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DAP Should Be Gracious in Victory to let a Malay-Muslim be the Mentri Besar of PERAK ....for Good Reasons

UPDATE (10 March 2009)
PAS, DAP and PKR took the first step towards forming a coalition government in Perak by nominating Perak PAS Liaison Secretary Ir Mohamad Nizar Jamaluddin who won the Pasir Panjang state seat, as Menteri Besar.

This is despite the DAP holding the biggest share of seats won in the silver state. It won 18 state seats, against six for PAS and PKR's seven.
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We say:
We fully support the call for DAP to be gracious in victory to offer the position of the Mentri Besar of Perak to a Malay-Muslim candidate from PKR or PAS.
-Malaysian Unplug

PERAK Election Result:
State: Opposition Won: 31
DAP - 18
PKR - 6
PAS - 5
Barisan Nasional - 27

Federal Parliament: Opposition Won: 14

DAP - 6
PKR - 2
PAS - 2
Barisan Nasional - 13
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"... The MB was, and still is, also the advisor to the State Sultan on many issues, one of which is Islamic affairs.

It doesn't mean a State can't have a non Muslim MB with a deputy Muslim MB to look after Islamic issues, but breaking in the State's Malay Muslims to such a concept will take time.

In the shorter term, some compromise may be needed.

In Selangor after the 1969 election,the DAP-PPP-Gerakan coalition didn’t have a suitable Muslim candidate to offer as the MB of Selangor. The evening of May 13 1969 (riot) effectively ended the DAP’s (dilemma).

The Case for a Malay-Muslim as Mentri Besar for Perak

Today there is PKR and even PAS who may offer a Muslim to the alliance for the States’ top jobs.

I believe the DAP should allow a PKR man (Muslim of course otherwise it defeats the purpose) (or PAS) to be the Menteri Besar, especially of Perak.

Such a move will benefit everyone (except UMNO), in that it:
(i) assures the Malays in Perak and Selangor that the positions of both Islam and the Sultan as head of the religion in the State continue to be upheld

(ii) neutralizes any potential for UMNO to exploit religion as a weapon to pry open the current pact between DAP and PKR, or worse …whatever …

(iii) consolidates on the goodwill between DAP and PKR and even PAS

(iv) forms a (hesitant) first step towards erasing the ethno-religious division that has been the cancerous malaise in Malaysian politics

(v) perhaps even prepares the DAP and PKR for a stronger and more formal political coalition.
The current informal pact or unity between DAP and PKR will be the greatest challenge for the noveau ruling parties, and mark my word, UMNO will be working very hard to destroy the informal coalition. Tun Razak did that effectively in 1970.

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  • The Anwar Factor in the Opposition Parties' Success

    "...More than any other person, Anwar (Ibrahim) was responsible for this remarkable reshaping of the Malaysian political landscape.

    Even though he was not allowed to contest this election, he campaigned actively.

    He was also instrumental in aligning the opposition parties.

    Those parties also worked closely together in 1999 and 2004 elections, but without Anwar’s personal involvement they did not achieve much.

    Clearly the Anwar factor is real and remains formidable.

    The academics will no doubt have their own voluminous analyses of this election, the most significant turning point in Malaysian politics.

    The New Faces

    I wish only to highlight one positive and refreshing trend. This election saw all parties fielding many new and young candidates. Two young fresh talents deserve scrutiny for different reasons, but both reflect the greater political dynamics.

    One is Nurrul Izzah, Anwar’s daughter who defeated Welfare Minister Shahrizat Jalil in the Lembah Pantai constituency which included the upscale community of Bangsar and the University of Malaya campus. Unlike many of her cabinet colleagues, Shahrizat was a competent minister. She also treated her novice political opponent civilly and with respect, rare among UMNO politicians. They have a penchant for demonizing their opponents.

    Nurrul Izzah’s considerable talent (she after all has a graduate degree from Hopkins) and appeal aside, her victory reflects the waning support of UMNO among urban sophisticated voters.

    The fate of another young candidate, Abdullah’ son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin, provides an amusing contrast. A year or two earlier Khairy, using the “protection” without a contest or election.

    This time he was catapulted to contest the hitherto safe rural parliamentary seat of Rembau. Despite being challenged by an unknown school teacher (Chegubard), Khairy managed only to squeak through. UMNO has problems even in the Malay heartland. Obviously this Oxford graduate was attempting to ride on his father-in-law’s coattail, except that Khairy made the mistake of not recognizing that his father-in-law had no coattails; he was naked!

    Mainstream media readers may not have heard of “Chegubard” Badrul Hisham Shaharin, Khairy’s political opponent in Rembau, but ‘Netizens are very familiar with him. T hey also contributed substantially towards his campaign. Had indelible ink been used on voters to prevent repeat voting and had the Elections Commission not have spare postal votes handy, Chegubard would have handily crushed Khairy.

