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" After this, if DAP and non-Muslims make noise about the Allah issue or
raids, we can just swat them away.

At the end of this year just change the borders to return all the Malay-Muslim political


A leaked screenshot of a conversation on the instant messaging application WhatsApp has inadvertently revealed that PAS CENTRAL COMMITTEE LEADERS HAVE BEEN ACTIVELY DISCUSSING POSSIBLE SCENARIOS OF LEAVING PAKATAN RAKYAT.

In what is probably the biggest hint to date that the threat of Pakatan disintegrating is true, THE SCREENSHOT CIRCULATED ON FACEBOOK showed central committee member Mohd Zuhdi Marzuki discussing TEAMING UP WITH UMNO.

Zuhdi is the operations director of the PAS research centre (PPP).

Zuhdi, a lecturer, outlined a scenario on how PAS could defect from Pakatan and later form a simple majority government in the Selangor state assembly with the help of Umno, while keeping Khalid Ibrahim as Menteri Besar.

The conversation took place in a WhatsApp group INVOLVING ALL PASS CENTRAL COMMITTEE LEADERS.

PAS members who did not want to be named confirmed with Malaysiakini that THE SCREENSHOT WAS AUTHENTIC.

Later today Zuhdi in a Facebook posting did NOT deny the message, but instead denied that he was part of the group that has put forward the idea of leaving Pakatan.

Zuhdi said,

"I was just outlining scenarios based on my imagination because I was asked to come up with a few scenarios.But I am not part of the group that has proposed to leave Pakatan. This is slander aimed at implicating me as the one who came up with the idea,"

What would be more unsettling for Pakatan insiders is Zuhdi's admission that NO LESS THAN 10 CENTRAL COMMITTEE MEMBERS, some of them strong allies of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, "has strongly supported the proposal" TO LEAVE PAKATAN.

This development follows a week in which PAS' top leadership appears to be breaking ranks with PKR and DAP as well as some of its own members over the replacement of Khalid.

This despite a Pakatan Rakyat council meeting comprising leaders from all three parties that claimed to have arrived at a consensus over the matter.

Meanwhile the leaked WhatsApp conversation also appeared to show the friction running deep within PAS itself.

When Zuhdi included co-operation with Umno in the possibility list, Kuala Krai MP Hatta Ramli (above) immediately shot it down.

"Working together with Umno? I'm out!" he appeared to have replied instantly.


The screenshot of the conversation started making rounds in the social media earlier this morning.


Zuhdi made this comment on Whatsapp:

"After this, if DAP and non-Muslims make noise about the Allah issue or raids, we can just swat them away, At the end of this year just change the borders to return all the Malay-Muslim political power.


According to another  insider who did not want to be named, the strategy was to be in place until close to the GE 14. But it was flung open early and UMNO had to follow through.

Somehow PKR knew something was not right and when  Bank Islam did not pursue the RM 66 Million debt from Khalid,  PKR leadership's worst nightmare became a reality and all those  suspicions  seem to fall in place. The peculiar behaviour and decisions by Khalid throughout begin  to make sense.

That was why the KAJANG MOVE became urgent and imperative for PKR and for Pakatan.

Remember,  according to the insider,  the out of court settlement between Khalid and Bank Islam took place in mid-February 2014, and immediately  the KAJANG MOVE was  put into effect in March 2014 to stem the  political damage to Pakatan. 

Because the  Selangor Palace got enmeshed in all this, it became sensitive for PKR to spill out the true details and reasons for the KAJANG MOVE. However, that became a fact in recent days.

By then, Khalid knew the game was up. He played on his role in the Kajang Move while his handlers sort out this un-expected hit back by PKR.

Khalid was advised to hang on to the post after UMNO knew they secured the support of the Selangor Palace. The forced  outcome when it comes to the final push and shove by Pakatan is  fresh elections in Selangor

The MB Selangor issue was too big and the stakes were too high, and that is why   the Kajang Move was crucial to counter act and negate  the POLITICAL  manuveures of Putrajaya and those advising the Selangor Palace.

Unfortunately, PAS had a myopic view of the Selangor MB  issue because Khalid played the Palace card.

What is not understood is why PAS President Hadi Awang decided to continue to back Khalid since it is rumoured he  was told and knew exactly the reasons for the Kajang Move.  Has UMNO-BN got one on him too ? 




Iskandar Yaacob

I rarely share my political opinion. I did once in a reply to a news portal on the “Kajang move”.

My friend told me that the columnist replied in his social media account. I don’t bother to have one because I am too old for that.

