Friday 10 October 2014


Putrajaya has REFUSED to disclose the COSTS incurred by the prime minister's wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, who had used the OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT JET to fly to Padang, Indonesia for an award ceremony recently.

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim, however, revealed that besides Rosmah, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and other government delegates were on the flight.

Seremban MP Anthony Loke had asked in a parliamentary written question, the purpose for the August 27 trip, using a NR1 aircraft with the registration number 9M-NAA.

Shahidan said that Rosmah had flown to Padang to receive the highest Minangkabau award while the aircraft was also used by Najib for an official visit to Singapore.

"It is the government's official aircraft and was used for the prime minister's business.

"All the costs involved in the flight are estimated to be appropriate and in line with the service provided," Shahidan said in the written reply in the Dewan Rakyat today.

Rosmah had previously been embroiled in a controversy after she had used the government's official jet to attend a conference in Doha, Qatar.

Putrajaya came under severe criticism by the public and opposition politicians who questioned how it was approved.

Shahidan had said then that the Cabinet had approved Rosmah's use of the jet for that trip but PR lawmakers argued that it was a conflict of interest as the Cabinet was headed by Najib.

Loke said today he became aware of the latest trip through an informer in August after it was detected on a flight-tracking website,

"In the data dated August 27, it was revealed that the flight departed from Subang to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and then made its way to Padang, Indonesia.

“And on August 28, the aircraft flew from Padang to Singapore before heading back to KLIA and Subang.”

He said August 27 was the same day Rosmah received the highest Minangkabau award in Padang and then accompanied the prime minister as he launched the Malaysian Agrobazaar in Singapore.

Loke expressed disappointment that Putrajaya was hiding the costs incurred in using the aircraft, saying that this had never happened before.

"Every time I asked about figures, they always gave detailed answers. But not this time, it's like they want to keep it as a secret to avoid negative perception.”

He said the issue of Rosmah's right to use the government's official jet had been brought up in Parliament many times.

"I had asked this question last March about the costs incurred on her trip to Qatar and the answer they have was RM426,489.46," the DAP lawmaker said.

Loke hit out at Putrajaya for not revealing this latest information, saying that no minister could avoid answering any question from parliamentarians in the Dewan Rakyat.

"Every sen spent for the official use of the prime minister, his wife and any member of the administration comes from public funds and can be questioned.

"And if Parliament cannot give an answer, how can they guarantee the transparency in their expenditure?"

– October 8, 2014.




You know it is Umno divisional meetings season when the same idea crops up in their gatherings – shut down vernacular schools and keep one system to foster national unity.

This is the parochial, nasty, extreme underbelly of Umno – the ones who believe only their ideas work and that they should dominate the country's national narrative, not others.

Cheras Umno division chief Datuk Seri Syed Ali AlHabshee yesterday reiterated the call by his party members in urging Putrajaya to abolish vernacular schools and to set up a single-stream school system which, he said, could help foster national unity in the country.

He said Malaysia was probably the only country in the world that still practiced a multi-stream education system, which he said was a breeding ground for racial discord.

"Maybe it's time that the Malaysian government abolish vernacular schools which is seen as the platform in creating the thickening racist sentiments among the people," he said in a blog posting.

Really? The blame is on all other Malaysians and no one else.

It is really rich that the likes of Syed Ali who are talking about national unity are really the ones who push the racial line.

Remember what he said last year, that the Chinese and Indians should know their place by not taking advantage of the Malays as they have been kind enough to share the country with them.

“The Malays are the majority in the country so they (the Chinese and Indians) should not trample on our heads,” he told FreeMalaysiaToday last year.

“Malaysia is Tanah Melayu. We’ve been kind enough to share it with them, so don’t take advantage of us,” he said when commenting on pressure on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to boycott the Commonwealth Head of Government Meeting in Sri Lanka.

Is it national unity when you tell people to know their place?

These are also the same guys who are cheering the abuse of the Sedition Act on those who speak their minds, but contrary to their narrative.

Are we a country where there can only be one type of thinking, one type of education, and voila – national unity is created?

To add to the hypocrisy of this sudden affection for national schools is the fact that many Umno officials send their children to private schools or are streamed to schools for their community.

Fact is, many Malaysian parents do send their children to vernacular schools for better education opportunities.

There are those who opt for private or home schooling because they have lost faith in the national system.

And, there are enough reports of alleged racism in the national school system for some parents to opt for vernacular schools.

National unity does not come from having one system or one party that dominates the country's politics

And, please do not equate national unity with political unity.

