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TRENGGANU MB CRISIS : UMNO Confronts (and Insults) the Trengganu Sultan : A Case of Biadap

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  • Opposition party PAS today fully supported the move by the Terengganu palace to appoint Kijal state representative Ahmad Said as the new MB of the state. Party president Abdul Hadi Awang said he believed the decision by the palace was in accordance with the real wishes of the people of Terengganu.

  • PKR Terengganu today urged Umno to respect the wishes of the palace in the appointment of Ahmad. “Even if they disagree to that appointment, they should not be issuing provocative or insulting statements against the palace,” said the state PKR secretary Razali Alias in a statement today.He added that all Terengganu citizens must firmly stand behind the decision made by the sultan, who is also the present agong.

  • Parti Keadilan Rakyat today lodged a police report against Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, his deputy Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and the 23 assemblymen who objected to the appointment of Kijal assemblyman Datuk Ahmad Said as Menteri Besar by the Terengganu Sultan. "The decision had been made. What they (Umno leaders) should do was to accept and abide by that decision," he said referring to Ahmad's appointment as Terengganu's new Menteri Besar.Faris also urged Tuanku Mizan to act against the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and 23 Terengganu assemblymen for disloyalty to the institution. He said the 23 state assemblymen, especially, have gone overboard in showing disrespect by going against the Royal Regency Advisory Council's decision in the appointment of Ahmad as Menteri Besar. He added the palace institution must be respected and all subjects must show loyalty and the actions of those involved were a blatant disregard of loyalty to the Rulers.

  • Malaysiakini reported Ahmad Said, the palace's preferred MB, has managed to convince 13 out of the 22 BN state representatives to back him for the post. At a massive gathering at his house in Teluk Kalong, Kemaman, told his supporters that he would assume the post tomorrow.

  • Veteran Umno politican Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah said today Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's statement that "the appointment of anyone but Idris Jusoh as Terengganu menteri besar is unconstitutional" is WRONG. According to Razaleigh, the situation in Terengganu is a “crisis of government, not of the constitution”.

    He said:
    “The sultan acted WITHIN his powers in appointing the person who, in his judgment, is likely to command the confidence of the majority of the members of the State Assembly.

    Ahmad Said's appointment is effective. He IS now mentri besar of Terengganu. It is up to the properly convened State Assembly to test him with a vote of confidence in due course.

    Petitions, threats, coercion and declarations of support had NO bearing on the legality of the sultan’s appointment.

    Perhaps we have forgotten what it is like to conduct ourselves with good manners and due respect for the Constitution and the Sovereignty of the Ruler."

  • Quote:

    ".... When Lim Kit Siang called for a boycott of the swearing-in ceremony in Perak, he was literally whacked, called all kind of names, including biadap. He was told that respect for the Sultan/palace is very sensitive to the Malays and so on.

    Malaysians, irrespective of race, verbally whacked Lim Kit Siang . But Kit Siang was very quick and fast to realize his mistake and apologized to the palace.

    What is all the protest, boycott, protest march,etc. (by UMNO) in Trengganu CALLED?

    I wonder what all the anti-Lim Kit Siang groups in Perak (going to do) about this (UMNO boycott).

    How is the rakyat to react to this situation? ..."

    - "benjo", a reader of Malaysia-Today

    "... Kalau kita lihat di Perak, apabila DAP (ingin) memboikot Sultan Perak, semua orang kuat Pak Lah mengamuk terutama KJ dan Kalimullah.

    Sehingga semua akhbar Melayu di kawal Kalimullah membangkitkan isu kesultanan dan kemelayuan sehingga memaksa DAP memohon maaf.

    Tapi di Terengganu, bila Sultan memilih calon MB yang lain, semua adun BN memboikot malahan calon MB akan digugurkan keanggotaan UMNO mereka.

    Bukankah ini dipanggil biadab!!!

    Semua warga bukan melayu melihat orang Melayu sendiri menderkahai SULTAN kita sendiri.

    Pasal MB orang kuat PM, Sultan dijadikan mangsa.

    Mana dia akhbar melayu yang dikawal oleh KJ dan Kalimullah menyerang adun ini!!!

    Mana dia PM kita yang berfikiran terbuka dan meluas sehingga menderhaka kepada kesultanan Melayu Terengganu!!! ..."

    - Ahmad Zaid Md Hakim

    The standoff over the Trengganu Mentri Besar’s post began soon after the last-minute postponement of the swearing-in ceremony (which was) scheduled for March 10. Numerous meetings were held between the assemblymen and the Regency Advisory Council and the Prime Minister last week to find a solution to the problem.

