Monday, 24 March 2008

Hypocrisy on Display: Now They Talk About Racial Composition. Why Not Before ?

From Malaysiakini. Read here for more article, "Malay NGOs Worried About Non-Malay Excos"

We Say to the Malay NGOs and to the President of Prowaris,

"Under the watch of the UMNO-led Government at both State and Federal in all these years, racial composition across the make-up of public and politically-attached institutions was never given its due consideration.

The EPU till today has refused to put into public domain statistics on racial composition of public and government-supported private sector institutions, including that of Universities.

The Malaysian public would have given you credibility to your call if you had been as vocal when this UMNO-led Government over the decades actually made and/or condoned the racially discriminative policies, way beyond the policy-boundaries of the NEP framework.

Thus, we say your call for representation based on racial distribution of the state's population smacks of hypocrisy of the worst kind, given your silence in the past.

The ordinary voters, Malays, Chinese and Indians and others in this general election have paid put this hypocrisy for which you are engaged in.

Adn we hope the Perak Sultan, in his wisdom and sense of fairplay for his royal subjects living in Perak, will not buy into your hypocrisy."
-Malaysian Unplug

Excerpts of article in Malaysiakini

Twenty NGOs - led by the Young Malay Professionals (Prowaris) - stated that the 6-3-1 formula between PKR, DAP and PAS is not reflective of the Perak population.

Contacted today, Prowaris president Feriz Omar said the state exco must be a racial representation of the state.

Perak Prowaris, representing the 20 NGOs, has also submitted a memorandum to Sultan Azlan Shah of Perak to protest against the state exco's racial composition.

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