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Responses to the PM's and UiTM Students' Objection to 10% Quota for NON-Bumiputera Intake

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Please. Not UiTM!!

I'm trying VERY hard to feel upset. Or hurt. Or dissed.

But no matter how hard I attempt to conjure up any emotion along those lines, I fail miserably.

Maybe if it had been one of the Ivy League colleges (you know - Yale, Harvard or Princeton) in the USA or Oxbridge in the UK pracising some neighbourhood-friendly racism, perhaps I may feel a little down.

But it's UiTM!!!

UiTM, for the love of God!! So UiTM slams MB’s proposal to open its doors to non-bumiputra students.

Do I look like I care??

I think UiTM doesn't get it.
I don't think they understand how poorly the rest of us think of them.

Among strangers within the engineering fraternity, there are times when we mention our alma mater while making small talk. Usually, the UiTM graduate is spotted long before he identifies himself. "No speak English. No think many. Dunno. "

In fact, the creep of an MB, Khalid Ibrahim, was asking for UiTM to open 10% of its intake to the other races
to raise the level of integration, competitiveness and the quality of graduates.

I find this offensive.

The MB obviously doesn't care that with a mere 10% representation of non-Malays, it is more likely that the standard of the NON-Malays will drop rather than the standard of Malays will rise.

Frankly, I would NEVER consider sending any child of mine to that university, should it ever open its doors to non-Malays.

I don't know which non-Malay would be so desperate to enter into that university, unless his results were so poor.

Even then, the standard of education in UiTM is so bad (judging from the majority of its graduates), that passing up on a higher education would be a better option entirely.

Why go through 3 years of classes only to be unemployable later?

Save yourselves the cash. Save yourselves the grief.

From Jed Yoong: Read

UiTM, It’s OK, We Are Not Hard-Up

So the UiTM students are sticky about opening up the universities to non-bumiputeras.

I’ve got news for you. We DON'T need UiTM.

Keep it to yourselves!

From People's Parliament: Read here article by Haris Ibrahim


NST reported:

UiTM is for Bumiputeras — that’s the strong message from more than 5,000 Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) student’, .

Jangan Rampas Hak Kami

What Bumiputeras? What ‘hak’?

Someone must tell them that the document that our forefathers left us with,
the Federal Constitution, makes NO mention of Bumiputera.

And Article 153 talks only of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong safeguarding the special position of the Malays and natives of any of the States of Sabah and Sarawak of such proportion as he may deem reasonable of positions in the public service (other than the public service of a State) and of scholarships, exhibitions and other similar educational or training privileges or special facilities given or accorded by the Federal Government and, when any permit or licence for the operation of any trade or business is required by federal law, then, subject to the provisions of that law and this Article, of such permits and licences.

Special position. NOT rights and privileges.

And that special position was envisaged by the forefathers of this nation, as explained in the Reid Commission report, to be reviewable after 15 years. In other words, not in perpetuity.

. COMMENTS FROM READERS: Read Here and Here and Here and Here

  • I mean you want the bright student to be associated with other bright students at school. Success breeds more success. By have a Malay only university, it basically denies 99.99% of the talents in the world a place in the university. Which genius comes up with policy like this?

  • Well, they can keep UiTM for themselves. Everyone knows the standard of its graduates. Smart Malay parents who can afford it NEVER send their kids there. Next time you meet Malay professionals who are held in high regard by his colleagues (all races!) ask them in which university their kids are studying. Not UiTM! Mostly they will either be overseas, or in private Malaysian universities which produce graduates keenly sought by employers.

  • Malaysia! what a country! it must be the only country on earth where the MAJORITY has to be protected from the MINORITY.

  • I believe the intention was to bring the standard of UiTM up with the infusion of non-bumis into the university…but since they prefer to keep their standards, let them be. Got UTAR..why want to go UiTM??

  • If the Malay community prefer to wall themselves, compete only among themselves, enjoy a lower standard of living and high unemployment, I say let it be. Once they go out of the wall, they will only have themselves and especially the 'protectors of Malay rights' to blame.