But I have to write one more time because there is a continuation of the “Kajang move” now – an effort to replace the Selangor menteri besar.

Although my earlier article was in support of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as the candidate for Kajang by-election, I am aware that later he was replaced by Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, the PKR president, who is also his wife.

I think it is naive for people to think that Anwar, the supreme Leader of the party should only be an assemblyman or exco.

To me, he was named to replace Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.

From what I heard, Khalid had allegedly DEMANDED THAT AZMIN VACATE HIS SEAT. I’m not sure whether it is true or not but if yes, the clash between them is real. BUT IT IS NOT FAR FOR KHALID TO DEMAND THAT.

The fact that Dr Wan Azizah was picked to replace Anwar in Kajang is enough to tell us that the move was actually to replace the MB, so it must be a senior party leader (Azmin is the next and he is already a state assemblyman for Bukit Antarabangsa).

Khalid doesn’t hold any senior party position except as the state chairman in 2008 before he was replaced by Azmin.


This is one big question must be answered by Pakatan, especially PKR leaders. If they fail to do this, we can expect many silent protests in the next general election and perhaps, BN will be back in power.

It will be tough because Pakatan spoke highly about Selangor prior to the 13th general election. Everything, in politics, is almost about perception.

As a Selangorian, I also think Khalid is good, definitely better than BN’s leader and all BN MBs before 2008. But he is not the only good leader in my eyes.

To be frank, if not Anwar or Dr Wan Azizah, I believe that Azmin Ali is also capable to be the next MB, or even PAS and DAP leaders.

I am not sure whether Khalid’s supporters want to make it clear that the Selangor government is a one-man show – everything is about Khalid and he is the only one making decisions all this while.

Let us make it clear now. KHALID HAS TO BE REPLACED BECAUSE HE IS NOT A TEAM PLAYER. He decides everything on his own.

We must see clearly the unilateral decision made by Khalid when he signed the water agreement with the federal government.

He assumes Selangor folk are too dumb. The state government had allegedly briefed the assemblymen earlier but the truth is the briefing was done after the signing.

Khalid and his advisers’ attitude does not just affect his party but also the coalition although I can safely say that his party suffered the most.

Don’t let this ruin the coalition. My advice to PAS and DAP, don’t let this man use your party conveniently for him to stay in power. He might be a good man, but power can corrupt.

I praised Khalid for his achievement but he is not free from weaknesses. Whether his weaknesses are big enough I can’t speak on behalf of the others but I have my own opinion. I think it is fair for Pakatan Rakyat leaders to discuss and come to their conclusion. And even Khalid has no problem at all, he should respect that process.

If we follow the Selangor political developments closely, I think there is not so much news about Selangor Barisan Nasional. Perhaps, that makes Khalid comfortable.

I was not surprised at all when first heard that many of his party leaders don’t really like him. I thought that it just politics. But the case against him is slowly come to my attention.

First, when I read about his case with Bank Islam, I was shocked.

One can access related legal documents online to check the truth about what I am going to write.

Many talk about the amount of money involved, a much reduced out-of-court settlement. I am not expert in the banking sector but to read that Khalid r-e-p-e-a-t-e-d-l-y BREACHED THE AGREEMENT WITH BANK ISLAM RECALLS A CLAIM MADE BY MY FRIEND THAT HE PROMISED MANY THINGS TO THE PEOPLE BUT NEVER DELIVERED.


Let me recap my first article. I wrote that, based on research, KHALID WOULD HAVE LOST IF HE STAYED IN IJOK BECAUSE HE DIDN'T DELIVER TO THE CONSTITUENTS OF IJOK.

That is why he moved to Port Klang.

I have been told that Khalid didn’t use his allocation as assemblyman during the first three years in the last term. ONLY WHEN THE RESEARCH SHOWED HE WAS GOING TO LOSE, HE BEGAN TO SPEND HIS MONEY.

Is this the unfinished business he is talking about right now?

Now what is wrong with spending the money to help the rakyat: to pay for fogging operations, to clean up drains, provide some service for the many poor people in the estates and the kampung in his constituency?

You may think that it doesn't affect you but the truth is, Khalid's failure to serve the rakyat in Ijok ultimately contributed to the loss of Dr Dzulkefli Ahmad, a progressive, moderate member of parliament from PAS for the Kuala Selangor parliamentary seat.

As a result, the rakyat has lost an important voice to counter the likes of Perkasa and Isma in the public space.

Since then, I am now told Port Klang folk are beginning to see the other side of Khalid. Although Port Klang is nearer to Shah Alam compared with Ijok, it is hard to see him around.

