Friday 29 February 2008

Malaysian Bloggers' Campaign Support for PKR Candidate in Rembau, N. Sembilan Against the UMNO-Candidate, Khairy Jamaluddin

From Zorro-Unmasked Blog: Read here article by Bernard Khoo

PKR Candidate: Badrul Hisham Shaharin
(Chegubard), Rembau, N. Sembilan

The Rembau (N.Sembilan) parliamentary seat, where PKR candidate, Badrul Hisham Shaharin ("Chegubard") is challenging the PM's son-in-law has about 70 % Malay voters and 30 % of NON-Malay voters:

- Malays 69.9%

- Chinese 14.8%;

- Indians 14.8%)

- Others 0.5%






A Kind Reminder from Khairy Jamaluddin, the Prime Minister's son-in-law and the deputy chief of UMNO Youth, and the UMNO Candidate for Rembau Parliamentary Seat

  • According UMNO's Khairy Jamaluddin, Malaysian BLOGGERS are "monkeys"/"monyets". Read here and here

  • (UMNO candidate) Khairy Jamaluddin blamed Indians as the cause why Umno President Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s presidential address at the Umno General Assembly was not published on Thursday which is Deepavali day and a press shut down day. Khairy said, Today is the first time the Umno president’s speech is not being read by the masses because a particular ethnic group controls the distribution line of newspapers and they are on (Deepavali) holiday.” Read here

  • Read HERE: Khairy Jamaluddin and the ECM-Libra Avenue Scandal

    Excerpts of Interview with Tun Dr. Mahathir: Read
    here for more

    What do you think of the possibility of Mr Hishamuddin Hussein or Mr Khairy Jamaluddin playing a bigger role in Umno after the elections?

    I think if you follow them, it will be DISASTROUS for the (UMNO) party.
    The Barisan Nasional has just released its report card. What are your opinions on its achievements since 2004, when Mr Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's first term as Prime Minister began?

    Mahathir :
    There are of course a lot of negative things that are not in the report card. For example, lots of money is being lost, the prestige of the nation has gone down and the fact is a lot of people cannot find work or business in the country. They have to go elsewhere.

    Thursday 28 February 2008

    Opposition Candidates Standing Against MIC Candidates

    A Vote for MIC is a Vote for UMNO:
    - to continue UMNO's arrogant race-based politics
    ( and read here ) and

    - and insulting Indian vendors and disrepectful of Hindu temples

    NOT for one year, or two years, but for the next FIVE years.

    WATCH THIS CLIP: And Put On Your Speakers


    Opposition Candidates


    MIC Candidates


    PKR Candidates Against MCA, GERAKAN: Part One

    A Vote for MCA, GERAKAN is a Vote for UMNO:
    - to continue UMNO's arrogant race-based politics ( and read here ) and

    - the threat of the keris
    at the NON-Malays (and read here)

    NOT for one year, or two years, but for the next FIVE years.

    Your Voting Guide

    PKR Candidates



    ... to be continued: PKR candidates against UMNO
    in Part Two

    Wednesday 27 February 2008

    The Case for Voting PKR's Loh Gwo Burne in Kelana Jaya Parliamentary Seat

    Remember him?

    The chap who video-taped the infamous phone call of lawyer Lingam - in lawyer Lingam's own house ?

    He came back from overseas to take responsibility for the video-clip and testify at the Royal Commission Inquiry.

    His name is Loh Gwo Burne.

    Malaysians at that time felt it was brave of Loh to come forward to own up, given the high stakes involved in this issue, and risking his own personal safety and security. (Read here how the ACA hounded and intimidated his father, Loh Mei Fah. )

    PKR has nominated Loh Gwo Burne as a candidate for Kelana Jaya parliamentary seat, to stand against the incumbent MCA candidate Lee Hwa Beng and the Independent candidate , Billi Lim Peng Soon.

    Many in Kelana Jaya were surprised by Loh's nomination to stand against the incumbent MCA candidate.

    The question in the Kelana Jaya's voters mind is , WHY?

    We say,

    The more pertinent question for Kelana Jaya voters is NOT WHY, but WHY NOT?
    Malaysian Unplug

    Below is one view on this issue from a reader, Farida, on People's Parliament Blog. Read HERE

    Excerpts: Read here for more on People's Parliament Blog

    "... Firstly, not every constituency can have a candidate with established credentials.

    Don’t forget that even established candidates began as first-timers. And first-timers can find delivering their first speeches formidable, and the first run gruelling.

    But if they stay the course, over the years, they will mature into credible and even incredible Yang Berkhidmats.

    Secondly, we are out to defeat BN.

    So the focus has to be on Billie or Loh. THERE IS NO OTHER CHOICE.

    You can use this space to argue all you want but it is a done thing - Billie or Loh.

    (I) Loh Gwo Burne (PKR candidate)

    If I were a KJaya member, I’d go for Loh (Gwo Burne) for the following reasons:

    1. No matter what the hidden/personal/ self-gratifying reason may be for contesting, he already has a track record, people. He came back to testify, he came back to expose what needed to be exposed. Remember, he could have chosen to stay away from it all.

      I call that accountability. I call that taking responsibility. I call that stepping up to the demand of the moment.

    2. So he wins and does a disastrous job of being an MP?

      Take him to task, your yang berkhidmat, put him on the carpet and finally, if he does not learn, sack him at the next elections.

    (II) Billie (Lim Peng Soon) ? (Independent candidate,)

    He garnered less votes in 2004 than in 1999. He is the role model for his failure theory - ‘dare to fail’

    We can’t afford that kind of thinking in this round of elections.

