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The Letter by Afandy Sutrisno Tanjung, President of the Undergraduates' Representative Council is a FAKE

A letter with racist remarks (see below) purportly written by the President of the Undergraduates' Representative Council, Afandy Sutrisno Tanjung is a FAKE.

It was forged by Afandy's "political enemies" and aimed at discrediting Afandy and creating racial discontent among NON-Malay students on Malaysian campuses.

Read here response from Donovan Lee Shyun Hyn, a law undergraduate student.

"Afandy Sutrisno Tanjung is innocent!".


I refer to various news reports, in particular, the Sun which published a brief news on 'Call for UM student leader to step down' today.

It was alleged that Afandy Sutrisno Tanjung, the President of the Undergraduates' Representative Council 07/08, uttered racist remarks in 'his' epistle.

Photobucket Afandy is being framed here!
It will not take a brilliant person to realise that the epistle is fake.

With the advances of technology these days, photographs and signatures in the electronic form can be obtained and done easily.

The culprit who made the epistle must have scanned his signature and passport size photograph. Besides that, the stamp of the Students' Affair Department(HEP) on the epistle could have been bogus as well.

A person just need to possess an image of the stamp and order a similar one at any of the printing shops. Normally, when notices are being put up in campus, the procedure is you must have the authorisation stamp of any HEP officers.

Therefore, this shows another evidence that Afandy has been framed by his 'political enemies' since the epistle does not have the authorisation stamp.

People who are familiar with Afandy would know that he's NOT the type who plays the racial card. Moreover, why would he be so thick to jeopardise his own reputation?

He only has several months before his term expires, thus any rational person who is in the same boat as him would certainly prefer to retain a good image while in office.

I understand that he has lodged a police report over that matter and the culprit should be hauled up immediately by the relevant authorities.

I can only conclude that this is certainly a plot to oust him before he gives way to the next president, somewhere in August/ September I guess.

Note: If you are the culprit, I wish you good luck!

-Donovan Lee Shyun Hyn


Assalamualaikum and may God bless to all of us...

I refer to the letter written by Angeline Lesslar of Subang Jaya, Selangor entitled 'Varsity letter instills fear and hatred' which was published on July 10th, 2008.

I wish to clear the air on the 'letter' alleged to be written by me.

I am totally innocent in this matter as the letter was made by my 'political enemies' for the purpose of impeding me from completing my term as the President of the Undergraduates' Representative Council, University of Malaya (URC) for the fiscal year of 2007/2008.

The endorsement stamp from the Students' Affairs Department had been counterfeited, so as my signature and photograph which were digitally manufactured.

If I am truly a racist person as contended by Angeline, how on Earth would I hold my current position for two terms consecutively? Peers would not be fond of me and I would have definitely lost in the campus elections way from the beginning itself.

To all the readers, in particular Angeline Lesslar, allow me to enlighten you that this matter has been resolved amicably, about three months ago.

I have lodged two police reports in Pantai and Brickfields respectively for that act of smearing my image.

Apart from that, the two initial persons who publicly accused me of writing the letter, Ahmad Shahir b. Abdul Aziz, the Deputy Secretary II of the URC and Mohamad Hilman Nordin, the Welfare EXCO of the URC, had openly apologised to me the following day after the letter was made available to the public.

The apologies were published in 'Harian Metro' and a copy of it can be located in my blog at ''.

Throughout my tenure as the President of the Undergraduates' Representative Council, the unity stage among the various races has been admirable. There were no untoward incidents or unity mishaps which happened either.

My principle as a student leader is that all conflicts are to be resolved within the organisation. Can you name me any organisation which has no hitches? As conflicts will arise somehow, leaders should constantly know how to handle them well.

Outsiders are encouraged not to interfere unless they know from the head to the tail on the matter concerned. We have to always keep in mind that the 'defamation culture' do exists in campus as well, not just at the national or state levels.

Hence, as a mature and right-thinking member of the society, we should always seek the truth first before we make allegations which can tarnish the reputation of someone and the institution where he belongs to. My question is if you were in the shoes of the person who is being framed for something which he did not commit, how would you feel?

Here, in the University of Malaya, we do have multi-racial student activities such as the Ang-Pow Festival, Lantern Festival, Ponggal Festival, etc. I do receive invitations from my peers to attend the above mentioned events in which I will certainly be present at, and enjoy the glorious events unless there are more essential matters in hand which I have to look into.

It's really pathetic to come across people who chose to spread malicious fabrication of me without verifying the legitimacy of it first. Before I sign off, I hope that all of us would strive to contribute to the development of our beloved nation, without taking into relation the race, religion and background factors.

Thank you...
Posted by Afandy Bin Sutrisno Tanjung




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