  • My Malay friends say UiTM is for 3rd graders. Only those who have no other offer. “2A’s” and you secure a place. Those better grades won’t even think about going there. So, agreed with you Jed, we don’t need UiTM.

  • Have you guys heard? UMNO will organise a special Olympics just for Malays so that they can win more gold medals as most of the winners in the Olympics are non-Malays. Same goes for the Malay World Cup 2010. Only all-Malay teams may compete for this prestigious trophy and be declared as best in the world.

  • Well PM, you can keep the institute all to the Malays. And I don't believe it warrants the title 'University'. We non-bumis have much better choices to pick from, so no need to make a big fuss of this. Maybe you intended to stir up the non-bumis with your statements. But this time round, we support you fully on this move alone. Besides, Mr PM, you have already shown and demonstrated that you mean exactly the opposite of whatever you say ... like you are a PM for all Malaysians.

  • Pak need to use your veto power....I really have my doubts that if UiTM is opened to non-malays, how many will sent their kids there?? I definitely would not for the obvious reasons. Can the PM asked how many unemployed graduates are from UiTM?? He will be surprised to have the answers? In the globalised economy, UiTM students are definitely non competitive. How many of the UMNO Ministers sent their kids there?? Please stand up and be counted!!

  • Inbreeding only causes decay and retardation

  • Why do all these politicians and academics think that if they offer 10% places in UITM, all the non-Malays will be flocking there? They have done without it for 40 years, survived, found better alternatives, moved on and don't need hand-outs to 2nd or 3rd rate colleges and institutes of higher learning.

  • A part-Hainanese man (ie PM) with a Eurasian wife who wants to keep NON-Malays out of a university paid for with money from taxpayers of ALL races? I fail to see the logic of this whole thing...

  • I agree with you, Mr Prime Minister, you should not allow this university to be open to non-Malays (or non-Bumis as I take it Dayaks and Kadazans are allowed in?). Non-Malays/Bumis have done without it for 40 years and they haven't really suffered. Remember, these non-Malays/Bumis are descendants of migrant workers from China and India and have inherited the resourcefulness of their ancestors. They know their place. Let's take this a step further whilst we're at it. Why don't you give Indians, Chinese and Eurasians (including your wife) a different colour passport so that, at a glance at any port round the world, it is noted that the holders are 2nd class citizens and have no rights in Malaysia?

  • (Tan Sri) Khalid in fact is doing UITM a very big favour by asking for a 10% intake of non-bumis. UITM vice-chancellor Ibrahim Abu Shah indeed betrayed his own race by insulating the bumis from the harsh realities of the outside world. How do you expect the grads to emerge from the university and compete in a globalised community? Fearing competition and failure is the greatest setback for anyone at all, regardless of race or creed.
  • Just keep your UTiM. Just keep it close and tight. Hope that Politicians will send their children to UTiM instead of wasting our money sending their kids overseas. Yes, before I forget, what about financing UTiM with Malay taxes?

  • Malays have to realize that this is not the dark ages anymore... embrace the future without race... Seriously, I feel sick to my stomach hearing this phrase "hak istimewa orang melayu".

  • I don't know why the UiTM students had to protest about this issue and why the PM had to open his mouth at all. If they had just kept quiet, they would have found out that there was absolutely no need to create "much ado about nothing". To most non-Malays, UiTM is non-existent, let alone a choice for their children. So in the end you'd still end up as an institution attended by only Malays. Most parents want their children to mingle adn learn with/among great minds, NOT LITTLE minds. So you see, by acting in haste, all these histrionics just landed yourselves and the institution, a barrage of mockery and ridicule.

  • Dr Azly, fortunately you are in America or else the VC of UiTM and 5,000 students will be at your door step tonight shouting like men possessed. No Sir, there is no way they will want to be 'free'. They will decline as a people with shacked brains. I suggest UiTM introduce a Faculty of Mat Rempitism. The VC is well qualified to prepare its curriculum. Do you think you can find a VC like him in any other part of the world.