    Will you give Loh (Gwo Burne) a chance?

    After all, you gave BN so many chances. Where did
    that get us?

    (III) MCA’s Lee Hwa Beng?


  • Did you hear his voice when BN wanted to extend (former Chief Justice) Fairuz’s tenure?

  • Did he speak on your behalf when you called for (EC Chairman) Rashid’s term to be terminated?

  • Has he ever denouced the ISA? People, where was he?
  • (He was toeing) the party (MCA) line.

    I asked a high-ranking MCA guy once why party (MCA) members had to vote the party line and NOT according to their conscience. His answer was simple but frightening :

    Our 'taiko' (boss) is UMNO’ .
    I rest my case. ..."

    We say:

    A Vote for Lee Hwa Beng is a Vote for UMNO to continue its arrogant race-based politics ( and read here ) - the threat of the keris at the NON-Malays and the continuing intimidation of MCA leaders - not for one year, or two years, but for the next FIVE years.
    -Malaysian Unplug

    (Note: Christian voters are not amused and may cause a backlash at MCA when Lee Hwa Beng raised the issue of shop-house churches in the Kelana Jaya area, implying they are ILLEGAL )

    Monday 25 February 2008

    March 2008 Election: WHY NON-Muslims/Chinese Voters Should Give PAS a Chance - The Facts

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  • VOTE


    , MCA , MIC and GERAKAN Candidates

    We say:

    As PAS attempts to reach out to the NON-Muslims/Non-Malays, especially the Chinese in the coming March 2008 Election, the NON-muslim and Chinese voters should have the courage to cross that moral bridge to take PAS's hands at this Election.

    The Chinese voters should have the political maturity to now shake off their long-standing psychological block to vote PAS's 60 candidates in the respective constituencies.

    If for any other reason, it is to deny the Barisan Nasional ( read UMNO), the two-third majority in Parliament.

    There is little for the Chinese to fear to give PAS and other Opposition parties the chance to prove themselves for the next five years. As we all know, there will always be ANOTHER election to review their performance, while UMNO, MCA, MIC and Gerakan are put to pasture to reflect and regurgitate on their deeds and misdeeds since 1957.

    Malaysia had been under an UMNO-led Government since it came to power unbroken in 1957. It has used its two-third majority to change the Federal Constitution over 600 times, mostly for partisan political reasons, and at times, for the most trivial reasons.

    You, the Malaysian voters should have been aware by now that the UMNO-led Government, over more than a decade, under its watch had overseen, among others,

    - the aggravated communal and religious tensions,

    - the abuse of the trust of the people given to implement the NEP that resulted in the policy to be self-serving for UMNO families and cronies,

    - the castration of the judiciary,

    - the abuse of ownership of the mainstream print and media for the the suppression of dissenting views,

    - the unchecked nepotism, cronyism and corruption at all levels of society, and

    - the ever-seeming rearing of the ugly head of racial conflicts from time to time instigated by UMNO politicians and UMNO Ministers themselves.

    This message on the state of the nation at this crucial juncture of our country's history should be made known to every Malay, Chinese, Indian and other voter in every constituency, especially those in the rural areas and the outskirts of our cities/towns.

    Political analysts will tell you, to change the country, there is need to change the Government .

    It is indeed the time for change in the political landscape for the betterment of the nation.

    If not, at the very least, the ruling political parties in the Barisan Nasional should be punished for their political arrogance with a denial of the two-third majority in Parliament.

    (Note: Your vote for MCA, MIC and Gerakan, is, by default, a vote for UMNO to run this country)
    -Malaysian Unplug

    Anwar Ibrahim Interview
    (Video clip courtesy of Malaysiakini)

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    -- Read HERE in Malaysiakini "Deny them a two-thirds' majority"

    -- Read HERE in Malaysiakini, "Vote opposition to save BN"

    From Malaysia-Today: Read


    Excerpts: Read here for more


    Raja Petra Kamarudin

    The Islamic State Document (ISD).

    " ....The Chinese in particular and the non-Malays in general, have been screaming about (PAS's) Islamic State Document (ISD) introduced in Terengganu in 1999 after the Tenth General Election and in Kelantan after the 1990 general election.

    And PAS knew (the ISD) would get nowhere with it. Why in heaven's name did they launch them then?

    PAS is an Islamic party and it is therefore their 'duty' to launch the ISD. What else would you have expected PAS to do? I would be very surprised if they had NOT launched them.

    Why the ISD CANNOT be Implemented by PAS

    (Federally PAS) would need at least 150 seats to control two-thirds of Parliament before they can implement the ISD and change Malaysia from a Secular State to an Islamic State.

    But PAS had only 27 Parliamentary seats in 1999 and even less in 1990.

    In 1990, PAS controlled two-thirds of the seats in the Kelantan State Assembly and, in 1999, in the Terengganu State Assembly. The ISD could have been implemented in these two states even though PAS would not have been able to do so at Federal level.

    Why, then, did PAS not do so at state level (ie Kelantan and Trengganu)?

    PAS could NOT do so at state level because, to make constitutional changes at state level, you require the approval of Parliament. And PAS did NOT have 150 seats in Parliament or control two-thirds of Parliament.

    But this should still not stop PAS from 'pushing' the (ISD) issue. PAS' job is deliver its election promise -- the implementation of Islam -- and then leave it to Parliament to sort the whole thing out.

    PAS Under Pressure by UMNO for Malay Votes

    We must remember, PAS was under pressure. Umno was calling PAS a liar. UMNO was accusing PAS of cheating the voters by not delivering its election promise (ie having won the State assembly but could not implement the ISD).

