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Why MCA, GERAKAN & MIC Remaining in Barisan Nasional under UMNO Leadership are USELESS and IRRELEVANT to ALL Chinese & Indian Voters

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UPDATE: (2nd Sept)

MCA and GERAKAN Ministers, politicians and members are politely advised to read following articles:

MORE BAD NEWS for GERAKAN (Read here for more)

".... Kelantan UMNO Chairman, Tan Sri Annuar Musa today asked fellow Barisan Nasional (BN) component party GERAKAN to STOP DEMANDING that Umno and the BN penalise an Umno division chief (Ahmad Ismail) over his racially sensitive remarks calling Malaysian Chinese as 'SQUATTERS'.... "

"...Meanwhile, MCA vice-president Datuk Dr Fong Chan Onn said the Barisan Nasional government should consider the possibility (!!) of charging the Bukit Bendera Umno division chief with sedition.

Bukit Gelugor MCA Division Youth Chairman Koh Wan Leong called on the Yang diPertua Negri Tun Abdul Rahman Abbas to strip Ahmad Ismail of his Datukship as a lesson and reminder to others not to make remarks on sensitive issues that could provoke racial sentiment." Read here for more


" Why is the Prime Minister NOT prepared to show 'solidarity' with right-thinking Malaysians who deplore Ahmad Ismail’s insensitive, offensive, derogatory and racist remarks about the Malaysian Chinese.

I will declare my solidarity with what is right, just and true – including deploring insensitive, offensive, derogatory and racist remarks whether referring to the Malays, Indians, Kadazans or Ibans- whether it is made by a Chinese or non-Chinese leader.

Why is Abdullah not prepared to take a similar stand? "
Read here for more
-MP Lim Kit Siang


We do NOT agree with the call by "The Star" Group Chief Editor, Wong Chung Wai, to " ....let Ahmad apologise, let's not go over board with talks of sacking or charging him with sedition (and) let's move on to more important things. "

NO, Wong Chung Wai, this issue of racist and offensive remarks coming from a ruling party UMNO leader is EQUALLY important when matched against the current landscape of Malaysian politics. As a respectable journalist, Wong Chung Wai should have known that better.

Offensive and racist remarks made in public against non-Malays had been coming from UMNO leaders over the last two decades TOO FREQUENTLY. Yet NOTHING was done by top UMNO leaders or by this Government to prevent these seditious remarks from being repeated.

Wong Chung Wai should have said, "Enough is Enough" of this racial provocation by UMNO leaders, instead of "Enough Said" because non-Malays had one-too-many of this nonsense from UMNO leaders.

Yes, an apology from Ahmad Ismail is NECESSARY, but it is NOT SUFFICIENT.

Ahmad Ismail must be made as a clear example to other UMNO politicians that Malaysians of all races do not, and WILL NOT tolerate, again and again this kind of offensive racist attitude and behaviour and to categorically state it has no place in 21st century Malaysia. More so because Ahmad Ismail IS an UMNO Division Chief.

Wong Chung Wai's call is a real cop-out and insensitive to the genuine concerns of the Chinese community in the country, irrespective of either side of politics.
- Malaysian Unplug

NOTE: Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said UMNO leaders should STOP using racial sentiments to seek support from the people. He told reporters Saturday at a thanksgiving luncheon in Kampung Permatang Pasir, Permatang Pauh:

“That is exactly what 'low class' politicians would do.Why did he (Ahmad Ismail) talk that way? Perhaps out of some political motives.

However, he should have been more careful before making any comment.

Why is he trying to instigate the emotions of other races?

This is just another instance that explains why UMNO will lose its dominance in Penang.

They (Umno leaders) do not seem to understand history very well.They are not being respectful and sensitive toward the feelings of the non-Malays.
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Here is a Typical RACIST UMNO LEADER
- Who Labeled ALL Chinese Malaysians as SQUATTERS
Ahmad Ismail,
UMNO Division Chief
Bukit Bendera Division Penang

WE SAY:His public statement is outright SEDITIOUS!
He Should be Arrested and Charged !!!

WE ASK : Why has NOT the UMNO-BN Government instruct the Police to arrest and charge this UMNO Division Chief under ISA for such racist remarks that undermine racial harmony ?

There is Only ONE Simple Reason for that: Because he IS an UMNO man! Period.
And the Police does NOT arrest an UMNO Leader.Period.

And that's the Malaysia that we inherit from this UMNO-BN Government as we celebrate the 51st Anniversary of Merdeka!
-Malaysian Unplug

AND OTHERS........