Although his job is under threat, Khalid has appointed someone else to take care of the constituency.

There are many other issues that we raise about Khalid.

Zulkifli Sulong has already written a good opinion piece in his column in The Malaysian Insider on WHAT IS THE REAL PROBLEM WITH KHALID THAT THE PUBLIC DOESN'T SEE, or perhaps clouded by propaganda from the state machinery.

Ultimately, the public must realise that Khalid wasn't just appointed as MB to show how frugal a state government can be, he was appointed to showcase the values and vision of Pakatan Rakyat over Barisan Nasional – that it could be prudent in spending but possesses the courage and foresight to invest in the rakyat – by solving problems and delivering better solutions to their problems.

Selangor was also meant to lead the way in showing a more inclusive way of governing and progressive ideals.

Unfortunately, all we can talk about is how much money he supposedly saved which glosses over the dodgy deals he has done to get out of his own personal financial mess and the thousands of promises that he has reneged over the past term and counting.


- Iskandar Yaacob



PKR will stick to Pakatan Rakyat's (PR) decision that Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim must step aside as Selangor Menteri Besar and Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail is the top choice for the post, its secretary-general Datuk Saifuddin Nasution Ismail said today.

PKR's insistence on following the PR leadership council decision came after PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang publicly backed Khalid to keep the top job in the country's wealthiest state.

Saifuddin said all three parties in the coalition respected the decision by its leadership council earlier this week.

Saifuddin said,

"The PR leadership council, which brought the mandate from their respective parties, had decided that day to give their commitment on principle that the post would be from PKR, Therefore, PKR will hold on to the official decision made at the leadership council meeting in the issue of changing the Selangor MB.

"This method and principle has been used all this while in determining the state chief for other PR-led states like Penang, Kedah and Kelantan."

The PR council meeting on Wednesday was attended by six members from the PAS central leadership, namely its deputy president Mohamad Sabu, secretary-general Datuk Mustafa Ali, vice-presidents Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man and Datuk Husam Musa, youth chief Suhaizan Kayat and central committee member Dr Hatta Ramli.

Criticising Hadi's objection to the decision to replace Khalid with Dr Wan Azizah, Saifuddin said PKR had accorded the same respect to PAS when deciding on the Kedah menteri besar's position, although there were requests within the coalition for PKR to take up the post.

"I believe the spirit of 'ukhuwwah' and the mutual respect in the principles of candidacy will continue to strengthen PR. It is a cornerstone of PR's understanding so the spirit of respecting these principles have to be upheld to protect Pakatan Rakyat.

"As such, I believe that the PAS leadership will go through an internal process and take into account the opinions of all its leaders and the commitment it has pledged in the PR leadership council meeting, when the party meets on August 10, as was informed to the council."

Hadi is the first Pakatan Rakyat leader to openly stick by Khalid's side although all three parties in the pact agreed on Wednesday that Selangor needs a new menteri besar, saying Khalid had not betrayed the people's trust.

Khalid has been facing mounting pressure from PR leadership to resign over his handling of Selangor affairs.

This included the state’s management of its water resources, the Kidex highway and the seizure of Malay- and Iban-language Bibles by the Selangor Islamic Religious Department.

The PKR supreme council on Monday endorsed Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail as the new Selangor menteri besar, completing the "Kajang move" to replace Khalid.

Khalid, in a show of defiance, has repeatedly said that he wants to complete his second term in office.

The embattled MB had also dared Selangor assemblymen to table a no-confidence vote in the state legislative assembly against his leadership as menteri besar.





Amin Iskandar.
Tindakan Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang menyokong secara terbuka Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim kekal sebagai menteri besar Selangor membuktikan beliau tidak peduli dan tidak kisah dengan keputusan Majlis Pimpinan Pakatan Rakyat (PR).

Mesyuarat Majlis Pimpinan PR yang membuat keputusan bersetuju agar Khalid digantikan PKR dihadiri pemimpin kanan parti Islam itu seperti timbalan presiden PAS Mohamad Sabu, setiausaha agung Datuk Mustafa Ali, naib presiden Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man dan Datuk Husam Musa, ketua Pemuda Suhaizan Kaiyat, serta ahli jawatankuasa (AJK) Pusat Dr Hatta Ramli.

Dalam satu kenyataan yang dikirimkan kepada media pada 23 Julai lalu, Majlis Pimpinan PR menyatakan mereka sudah sebulat suara bersetuju, “menerima cadangan daripada PKR untuk membuat pertukaran menteri besar di Selangor seterusnya mencalonkan Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.”