    Finally on Saturday (22nd March) the office of the Sultan of Terengganu (who is the current Agung) announced that Kijal assemblyperson Ahmad Said would be the new Mentri Besar (MB) of Terengganu instead of Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh, ending 14 days of uncertainty. The following day, the head of the Trengganu Regency Advisory Council Raja Tengku Baderulzaman gave Ahmad Said his appointment letter in a ceremony at Istana Terengganu at 8.30am today.

    The palace statement released to Bernama at 3.30pm:

    " In accordance with Clause 14 Paragraph (2) (a) of the Terengganu State Constitution (Chapter 2), the Regency Advisory Council, in undertaking the function on behalf of the Regent, hereby appoints Datuk Ahmad Said as the Mentri Besar of Terengganu to head the Terengganu State Executive Council.”
    The Sultan's choice of Ahmad Said went against UMNO's nomination of Idris Jusoh to be the preferred MB. Idris Jusoh was the MB in the last administration. Idris also had the support of all the 22 BN assemblypersons, excluding Ahmad. Idris is believed to have had a fallout with Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin of Terengganu - who is also the present king, over several issues.

    The 22 BN state representatives boycotted the ceremony. Rosol, who is the assemblyman for Ajil, warned that the assemblymen concerned would pass a vote of no confidence at the Sultan's appointed MB at the State Legislative Assembly if UMNO's candidate,Idris Jusoh, was not reappointed Mentri Besar. Rosol also said the 22 assemblymen had signed a letter stating their support for Idris Jusoh to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and the Terengganu Regency Advisory Council today.

    The palace is expected to fix Wednesday (26th March) for the swearing-in ceremony. The 22 assemblymen, including Idris, threaten to boycott the swearing-in ceremony.

    A state Umno official confirmed that Datuk Ahmad Said has been stripped of his Umno membership for disobeying the party's leadership by accepting the MB position.

    The 51-year-old Ahmad Said, a former exco member in the Idris-led state government, had the support of seven of the eight Umno division leaders in the state who lobbied for his appointment at the last moment.

    Umno secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor said in Putrajaya yesterday that Ahmad should obey the Umno president’s directive or face disciplinary action. He said Ahmad should realise the consequences of his action should he go against UMNO president’s (ie Abdullah Badawi) decision.

    Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who is also Umno president, said should Ahmad be sworn in as mentri besar, it would be "unconstitutional".

    According to observers the swearing-in ceremony now looks remote after Umno sacked Ahmad from the party for disobeying party leadership.

    Constitutional Rights of the Sultan

    Constitution expert Prof Abdul Aziz Bari pointed out the appointment of Ahmad, depending on the contents of the letter issued by the palace, was effective.

    According to Prof Abdul Aziz:

    “Legally the palace decision still stands. But of course, the palace may revoke the appointment (of Ahmad Said).

    The swearing in ceremony and all other rituals, in my opinion, are just there to clothe the decision of the palace. Meanwhile, all the other actions including the protests and intention to boycott the ceremony on Wednesday as well as the sacking of Ahmad from Umno would have no effect on the palace decision.

    The BN assemblypersons would have to wait for the first sitting of the assembly in order to pass a motion of no confidence against Ahmad. In such circumstance, the Sultan or the Regency Council would then have to name another person who enjoys the support of the majority of the elected representatives or call for a snap state election.

    Although there would be no state government to request for a dissolution, the palace can still call for a state poll based on the sultan's reserve powers. This power is available in exceptional circumstances and may be resorted to in order to prevent chaos in the state.

    I believe the difficult situation in Terengganu now is one of the exceptional situations whereby the Regency Council would be justified in dissolving the house.

    Apparently this is one way to allow the people of Terengganu to have their say as to which party they prefer to be in government.

    There was also another precedent to this in Malaysia, going back to the situation in Kelantan in 1977.

    In Kelantan, the PAS assemblypersons - the majority in the house - passed a motion of no confidence against their own menteri besar Mohamed Nasir.

    As it happened however he refused to resign and this gave the federal government an opportunity to declare emergency on the state and eventually called a snap election -and won the state - in 1978."
    But Universiti Teknologi Mara Law professor Dr Shad Saleem Faruqi said although the Sultan had the discretion in appointing Ahmad as the new Mentri Besar, legally this could be disputed because the person has to command the confidence of the majority of the assembly.

    He said the Terengganu Mentri Besar should be a person who has the confidence of the state assembly. (Thus) the position of Kijal assemblyman Datuk Ahmad Said would not be safe even if he was appointed the Mentri Besar by the Sultan of Terengganu

    Dr Shad Saleem Faruqi said:

    “The Sultan has discretionary powers but this discretion is NOT absolute.

    The Sultan is NOT bound to listen to the advice of Umno divisions or the Federal Government .

    But he has to listen to the State Assembly.

    Ahmad, however, has the option of waiting 90 days – until May 13 – to consolidate his powers before convening the state assembly. This means he can appoint new state executive councillors, including those from the six PAS assemblymen.