The end of communal politics?


S.K. Thew

Frankly speaking, most of the time, I just couldn’t understand why the minority coalition parties like MCA, Gerakan, MIC and etc. continue to stick with Umno in BN even though they continue to be harassed and humiliated by their big brother?

Let’s take a look at the recent Permatang Pauh by-election.

During the campaign period, Bukit Bendera Umno division head Ahmad Ismail (see photo above) had said Chinese were "squatters" in the country, who were both selfish and unjust, at a ceramah on Aug 24 whilst trying to buttress support for BN candidate Arif Shah Omar Shah in the by-election contest against opposition icon Anwar Ibrahim.

MCA being the usual MCA, feeling intimidated by the allegation, started to make furious calls openly demanding an apology and explanation from Ahmad.

MCA Youth has submitted a letter yesterday demanding an open apology, retraction and a promise not to make similar statements in the future while Federal Territories MCA Youth today launched a signature campaign outside the MCA headquarters in Kuala Lumpur to condemn Ahmad, demanding that he be sacked from his party.

The questions are: Is Ahmad going to apologize?

Let’s presume he is going to. If that’s the case, is he going to show the sincerity and feeling repent of his remarks hurled against the Chinese community?

Again, even if he does, MCA is fighting a non-cause as history has shown us that the similar antic will resurface in the future, it’s only a matter of time before the racial remarks will be repeated?

(Note: Here's the BAD news for MCA and Gerakan: Ahmad Ismail is let off the hook by the President of UMNO. Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi as President of UMNO/Prime Minister ONLY said he will personally see to it that Bukit Bendera Umno chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail does not repeat his remarks about the Chinese community. Abdullah Badawi said: I’ll tell him not to do it again. You know during campaigning all sorts of things can come up. I don’t think he meant it. I’ll make sure to tell him not to say it again.” He did NOT ask Ahmad Ismail to apologise for his statement, did not ask him to retract his statement and did not initiate disciplinary action for Ahmad Ismail's seditious statement.

This is despite the DEMAND by MCA and GERAKAN for Ahmad Ismail to retract the statement and for UMNO to take disciplinary action against him.

Bukit Mertajam MCA division chairman Lau Chiek Tuan had said disciplinary action should be taken against Ahmad. “An apology is not enough to the Chinese community. We want Umno to take disciplinary action against him. We want him to leave Barisan and Umno because he has broken the racial harmony (of the parties),” said Lau, adding that the division had also lodged a police report against Ahmad.

The fact is Ahmad Ismail was not reprimanded publicly by the President of UMNO and Ahmad Ismail did NOT apologise or retract his statement. That much MCA and GERAKAN have to swallow their ego and pride as a Component Partner of Barisan Nasional.Read here for more
- Malaysian Unplug )

I can’t help but to wonder, the public protest organised by the MCA Youth to show their displeasure is the only channel for them to highlight their frustration to the big brother?

Does that mean MCA, Gerakan, MIC and the rest of the ministers representing the smaller component parties have no say at all during the Cabinet meeting, hence the public dissent?

The same goes to Gerakan too. It’s acting president Koh Tsu Koon, being his ownself only can afford to say that Barisan’s defeat in the by-election is another wake up call for the ruling coalition.

(Note: Gerakan, a component of the Barisan Nasional (BN), has called for stern action against Bukit Bendera Umno division head Datuk Ahmad Ismail over his recent "seditious" remarks on the Chinese community.

In George Town, Tanjung Gerakan Youth division chief H’ng Khoon Leng lodged a police report at the district police headquarters in Patani Road over Ahmad’s alleged remarks.Read here for more
Malaysian Unplug

What a shame, especially when he continues to show dissatisfaction and at the same time,Umno continues to ignore him at their own peril.


Probably Umno knows that Tsu Koon will continue to stick together irregardless of the difficult situtation the party is being put in since Gerakan has nowhere to go! No?

Then, how about the tsunami wave of change in the recent General Election? Isn’t that a wake up call for BN too? If it’s indeed a wake up call, why BN continues to act arrogantly and takes the rakyat for granted?

What is the role of Gerakan who claims to act as the Opposition within the BN in fighting to ensure that BN does wake up from the painful lesson?

Is it because they’re too afraid to speak up or there isn’t any opportunity at all for them to speak up, ever since the heavy defeat suffered by most of the Gerakan candidates, including Tsu Koon himself?