Isyarat yang diberikan presiden PAS itu kepada umum adalah beliau tidak peduli dengan keputusan PR dan timbalan presiden, naib presiden, setiausaha agung, ketua pemuda dan AJK parti itu tidak layak mewakili pandangan partinya.

"Saya sudah dengar semua hujah, kumpulkan sebelum akhirnya saya dapati majoriti kalangan akar umbi PAS bersetuju Khalid dikekalkan atas konsep amanah yang ditunaikannya," katanya kepada pemberita ketika ditemui selepas kuliah Jumaat di rumahnya di Rusila di Terengganu, pada Jumaat.

Kenyataan Hadi juga merupakan satu tamparan hebat kepada ketua pembangkang Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim kerana PR sudah bersetuju kerusi menteri besar Selangor merupakan milik PKR.

Apabila PR bersetuju kerusi menteri Selangor itu milik PKR, PAS tidak seharusnya campurtangan siapa pun calon yang bakal diletakkan di negeri terkaya itu.

Bayangkanlah jika PKR dan DAP campurtangan dalam pemilihan kerusi menteri besar di Kelantan atau di Kedah dahulu, bagaimana perasaan PAS?

Sebagai respon balas setiausaha agung PKR Datuk Saifuddin Nasution Ismail membandingkan isu Selangor dengan pergolakan jawatan menteri besar Kedah dipegang Tan Sri Azizan Abdul Razak sebelum pilihan raya umum (PRU) ke-13 lalu sehingga menyebabkan kejatuhan kerajaan negeri itu di tangan Barisan Nasional (BN) selepas sepenggal diperintah PR.

"PKR mengambil pendirian menghormati sepenuhnya prinsip pencalonan jawatan menteri besar Kedah adalah daripada PAS walaupun ada pelbagai permintaan dari parti Pakatan Rakyat yang lain supaya PKR menyatakan pendirian sama ada menteri besar ditukar atau tidak," katanya.

Sebelum PRU13 lalu, kerajaan negeri Kedah bergolak apabila timbulnya pergaduhan di antara kem Azizan dan orang nombor dua PAS Kedah, Datuk Phahrolrazi Zawawi.

Pergeseran yang terjadi itu menyusul beberapa bulan selepas pelan damai PAS Pusat terhadap PAS Kedah ekoran Phahrolrazi dan rakannya Dr Ismail Salleh menolak perlantikan semula sebagai exco kerajaan negeri.

Kedua-dua mereka membantah corak kepimpinan Azizan sebagai menteri besar Kedah.

Akan tetapi Hadi tidak mempedulikan bantahan akar umbi dan terus mempertahankan Azizan sebagai calon menteri besar Kedah sehingga menyebabkan Kedah jatuh ke tangan BN pada PRU13 sepertimana Terengganu pada 2004.

PAS akan bermesyuarat pada 10 Ogos ini mengenai isu pertukaran menteri besar di Selangor dan sudah pasti keputusan majoriti akan memihak kepada Hadi kerana konsep “wala” atau taat yang diamalkan parti Islam itu.

Ini bukan kali pertama Hadi “mensabotaj” PR.

Sebelum PRU13 lalu pada ketika PR bersetuju Anwar sebagai calon perdana menteri, sekumpulan pemimpin PAS yang rapat dengan Hadi bertemu dengan pemimpin veteran Umno Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah untuk menawarkan jawatan itu kepadanya.

Ini dilakukan pada ketika Mursyidul Am PAS Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat menyokong penuh Anwar sebagai calon perdana menteri PR.

Hadi juga secara peribadinya memberi kebenaran kepada Ridzuan Ismail untuk bertanding di kerusi Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Kota Damansara pada PRU13 lalu walaupun PR sudah bersetuju kerusi tersebut dipertahankan presiden PSM Dr Nasir Hashim yang bertanding di atas tiket PKR kerana partinya bukan anggota PR.

Kedua-duanya Nasir dan Ridzuan akhirnya tewas kepada BN.

Jika Hadi terus menerajui PAS, Umno dan Barisan Nasional (BN) tidak perlu risau lagi.

Datuk Seri Najib Razak akan terus kekal sebagai perdana menteri dan BN akan terus berkuasa selagi Hadi menjadi presiden PAS. Cita PR untuk menawan Putrajaya hanya menjadi angan-angan.

Jika diimbau kembali sejarah, Hadi juga merupakan punca mengapa Barisan Alternatif (BA) yang ditubuhkan pada 1999 berpecah.