    The simple-minded village folks (orang kampong) are not able to rationalise issues the way we can. These people would swallow the Umno propaganda hook, line and sinker. “PAS bohong! PAS tipu! Sebelum pilihan raya janji Islam. Bila sudah menang pilihan raya diam, tak buat.”

    (As a consequence), PAS had to show that it delivers its election promises, or at least try to deliver even if it does NOT have the power to do so. We promise, we deliver.

    PAS' job is to try to deliver what it had been mandated to do by the voters who voted for it.

    And PAS did just that. So it fulfilled its election promise. If Barisan Nasional blocks it at Federal level because they control more than two-thirds of parliament, then PAS can't be blamed for that.

    Malaysia still remained a Secular State as everyone thought it would, PAS included.

    That is NOT PAS' fault though. That was Barisan Nasional's fault (since it had the two-third majority in Parliament). So Barisan Nasional is the 'chow lang' in the eyes of the Malay voters, not PAS.

    UMNO'S Tactics on PAS

    When Umno challenged PAS to 'deliver its election promise', it did NOT think that PAS would ACTUALLY do it since it must act in the spirit of the opposition coalition, then called Barisan Alternatif.

    Umno was calling PAS' bluff. When PAS fails to deliver, Umno can turn around and call PAS a liar and a cheat. Janji tapi tak buat.

    PAS Took UMNO's Bait

    Umno was in fact caught off-guard when PAS 'accepted' Umno's challenge and announced the launching of the ISD.

    Not only Umno was caught of-guard but the other three members of Barisan Alternatif as well -- DAP, PKN (now PKR) and PRM (now merged with PKN into PKR).

    DAP, PKN and PRM did not agree with the ISD and told PAS so. DAP even left Barisan Alternatif in a huff.

    Umno realised that challenging PAS was a MISTAKE. It thought the challenge was safe (thinking) PAS would not act alone. But PAS did act alone in spite of the protests from DAP, PKN and PRM.

    PAS had NO choice, really. It was being challenged by the other Malay-dominant party and was being called a liar and a cheat.

    Either it faced Umno and accepted the challenge or else PAS would become irrelevant and might as well close down just like Semangat 46 before that.

    Umno never suspected that PAS would put the opposition coalition in jeopardy by going against the wishes of the other three coalition members.

    But PAS did ... (and) managed to redeem itself in the eyes of the Malays. The (Opposition) coalition practically broke up (hidup segan, mati tak mahu).

    UMNO's "Islamic State" Response in 2001

    Now it was Umno that was in a bind.

    Umno responded by hurriedly declaring, on 19 September 2001, that Malaysia is already an Islamic country. So why do we (ie the Malays) need PAS? PAS can only promise. It does not control two-thirds of Parliament so it CAN'T deliver.

    Umno, (with the help of other BN parties, ie MCA and MIC etc ) controlled two-thirds of Parliament. (That means )Umno can deliver (Islamic State), So Umno, in a way, became Malaysia's new Islamic party, dislodging PAS from that perch.

    PAS's Rejection of the Islamic State Document (ISD)

    Many may have not noticed this, but since the 2004 general election, when PAS lost Terengganu, almost lost Kelantan, and saw its 27 Parliament seats reduced to just nine, PAS has STOPPED talking about the ISD.

    DAP knows this. People like Ronnie Liu (from DAP) can tell you that PAS wants to treat the ISD as an embarrassing mistake that should be buried in the past and allowed to remain buried.

    But people would not allow it to remain buried. They kept resurrecting the ISD issue even though PAS themselves, those who gave birth to it, would like it to remain buried.

    It was no longer PAS that was talking about the ISD. It was those who would like this stigma to hang over the head of what could be the most successful and powerful opposition party.

    PAS Learning Now from Its Mistakes

    Okay, PAS made a mistake in the past. They have learned from this mistake.

    But do we want to keep harping on the past? How far back into the past should we go? Is there any cut-off date?

    Should we continue killing every Japanese we see in Malaysia because of what they did to us during the Second World War? Sometimes the past is better left in the past, especially when all has been forgiven, though not quite forgotten.

    What PAS did two elections ago is also a footnote in history.

    Should we condemn the Indians for giving 90% of the votes to Barisan Nasional (MIC) in the recent Ijok by-election or should we instead support them and stand by HINDRAF because of what they are doing today rather than because of what they did a few months ago in Ijok?

    PAS's Inclusive Outlook for 2008 Election

    Today, PAS is talking in another tone of voice. That is what counts.

    Yesterday is yesterday. Today is what matters.

    And if today we still want to talk about what PAS did yesterday, then I too should condemn the Chinese for what they did yesterday to my family in Lukut and what the Indians did yesterday in Ijok.

    UMNO's Track Record with the Non-Muslims

    1. Umno during the time it was ruling Kelantan, blocked the building of a Hindu temple. (When PAS ruled Kelantan), it summoned the Kelantan Hindus for a meeting and offered them a site for a Hindu temple even though they did not ask for one?

    2. Umno during the time it ruled Kelantan, forbade pigs to be slaughtered in Kelantan. (When PAS ruled Kelantan), PAS allowed pigs to be slaughtered in Kelantan.

    3. Was it not Umno that declared Buddhist statues haram and blocked its construction in the state of Sabah? The court case is pending even as you read this.

    4. Was it not Umno that demolished Hindu temples in Selangor?

    5. Was it not Umno that shot tear gas and water cannons into the Batu Caves temple grounds?
    The Kelantan Experience

    Take a drive to Kelantan these next few days before the general election. Go visit the Kota Bharu market. See for yourself all the women selling at the Kota Bharu market. Yes, the women control the market. The women monopolise the economic scene.