  • Dr Azly, I am sorry to say that you have wasted your time in writing this logical and common sense article. Malaysian govt dont rule with logic and common sense. read the newspapers, watch the reaction of certain group of malays and you will see this. The mind set will not change because as humans when you have no potential of progressing you tend to cling to what you have. When you see behaviour like this where certain people cling to their ketuanan melayu right, you know there is no more hope for them .

  • Dr Azly, people like you should be running our institutions of higher learning. And I am saying that not because (you) being a Bumi, but because you have been very consistent and clear in your thoughts as to what we Malaysians really need ..... as Malaysians. But alas, too many of you guys are off somewhere else, and we are left to contend with half-baked leaders.

  • Pada PRU12 yg lalu kaum cina dan india tinggal kan BN dan lari kepada DAP dan PKR ada juga yg sokong PAS.Isu babi telah membuat kaum cina bertambah benci kepada BN(UMNO).Sekarang isu UiTM pula menambah kan lagi kebencian kaum cina dan india kepada BN(UMNO).Orang melayu pun sudah ramai tinggalkan UMNO.Boleh kah BN(UMNO) ujud lagi selepas PRU13 nanti?

  • Sebenarnya cadangan TS Khalid bukan mudah untuk dilaksanakan, dan mungkin tidak akan dilaksanakan oleh kerajaan, khasnya dalam jangka masa terdekat. Oleh sebab TS Khalid tidak ada kuasa dalam bidang pendidikan, cadangan beliau itu tentunya akan tinggal sebagai cadangan sahaja.
    Jadi orang Melayu, khasnya pemimpin UMNO dan para penyokongnya sepatutnya tidak perlu riuh rendah dan berpekik bermati-matian untuk menentang cadangan itu, jika mereka bijak berpolitik. Jika tujuan dan strategi TS Khalid adalah untuk mendapatkan sokongan orang bukan Melayu, khasnya untuk pilihan raya Permatang Pauh, saya kira beliau sudah berjaya.

    Pada masa yang sama orang-orang bukan Melayu mungkin akan semakin menolak UMNO, kerana orang Melayu yang menjadi pemimpin dan penyokongnya sekarang secara tiba-tiba bertindak mengikut emosi, pantang tersentuh dan menunjukkan sikap anti orang bukan Melayu.

    Walaupun orang Melayu ingin menjaga atau mempertahankan apa yang dikatakan "hak orang Melayu" , mereka sepatutnya tidak perlu memberi respons kepada cadangan TS. Khalid itu secara berlebihan, sehingga menunjukkan sikap perkauman yang melampau.

    Sebaliknya TS menunjukkan sikap keadilan dan kesamarataan yang munasabah. Jadi jangan salahkan beliau, jika beliau dapat menarik dan menambahkan sokongan dari kalangan bukan Melayu.
  • Idea 10% Khalid bukan lah isu besar sangat. Dia sekadar bersuara. Siapa pun boleh bersuara. Saja nak test Big Boss Uitm, Ibrahim yang UMNO sejati. Budak-budak Uitm yang jadi mangsa diarah buat perhimpunan haram (Akta AUKU pergi mana..?), menuju ke ofis Kahlid. Kalau budak-budak buat perhimpunan haram yang sokong pembangkang, tentu akan dihadapkan ke mahkamah universiti, melanggar akta AUKU katanya....Ini semua mainan politik. Saya dah faham sangat daah...Semua orang tengah terdesak...

  • Kita mesti pelihara satu-satunya institusi pengajian tinggi utk org Melayu. Warga UiTM juga bersaing hebat sesama sendiri malah banyak melahirkan tokoh2 ternama dan ahli akademik yg disegani. Apa yg TS Khalid bangkitkan, bagi saya adalah satu idea yg merugikan org Melayu & sesuaikah jika dia dilabel sebagai pengkhianat Melayu?