Why can’t he understand Gerakan is no longer relevant, especially when former party stalwart Toh Kin Woon who is dubbed as the "Conscience of BN" left Gerakan to openly expressed his support towards the "movement led by Anwar"?

What about many Gerakan leaders who had lost hope towards Gerakan and gradually deserting the party in seeking a more ideal ideology like the one practised by the Pakatan Rakyat coalition?

Nevertheless, the entire affair which have taken place so far, I’m sure, has set the minority component parties in ruling coalition into deep thinking mode on whether they still can play an effective role in building a better Malaysia for us to live in.

Or else, necessary reform must be taken to rejuvenate themselves before they can convince the people that they, together with their big brother Umno have indeed awaken from the disastrous outing on March 8 and the most recent by-election.

Perhaps, the high-level acceptance shown by the people towards the "People’s Government" by the PR coalition proves that Malaysians nowadays are a lot more mature than what the Government wants us to be. (It) means the beginning of the death of sectarian politics long practised in this country, hence the irrelevance of racial based parties in Malaysia’s political landscape.


From Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin Blog: Read here


Over the last decades we can NEVER hear of Umno leaders and BN leaders owning up to their mistakes or openly admitting of their racist character and behavior.

They always have excuses and fallacious reasons.

But when bloggers and blog commenters made any such remarks, we will have the police coming after them and charging them for sedition.

When the Bar Council wants to have a forum pertaining to the laws relating to the constitutional provisions in regard to individual rights and liberty with respect to religion of their will, we have specific groupings of people who would use force and coercion to derail such events and all of which was done in the name of God and color.

It is as if God is so weak that He needs human intervention to save Him and protect His interest.

We also often hear of bigots who had relentlessly proclaim all kinds of rights and privileges which are illusory and fictitiously transliterated to serve their motives and mens rea to derive special interest for themselves which are factually oppressive and discriminative, yet claimed that such was what as enshrined in the constitution.

I do not know whether they do not have intellectual ability to understand and interpret the constitution or that they intentionally re-write the constitution to suit their motive and greed.
Article 153 had often being cited as a right and privilege. But the truth in Article 153 wasn't so.
Article 153 has expressly provided for fairness, justice and equality of EVERY citizens of the nation and had NEVER express discrimination and oppression.

Far more perplexing is the fact that these propagators and bigots are MUSLIMS.
If we read the Quran, the behaviors and acts were contrary to that as expressed in the Quran. They are believers of Islam but acted AGAINST Islam and acted in the name of Islam.

I had been reading the Quran for years and I just could not comprehend these characters and behaviors which was expressly denounced in the Quran and expressly denounced by Prophet Muhammad himself.
All over the chapters in the Quran we read of virtuousness, fairness and reasonableness, gratitude and protecting the weak and minorities.
But in Malaysia, it is about suppression of the minorities and enslaving them, making them second class, threatening them, debasing them, and depriving the poor of educational opportunities in the name of protection of the majority as espoused by the vice chancellor of UiTM; and he claimed it was Article 153 again.

The most unfortunate for them is that the minorities were protected by Allah as can be observed. Allah knoweth all, and Allah knoweth those who were evil.
Allah protects the weak and discriminated. Allah says He would punish the evildoers.
Allah is great!


Read here on Malaysia-Today


Umno is now perceived by many to be racist because its leaders cannot articulate effectively to the masses about the pre-Independance social contract, nor can they defeat abuses of the New Economic Policy (NEP), says Tengku Razaleigh.

Umno has lost its intellectual capacity to address misgivings among Malaysians and this has led to a perception that it is a racist party.

The Kelantan prince said it has now become common to see people define Umno as a racist party.

'Of late, the Malays have become reckless and bad drivers until the Government is branded as inefficient,” he said.

Tengku Razaleigh said another step towards reinventing the party is to restore the moral credibility in the party.

''Is it too late? I hope not but Umno must come to terms about regaining the trust of the people. It must be seen as trustworthy.''
Readers 's Comments:

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  • Kuli, u jangan buat tak tahu bahawa rejim junta-umno adalah parti RACIST !!!!
    Najis & Kerismudin pernah declared "cuci keris dgn darah kaum cina"
    Bkt Bendera Ahmad Ismail "kaum cina adalah squaters"
    NEP polisi rejim adalah racist !
    UiTM adalah racistUMNO IS RACIST. FACE THE FACTS, Tengku.
  • The facts are, UMNO doesn't care what others think of it. Least of all the non-malays. It's a case of: "We are racist, so what? You don't like it? What are you going to do about it? What CAN you do about it?" That is the truth isn't it? So no need to pretend and say what's the politically right thing to say.