Malaysian Insider Editorial


Here is a silver lining to that dark, brooding cloud called the Khalid Ibrahim leadership crisis in Selangor: it is forcing the professionals and moderates in Parti Se-Islam Malaysia (PAS) to FACE ONE QUESTION they have been studiously avoiding since GE13.

QUESTION: What would happen to their political futures if Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang were to get his way and steers PAS away from Pakatan Rakyat (PR) and back onto the narrow road of conservatism and religious and racial chauvinism?

THE SHORT ANSWER: As many as NINE parliamentary seats in Selangor, Kedah, Perak and Pahang won by PAS candidates in GE13 WILL BE LOST in the next general elections.

The PAS candidates only won these seats BECAUSE OF STRONG SUPPORT FROM THE NON-MUSLIMS

With Hadi leading the party and taking it out of the PR stable, this non-Muslim support will evaporate like a drizzle of rain in the hot, dry season.

The end result: the likes of KHALID SAMAD, HANIPA MAIDIN will be staring at political oblivion.


That is why the professional class cannot afford to hug the sidelines or be apathetic about the final decision the Pas leadership will make about Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim's future as the Selangor Menteri Besar.

To recap, the move to remove Khalid as the Menteri Besar of Selangor has put PAS in a fix with A NUMBER OF ITS LEADERS BACKING REMOVAL, AND HADI AND THE CLERIC CLASS WANTING THE STATUS QUO.

There have been a flurry of meetings taking place with both sides in PAS – THE PROFESSIONALS and HADI's SUPPORTERS – trying to influence the powerful central working committee.

If Hadi gains the upper hand and succeeds in forcing PAS to support Khalid as the MB, it will almost certainly lead to a widening schism between PAS and PKR and DAP, paving the way for the eventual withdrawal of PAS from the coalition.

At the moment, there is LITTLE TOLERANCE in either PKR or DAP for Khalid remaining as the MB.

There is even LESS TOLERANCE FOR THE POLITICAL GAMES THAT HADI KEEPS PLAYING or his insecurity over his own standing in PR.

The PKR and DAP were surprised that Hadi issued a statement backing Khalid despite a unanimous decision by the PR presidential council – attended by senior PAS politicians – to vote for the removal of Khalid as the MB.

They are even more surprised with the position taken by several PAS politicians that they remain in the dark about Khalid's shortcomings since senior PR leaders have been given information on the catalogue of mistakes and weaknesses associated with the Khalid administration.

This includes unilateral decisions being made on important issues like the purchase of water assets and unfulfilled promises from the previous general election.

For now until the PAS leadership meets on August 10 to decide whether to follow Hadi's personal stand or stick to the PR decision to replace Khalid, THE PARTY PROFESSIONALS will have their work cut out for them.


1. Follow Hadi and let PAS drift back to its roots and PR sink into another has-been coalition or

2. Stick to the decision that Khalid must go and another PKR lawmaker is made Selangor Menteri Besar.


Pakatan Rakyat (PR) mungkin berpecah selepas sambutan Hari Raya Aidilfitri berikutan tindakan presiden PAS Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang menidakkan keputusan Majlis Pimpinan PR yang sudah bersetuju Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim digantikan dengan calon lain dari PKR sebagai menteri besar Selangor, kata sumber dalaman parti Islam itu.

Menurut sumber yang turut menghadiri mesyuarat PR mengenai isu menteri besar Selangor itu, mesyuarat PAS pada 10 Ogos ini akan menyaksikan pertembungan hebat di antara golongan yang mahu Khalid kekal dan golongan yang menghormati keputusan PKR meletakkan calon lain.

Pemimpin PAS kata, dengan syarat tidak dinamakan:

"Nampak gayanya PR akan berpecah selepas Aidilfitri ini. Nampak kuat sangat ke arah itu. Hadi langgar keputusan mesyuarat PAS dan PR yang beliau sendiri tidak hadir," .

"Macam mana kami tak marah, kami hadir ke mesyuarat PR selepas PAS membuat keputusan malam sebelum itu,( ia itu,esyuarat PAS pusat 22 Julai lalu di Kuala Lumpur.)

"Apabila ketegangan memuncak, mereka akan desak PAS keluar dari PR, sekaligus menyaksikan perpecahan,.

"Takpalah, saya pun dah bersedia untuk PAS kembali jadi macam dulu, hanya jadi pembangkang. Boleh menang hanya di Kelantan."

Menurut pemimpin PAS itu, kumpulan yang menyokong keputusan PR dalam isu penggantian menteri besar Selangor terdiri daripada kumpulan profesional manakala yang mahu Khalid terus kekal adalah dari kumpulan konservatif Dewan Ulama dan Pemuda parti itu.