    The batek and songket manufacturers are mostly all women. The signboards carry women's names. If you trade with them, you trade with the women.

    The women negotiate with you and the women handle all the money, not the men.

    Where are the so-called 'separate check-out counters'? The men and women stand in the same line and the women serve you and you pay the women at the check-out counters. There are only separate toilets for men and women. The rest are all men-women mixed.

    Go stay at the state government-owned Perdana Hotel in Kota Bharu. They have only one swimming pool. And you and your wife both swim in that same one pool. There are no two swimming pools, one for men and another for women.

    You want to drink, fine, order a beer and send me the bill. Yes, you can get drunk in Kota Bharu if you want to, as you could in Terengganu when PAS was ruling that state from 1999 to 2004.

    The Chinese Community Agreed to Gambling Ban by PAS in Trengganu

    Terengganu banned gambling when PAS was running that state. But that was because the PAS Menteri Besar had a meeting with the non-Muslims and they agreed that gambling is bad and should be banned.

    Some argue that gambling is Chinese culture and should not be banned. Well, why did the non-Muslims then ask the Menteri Besar to ban gambling?

    Anyway, I have made about ten trips to China thus far and have travelled the length and breadth of that country and none of the Chinese I met in China say that gambling is their culture. In fact, the Chinese government bans gambling and will not allow casinos on its soil.

    If just because you want to gamble you would rather have Barisan Nasional rule Kelantan and Terengganu, then the Chinese are even shallower than I thought. But if it is really that important and really Chinese 'religion' that you gamble, then make this point clear to PAS.

    And if gambling is more important than a good future for your family, I am sure PAS will accommodate the Chinese and not interfere with Chinese 'religion', as it has promised.

    But please do not ask PAS to legalise child prostitution so that you can sell your children to the pimps for a profit as much as in some societies this is acceptable and very rampant.

    Malaysia Will Continue to REMAIN a Secular State

    Let me put it to you again in plain and simple English.

    PAS is contesting only 60 Parliament seats. To control Parliament, PAS needs 150 seats ( two-thirds Parliaments). (Even if wins ALL 60 Parliamentary seats) PAS CANNOT implement Islamic law.

    (Similarly), even if they control two-thirds of the seats in the State Assembly without controlling two-thirds of Parliament.

    PAS is not pursuing the ISD any longer. Malaysia will remain a Secular State unless two-thirds of Malaysians demand this country be changed into an Islamic State through a referendum. Only Barisan Nasional can call the referendum because Barisan Nasional controls two-thirds of Parliament. Never by PAS.

    Still Worried About Islamic State?

    Now, are we still worried about Malaysia being turned into an Islamic State?

    If we are, then we had better watch Barisan Nasional closely because only Barisan Nasional can do that.

    Pro-UMNO Organisations Calling for more Islamisation in Malaysia

    Look at this news item again (Pro-government Islamic groups demanding stronger role for Islam ahead of polls in Malaysia) and here (PEMBELA declaration & press statement ).

    See who is crying out for more Islamisation?

    Is it PAS? Or is it the Umno-led organisations?

    Controlling the Two-Third Majority in Parliament

    And who will control two-thirds of Parliament come this election? Will it be PAS when it is contesting only 60 seats and may end up winning only half or so?

    Or will it be Barisan Nasional as most of you believe will happen?

    Is it wise, therefore, that Barisan Nasional be given two-thirds of the seats in Parliament?

    You decide come 8 March 2008 when you go to cast your votes...."
      - Raja Petra Kamarudin

      YOUR Vote in THIS Election Is for the Next FIFTY Years

      From LimKitSiang Blog: Read Here


      Lim Kit Siang

      Lim Kit Siang
      DAP candidate - Ipoh Timur, Perak

      Excerpts: Read here for more

      THIS 12th general election is NOT just about the next FIVE years.

      1. (It is a) a vote about the FIRST 50 years of Malaysian nationhood and the NEXT 50 YEARS!

      2. THIS general election is the LAST hope for CHANGE; whether there is a future for the building of a democratic, competitive, multi-racial, multi-religious, secular and just nation which our forefathers pledged to build through the Merdeka “social contract”.

      3. ... AND whether there is hope to build a democratic, just and competitive Malaysia.

      4. ...Or there will be a new exodus of braindrain of the best and brightest of Malaysians to other lands in despair at any possibility that all Malaysians, regardless of race or religion, can have an equal place under the Malaysia sun.

      5. (THIS) general election offers a golden opportunity to halt and dismantle the four-decade Umno political hegemony which has become the greatest threat to democracy, international competitiveness and national unity in Malaysia.

      6. The challenge (of this General Election) is whether history can be made to check and dismantle the Umno political hegemony, which marginalized ordinary Malays, Indians, Chinese, Kadazan-Dusun-Muruts, Ibans and indigenous people, orang Asli, by depriving the Barisan Nasional (BN) of two-thirds majority.
      If DAP, PKR and PAS can EACH secure 25 parliamentary seats, denying BN of 75 parliamentary seats, then the beginning of the end of the UMNO political hegemony threatening democracy, international competitiveness and national unity would have begun.
      -Lim Kit Siang

      Sunday 24 February 2008

      Son-in-Law Nominated for Rembau seat: Pak Lah BROKE Tun Mahathir's Long-Standing Tradition, by STARTING a Dynasty Within UMNO

      Khairy Jamaluddin, the son-in-law of Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi was nominated to stand as UMNO candidate in the parliamentary seat of Rembau in Negri Sembilan.

