Friday, 21 March 2008

Cabinet Line-Up: Sabah & Sarawak Voters Taken for Granted by Barisan Nasional

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Take a look at this new BN Cabinet - at the number of East Malaysians who hold key cabinet positions. They are almost totally absent.

Hasn’t East Malaysia delivered to the Barisan Nasional? Aren't there good and dynamic East Malaysians (Pairin to name one) who could contribute effectively?

Without the East Malaysians’ help, the BN would have lost this elections and yet the MCA has more key positions in the cabinet than we have East Malaysians.

Key Ministries...the defence, home, foreign affairs and education portfolios have all gone to Umno.

Why is it it (East Malaysia) get only a smattering of the cabinet positions?

Blemished UMNO Politicians in Cabinet

Several (UMNO politicians) have been dropped but Muhammad Muhammad Taib (was) being brought into the cabinet by the back door.

Why was Muhammad not given a seat to contest in the first place if there was intention to bring him into the cabinet? Why bring him in through the back door?

.... I would like to think that ‘Mike Tyson’ was not given a seat at all was in line with the thinking of the day that all those whose integrity was blemished should be left out.The same reason why the all powerful Zakaria Deros was also dropped from the BN Selangor line up.

But now, the bringing in of Muhd Taib through the back door only indicates that Abdullah had run out of options - having dropped all the people in his cabinet who did not share his views, he needed someone to fill in the gaps.

The appointment of the present cabinet indicates a huge problem not for Abdullah but for the country. The choices of the man at the helm do not seem to give us the confidence that they are the people who can deliver.

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