Menurutnya lagi, kumpulan konservatif dalam PAS yang selama ini tidak begitu berminat parti Islam itu terus berada dalam PR akan menggunakan mesyuarat 10 Ogos ini untuk menyokong penuh kenyataan Hadi, sekaligus akan mengguris PKR dan DAP.


Sementara itu, ahli jawatankuasa PAS pusat Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad tidak menolak kemungkinan perpecahan PR dengan keadaan yang berlaku sekarang.

"Syair Arab ada berkata ‘kita mahukan kejayaan, tapi kita tidak melalui lebuh raya kejayaan’.

"Kita sedang dalam ‘self-destruct mode’. Kalau kita sendiri tidak berusaha untuk selamatkan PR, perpecahan tidak mustahil berlaku," katanya.

"Saya sekarang mengharapkan 'divine intervention' (pertolongan Allah) untuk bantu selamatkan PR… bila semua usaha lain gagal," tambah bekas ahli parlimen Kuala Selangor itu.


Semalam, PKR meminta Hadi MENGHORMATI KEPUTUSAN MESYUARAT MAJLIS PIMPINAN PR yang memperakui prinsip pencalonan jawatan menteri besar Selangor adalah daripada PKR.

Setiausaha agung PKR Datuk Saifuddin Nasution Ismail berkata, keputusan PKR untuk mencalonkan presidennya, Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail sebagai menteri besar dibentangkan dan diterima Majlis Pimpinan dalam mesyuarat pada 23 Julai lalu.

Menurut Saifuddin, PAS dalam mesyuarat itu diwakili enam pemimpin tertinggi, iaitu timbalan presiden Mohamad Sabu, setiausaha agung Datuk Mustafa Ali, naib presiden Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man dan Datuk Husam Musa, ketua pemuda Suhaizan Kaiyat, serta ahli kawatankuasa pusat Dr Hatta Ramli.

"Oleh yang demikian, PKR akan berpegang kepada keputusan Majlis Pimpinan PR itu dalam hal pertukaran menteri besar Selangor.

"KAEDAH DAN PRINSIP INILAH YANG SELAMA INI DIGUNAKAN DALAM MENENTUKAN MENTERI BESAR DI NEGERI PAKATAN LAIN SEPERTI DI PULAU PINANG, KEDAH DAN KELANTAN',Kaedah dan prinsip inilah yang selama ini digunakan dalam menentukan menteri besar di negeri Pakatan lain seperti di Pulau Pinang, Kedah, dan Kelantan."

PAS, Apakah Berpegang Pada Janji dan Menepati Janji Permuafakatan Bukan Sebahagian Daripada Kehendak Islam?


Shahbudin Husin

Kemelut jawatan Menteri Besar Selangor menjadi bertambah kacau dan caca marba.

Jika sebelum ini hanya Umno yang dilihat cuba menanggguk di air keruh dengan tiba-tiba memberi sokongan kepada Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim agar terus kekal di jawatan itu.

Scenario terbaru menjadi bertambah parah apabila Presiden PAS, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang juga turut mempertahankan supaya Khalid juga dikekalkan.

Walaupun pendirian Hadi lebih bersifat peribadi dan bukan diputuskan dalam mesyuarat PAS tetapi beberapa pimpinan PAS seperti Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat, Menteri Besar Kelantan juga pemangku Ketua Dewan Ulama, Datuk Ahmad Yaakob serta Pesuruhjaya PAS Selangor, Iskandar Samad sudah pun mula menyokong pendirian Hadi itu.

Tidak mustahil akhirnya pendirian Hadi itu akan menjadi pendirian rasmi PAS walaupun ia nampak berbeza dengan pendirian wakil-wakil PAS yang hadir dalam mesyuarat Majlis Pimpinan Pakatan Rakyat (PR) sebelum ini yang bersetuju dengan hasrat PKR menukar Khalid dan akan mengesahkannya dalam mesyuarat rasmi selepas Hari Raya nanti.

Tetapi dengan Hadi mendahului mengeluarkan kenyataan mahu Khalid terus dikekalkan, beliau bukan saja tidak menghormati pimpinan PAS yang lain, bahkan terlihat cuba memalukan Ketua Umum PKR Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dan rakan-rakan PR yang lain.

Hadi jelas tidak matang dan ada agendanya sendiri. Tidak mustahil juga sikap Hadi ini menyebabkan PR diambang perpecahan dan sesuatu yang menggembirakan Datuk Seri Najib Razak dalam usahanya mempertahankan Putrajaya dalam pilihan raya akan datang.