    Or he can even call for a state election.

    The state assembly or even Umno assemblymen could pass a vote of no-confidence against Ahmad. This scenario has happened several times before in Sarawak, Selangor and Kelantan in the 1960s and 1970s, where the Chief Ministers or Mentris Besar were either voted out of office or replaced.

    Ahmad could go to the courts and claim that his expulsion and removal as Mentri Besar were against "natural justice. Umno can also go to court on the basis that his appointment had gone against the Terengganu Constitution.

    Ahmad has two choices. He step down and let the Regency Advisory Council appoint a new Mentri Besar, or he could dissolve the state assembly."


    From Utusan Malaysia: Read here for more

    "... .. Badan Perhubungan UMNO Negeri Terengganu perlu menghormati keputusan yang dibuat oleh Majlis Penasihat Pemangku Raja (MPPR) dan tidak seharusnya menolak pelantikan Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Kijal, Datuk Ahmad Said sebagai Menteri Besar secara terbuka.

    Ketua UMNO Bahagian Cheras, Datuk Syed Ali Al- Habshee berkata, tindakan UMNO Terengganu yang menentang secara terang-terangan pilihan MPPR itu secara tidak langsung mencerminkan sikap biadap mereka yang tidak menghormati kedaulatan kesultanan Melayu.

    Datuk Syed Ali Al- Habshee berkata:
    'Kalau kita ada masalah kita kena duduk berbincang, sultan adalah kedaulatan orang Melayu, saya khuatir rakyat hilang kepercayaan.

    Bukan dengan cara macam ini (bantah), kurang ajar dengan Sultan. Tindakan UMNO Terengganu itu sendiri tidak seiring dengan apa yang diperjuangkan oleh parti tersebut selama ini terhadap kedaulatan Raja-Raja Melayu.

    Kita marah apabila DAP memulaukan keputusan Istana Perak, malah, kita memaki-hamun DAP kerana menderhaka kepada Sultan tetapi di Terengganu keadaan terbalik pula, UMNO Terengganu sanggup menentang Sultan yang juga merupakan Yang di-Pertuan Agong secara terbuka.

    UMNO Terengganu perlu mengambil iktibar dengan situasi yang berlaku pada ketika ini dan bukannya memalukan orang Melayu sebegini rupa.

    Saya minta mereka hentikan perkara mengarut ini, jangan sampai rakyat hilang keyakinan. UMNO Terengganu agar menyelesaikan perbalahan mengenai jawatan Menteri Besar Terengganu mengikut saluran yang betul dan menanganinya dengan cara yang berhemah' ...."

  • From "The Aisehman" Blog: Read here for more
  • "... They’ve stripped the dude (Ahmad Said) who wanted to be Terengganu Menteri Besar of his Umno membership. That means he is now an independent state assemblyman. So he can’t be Menteri Besar now because he definitely does not command the support of the majority of the assembly.

    What’s with the Sultan? I’ll tell you what’s with the Sultan, who is also the Agong.
    1. The Sultan is sick and tired of Idris Jusoh, not only because he is corrupted, but also because he’s amounted to nothing more than KJ’s errand boy.

    2. He’s sick and tired of the state’s petroleum royalties being used to fund ostentatious and over-priced projects that have brought very little direct benefit to the people of Terengganu, the second poorest state in the country, but have enriched Umno buggers in the state.

    3. He’s sick and tired that people like KJ and Patrick Lim (aka Patrick Badawi, who is now in deep shit as his Penang projects look like they will be shelved) are running riot all over the place while Idris Jusoh the running dog does and can do nothing much but merely rub himself against their ankles.
    The Sultan has had enough of all of this, and that’s why he doesn’t want Idris Jusoh.

    That’s why he is even risking legal action against his person for not wanting to swear in the bugger.

    It is all for the people of Terengganu, and heck, the rest of us will also benefit from the King’s display of — pardon my language — balls and spine. Daulat Tuanku.
  • From a Reader of Read here for more
    "...Satu demi satu kemelut MB tertonjol sehinggakan saya sebagai anak Melayu yang beragama Islam merasa amat malu dan pilu melihat gelagat juak-juak UMNO di Perlis dan Terengganu.

    Mana maruah Melayu, mana adab Melayu dan mana tatasusila Melayu? Di dalam pelajaran Sejarah kita diajar agar menghormati institusi Raja-Raja Melayu.

    Dalam pelajaran Sivik kita diajar untuk menghayati Rukun Negara sehinggakan pegawai JPA semasa temuduga suruh kami nyatakan Rukun Negara.

    Apa yang berlaku di Perlis dan Terengganu amat mengecewakan. Sehinggakan anak saya yang baru Tahun 4 bertanyakan mengapa Dato Seri Idris Jusuh (DSJI) dan Dato Seri Shahidan Kassim (DSSK) sanggup ingkar dan melawan pihak istana?