  • Sebenarnya sukar difahami mengapa cadangan TS Khalid MB Selangor supaya UITM dibuka kepada pelajar bukan Melayu (sebanyak 10%) boleh dianggap sebagai" menghina bangsa Melayu", "mengkhianati bangsa Melayu" atau "tidak mempedulikan hak Melayu", sebagaimana tanggapan beberapa pihak (pemimpin UMNO dan para penyokong UMNO tentunya).
    Jika 10 % tempat diberi kepada pelajar bukan Melayu, masih ada 90% tempat untuk pelajar Melayu. Tempat untuk pelajar Melayu masih jauh lebih besar. Jadi di mana logiknya dikatakan pembukaan UITM sebanyak 10% itu akan menghilangkan hak Melayu?

    Memberi tempat sebanyak 10% kepada bukan bumiputera saya kira adalah satu keadilan yang munasabsah, dan bukan kesamarataan yang menghilangkan hak orang Melayu.Pada masa yang sama kita patut jangan lupa tindakan kerajaan yang akan mengagihkan sebanyak 45% biasiswa yang sedia ada kepada pelajar bukan bumiputera.

    Jika kita tidak bersikap munafik dan double standard , tindakan kerajaan itulah yang patut dibantah, kerana ia mengambil sebahagian besar hak bumiputera dan memberinya kepada bukan bumputera.

    Tapi berapa kerat orang Melayu yang membantah tindakan pemberian biasiswa yang tidak adil itu? Mana dia pemimpin UMNO yang mahu jadi hero dalam kes TS Khalid ini?Sebelum itu, pihak kerajaan sendiri sudah memberi tempat 10% di MSRM kepada pelajar bukan Melayu. Apa alasannya (selain alasan politik untuk menarik sokongan orang bukan Melayu)?

    Tak terdengar pun orang Melayu, khasnya pemimpin UMNO membantah tindakan kerajaan itu. Jadi apa sudah jadi? Nampaknya kalau pemimpin pembangkang membuat cadangan yang serupa dikatakan bermain api perkaumaan, mengkhianati bangsa sendiri dan sebagainya. Tapi kalau pemimpin kerajaan (pemimpin UMN0 sebenarnya) yang melakukannya, semua bangus, semua jadi tukang anggguk? Adakah itu sikap dan tindakan yang betul?
  • Sebenarnya kita tak perlu cepat sengat melatah dalam hal ini.Tan Sri Khalid baru sahaja mengemukakan cadangan (tapi tak pasti jika sudah dibuat kajian secara menyeluruh atau tidak sebelum membuat pengumuman) tapi seramai 5000 pelajar uitm telah berarak di jalanraya bagi menandakan tanda protes.
    Tidak kira orang dari parti politik mana pun yang memberi cadangan tersebut,pasti akan di persoalkan.Bila kita bertindak mengikut emosi,boleh mengundang kepada pandangan buruk oleh bangsa bukan melayu kepada bangsa melayu kerana mereka mungkin berpendapat bahawa orang melayu ini sensitif dan tidak boleh menerima pandangan orang lain.Tak salah untuk menyuarakan pendapat dan rasa tidak puas hati tapi biarlah bertepatan dan kena pada masa dan caranya.
  • Meskipun saya adalah graduan kilang UM, namun saya terpanggil untuk memberi pendapat berkenaan isu yang menimpa UiTM. Isu yang cuba dimainkan oleh MB Selangor ini adalah lebih bersifat populis.sesebuah Universiti dikalangan Bumiputera dan juga Bukan Bumiputera kerana ia boleh menggalakkan kendiri penuntut untuk lebih bersaing dalam situasi intergrasi, secara tida
    Tidak dinafikan ada pronya k langsung melatih memupuk interaksi kepada dunia awal alam pekerjaan dikalangan berbilang kaum.

    Saya mengambil contoh semasa di UM bagaimana kami semasa menjalankan tugasan berkumpulan digalakkan untuk membina ahli kumpulan dikalangan campuran pelbagai bangsa, namun saya tidak menjadikan ia sebagai medium untuk menidakkan kepentingan bangsa saya. Namun ini akan lebih berkesan sekiranya populasi peratusan adalah 50-50 ataupun 60-40, kerana ia akan menjadi seimbang tanpa ada sifat prejudis.