      (The UMNO candidate for Rembau, Khairy Jamaluddin had called Malaysian bloggers as "monkeys"/"monyets". Read here and here )
      The incumbent sitting UMNO Rembau MP, Firdaus Muhammad Rom Harun who won the seat in the 2004 election against the PAS candidate by a massive 48 % margin (by 28,664 votes), was asked to give way to the PM's son-in-law for this election.

      Opposing Khairy in the 2008 election is a PKR candidate, Badrul Hisham Shaharin. .

      Candidate Badrul Hisham was a teacher in Rembau. He lost his job because he wouldn't hide his anger towards a small group of unscrupulous people who are taking from country's khazanah to enrich themselves.

      (Photo courtesy of Rocky's Bru blog)
      Badrul Hisham Shaharin (Chegubard)
      PKR Candidate - Rembau, N. Sembilan


      The Rembau (N.Sembilan) parliamentary seat, where the PM's son-in-law is contesting against PKR candidate, Badrul Hisham Shaharin ("Chegubard") has about 30 % of NON-Malay voters:

    1. Malays 69.9%
    2. Non Malays 29.6 % (Chinese 14.8%; Indians 14.8%)
    3. Others 0.5%
    4. From Malaysiakini:

      Read here for more

      Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today that there should be NO political dynasties in the country.

      ..Many believed it was a reference to Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin.

      The Prime Minister with his Son-in-Law, Khairy Jamaludin,
      approved by Pak Lah to stand in Rembau (N.Sembilan) parliamentary seat

      Mahathir did NO Favours to his son, Mukhriz

      Mahathir said this was the reason why he did NOT fast-track his son Mukhriz’s political career during his tenure as prime minister.

      Photobucket Mukhriz will be vying for the Jerlun parliamentary seat in Kedah.

      Speaking at a press conference in Kuala Lumpur today, Mahathir said although Muhkriz has his blessings to stand as a candidate for Barisan Nasional, he will not campaign for his son.

      "It (Mukhriz’ candidacy) was determined by the top leadership of the party (Umno). I will not lobby, I will not make mention anything," added Mahathir who headed BN and Umno for more than two decades before stepping down in 2003.

      Recounting the call four years ago by Umno secretary-general Radzi Sheikh Ahmad for Mukhriz to replace his father as the Umno Kubang Pasu division head, Mahathir said he declined as he did not want to be accused of setting up his son as a political heir.

      "I did not want people to say I was setting up a dynasty. We should not have dynasties in our country’s politics. I had no say in the choice (of Mukhriz). It was entirely up to the leadership of Umno. If they choose him, they choose him. If they don’t choose him, I have to accept that. No, I will not campaign (for Mukhriz)," he added.

      Asked further, Mahathir refused to be drawn into the topic. "That is my choice," he said.

    5. From Rocky's Bru: Read here for more
    6. Donate to STOP the Dynasty !

      "...You want someone with leadership qualities?

      Take Chegubard (BADRUL HISHAM SHAHARIN - PKR candidate for Rembau).

      I've seen quite a bit of the 30-year PKR candidate (Badrul Hisham) and I am heartened.

      No millions in his bank account and he drives a Kelisa with no fancy numbers, unlike our friend KJ. A teacher in Rembau who lost his job because he wouldn't hide his anger towards a small group of unscrupulous who are taking from country's khazanah to enrich themselves.

      He does not have the millions that Khairy's friends have but he's determined to stop them from letting Khairy create a dynasty to rule Malaysians.

      A man can change things, but it'd be easier if you can help him change things for us.

      Help Chegubard to help save us.

      At the launch of the People's Declaration at Blog House yesterday, a doctor approached Chegubard while I was talking to him.

      "I'd like to help with your campaign fund," the good doctor offered. Chegubard thanked him and referred him to the PKR's campaign fund manager.

      "No," the doctor said. "I want to make sure my contribution to you, not to another candidate. I want to help you stop this dynasty."

      You can help Chegubard, too. click HERE.

      Or make your donation TODAY to:

      No: 199510011018 (Hong Leong Bank)

    7. From Penarik Beca Blog: Read here for more

    8. Orang Akan Ingat Perangai Yang Elok
      "... Saya tidak mahu melibatkan ibu Khairy Jamaluddin, Datuk Rahmah Abdul Hamid.

      Saya hanya tertarik pesanan beliau yang dipetik oleh
      Bernama, "kita hidup di dunia, orang akan ingat budi baik, jasa dan perangai yang elok."

      Kata-kata ibu Khairy itu mengingatkan kepada pesanan Allahyarham Datuk Kailan Hassan, kepada anaknya, Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

      "Kerjalah baik-baik, jangan selalu berbangga diri dan lupakan orang bawah,''
      Utusan Malaysia memetik Allahyarham sebagai berpesan kepada Abdullah.

      Sambil berharap anda tidak menyentuh walau sedikit pun ibunya, saya memohon anda menyatakan apakah yang paling anda ingati tentang Khairy, yang menawarkan diri sebagai calon Barisan Nasional bagi kerusi Parlimen Rembau dalam Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-12 ini...."

    9. From Jed Yoong Blog: Read here for more
    10. One Christian's View of PAS in Kelantan

      ' Husam Musa, HOT '

      "... Jed Yoong booked a room at a budget hotel at Husam Musa’s constituency.

      At about 9am, some shouting woke me up. When I went down to snap some pix on my road and beyond, I still didn’t know who the calons were at this area.