    Di manakah Kesetiaan pada Raja dalam diri mereka? Jelas dalam kemelut ini, rakyat seperti DSIJ dan DSSK sudah lupa daratan dan mereka hanya bertuanku pada Pak Lah.

    Kebiadaban seumpama ini harus tidak dimaafkan oleh pihak Sultan dan Raja. Saya ingin syorkan agar DSJI dan DSSK dilucutkan gelaran Dato Seri mereka buat selama-lamanya.

    Begitu juga YB-YB yang lain yang menganggap mereka ini lebih besar dari Sultan.

    Sekarang ada beberapa orang kami yang kukuh dalam ekonomi dan terpelajar sedang memikrikan untuk menubuhkan satu parti rakyat Melayu dan kami ingin namakan Parti Melayu Nasionalis yang akan memperjuangkan hak-hak dan kepentingan Melayu dan agama Islam seluruh Malaysia dan memertabatkan semula semua kuasa Raja-Raja Melayu.

    Kini kami lihat UMNO sudah tidak relevan lagi pada orang Melayu dan agama Islam yang suci. Terima kasih dan wasalam...."
  • From Readers of Malaysia-Today blog and The Aisehman blog . Read here and here for more
    1. "... I never saw the need for a monarchy in Malaysia before, since most of them were there just as a symbol without a function except to chase after pretty girls.It was a symbol of largesse and excesses, a small country with so many kings!

      Then Sultan Azlan Shah came about, and then the newer generation of Kings/Sultans.They appear to be ‘knowledgeable’ about issues that seems to be affecting us the rakyat. They don’t have gambling debts for us to settle, no teenage third wife etc etc. They seem honest.

      Nowadays, I am thankful that we actually have kings who have ‘balls and spine’ for the country rather than for their own little harems..."

    2. "... Now the Terengganu UMNO ADUNS have shown their utter stupidity and utmost disrespect to the Agong personally. Where is reciprocity when the Terengganu subjects are mostly behind their beloved Ruler and the young Regent? Come on PAS, DAP, PKR. We want to hear your voices. Make it clear you are with the Agong and his subjects; that you would not accept the slightest nonsense and kurang ajar from Idris, Rosol and their gang..."

    3. "... It all boils down on which faction in the BN will have access to the Petronas royalty money in Terengganu.

      I say, heed the Sultan/Regent and do not let Idris Jusoh near the Terengganu's people money anymore lest he will start another theme park by end of year. ..."

    4. "... Nampaknya UMNO Terengganu telah mempelopori tindakan pasca modenisasi Melayu untuk menderhaka kepada Sultan. Inikah yang dikatakan memperjuangkan bangsa melayu tetapi bertuankan Presiden UMNO dan bukan bertuankan KESULTANAN MELAYU?

      Alangkan malang bagi orang melayu khususnya UMNO kalau mereka lupa kepada perjuangan sebenar mereka untuk rakyat khususnya orang Melayu, bukan untuk Presiden UMNO yang bongkak dan lupa diri itu. Saya melihat ini sebagai kesan langsung dari latihan saraf intensif Dolah dan kroni pada tahun lepas,yang telah menerapkan pemahaman baru dalam UMNO iaitu - MEMPERKASAKAN INSTITUSI PRESIDEN, yakni memperkuatkan kuasa Presiden UMNO hingga melangkaui kuasa Sultan. Kesannya, Presiden UMNO kini amat berkuasa dan ini diakui leh Tun Dr Mahathir.

      Saya melihat ini sebagai satu tindakbalas Dolah kepada aib yang diterima dari Raja Perlis yang tidak melantik Shahidan yang telah diberikan 'watikah' perlantikan oleh Raja Dolah Bodowi. Dolah merasakan kuasanya telah dicabar oleh Raja-Raja Melayu setelah dia dicabar oleh rakyat jelata dalam PRU12.

      Kalau dalan cerita melayu dulu, pemimpin macam ini samada di rejam dikhalayak ramai atau bertukar menjadi batu!.

      Diharap pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO Bahagian Terengganu tersedar dan kembali kepangkal jalan. Jangan lah kerana pangkat dan suruhan Dolah yang gila kuasa dan bersultan di mata, maka kamu lupa pada amanah yang diberi Allah dan jangan lupa Kesultanan Melayu lah yang menjadi payung kepada ketuanan Melayu yang kamu perjuangkan selama ini.

      DAULAT TUANKU! .."

    5. "... The non-Malays are more respectful of the monarchy then UMNOputra. The non-Malays also whacked Lim Kit Siang till daylight for his 'shot in the foot' remark of boycotting the MB Perak swearing-in till he apologized.

      What has all the UMNOputras done? Still whacking the Tuanku? There is no constitutional crisis. All is done according to the constitution.

