Thursday, 7 August 2008

Condemn Police Harassment of Bloggers: Free Penarik Beca

Update on Penarik Beca's arrest (1.20 am, 8th August): Go to Mahaguru58 Blog

" ...Bakaq is now at the Jalan Duta Courts and to be held in custody overnight pending being charged in court.

Bakaq's wife said that the police told her that someone had lodged a police report against him. I learned from the feedback that Bakaq stepped on a lot of toes and pissed off PAS and UMNO top leadership in his disclosure of
ultra secret PAS-UMNO pow wow's. ( Read here and here and here for more)

His disclosure sort of let the cat out of the bag and spoiled those people's plans."
Zainol Abideen "Mahaguru58"

Bernama reported quoting the police as saying Penarik Beca was brought in for questioning regarding an article he published which "showed a modified logo of the Royal Malaysia Police with derogatory comments about Musa including claims that Musa was being controlled by Chinese crime syndicates."

(Image courtesy of Mob's Crib)

Bakaq Haq of the famous Penarik Beca blog was arrested last night at his home in Greenwood Park, Gombak. According to his wife, 4 police personnel picked Bakaq and his laptop around 11 pm.

Around 12.30 am, Wan Joe of JiwoKelate confirmed that Bakaq is in custody at The Commercial Crime Building in Kuala Lumpur. His lawyer, Hanifah Maidin who is also PAS legal adviser confirmed that Bakaq’s arrest was done under the Sedition Act.

Bakaq or his real name is Abdul Rashid Abu Bakar has contributed a lot in revealing the hidden agenda of the infamous Muzakarah between PAS and UMNO.

-from Kickdefella blog

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