    Cadangan MB Selangor lebih bersifat populis kerana kuota 10% tidak memberikan impak menyeluruh berbanding peratusan 50-50 mahupun 60-40. Jadi mengapa perlu membuka kuota tersebut dalam peratusan yang kecil berbanding mengekalkan dasar sedia ada.

    Jika ingin melaksanakan dasar yang baru, perlu melaksanakannya secara berkesan bukan sekadar bersifat "tahi-tahi ayam". Jadi ini menunjukkan sikap populis MB Selangor seolah-olah keputusan cadangan mendahului keputusan perbincangan dan penilaian.
  • Mungkin ada kebenarannya pendapat saudara. Nampaknya MB Selangor cuba 'bermain' dengan sentimen perkauman. Mungkin MB Selangor dah tahu bahawa bukan mudah untuk melaksanakan cadangan tersebut. Beliau mungkin sengaja membangkitkan kemarahan bangsa Melayu dengan taktik tersebut. Dengan demikian, apabila bangsa Melayu marah dengan cadangan tersebut, secara tak langsung seolah-olah kelihatan seperti Melayu anti non bumi walaupun sebenarnya tidak. Mungkin silapnya kerana kita cepat sangat melatah... Nampaknya MB Selangor cukup pandai bermain kotor untuk menarik pengundi bangsa bukan Melayu...

  • Apa perlunya kita panik dan melatah hingga pelajar-pelajar diarah berarak ke SUK. Setahu saya INTEC- UiTM pun dah memang ada kuota utk bukan melayu.Sudah lama dibuka..tapi ramai orang melayu tak tau kot.Harap DS Prof. Ibrahim lebih tenang,kekal waras dan tidak terikut-ikut dgn rentak orang politik. Tunjukkan sikap matang dan profesional sesuai dgn jawatan yg disandang. Kenyataan yg tidak wajar hanya akan memalukan pelajar dan juga lulusan UITM seperti saya.

  • Kalaulah betul untuk bumiputera sahaja.Kenapa tenaga pengajar harus diambil kaum bukan bumiputera.?? Dah tak ada org bumiputera yang layakkah untuk jadi tenaga pengajar di UITM..?

  • Dalam soal UITM ni, walaupun saya amat kritikal dengan UMNO(baru),saya bersetuju bahawa sekarang bukanlah masanya untuk membukanya kepada kaum bukan melayu.
    Alasan saya, atas kegagalan UMNO menjaga hak orang melayu, UITM lah satu-satunya institusi pengajian tinggi dimana anak-anak melayu kita mempunyai peluang untuk pendidikan tinggi YANG BERKUALITI apabila gagal untuk memasuki universiti awam.

    Harus kita sedari, sekarang ini makin ramai anak2 muda kita yang memiliki keputusan cemerlang dan baik dalam SPM dan STPM. Disebabkan kuota yang digunakan oleh UPU, ramai anak-anak muda kita yang layak tidak berpeluang mengikuti pendidikan tinggi. Disinilah relevannya UITM.

    Hanya satu sahaja komen saya mengenai UITM - tukar VC sekarang yang lebih banyak bermain politik UMNO dengan seorang yang benar-benar neutral dan berkaliber untuk membawa UITM setaraf dengan universiti ternama di dunia.

    Juga bebaskan UITM dari kongkongan politik. Biarlah anak melayu yang layak dan cemerlang dididik dengan pendidikan yang terbaik agar dapat meneruskan survival melayu di masa hadapan.
The Academic Qualification and Experience of UiTM Vice Chancellor

Prof. Ibrahim Abu Shah graduated with a Diploma in Public Administration from ITM in 1971.

Obtained his BA in Economics from Ohio University in 1974 and an MA in Sociology from the same university in 1975. Obtained his PhD from the University of Maryland in Government and Politics.

Having established his academic credentials, its worthy to look at his 'political contributions' as follow;

1. UMNO Member (1968 - present)
2. Youth Leader, UMNO Kg. Pulai (1981- 1983)
3. Committee Member, UMNO Youths Jasin, Melaka (1982 - 1983)
4. Chairman (Founder) UMNO Club, Carbondale USA (1983)
5. President, UMNO USA Club (1985 - 1987)

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