      It is UMNOputras who have persistently changing the constitution to their whims and fancies to fill their ever growing insatiable hunger and thirst for money...."

    6. ".... Kalau istana tunduk pada ugutan UMNO Terenganu maka rakyat akan hilang hormat pada raja. Rakyat akam fikir bahawa raja tidak ada kuasa. Raja hanya jadi boneka orang politik. Rakyat akan fikir juga yang raja sudah tidak boleh diharapkan lagi.

      Saya percaya istana Terengganu tidak akan takut pada ugutan Idris Jusoh atau Pak Lah. UMNO hanya cuba gertak istana.

      Istana mesti tunjukkan pada UMNO yang istana juga ada kuasa. Istana kena ajar UMNO bagaimana untuk berdepn dengan istana.

      Cara ugutan mesti ditentang habis-habisan. Barisan Rakyat, terutama PAS dan PKR hendaklah bertindak segera mempertahankan istana.

      UMNO mesti diajar cukup-cukup suapaya budaya samseng yang mula dibawa oleh menantu PM itu dapat disekat. Kalau perlu Idris itu dituduh kerana cuba menghasut penderhakaan terhadap raja.
      Barangkali, Idris patut disula agar satu pengajaran buat pemimpin UMNO yang gilakan kuasa. ..."

    7. From Said Imran in Kuda Ranggi Blog: Read here for more


      "... Buat permulaan, Presiden UMNO, Setiausaha Agung UMNO mahupun pengerusi dan setiausaha Badan Perhubungan UMNO Negeri TIADA kuasa untuk memecat mana-mana ahli UMNO.

      Presiden UMNO hanya diberi kuasa oleh Perlembagaan UMNO seperti berikut:-
      - menjadi pemimpin utama dan bertanggungjawab menjaga kesempurnaan perjalanan parti.

      - melantik setiausaha agung, bendahari dan pengerusi dan timbalan pengerusi Perhubungan Negeri dan Wilayah Persekutuan.

      - memanggil dan mempengerusikan sidang Majlis Tertinggi

      - melantik tidak lebih daripada dua belas (12) Ahli Majlis Tertinggi.
      Itu saja kuasa dan tugas yang diberikan oleh Perlembagaan UMNO kepada presiden UMNO. Saya tidak jumpa dimana-manapun dalam Perlembagaan UMNO yang memberi kuasa kepada presiden parti untuk memecat mana-mana ahli parti. Tidak ada.

      Bagaimana pula dengan pengerusi dan setiausaha Badan Perhubungan Negeri, apa tugas yang diperuntukkan oleh Perlembagaan UMNO.

      Pengerusi ditugaskan untuk melantik setiausaha, ketua penerangan dan bendahari; memanggil dan mempengerusikan mesyuarat Badan Perhubungan; bertanggungjawab atas semua pegawai dan anggota pejabat Badan Perhubungan.

      Setiasuaha Badan Perhubungan pula bertanggungjawab secara langsung kepada pengerusi; bertanggungjawab atas kesempurnaan mesyuarat-mesyuarat dan pejabat perhubungan; dan memanggil mesyuarat.

      Jadi, atas peruntukan mana dan perkara mana dalam Perlembagaan UMNO yang digunapakai oleh Rosol Wahid apabila dia menyatakan bahawa Ahmad Said dipecat daripada parti? Dia tiada kuasa, Idris Jusoh selaku pengerusi pun tiada kuasa, Pak Lah selaku presiden pun tiada kuasa apatah lagi Teuku Adnan Teuku Mansor yang begitu ghairah memegang jawatan setiausaha agung.

      Seperti yang pernah saya utarakan sebelum ini, hanya Lembaga Disiplin yang diberi kuasa untuk mengambil tindakan ke atas anggota yang melanggar peruntukan Perlembagaan UMNO dan kesalahan lain yang disenaraikan dalam Tataetika Ahli UMNO.

      Persoalannya, bilakah Badan Perhubungan UMNO Terengganu menubuhkan Lembaga Disiplin dan bila pula ia diarahkan oleh Majlis Tertinggi untuk berbuat demikian?

      Oleh itu, tindakan Rosol Wahid mengumumkan pemecatan atau apa-apa tindakan lain ke atas Ahmad Said adalah tidak mengikut semangat Perlembagaan UMNO atau Tataetika Ahli UMNO.

      Dalam erti kata lain, tidak sah..."

    9. From Sang Kelembai: Read here for more

      "... Adakah benar Pemangku Raja Terengganu sudah melantik seorang Menteri Besar yang tidak mengikut Perlembagaan Undang-undang Tubuh Negeri Terengganu?