      I was so shocked that the calon was Husam Musa — the very person I wanted to photograph in Kelantan.

      As I chatted with the PAS people who were so friendly (the most among the political parties), I realised that as a Christian I was probably most ideologically similar to PAS in the sense that we believe in God. But our key doctrines are very different.

      There was something pure and sincere about PAS supporters. Call them naive or what you will.

      Over the other side, BN supporters rushed to get FREE nasi ayam. Some took about 10 packets. They also buggered off early at about 10.30am when I rushed over to the PAS side.

      I am really glad I made this trip. It’s been eye-opening so far.
      If Kelantan is the model, it’s better than Barisan (Nasional) .

      I want development with strong morals. Not the BN social decay while UMNOputeras (multi-racial) rob the people.

      Sincerity, integrity and fear of the Almighty appeals to me. PAS scores highest in these categories...."

    11. From Malaysiakini: Read here for more on
    12. "... Umno president Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today warned party (UMNO) members to STOP protesting against his decision to drop some incumbent candidates.

      It was reported that protests have been held outside the Perak and Terengganu menteris besar's official residence by disgruntled Umno members.

      Similarly busloads of Umno members had descended at the premier’s residence at Putrajaya yesterday to show support for their dropped candidates.

      Dissatisfaction in Perlis UMNO

      There was also high tension in Perlis yesterday when some Umno division leaders resigned and BN flags were tore down in the wake of news that Perlis menteri besar Shahidan Kassim would be dropped.

      Shahidan was eventually retained to defend his seat. His brother, Ismail, who was announced as the candidate for the Arau parliamentary seat this morning however was dropped from the list three hours later in a dramatic turn of events.

      The Umno president said he would not reveal what had transpired in his meeting with Shahidan and the two Perlis MPs Radzi Sheikh Ahmad and Azmi Khalid in Putrajaya yesterday.

      It is believed that the warring factions in Perlis - with Radzi and Azmi in one camp and Shahidan and his supporters in another - have come to an understanding in Putrajaya yesterday.

      It is believed that Shahidan would be stepping down in two years’ time and to be replaced by a neutral candidate, Syed Razlan Putra Jamalullail.

      The seat for Shahidan’s brother - as with the first announcement - is said to be part of this deal.

      Dissatisfaction in Penang UMNO

      A protest was held outside the venue by supporters of Penang’s Batu Maung state assemblyperson Mansor Musa. About 30 of them, led by an Umno branch leader Ahmad Omar, held banners calling for Mansor to be retained in the seat. They rejected the new candidate, Norman Zahalan, whom they said they were unfamiliar with.

      Meanwhile, on the possibility of a three-cornered fight in his Kepala Batas parliamentary constituency tomorrow, Abdullah said candidates are free to choose the seat they want to run.

      Apart from opposition PAS, a yet-to-be registered students’ party have said they would field a student as an independent candidate to challenge Abdullah. ..."

      Saturday 23 February 2008

      Friday 22 February 2008


      Read here for more and on ANIL Netto Blog

      Update (Read here for more)

      "... PAS has dropped from its election platform a pledge to create a theocratic state.

      PAS will campaign with the slogan "a nation of care and opportunity," party President Abdul Hadi Awang told reporters Thursday.

      He said the party is promising lower fuel prices, a minimum wage, free university education and more affordable health care.

      By focusing on social issues rather than Islam, it (is) softening its hard-line image, which has alienated not only non-Muslims but also some within the Islamic community.

      "We offer equal justice to all, justice in economy opportunities and freedom of religion," Abdul Hadi said. "We promise a government that is trustworthy, just and clean which will be able to give the people a better life."

      Kumutha Raman, a 29-year-old law graduate, was named as the FIRST non-Muslim candidate to be fielded by PAS for a state seat in Johore.

      Kumutha had broken the conservative Islamic party's 61-year-old tradition of only fielding Muslims as candidates.

      But knowing the realities, PAS is fielding her under the Parti Keadilan Rakyat symbol,based on the electoral pact the two parties have made.

      She is a member of the one-month old Unity Bureau under the Johor Non-Muslim
      Pas Supporters Club.
      "I joined the club because I see that Pas is not bent on racialism. To me all races, be they Malays, Chinese or Indians, are the same," she said

      Johor Pas commissioner Datuk Mahfodz Mohamed, who said the move signified PAS' tolerance towards other races.


      From Anil Netto Blog
      "...But all said and done, it is a breakthrough.

      This is exactly the sort of “out-of-the-box” thinking that we need to shape a new political landscape in our land, breaking down ethnic, religious and mental barriers..."
    13. From Readers of Malaysia-Today (Read here and here)

    14. "...I support and vote for PAS. They are moderate and respect other races and religion. UMNO is arrogant, insensitive, rude, disrespectful...... "

    15. "..A definite way forward for unity in the country. This made (me) jump with joy that a barrier to unity has been lifted. Sort the problems at hand first and put in sound Islamic principles in your governance.

    16. "...This is one positive step forward towards creating one united uncorrupted (in minds and deeds) Bangsa Malaysia. It's time for healing, it's time to accept one another without being suspicious of each other's good intentions. Syabas PAS!! ..."

    17. "...good thinking n good move,PAS!!my friends and me who are nonpartisan shall give our votes to pas in our constituency against umno/BN on 8-3-2008.Vote Barisan Rakyat and hidup rakyat!! .."

    18. "...Way to go PAS. Strong shared values are common to all folks of good and noble ethics. .."