  • We the RAKYAT knew this long time ago.... Tell us something we don't already know.

  • Ku Li attempt to rationalise racism in UMNO was akin to what PW Botha did when he defended Apartheid in white South Africa. Any race based policy is racist. period.

  • Frankly speaking, up to this point, racism comes second. We just want UMNO, MCA, MIC and Gerakan out of our life. We JUST want DAP, PAS and PK in with Anwar as PM asap.

  • Ku Li obviously doesn't really know, or pretends that he doesn't know, what racism is - his extreme example actually defends a degree of racism that is not even tolerated in the rest of the world. Ku Li, here's a definition of racism: "Racism, by its simplest definition, is the belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race. People with racist beliefs might hate certain groups of people according to their racial groups. In the case of institutional racism, certain racial groups may be denied rights or benefits, or get preferential treatment." Now, doesn't that sound familiar? This is not just a "perception", Ku Li, this is the reality in Malaysia

  • UMNO in its conception is based on race. The root is on race. Like religion, it is easily hijacked by extremist. Since the days on Tun Razak till today, these ugly Malaysians have dragged us down and backward. Systematically they institutionalize this with policies to maintain this house of EVIL. Once it lost its morality and conscience, it is a matter of time, implosion will set in because now they serve EVILS. EVIL will even consume the father. UMNO and all the other racist parties who wish to hoodwink the public with the same old bag of tricks will be vanquished. Like followers of great soul like Martin Luther King and Gandhi; who emanate the Light; many Malaysian such as RPK, Dr. Azly and many others who are the custodian to keep the light shinning then Malaysia will have HOPE.My Merdeka Wish is to TRUE and BELOVED Malaysians, a list to great to list here, which we all share the same heart and consciousness, RPK, Dr. Azly, Wan Azzizah, Vermon, and many selfless watchtowers, long live Malaysia.
  • Dear Ku Li, you are already in retirment and have already made your millions.I think the best for you and Malaysians is that you continue to enjoy your retirement, join PKR as an advisor, lend your support to PKR to bring about a new Malaysia. This way, you will increase tremendously your standing in the mind of Malaysia.It is really pointless trying to save the unsavable evil and corrupt UMNO, much less to lead it. UMNO is beyond salvation ! Just let it die !! A new and properous Malysia will emerge.It is pointless, even if you are lucky enough to become the president of UMNO, it will be an extremely tough task for you against Anwar and the opposition. All the crooked the UMNO warlords who have no skills other being racist and corrupt, they would allow any UMNO leader to change their way for the better of Malaysia.Moreover, in the mind of most Malaysians, Anwar is the most competent of all MAlay leaders and has good reputation in the world.
    If you could lend your support to Anwar, you will leave your good name in Malaysian history. Why not you do the obvious ?

  • UMNO perceived to be racist? What a joke! UMNO is not only racist, it’s corrupted, destructive, and bullying. And now you, Razaleigh, are suggesting that it should be dictatorial as well.

  • UMNO IS A RACIST is racist to its own bangsa..for it only takes care of those who are well the kampungs and the pedalamans the mak ciks and the pak ciks and the single mothers are completely forgotten..what more the orang aslis???
    There is a very vocal group of new Malays just converted into Islam and who are graabbing all the HAK MELAYU ..and are enjoyoing and doing better than the original Muslims and original RACISM IS ALSO INSIDE UMNO..the UMKU
    ( the umno orang kurang upaya melayus) and the ordinary Malay who is walking the streets. Over in Sabah,Sarawak, Kelantan, Pahang and Trengganu it is the same trend..remember the Mercedes Benzes??? As for the Indians and Chinese they now believe they are 2nd class citizens...something very shameful even though they WERE born here and have celebrated merdeka for 51 years..Converted Mtamaks and others have been given 1st class citizenships although they may hve been only here the last 10 years or so..IS THIS NOT A TOTAL ABUSE OF THE SYSTEM AND THE CONSTITUTION.??

    (main cina always) and MIC ( makan india cukup) have been treating their communities like dirt..and whacking away whatever dished out by we have a father eating his own child...


    and a new ONE!!! Ahmad had allegedly called the Chinese "squatters" and said that
    "as the Chinese were only immigrants it was impossible to achieve equal rights amongst races" during a ceramah in Permatang Pauh on Aug 25.



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