and released the criminal.

How else do we justify that there is no appeal against Razak Baginda’s acquittal although he was the one who brought in the UTK boys who murdered the Mongolian beauty Altantuya Sharribu? It seems that Ramli Yusuff’s sin in using the Cessna is bigger than murder!

The silent revolt even culminated in IGP Musa’s ADC who swore a Statutory Declaration to disclose the links between Musa Hassan and BK Tan in WebPower and the links to Asiacopter via Othman Talib who was Musa Hassan’s man in the Police Force Commission.

And yet NOTHING was done to remove this cancer from within the PDRM.

Instead, Musa uses his network of covert writers to petition against police officers who stood in his way. Lourdes Charles, his contact in the main stream media will then set out to lynch these officers publicly. That is how smooth Musa has been.

When Dato’ Zubaidah Ismail, PDRM’s Deputy Director of Logistics, launched an investigation to disclose that the Police Reporting System was compromised by foreign elements (read Israeli agents!), Musa’s covert hands moved in to discredit these officers.

So you have a scenario where petitions will surface against these officers alleging that they are involved in corrupt activities in order to discredit the disclosures that they are about to make.

Sounds familiar?

That’s what Musa did to Dato’ Ramli Yusuff and to Dato’ Johari Baharom. One of the oldest tricks in the book. RPK may not have realized that the report to Robert Phang that was produced in Round 8 in MT today is exactly one of the decoys used by Musa Hassan to cover his tracks.

This is the ultimate treachery by this son of a religious teacher – he literally handed over the nation’s security system to the Israelis!

The MACC, Dr. Pornthip Rojanasunand, and The Death of Teoh Beng Hock

This scene is repeatedly seen in the other uniformed services. The MACC, supposedly the highlight of the Abdullah Badawi’s administration has turned out to be an uncontrollable monster.

The distrust in the police force is compounded many times over by the brute force of the MACC. As if killing Teoh Beng Hock, merely needed as a witness in a RM 2,400 investigation, was not bad enough.

That the current MACC No.1, Dato’ Abu Kassim, was consulted from the very beginning when Teoh’s body was found suggests that he is implicated in the cover up attempts.

In a charade to show transparency, the famous Thai pathologist, Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand, was brought in. And when things did not go their way, the MACC lodged a report against Dr Pornthip.

Now a new charade is being put up by the Minister of Home Security, Dato’ Seri Hishamuddin Hussein, over the guarantee of Dr Pornthip’s security to testify in the Inquest.

The scene is no better in the Armed Forces. Already the purchase of the French Scorpene submarines was tainted with the blood of Altantuya. Then when the submarines arrived, there were endless public displays of one of Malaysia’s weapon of strategic defence.

Euphoria turned into hysteria when the submarines could not submerge.

And then the theft of the fighter engines!

Plundering our National Wealth

If all these seemed like a joke, it is not ! No self respecting nation in the world would allow its wealth to be plundered by the very custodians who were entrusted to protect it. No self respecting nation, except Malaysia.

And after all these, the leadership of this country seems interested to only improve their image by engaging Fox and then APCO. As if these PR exercises will cure the ills of the country.

We have fundamental issues of integrity, honesty, transparency, justice, rule of law at stake here not just an image issue. And yet the leadership seem oblivious to cure these ills.

The Constitution states that to be a Malay is to be a Muslim. Instead of using all of Islam’s universal values to promote justice and peace on earth, the Jabatan Agama especially the Religious Minister, Dato’ Baharom exploited the Malay thinking by proferring this verse from Quran Surah An Nisa’ 4: 59 “ Obey God, and Obey the Apostle, and those in authority over you” as a command to obey the government leaders.

Good Governance, DPM, Sir

Muhyiddin YassinSince the DPM (Muhyiddin Yassin) want to be Malay first and then Malaysian, why not go back to Malay civilisational rules? What would the ancient Malays say to all these?

The proverb “ Raja adil raja di sembah, raja zalim raja di sanggah” is NOT a hallowed call.

Despite being a feudalistic society, the ancient Malays had settled guiding principles that demanded the people to rise up against injustice and unjust rulers.

Unfortunately, the Malay politicians today use that proverb only against their own sultans.

To make that proverb easier to understand – rephrase that to “ KERAJAAN adil KERAJAAN di sembah, KERAJAAN zalim KERAJAAN disanggah”.

Thus, it would be the obligations of every able bodied Malay to rise up against the injustice that is so rampant today.

Similarly, the so called Islamic authorities have desecrated the proverb “ Biar mati anak jangan mati adat” as being Unislamic.

It is not too difficult to realize that in ancient times, laws were not written. Laws were part of the way of life, just as Islam is a way of life.

Adat refers to the common law of the land, just as the English common law that has become part of the law of our land. If they had taken cognizance that the “adat” referred to in that proverb are not rites or rituals but the common law, they would then realize that adat is also a source of Islamic law under the category of “U’rf”.

Why the significance of that proverb?

Because the ancient Malays would not condone the violations of laws, of justice and of fairness. The ancient Malays’ adherence to the Rule of Law is crystallized in that proverb, that they would rather sacrifice their children than to abandon the laws by which they live.

So, Tan Sri Muhyidin, while I want to support to you in being a Malay first, I would also ask you and all the Malay government leaders to adhere to these universal Malay values and enforce the laws against the thievery of our country’s wealth and bring these perpetrators to justice!

We Malaysians want honest and accountable government and that is a reasonable and rational expectation.

Jagalah maruah Bangsa kita dulu.

-Din Merican

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