Sudah tentu juga pendirian Hadi ini segera dikaitkan sekali lagi dengan kedudukan menantunya, Zaharuddin Mohamad atau Din Ayam yang sejak beberapa tahun lalu bekerja dan diberi jawatan khas dalam sebuah GLC Selangor.

Sebagaimana pengaruh Din Ayam dikatakan menjadi punca Hadi merestui tindakan PAS meletakkan calon bertindih dengan PKR di beberapa kawasan dalam pilihan raya umum lalu seperti Kota Damansara, Semenyih dan Sungai Acheh sehingga menyebabkan BN memenangi kerusi itu, kini sekali lagi hal yang sama berlaku.

Rupa-rupanya bukan saja bekas Perdana Menteri, Pak Lah yang kalah dan membiarkan dirinya dipapancaturkan oleh menantunya, Khairy Jamaluddin semasa berkuasa dahulu, Hadi juga dilihat mempunyai kecenderungan yang sama.

Begitu juga dalam pilihan raya lalu, tiba-tiba Hadi mengaitkan ada calon PKR sebagai pengedar pil kuda dengan membuat dakwaan terbuka, ketidakmatangan beliau selaku Presiden PAS dalam bertindak dan memahami erti kesepakatan lebih banyak membawa kerugian kepada PAS dan PR.

Melalui sokongan terbuka Hadi dan beberapa pimpinan PAS itu, Khalid lantas gembira dan seolah-olah mendapat nyawa semula. Sebenarnya bukan saja sokongan PAS itu memalukan parti Islam itu kerana menunjukkan ketidakmatangan dan ketidakfahaman erti permuafakatan, malah Khalid juga seharusnya malu menerima sokongan PAS itu.

Bukankah sudah dipersetujui sebelum ini kerusi Menteri Besar Selangor adalah milik PKR? Setiausaha Agung PAS, Datuk Mustafa Ali sendiri mengesahkan sebelum ini bahawa PAS tidak akan menuntut kerusi itu dan menyerahkan kepada PKR menentukan pengganti Khalid yang sesuai.

Kenapakah PAS yang sentiasa menjaga halal haram dalam pemakanan dan tingkah laku serta nama Allah jarang lekang dari bibir, menjadi tidak berprinsip, goyah pendirian dan mudah melupakan janji apabila melibatkan kuasa, pangkat, wang dan kedudukan?

Apakah berpegang pada janji dan menepati janji permuafakatan bukan sebahagian daripada kehendak Islam? Mungkinkah ini penyebabnya PAS yang ditubuhkan sejak 1951 tapi masih lagi tidak ke mana dalam politik arus perdana?

Berbeza dengan DAP yang tetap berpegang pada janjinya yang dibuat sebelum ini iaitu kerusi Menteri Besar Selangor adalah milik PKR.

Dulu mereka berjanji, sehingga sekarang pendirian itu tidak goyah walaupun tidak mengamalkan cara hidup Islam, memakan babi dan sesetengahnya mungkin ada yang mengambil minuman beralkohol.

Bagaimaha agaknya perasaan PAS jika dalam kes Menteri Besar Kedah sebelum ini yang beria-ia dipertahankan oleh Hadi andainya PKR dan DAP turut membuat kacau daun?

Tidakkah juga PAS belajar bahawa disebabkan sikap Hadi yang enggan bertindak terhadap Tan Sri Azizan Razak dan menentang arus kehendak ahli dan pimpinan negeri yang lain dalam isu Menteri Besar Kedah sebekum ini menyebabkan Umno berjaya menawan semula Kedah?

Tindakan Hadi ini juga secara langsung memberi ruang kepada mana-mana parti untuk campurtangan dalam soal pelantikan menteri besar di negeri-negeri, meskipun sudah ada persetujuan dan kesepakatan.

Khalid pula seharusnya sedar diri bahawa PKRlah menjadikannya Menteri Besar.

Oleh kerana PKR yang memilihnya dan PAS serta DAP yang merupakan rakan gabungan hanya pelengkap dalam memberi persetujuan, maka jadilah beliau ketua kerajaan negeri.

Apabila PKR mahu menukarnya, beliau seharusnya akur kerana itulah lumrah jatuh bangun dalam politik. Menukar Menteri Besar tidak semestinya menunggu sehingga melakukan pecah amanah, rasuah, penyelewengan dan sebagainya.

Sudah berapa banyak Menteri Besar ditukar oleh Umno sebelum ini bukanlah kerana adanya kes-kes jenayah atau rasuah, tetapi kadang-kadang pertukaran itu penting untuk memberi nafas baru dan meniupkan angin segar dalam politik dan pentadbiran kerajaan.