      Maka ini bererti undang-undang Tubuh atau Perlembagaan Negeri Terengganu sekian lama dari sebelum Merdeka telah dinodai oleh Sultan Terengganu kerana semua orang tahu dalam soal pelantikan seorang Menteri Besar adalah kuasa mutlak Sultan dan dia boleh memilih siapa sahaja dan hanya selepas Malaysia mengamalkan pemerintahan demokrasi dalam sebuah negara Merdeka, Menteri Besar itu mestilah seorang ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri.

      Khabarnya persoalan ialah kerana Ahmad Said bukan nama yang dicadangkan oleh Presiden partinya yang kebetulan masih menjadi Perdana Menteri. Maka surat yang dihantar kepada Sultan atas sifat apa? Jika dia hantar atas sifat Perdana Menteri, maka Sultan boleh menolaknya kerana Terengganu bukan diatasi kuasa jajahan Kerajaan Persekutuan.

      Sebaliknya jika dibuat atas nama Presiden UMNO atau Pengerusi Barisan Nasional untuk meminta Sultan melantik nama yang dicadangkan maka jika surat itu tidak dilayan dan sudah diketahui umum bahawa tidak diperkenankan maka sewajarnya Presiden UMNO atau Pengerusi Barisan Nasional memohon menghadap Sultan supaya penjelasan empat mata dapat diberikan dan diperbincangkan. Kerana jika Sultan menolak cadangan itu sudah pasti ada alasannya jika didedahkan akan mencemarkan nama UMNO atau Perdana Menteri sendiri.

      Setengah orang yang mahu memahami isu Menteri Besar Terengganu akan bertanya adakah Ahmad Said bila menjadi Menteri Besar mewakili peribadinya atau nama UMNO Terengganu. Jika nama peribadinya sewajarnya di pecat dalam UMNO tetapi jika dia berkata, dia mewakili UMNO Terengganu, maka di mana salahnya? Bukankah UMNO Terengganu masih lagi menguasai Kerajaan Terengganu dan Ahmad Said sendiri adalah salah satu dari Lima Ketua UMNO Bahagian yang bergelar Yang Berhormat dari empat yang mewakili Dewan Negeri.

      Pemikir-pemikir UMNO mungkin terlupa bahawa Terengganu adalah antara negeri yang termasuk terawal dalam Malaysia dalam Negeri Melayu Beraja menghadapi masalah pelantikan Menteri Besar atau bermasalah dengan Menteri Besarnya selepas Perak, dan kemudian Pahang dan Negeri Sembilan.

      Bagaimana di dalam sejarah Malaysia yang mengamalkan dasar demokrasi terpimpin, tidak ada sejarah akhirnya orang politik menang bila cuba untuk menjadikan raja hanya sekadar boneka. Perak, Pahang, Negeri Sembilan dan termasuk Johor. Kesemua negeri-negeri ini akhirnya Raja yang menjadi pemutus dalam isu haknya yang dijamin oleh British bila persetujuan menjadikan negeri sebahagian Persekutuan Tanah Melayu yang kemudian bertukar kepada nama Malaysia di tahun 1963.

      Dan yang terpenting perlu di ingat bahawa Ahmad Said sudah menerima surat watikah sebagai Menteri Besar, dan bagi mengujudkan kerajaan dia memerlukan satu barisan Exco dan sekiranya dia mengambil kesemua 6 ahli dewan negeri dari PAS itu sebagai Exco dan dia berhak melakukan kerana dia tidak berparti maka terbentuklah satu kerajaan. Jika sudah terbentuk satu kerajaan dia mula berkuasa secara undang-undangnya dan Perlembagaan Negeri.

      Maka kuasa untuk memberhentikannya ialah Dewan Undangan Negeri yang akan membuat usul undi tidak percaya. Katakan jika notis itu sudah dibuat, dia tidak boleh dilakukan dalam masa yang sama majlis mengangkat sumpah sebagai ahli Dewan Negeri dan memerlukan tarikh dan masa yang lain. Soalnya dia boleh mentadbirkan negeri tanpa mengira soal majoriti dalam Dewan Negeri dan penghujung selaku Menteri Besar, dia memohon kepada Pemangku Raja untuk membubarkan Dewan Negeri...."

    From Malaysiakini: Read here for more

    Rentetan peristiwa krisis Menteri Besar Terengganu

    10 Mac
    Majlis angkat sumpah menteri besar Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh di Istana Maziah, Kuala Terengganu ditangguhkan ke suatu tarikh yang tidak ditetapkan.

    11 Mac
    Idris, wakil Jertih dan juga pengerusi BN negeri, kelihatan sugul dan tegang apabila media bertanya persoalan beliau tidak mendapat perkenan istana sebagai menteri besar bagi penggal kedua.