    Doing away with Abdullah is much more doable task, not so with our incompetent sycophantic media. UMNO members must not shy away from doing the necessarily dirty task at hand, getting rid of its leader Abdullah Badawi. If they fail to do that, then Malays would not hesitate in getting rid of UMNO.

    Pak Lah Should Resign

    Any other political leader whose party had been so humiliated as UMNO was at this election would by now have tendered his or her resignation. Abdullah Badawi however, is slow on the uptake. He does not respond to subtle signals, even though there was nothing subtle about voters’ rejection of his leadership. The only way to get his attention would be to hit his thick skull with a two-by-four lumber, metaphorically speaking of course.

    If UMNO members do not complete what the voters had set out to do in this election – that is, get rid of Abdullah – then the next elections would be even uglier.

    If former UMNO leader and Prime Minister Mahathir was accurate in his assessment that the party can no longer be reformed from within ( a sentiment I share), then we are indeed watching the beginning of the end for UMNO. The implosion has begun.

    This once proud party could indeed regain its luster and the citizens’ confidence if it were to thoroughly cleanse itself. As with a fish, the rot begins at the head. Chopped off the head, and unlike a fish, with a viable organization a fresh, unblemished head will emerge ready to take over, as with a hydra.

    UMNO could then preview more candidates instead of restricting itself to the same tired old faces. New faces of course would not guarantee change.

    We have already seen many young leaders in UMNO who are only too quick to learn and too eager to acquire the unsavory traits of their elders...."
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  • ".. This is a simple THANK YOU note from me to all the bloggers out there who have been toiling for the last 2 years to get the message out. ...Rocky, Elizabeth, Susan Loone, Raja Peter, Kickdefella and everyone.

    While I cannot say how much impact your blogging has had on the outcome of this elections, I truly believed it has played and important role to raise the awareness and consciousness of the people of MALAYSIA by providing alternative views on issues that affected this country.

    It is safe for me to say that the Bloggers have achieved more than what they expected. Bloggers will now have to take their share of responsibility to help make this new political reality work. And Bloggers will have to continue to work without fear or favour.

    Congratulations and do keep it going...."
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  • ".... I salute all you Bloggers for the "National Service" that you performed in the last couple of weeks. If NOT for you Bloggers, we would not have got the "real story".

    And boy, was I proud listening to the ceramah by Raja Petra and Haris at TTDI. I was a proud Malaysian that day.

    It took me back to the days when we were all Malaysian irrespective of our religion. We played, ate, helped and worked together as Malaysians.

    I am indeed proud of my Malay Brothers, Chinese Brothers and Indian Brothers as all of you created a "moment of truth" today and lighted an eternal flame called "The Light of Malaysians".

    It is the light of justice, transparency, fairness, truth, high ethical standards and most living in harmony.

    We must NEVER allow anyone to blow out this flame as it is going to light up the new Malaysian future.

    We are going to stand out to the whole world and say, "We have arrived" and as 3 races we will take on the challenges and show the world what peace is all about, we will be the shining example of what living together means and this is our land, your land, my land and will be the land for generations to come.

    As we march forward with this new surge of energy and freedom, lets not forget that today we have laid the foundation stone for the future generations of Malaysians.

    Let's make "We are Malaysians" as our rallying call and push forward that we are Malaysians first and Malay, Indian and Chinese second.

    March 9 2008 will go down in history as the day the PEOPLE showed that we are proud to be Malaysians...."

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  • Thank you Malaysians, wherever you are

    Thank you Malaysians, for having the confidence to opt for change.

    Thank you Malaysians, for grabbing back power and handing it back to the people.

    Thank you Malaysians, for giving back Malaysia its future.

    Thank you Malaysians, for believing that your one vote can make a difference.

    Thank you Malaysians, for ensuring that my grandchildren will have something to look forward to.
    - Raja Petra Kamarudin
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  • "... Thank you God for giving us the courage to rise and change
    ... Yesterday, we resisted the forces that have long sought to keep us divided.

    Yesterday, anak-anak Bangsa Malaysia found the strength and the courage to lay the foundation for a nation of a single people.

    A single people who will build this country on the foundation of justice and equality for all.

    All praise is due to God.

    The work has just begun.

    Much needs to be done.

    I have given you, my fellow anak Bangsa Malaysia, a pledge and, by God, I will deliver on my pledge.

    My friends and I who have been working on the several initiatives through this blog will be taking a short and much needed break.

    Then we’ll be back to continue with the unfinished business of restoring this country back to its people.

    Thank you, God, for the strength You give us.

    Makkal Sakti! Makkal Sakti! Makkal Sakti!..."
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  • ".... The people of Malaysia have spoken bravely, ignoring threats, veiled or otherwise, that the development of their consituencies or interests of their communities would suffer the consequences of a vote for the opposition.

    What many other countries take for granted, we have finally experienced. A true shift of power acheived through the ballot box.

    So what next for this beautiful country of ours?