Mungkin benar Khalid tidak mengkhianati rakyat dalam menjalankan tugasnya tetapi sikapnya yang lebih pro-Umno dan Pusat sejak kebelakangan ini seperti dalam isu air dan Lebuh Raya Kidex, adalah juga pengkhianatan kepada parti yang menaunginya selama ini. Apakah PAS tidak nampak perkara ini?

Tindakan Khalid berbangga dengan sokongan PAS tetapi tidak malu kerana tidak lagi dikehendaki oleh PKR menunjukkan beliau juga tidak faham politik.

Sepatutnya sokongan daripada PKR itulah yang lebih penting manakala sokongan daripada PAS dan DAP pula hanyalah kepada PKR, bukannya kepada mana-mana individu.

Sementara kemelut ini menanti jalan penyelesaiannya dan diharapkan tidak mendatangkan sesuatu yang lebih buruk kepada kerajaan Selangor dan juga PR, ada baiknya mulai sekarang ini Khalid dan Hadi mencari "cermin besar" untuk mencermin diri dan melihat wajah politiknya selama ini.

Jika sebulan Ramadan ini ramai yang mencari hidayah dan keredaan, Hadi dan Khalid sebenarnya lebih memerlukan hidayah dalam politiknya agar kedudukan mereka sebagai pemimpin lebih mendatangkan kebaikan berbanding menimbulkan kesusahan kepada orang lain.

- Shahbudin Husin

Saturday 26 July 2014


Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim has to stand down as Menteri Besar of Selangor if he applies the three criteria set by the Sultan of Selangor for administering the country's richest state to himself.
Khalid   said the sultan reminded him that the state must be run in a trustworthy, firm and responsible manner.
Of the three, let's assume that being trustworthy is the most important.
Someone who is trustworthy is someone deserving of trust and confidence, and able to be relied on to be honest. You get a better sense of the moral value attached to the word trustworthy by looking at its synonyms.
Upright. Principled. Ethical. Virtuous. Incorruptible.
This is a high bar and rightly so because the man or woman who holds high political office wields much power, controls vast sums of taxpayers funds and influence the lives of millions with the stroke of a pen.
A leader can only be viewed as upright and trustworthy if he does not have a million-ringgit asterisk next to his name. This is where it gets tricky for Khalid. He belongs to a select group of three individuals who have seemingly obtained three surprising and controversial out-of-court settlements.
The first individual was former Malaysia Airlines boss Tajuddin Ramli.
Sometime in 2012, the then de facto Law Minister Nazri Aziz wrote to government-linked companies asking them to cease any legal proceedings they had against Tajuddin.
To say that this was a shocker would be an understatement. After all, Danaharta had won a judgment of more than RM580 million against him, and seemed poised to cement that win even at the appeal stage.
What prompted the government to go wobbly in the knees is anybody's guess because till today the Finance Minister has declined to lift the veil on that deal.
Some say Tajuddin's threat to disclose in depth former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad's role in his purchase of the national carrier send shivers down the spine of Umno politicians.
The second out of court resolution saw another cabinet minister, Hasan Malek, intervene and tell the Bank Rakyat management to give carpet dealer and friend of the First Family, Deepak Jaikishan, a serious discount on the money he owed the financial institution.
The businessman, who had been making threats about spilling more dirt on the murder of Mongolian model Altantuya Shariibuu, received a one of a kind deal where he did not have to pay interest on the loan taken and could settle the outstanding amount by post-dated cheques over a 10-year period.
Why did he merit this special treatment? No one knows.
Just like no one knows why Bank Islam suddenly withdrew its court action to recover some RM70 million from Khalid. By all accounts, it was an open and shut case and the bank had pursued Khalid doggedly for several years.
And just like that, on one fine day, there was an out-of-court settlement between the bank and Khalid. Even more surprising was the fact that the lawyers for both parties were not involved in this deal.
Till today, Khalid has not disclosed even to his senior party members how this out-of-court settlement was reached, who suggested it and what were the terms.
The grapevine has been rife with stories of the involvement of a lawyer known as the Umno fixer during the halcyon days of Malay corporate captains.
Is this true? Who knows. Khalid, who is quick to talk about good governance and proper process, has been silent on this deal.
The Selangor Mentri Besar has even warned Pakatan Rakyat that the state could be lost if the vexing question of the leadership of the state is not resolved well. That is certainly true.
Also true is the fact that anyone who wants to lead the state must not have serious question marks hanging over his head.
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