Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Anwar's Advice to PKR's "Freshie" Yang Berhormats

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PhotobucketElizabeth Wong (Keat Ping) under the PKR-banner won the Selangor State seat of Bukit Lanjan, beating BN's Yong Dai Yin with 12,125 votes, on a majority of 5,155.

"...In our meeting last night, Anwar Ibrahim brought us down to earth.

FIRST - we have to change this ‘bodek’ feudal culture of Umno. ‘Yang Berhormat’ or YB is only appropriate in the halls of the state assembly or Parliament.

Do the Brits or Australians go around calling their MPs or state legislators ‘Right Honourable’ in public? Nope.

So please DON'T call us YBs. It gives me a strange icky feeling if you do.

TWO - any unreasonable perks will be slashed. There will not be any redecorations in our offices and we will use the vehicles bought earlier by the state government. Our salary will also be cut. We gotto cut those wasteful and unnecessary spending.

Tan Sri Khalid is gonna run this state like a corporation. We are expected to file quarterly reports like an good company. Expect some redundant committees and positions created to appease the Umno-aites to be erased.

And yeah - no belly-dancing in those ‘lawatan sambil belajar’. It’s ‘belajar sambil bekerja’.

THREE - we will be open to everyone in regards to suggestions and inputs. We want to take stock of what is immediate and urgent. And please give us time. Fifty years of nonsense will take time to be rectified and corrected. .."

- Elizabeth Wong (State Assemblywoman for Bukit Lanjan-PKR)


Elizabeth Wong (Keat Ping)(黄洁冰)
(from her blog)

ELIZABETH WONG has been involved in human rights since her student days in Sydney and subsequently during her work in Nepal.

She was the secretary-general of the National Human Rights Society (Hakam) (全国人权协会)from 2000-2006 (now sitting as a member of the Ex-Com), a member of the Suaram (大马人民之声) secretariat and was a human rights fellow of Carnegie Council for Ethics and International Affairs (2002-03).

She is also a political consultant and has been involved in the setup of the Asean Inter-Parliamentary Myanmar Caucus for Democracy and Solidarity Campaign for Human Rights in Aceh.

She is currently working on an initiative to develop further understanding on democracy and its mechanisms for possible reforms.

In her spare time, she researches and writes on the War on Terror and security in the region.

Her interests are in political imagery and symbolism, history, South Asian politics, resistance and Islamism in Southeast Asia, technology and the politics of change.

She is still leaving the option of playing guitar in a loud band open, singing in Nepali and Arabic, though Nepali folk-dancing is hard and involves moving limbs while twirling round and round.

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Anonymous said...

You are blessful have a good leader. but sorry to hear that you got scammed by ur ex bf.

Good Luck to you.

no pain no gain. you'll learn from this lesson... and teach your member to be discipline if ever wan to stay long in politic field.

God bless