    The time has come for the opposition to deliver. prove that they are about more than mere words, and avoid the pitfalls of nepotism, corruption and arrogance that has bedevilled some elements of Barisan Nasional ’s long leave behind the petty squabbles that have dogged them in the give Malaysia the leaders it richly deserves.

    Some of our nation’s richest states will be government by opposition coalitions, giving the people an opportunity to see if these parties are capable administrators and not just skilled orators.

    The next few years will be crucial, as a wounded Barisan Nasional works hard to win back those who abandoned it.

    The opposition simply cannot afford to be complacement for the years will fly by, and if they are marked by rule that is inefficient and dogged by infighting, it will be over in no time at all. The current euphoric mood will vanish if the new faces we have elected prove to have many of the bad characteristics of the some of the old faces we have rejected. The opportunity has been created for a true alternative government to be formed.

    Opposition parliamentarians have to be vocal in parliament and yet as attentive to their consituents as any new bridgegroom is.

    Is it too early to talk of a proper shadow cabinet, I wonder?

    Perhaps most important of all is the emergence of PKR as the LARGEST opposition party, one that can boast parliamentarians of EVERY race.

    If racial politics are truly to be defeated closer co-operation between PKR and DAP is absolutely essential. It is too early yet to begin calls for the thousands of highly qualified but disillusioned Malaysians who left for allegedly greener pastures to come home. But who knows, maybe that day too is not far away?

    To see opposition followers overcome the mighty election machinery of the BN was a thing of beauty. However, it is not PKR or DAP or PAS who should be seen as the big winners of the 2008 election. Nor it is the UMNO-led Barisan Nasional who will now enjoy a 12th consecutive term as the ruling coalition.

    It is really the people of Malaysia who have been the true winners of this elections. Let us hope that this is the beginning of a brave new age...."

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  • Tahniah rakyat Malaysia

    BN trus memerintah kerajaan persekutuan tanpa majoriti dua-pertiga.

    Parti-parti bukan BN (saya tak suka sebut parti pembangkang kerana dalam pilihan raya mana ada pembangkang, semuanya sama taraf) berjaya menguasai negeri-negeri Pulau Pinang, Kedah, Perak dan Selangor manakala PAS kekal dan memperkukuhkan lagi kuasanya di Kelantan.

    Para penganalisis yang sering kali muncul di kaca tv (semuanya media pro-BN) yang sebelum ini memberi ulasan memberangsangkan terhadap BN dan memperkecilkan kemampuan parti-parti bukan BN, tiba-tiba tersedar dari lamunan dan menyifatkan keputusan kali ini sebagai luar jangkaan. Luar jangkaan siapa?

    Hampir semua penulis blog yang realistik tahu ia bukan luar jankaan.

    Kekalahan mantan menteri penerangan, Zainuddin Maidin di Sungai Petani memang dijangkakan kerana dia bukan calon yang disukai termasuk di Merbok. Tetapi, entah atas nasihat siapa dan pertimbangan apa, Pak Lah memilihnya bertanding di Sungai Petani. Inila padahnya.

    Kita masih ingat bagaimana ZAM dengan begitu angkuh menyatakan dia mahu mengalahkan calon PKR dengan membuatkan calon itu hilang wang pertaruhannya.

    Semoga keputusan yang bijaksana oleh para pengundi kali ini akan membuka mata para pemimpin BN, terutama UMNO, supaya jangan angkuh, jangan terlampau yakin dan jangan sombong dan bongkak.

    Rakyat tidak mudah dipengaruhi oleh iklan-iklan, berita dan cerita yang memperlihatkan kesombongan dan kebongkakan seperti yang disajikan saban hari oleh media-media arus perdana.

    Penulis-penulis blog pun menjadi sasaran para pemimpin BN sebagai tidak boleh dipercayai, tidak ada kredibiliti dan karut. Media-media arus perdana dikatakan memberi laporan yang tepat dan betul. Rakyat tahu sama ada ianya benar atau tidak.

    Rakyat tahu peranan media arus perdana - Utusan Melayu, Bernama, NST, Berita Harian, RTM, TV3, NTV7, TV8 dan TV9 - yang memberi laporan berat sebelah dan adakalanya yang diada-adakan untuk memenangi sokongan kepada BN. Lihatlah kesannya.

    Tahniah kepada semua calon yang menang dan takziah (bukan dukacita) kepada mereka yang kalah.

    Tahniah khas untuk Mukhriz Mahathir, Nurul Izzah Anwar, Zulkifli Noordin, Jeff Ooi, Azmin Ali, Tan Sri Khalid, Zuraidah Kamaruddin, Tuan Guru Nik Aziz, Tuan Guru Haji Hadi Awang, Nor Mohamed Yakcop, Dr Lo'Lo Mohd Ghazali, Ustaz Taib Azamuddin, Karpal Singh, Lim Guan Eng, Fong Po Kuan dan banyak lagi. Tahniah. "...

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