National unity is when everyone believes they are Malaysians and allow diversity in opinion, thought and philosophies without any discrimination or prosecution.

It isn't about the system really, it is about the people.




UMNO-BN Govt's contention that police did not take action against Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali over his call to burn copies of the Bible containing the word "Allah" because he was merely defending Islam has placed Islamist extremists above the law, a senior Sarawak Barisan Nasional minister said today.

Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali had called for copies of the Bible containing the word ‘Allah’ to be burned.

Land Development Minister Tan Sri Dr James Masing said,

“So now it is acceptable to burn the Bibles, insult believers of other faiths and do disrespectful acts in defence of the sanctity of Islam. Never mind the sanctity of other religions? How did Malaysia arrive at this socio-religious situation?”

Masing said Malaysia's “founding fathers would turn in their graves if they found out what is happening to Malaysia today”.

“Let us all bring Malaysia to the time when people of different faiths were free to practise their faiths in peace and religious bigots were non-existent.”

A Malaysian Insider reader, who goes by the name samng2, in his reaction posted this message for Nancy:

“Hello Nancy. Threaten(ing) to burn other religion's holy books to defend (one’s) own religion does not make any sense. Logically, for one to make such a threat means that the physical holy book itself or the content in it posed a serious threat to Islam.

“In short, this holy book cannot exist. Now, if it is that serious, why haven't other Muslims in the world burned such holy books a thousand years ago?

“Clearly, he (Ibrahim Ali) is not defending Islam. He made a threat against Christianity on his own accord. So please Nancy. It's people like you from the ruling government that keep insulting the intelligence of the public. (A) bad excuse is better than none?”

Nancy said police decided not to take action against Ibrahim because they concluded that his words were only directed at specific individuals, and were not a threat to the larger society.

She also told Lim that Ibrahim's action "was not intended to cause religious chaos but only to defend the sanctity of Islam".

Ibrahim's call in January last year prompted outrage from politicians and Christian groups, with critics accusing Putrajaya of double-standards in using the Sedition Act against critics while sparing Ibrahim over his remarks. 

Umno-BN Govt is CONDONING and ENCOURAGING ANTI Christian Sentiments among Malaysian Muslims ?

The Christian Federation of Malaysia has expressed "outrage" over the government’s announcement that a threat to burn the Bible is not a crime as it was in defence of Islam.

In a strongly-worded statement, CFM chairperson Eu Hong Seng said the move gives a "carte blanche or free rein" to Muslim extremists to continue issuing such threats, either to Christians or followers of any other religion.

We strongly protest against the obviously inexcusable position adopted by the government," Eu said.

Yesterday, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nancy Shukri said in a written reply to Parliament said that Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali will not be prosecuted for calling on Muslims to "seize" and "burn" the Malay-language Bible.

Nancy said Ibrahim had not "intended to cause religious disharmony" and was only "defending the sanctity of Islam".

She said this was because Ibrahim was referring to claims that the holy books were distributed to Muslim students at a school in Penang.

Eu also called on all Malaysians to censure the minister for saying so.

Nancy was earlier criticised for her stand by Global Movement of Moderates Foundation chief executive officer Saifuddin Abdullah and Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim.

In separate statements, Saifuddin and Anwar said ISLAM does NOT promote the desecration of the holy texts of the other religions.

Tuesday 7 October 2014


The Umno general assembly has been urged to debate whether Chinese schools should be abolished.
An Umno division wants the party's general assembly next month to debate whether Chinese vernacular schools should be abolished, Umno mouthpiece Mingguan Malaysia reported today.
Umno Petaling Jaya Utara division deputy head Mohamad Azli Mohemed Saad, who made the suggestion, said this was because Chinese schools were being used by the opposition to breed racial and anti-government sentiments.
He was also quoted as saying that the upcoming November assembly was the best platform to discuss the issue.
"This is very important because nowhere else in the world is there a dual-stream education system.
"The primary and secondary systems must be under one umbrella," he said, according to the Malay-language weekender.
The report said this was not the first time the suggestion was made, adding that various parties had made the call in the name of unity of the nation.
It added that in August, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Razali Ibrahim had also called for the government to stop building Chinese vernacular schools as it was not contributing to national harmony.
Azli was also quoted as saying that the Petaling Jaya Utara branch also wanted all SJKC schools to be placed under the full control of the Education Ministry.
"We want to be rid of racism that is often being politicised by those who have a very shallow understanding of politics," he said, according to the report.
The Umno general assembly will be held from November 25 to 29.