    12 Mac
    Nama Datuk Ahmad Said, wakil rakyat Ajil, antara tiga nama yang disebut-sebut menggantikan Idris.

    Setiausaha perhubungan Umno negeri Datuk Rosol Wahid, wakil Ajil, dan Datuk Mohamad Awang Tera, wakil Chukai, turut dinamakan.

    Mohamad menafikannya kepada Malaysiakini dan menyebut beliau dan wakil-wakil BN akan berdiri di belakang Idris.

    14 Mac
    Idris mengesahkan tidak hadir dalam pertemuan semua 24 wakil BN dengan Majlis Penasihat Pemangku Raja (MPPR) yang dijadual diadakan di sebuah hotel di Putrajaya.

    15 Mac
    Pertemuan wakil-wakil BN dengan MPPR dibatalkan dua jam sebelum dijadual berlangsung 11 pagi.

    Seramai 20 wakil BN bertemu Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi berhubung pelantikan menteri besar Terengganu, selain menyatakan sokongan mereka kepada Idris.

    Istana Terengganu dilaporkan menafikan pembabitannya dengan isu pelantikan jawatan itu.

    18 Mac
    Idris menyeru penduduk Terengganu bertenang sewaktu negeri itu ketiadaan menteri besar dan berkata beliau masih belum mendapat apa-apa maklumat mengenai upacara mengangkat sumpah jawatan tersebut dari pihak istana.

    19 Mac
    Peguam Negara mengeluarkan kenyataan bahawa Duli Yang Maha Mulia Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong tidak terlibat dalam pemilihan calon menteri besar.

    Menurut perlembagaan, kata beliau, Baginda dilarang menjalankan fungsi sebagai Sultan Terengganu kecuali fungsi sebagai ketua agama Islam.

    Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail menambah, dengan itu Yang di-Pertuan Agong tidak mempunyai calon baginda sendiri bagi jawatan tersebut dan menyedari hakikat bahawa urusan pelantikan sepenuhnya pada MPPR.

    20 Mac
    Polis menahan empat lelaki berusia 23 hingga 27 tahun kerana dipercayai membawa 20 helai kain rentang kira-kira 1.45 pagi mengenai pelantikan menteri besar di Jalan Sultan Mahmud, sebatang jalan utama di Kuala Terengganu.

    21 Mac
    Empat lelaki tersebut, yang disiasat antaranya menurut Akta Hasutan dan Akta Penerbitan dan Mesin Cetak, dibebaskan.

    Polis memberi amaran kepada penyebar SMS, yang dilaporkan semakin meluas sejak beberapa hari lepas, tentang isu pelantikan menteri besar.

    22 Mac
    Pejabat Sultan Terengganu melantik Ahmad sebagai menteri besar dan majlis angkat sumpah diumumkan pagi esoknya.

    Seramai 22 wakil BN, yang diketuai Rosol, mengumumkan untuk memulaukan majlis tersebut.

    Buletin Utama TV3 melaporkan, seorang ahli politik Terengganu (yang tidak dinamakan) kini sedang disiasat Badan Pencegah Rasuah (BPR) berhubung beberapa projek di Kijal.

    Setiausaha agung Umno Datuk Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor memberi amaran kepada Ahmad agar tidak menerima pelantikan tersebut atau sedia menerima tindakan disiplin.

    23 Mac
    Majlis angkat sumpah ditangguhkan dan Ahmad hanya menerima watikah pelantikan daripada MPPR.

    Rosol, bagi pihak kumpulan wakil rakyat BN yang memboikot majlis tersebut, menyerahkan memorandum sokongan untuk Idris dipilih sebagai menteri besar kepada MPPR.

    Rosol juga menyatakan Umno negeri telah melucutkan keahlian Ahmad.

    Idris bertolak ke Kuala Lumpur untuk bertemu Perdana Menteri selepas sidang akhbar di kediaman rasminya.

    Perdana Menteri menyifatkan pelantikan Ahmad tidak mengikut Perlembagaan kerana Ahmad tidak mendapat sokongan majoriti wakil BN.

    Malam ini di Kuala Lumpur, semua 23 wakil BN terus mengulangi ugutan untuk melepaskan jawatan Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri jika Ahmad dilantik MB.

    Rosol, di sidang media itu, menafikan kenyataan timbalan ketua badan perhubungan Umno negeri Datuk Tengku Putera Tengku Awang bahawa semua ketua bahagian menolak Idris.

    Hanya bahagian-bahagian Hulu Terengganu (diketuai Tengku Putera), Marang, Dungun dan Kemaman (diketuai Ahmad) menolak Idris (ketua bahagian Besut); manakala Kuala Terengganu, Kuala Nerus dan Setiu menyokongnya. ..."

  • From Tumpang Sekoleh..Blog: Read here for more
  • UMNO's Greed for Trengganu's Oil

    "... Terengganu is an oil producing state of Malaysia, and Pak Lah will do anything within his power to see that the state is ruled by UMNO.

