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Perak MIC Branch Dissolved: Members Joined PAS Supporters Club

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The STAR reported that DAP State Assemblyman for Buntong, A. Sivasubramaniam who earlier quit all posts in the DAP (read below article ) , has RETRACTED HIS RESIGNATION. He is scheduled to hold a press conference Monday evening to explain his about-turn.

UPDATE - 31st March 2008

Photobucket Untrustworthy or greedy Indian State Assemblyman Quits: This time it is an INDIAN State Assemblyman who quit DAP. Reason for quitting : A.Sivasubramaniam said he had lost confidence in the Perak DAP as it failed to fulfill its promise to appoint two Indian state executive council members. He added the decision was a "big slap" in the face of Perak Indians and tantamount to deceiving the community."My victory in Buntong was a mandate given by the Indian community in the area, and therefore I cannot accept the decision made by the Perak DAP," he added.

Question: Has he been bought over by Samy Vellu to destabilise the DAP-PKR-PAS Coalition ?

This Indian State Assemblyman decides to quit immediately AFTER Samy Vellu said : "The appointment of a single Indian executive council member in Kedah, Penang, Perak and Selangor is insufficient to cater to the needs of the community . The Indian exco members will not be able to contribute effectively to the community, especially with the Barisan Nasional ruling the Federal Government.”

Still a race-thing for this particular State Assemblyman from Buntong constituency despite winning on the Barisan Rakyat ticket. He should have joined MIC. Its a bloody shame !

Sivasubramanium is playing the RACE-POLITICS of MIC/BN after having won the seat under the DAP banner. It appears it was a mistake to have supported him to win the seat under the Barisan Rakyat.Read here for more

Barely a month after the election, Sivasubramanium's action now brings into question by voters around the country whether INDIAN State Assemblymen and MPs can be trusted to remain with the Opposition Coalition? Or are they THAT easily swayed by the RACE POLITICS of MIC/BN still?

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  • TAIPING: The Kampung Jebong MIC branch in Simpang here was officially dissolved when 110 of its members quit the party to become members of "Kelab Penyokong PAS" (PAS Supporters Club).

    Branch chairman M. Muninathan, accompanied by committee members, submitted their application forms to Bukit Gantang (PAS) MP Roslan Shaharom at a village temple here on Saturday night.

    Roslan said the welfare of the former MIC branch members and members of the Indian community would be taken care of.

    "We will take care of you because any problems affecting the Indian community will also affect members of the other communities," he said.

    Roslan said he was indebted to the Indian community here as more than 95% of Indian voters within the Bukit Gantang parliamentary constituency had voted for him in the recently-concluded general election.

    He said members of the community had every reason to rejoice as two of the three state seats in the constituency had been won by Barisan Rakyat, and the victors - Mohd Osman Mohd Jailu (Changkat Jering) and Tai Sing Ng (Kuala Sepetang) -- had been appointed exco members of the new Perak state government.
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