    19. "... It is NOT UNDERSTOOD that Islamic State is implicit in the manifesto. If it is not specifically mentioned, then the voters are not voting for Islamic State. Though, I'd still be more inclined to vote for PAS despite this issue because they are not forming government. ..."

    20. "...Good decision, but I hope PAS you are sincere in making this decision as I could foresee it may have affect on your own members whom may have more aspiration to see that Malaysia indeed becomes an Islamic state. But if the decision was made unanimously after deliberation with the overall party representatives, then I foresee a great future for Barisan Rakyat. Congratulation in taking the first step, I just pray it is not a gimmick to earn non muslim Malaysians vote! ..."

    21. "...Now I say that Pas is full pledged political party ..."

    22. " would be very interesting to know what PAS would have to say about how they would handle the agonies suffered by those of other faiths in recent times such as the "body snatching", conversions especially where the husband converts to Islam and the wife, who has not done so, is faced with dilemmas such as what happens to her children etc etc. It would be very interesting to know what their views are on matters like the Lina Joy case etc etc, the controversies involving places of worship whether they are demolitions of existing ones or the challenges faced in trying to build new ones. These are matters that have become very important to those of other faiths and without a doubt, they would want some answers because they must feel they are not getting them at the present time. We cannot ignore their worries. They are Malaysians and our brothers and sisters. ..."

    23. "...All that the Indians of Ulu Tiram have to do is to review the videos of how the Indian community has been treated by UMNO, aided and abetted by MIC. Their frustration and anger have been stirred. They are looking for hope. Barisan Rakyat can deliver. Ulu Tiram used to be a BN stronghold because of the solid block vote delivered by MIC. But times have changed. MIC and BN are in for a rude shock. ..."

    24. "...But I wonder why field her under PKR flag? Why not directly under Pas symbol? As long as she understands and is conversant of Pas policies and constitution, the will be able to speak and explain to the masses. Again wonderful move because this has managed to break the mindsets of the people. After Hindraf, this is the next best thing to happen. There goes a few more seats to the opposition. BN is now in real trouble! ..."

    25. "..AS the BN stares at a dwindled majority is a nightmare thinking how many more seats then usual you are actually going to loose.....and worse still if you are going to loose the two thirds majority.........but the real nightmare begins when Chinese and Indians dont mind being members of PAS!!!...but what does the nightmare become when a Chinese or Indian actually becomes a PAS candidate.....UMNO, the Malay Muslim party hasnow become irrelevant......... "

    26. "...Well done, Kamutha!! PAS will do more for you than MIC ever can!! .."

    27. "...PAS, I salute you. Go for it, Kumutha!! ..."
    28. Thursday 21 February 2008

      Malaysia's Islamic NGOs' Call for "TALIBANISATION" of Malaysia in the 2008 Election

      Read here "TALIBAN DEMANDS" on RantingsMM Blog and on Another Brick Wall Blog

      Pembela & ACCIN are umbrella groups leading the coalition of 77 Islamic NGOs in Malaysia.

      Pembela & ACCIN have announced their Election 2008 DEMANDS on the MyIslamNetwork website, entitled: "MALAYSIA’S 12TH GENERAL ELECTION: ISLAMIC NGOs ELECTION DEMANDS."

      Read HERE full demands of the 77 Islamic NGOs (see list of names of the NGOs below)

      We say emphatically,
      ALL Malaysian political parties, in particular PAS and PKR , should stay absolutely clear from the divisive "Taliban-like" demands made by these narrow-visioned 77 Islamic NGOs.

      Many of these demands being pressured on politicians and political parties are dangerously divisive. They do not foster better religious understanding and harmony in Malaysia's multi-religious society.

      These demands are exploitative in nature and in many of them are simply self-serving.

      The Islamic NGOs which had signed up to these demands should not aggravate the already uncomfortable climate the country was recently in on religious issues faced by Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

      Those who have endorsed these demands are seen as attempting to drive their agenda of making Malaysia into a "Taliban-version" of Malaysia, that is, Malaysia as a potential "Afghanistan of Asean."

      It should be a non-negotiable point that ALL NON-Muslim voters and those fair-minded Muslim voters should NOT give their votes to ANY candidate in their respective constituencies or to any political party in BARISAN NASIONAL or in the Opposition who have publicly supported the Islamic NGOs' demands.

      Excerpts : From the "MALAYSIA’S 12TH GENERAL ELECTION: ISLAMIC NGOs ELECTION DEMANDS". Read here for more

      Following are some of the demands of the 77 Islamic NGOs:

      1. Special Constitutional Position of Islam
        • Assert the significant role of Islam in the state and rejects the notion of Malaysia as a secular state.

        • Defend and strengthen the position and jurisdiction of Syariah Courts under Article 121(1A) of the Federal Constitution.

        • Legislate laws controlling the propagation of non-Muslim religions among the Muslims in Sabah, Sarawak, Perlis, Pulau Pinang and Federal Territories as provided by Article 11(4) of the Federal Constitution.

        • PROSECUTE those who cause religious disharmony, especially by making offensive remarks against Islam, under Section 298A of the Penal Code.
      2. Islamic Education and Da’wah

        • Increase the learning period of Islamic subjects in national primary and secondary schools.

        • Re-instate and increase the per-capita aid to People’s Religious Schools (Sekolah Agama Rakyat, SAR) and provide free textbooks to students of these schools.

        • Re-introduce the teaching of Mathematics and Science in Malay at national schools.

        • Increase the number of recipients of the Public Service Department’s scholarship award to Muslim students to further their studies abroad.

        • The Ministry of Education to continue encouraging Islamic practices in schools.

        • Provide special allocation to Islamic NGOs to carry out Islamic educational activities.