    Petro-money means alot to UMNO, since Terengganu has being denied of its oil royalty payment, pending a court case filed by the former PAS government against Petronas.

    When PAS was in power in 1999, the oil royalty payment, over RM 800 million per year, was NO longer given as payment to the Terengganu state government coffer as what the previous Wan Mokhtar's government used to enjoy.

    It was changed to "wang ehsan" or gift payment, given by the Federal government to the representative of its interest in the state. The parties that benefited are the UMNO liasion heads of Terengganu during the PAS rule and later to the UMNO MB, Idris Jusoh and his goons when BN took over in 2004.

    During the wang ehsan transaction many of these UMNO liasion heads became instant millionaires as a result of mismanagement and misappropriation of the wang ehsan distributions.

    Some inside sources are asking the whereabouts of RM 3 billion of the wang ehsan that is still NOT being used. It is rumoured that about RM580 million of this wang ehsan is being stashed away in Idris Jusoh's oversea bank account. This info was leaked to the istana and from then its history....

    When Idris Jusoh became MB, he demanded that the oil royalty be reinstated but to no avail. However, the royalty payments was later put to a different use i.e organizing the Monsoon Cup, that eventually turned out to be an annual event for the rich and famous.

    The mastermind behind this project is none other then Pak Lah's SIL,Khairy Jamaluddin and his crony businessman friend that goes by the name of Patrick Badawi who is now purported to be in control of the oil money.

    Patrick Badawi is too powerful and could insist on any projects he wants in the state without going thru proper channel or procedure, making Idris Jusoh look like a fool or a lame duck MB. This infuriated the istana as its petroringgit is being gobbled by Pat Lah's cronies while the poor rakyat suffers in pain. Read here , here,here and here.

    Sensing that Idris Jusoh is only a pawn in Pak Lah and Patrick Badawi's cunning game of intrigue and deceit, the istana decided that a new MB should be appointed to replace Idris Jusoh.

    The same happened in Perlis when Shahidan Kassim was quietly asked to leave. But the only difference is that Shahidan Kassim didnt get enough support from the Perlis ADUN, while Idris Jusoh has the backing of 22 ADUN.

    Probably these ADUN are indebted to Idris Jusoh for the many thing Idris Jusoh has done for them. To make sure that these obligations are not cut off, the 22 ADUN got to make sure that Idris Jusoh gets the MB post with the full backing from Pat Lah and Patrick Badawi.

    The istana is bent on appointing Ahmad Said as MB but for Pak Lah to sack him from UMNO, on the very day of his appointment as a move to stop him from becoming MB shows that Pak Lah and UMNO puts their own interest above the rakyat of Terengganu.
    There seems to be no winner in the current turmoil. While the istana having made a choice of Ahmad Said, only to see him being expelled from UMNO nor there is a possibilty of Pak Lah backing down.

    Revolting against the wishes of a ruler is 'menderhaka'. But its OK for UMNO to do so and Pak Lah is deem to be the next Hang Jebat.

    Waiting to see Hishamuddin unsheathing his keris sang saka in defence of ketuanan Melayu...and where is Khairy Jamaluddin & his UMNO youth mat rempit goons when UMNO is threatening the Malay sultanate of Terengganu.... here,here and here.

    This stalemate might lead to a fresh elections to be called sooner or later. If so this happens my only wish is to see Idris Jusoh and his UMNO goons get trashed for good...."

    1 comment:

    Wan Solehah al-Halbani said...


    Sultan Trengganu sekarang ini bukanlah daripada keturunan Sultan
    Trengganu yang asal dan sebenar daripada keturunan Merong Mahawangsa. Baginda adalah daripada keturunan Melayu Arab daripada Johor yang ditabalkan sebagai Sultan oleh British.

    Dalam kebangkitan orang-orang Melayu Trengganu pimpinan Haji Abdul Rahman Limbong, Sultan Trengganu telah menghantar tentera yang terdiri daripada orang-orang Melayu Trengganu yang berperang bagi pihak British dan untuk British untuk menghapuskan pemberontakan Melayu di Telemong dan di Kuala Berang.

    Sultan Trengganu telah berjaya dalam membenteraskan pemberontakan Melayu tersebut dan Baginda membantu British untuk menjajah Trengganu. Baginda adalah talibarut British. Sultan Trengganu sekarang ini adalah daripada keturunan yang membantu British dan menentang Melayu.

    Apakah sikap Melayu kita sekarang? Orang-orang Melayui yang dayus dan bodoh ini tetap sokong dan sayangkan Raja-Raja jahat mereka.

    Allah menyesat dan melaknati Melayu!

    Sekian, terima kasih.

    Wan Solehah al-Halbani
    Lubuk Tertua, Temerloh, PAHANG DM