Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Why YOU Should NOT Vote Barisan Nasional Candidates

From Malaysiakini: Read here article by "Madhatter"


"... If YOU vote for the (BN) Government again, DON'T utter a single word of complaint about unfairness, or crime, or high prices of goods etc.

YOU asked for it.

YOU dug the hole for yourself and your children so you only have yourself to blame."

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YOU'd have to be MAD to vote for the BN government.

I mean, after all the scandals, abuses and corruption how can you vote for thieves and liars?

You may vote for some decent Barisan (Nasional) politicians but even they have to toe the party line. So even if the opposition politician is not much better, you still need to vote for them to teach the government a lesson.

They (BN) have taken the people for granted for too long and the only way to safeguard the public interest is to show the politicians who is boss and sack them.

The duplicity of the government is so blatant. It has nominated the scandalous Zakaria Mohd Deros again by proxy and his daughter is her daddy's puppet. How arrogant can you get?

Vote opposition or vote slavery.

Give the NEW faces a chance if they have proven themselves in other ways perhaps in their profession or vocation or as community activists. Their service to the community is proof of their diligence and sincerity.

Vote in the NEW faces because they can't do worse. They will be a voice for the people.

Spread the word. Use word of mouth. Explain to the people why the Barisan government does not deserve to win with a convincing majority.

If in doubt who to vote for, vote for the Opposition. Because it is the only way you may get a voice.

After all, the government already taken 10 parliament seats even before the race starts.

A strong Opposition will ensure the government does not get away with murder and continue to act like a big bully.

This election is the start of the revolution to oust all those who abuse their positions and make a mockery of the rule of law and destroy the racial fabric of the country, who rape and rob the country.

An Islamic state can't be a nation of thieves and liars. The (BN) government has given Islam a bad name and turned the Malays into the handicapped race. It is time to show the world what the Malay race does not need to be unfair to others to win.

It makes me ashamed to be a Malaysian. But clipping the wings of the government is one way to redeem my lost honour.

I have asked all my friends and relatives to vote against the government. We will continue to do this whatever the outcome of this elections because we want the world to know that not all Malaysians, Malays, Indians, Chinese, Sarawakian or Sabahan support this government's bad policies and corrupt ways.

Everyone should do the same.

If you vote for the government again don't ever let me hear you utter a single word of complaint about unfairness or crime or high prices of goods etc because you asked for it. You dug the hole for yourself and your children so you only have yourself to blame.

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