Sunday 4 February 2007

What Happens When An Idiot is in Charge of Educating Our Children....

From Malaysia Today -"When the truth hurts". Read here for more

"...if we put an idiot in charge of educating our children, then the end result would be we will get idiots as graduates. "
Raja Petra Kamarudin

So it’s confirmed. The clampdown has begun.

First they filed civil suits against two bloggers, Jeff Ooi (Screenshots) and Ahirudin Attan (Rocky’s Bru).

Then they make police reports against Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim (keADILan), Ronnie Liu (DAP), Dr Hatta Ramli (PAS) and Tian Chua (keADILan). The police recently visited the four hapless opposition leaders to ‘invite’ them to Bukit Aman to have their statements recorded.

If they find enough evidence against them, they may soon be charged for an offence under the Official Secrets Act.
On Malaysia's Education System

".... on 17 January 2007, the government announced that it will be spending RM23 billion over the next four years to improve the education system in Malaysia.

This was what The Straits Times reported the following day:
Malaysia is pumping RM23 billion over the next four years in a major revamp of the education system to produce students with higher skills and university graduates highly sought by the job market. Malaysia has about 10,000 primary and secondary schools with a student population of five million. There are also 19 public universities with over 100,000 undergraduates.
Somehow the government has the impression that all it takes is money to solve all our problems. There are times when money alone is not enough. We keep focusing on the students and become perplexed when we are not able to churn out students of substance.

Could it be, maybe, because the problem is not the students but the tutors?

Universities are NO longer institutions of learning.

They are factories for churning out government supporters.

Those who begin to harbour anti-establishment tendencies at that young impressionable age are quickly evicted from the universities.

Many ‘anti-government’ students found their future shattered when they were sent back to the kampongs from where they came. And all for not toeing the line and for not espousing support for the government.

To ensure that the students remain under control, the job of managing the universities are no longer entrusted to academicians but put in the hands of brain-washing experts and Gestapo from the infamous Biro Tata Negara or BTN.

This is the agency that is tasked with the job of programming minds to become robots of the establishment.

And we wonder why students that hit the streets are nothing short of zombies.

Those who walk through the corridors of power want to make sure that they continue walking through the corridors of power for as long as they so desire. Therefore there must never be any bright students who can think, rationalise, analyse, and oppose.

They must be turned into dull students who CANNOT think for themselves and who care a damn about what happens to this country.

Malaysia Today has been running stories about one such university, University Utara Malaysia (UUM), and the man who heads it, Dato’ Dr Nordin Kardi, for more than two years now (which seems to have upset them to no end and now they are going to do something about it).

Dato’ Dr Nordin Kardi is the BTN chief with NO academic background whatsoever who has been put in charge of UUM mainly because of his brain-washing expertise.

His job is NOT to churn out bright students but to program students not to oppose the government.

Invariably, it does not register in anyone’s head the seriousness of the situation until the government announces that it is spending RM23 billion. Only then do people start sitting up and take note.

To get a better insight as to what’s at stake here, maybe we can rehash extracts of some of the news and articles we have been running since 2005 (which they are now going to take me to task for). The news items and articles all speak for themselves so it is not necessary for me to summarise them further.

I would just like to conclude by saying that if we put an idiot in charge of educating our children then the end result would be we will get idiots as graduates. .."

- Raja Petra Kamarudin

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