        • The Ministry of Information to be sensitive toward the feelings of Muslim majority in devising broadcast policies;

        -- prioritize television programs that contribute to the development of a moral society;

        --increase the number of Islamic education programs; and

        --stop airing entertainment programs that promote hedonistic culture.
      3. Good Governance
        • Foster the internalization of Islamic values among civil servants.

        Appoint senators among the leaders Islamic NGOs to oversee the implementation of Islamic policies and promote the welfare of Muslims.
      4. Inter-Ethnic and Inter-Religious Relations

        REJECT political parties and politicians who disregard special position of Islam in Malaysia and those who advocate the secular understanding of absolute religious freedom.

        • Form a special committee comprising the representatives of Muslim organizations and local authorities to deliberate on applications to build non-Muslim houses of worship in Muslim-majority residential area.
      5. Islamic Faith and Morals
        • REJECT the notion of religious pluralism which claims that all religions are the same.

        • REJECT the use of specific Islamic terms like “Allah”, “Ka’abah”,”Baitullah” and “Solat” to refer to certain dissimilar concepts in non-Muslim religions.

        • INCREASE the number of religious enforcement officers and their level of professionalism.

      The list of names of the Islamic NGOs which had endorsed the above demands:


      Election Campaign COFFEE Break: LINGAM'S DEVIL CURRY



      Wednesday 20 February 2008

      2008 ELECTION: Malaysians Want a United Front by Opposition Parties - A United Manifesto and NO 3-Corner Fights

      From Malaysia-Today: Read here for more

      Quote - read HERE in Malaysiakini for more

      "... We WILL deny the (BN a) two-thirds majority.

      I am very positive about this, notwithstanding all the fraudulent processes, cheating, ‘phantom’ voters, 120-year-old men and women going to vote or people springing up from the graves.

      With all that, we still can press for more than one-third of the seats.

      (The years) 1998, 1999 (were a) sort of Malay drama. Now we can sustain that enthusiasm and support among the Malays, increase the votes among Chinese as seen in the last few years, and now from the Indians - it is going to be a major breakthrough, a defining moment..."
      -Anwar Ibrahim


      "... If there are any THREE-CORNER FIGHTS we must PUNISH BOTH OPPOSITION candidates by voting for Barisan Nasional in that particular constituency.

      And let both the Opposition candidates lose their deposits.

      It must be a STRAIGHT fight or NOTHING AT ALL.

      The people must send this very strong message to the Opposition Parties. DAP, PAS, PKR, MDP, PSM, PRM are all guilty of this...."


      Raja Petra Kamarudin

      Excerpts:Read here for more

      "... Based on the statistics of the last eleven (11) General Elections:

    29. 75% of the registered voters come out to vote. (That is) about 8 million Malaysians will be voting this coming election (March 2008).

    30. About 5.5 million have made up their minds who to vote for, split almost equally between the (BN) and the Opposition.

    31. 2.5 million Malaysian are still undecided.

    32. And if you add this (undecided) 2.5 million to the 3 million voters who will not come out to vote, there are 5.5 million 'virgin' voters who have NOT yet committed themselves to any political party.

    33. Targeting the 5.5 Million Undecided and "Virgin" Voters

      Concentrate on the (this) lot of (undecided and 'virgin')5.5 million voters. They can still be swayed to vote either for the ruling party or the opposition even on Polling Day itself.

      And many within this second lot of 5.5 million do have computers and internet access and do go to blogs and internet websites to read the 'alternative' news.

      Many of those within this second lot of 5.5 million have NEVER voted before, did not even bother to register to vote until quite recently, will be coming out to vote for the first time, and will definitely vote opposition. If not they would not bother to vote or to register as a voter.

      And these people are not kids. Some are in their forties and fifties.

      Many are professionals and are in the upper-middle class group. This should have been their fifth or sixth election, not their first.

      But they never bothered to vote or even to register as a voter until quite recently because they do not see any alternatives who they can vote for.

      Voting for Change

      But that has now changed.

      It was a gross mistake giving Barisan Nasional 92% of the seats in Parliament the last time around.

      Barisan Nasional has grown arrogant. Success has gone to its head.

      Barisan Nasional needs to be cut down to size.

      At least send as many opposition candidates as possible to Parliament. And, if in the process Barisan Nasional's two-thirds majority can be taken away, then well and good. That would be the bonus.

      A United Manifesto by the Three Opposition Parties (PAS,PKR,DAP)

      The three main opposition parties -- PAS, DAP and PKR -- have all announced that they are launching their INDIVIDUAL l election manifestos. This is a MAJOR disappointment.

      We had hoped that the opposition parties would not launch their own individual election manifestos but instead adopt the Peoples' Declaration or Deklarasi Rakyat as THEIR manifesto.

      At least this would demonstrate to the voters that the opposition is united. But, alas, this is not going to be so.

      The Peoples' Declaration will be officially launched at 11.00am on Saturday, 23 February 2008, at the Blog House (No: 66, Lorong Setiabistari 2, Bukit Damansara, 50490, Kuala Lumpur).

      NO Three Corner Fights

      Equally important is; there must NOT be any THREE corner fights. The last two elections saw quite a few three-corner fights in spite of the existence of an opposition coalition called Barisan Alternatif and the electoral pact that was agreed upon.

      Threesomes are great when it comes to sex . But in an election it will be disastrous.

      In some seats, the votes the two opposition candidates garnered were more than what the solitary Barisan Nasional candidate got.

      This means, if it had a been a straight fight, the opposition would have won that seat instead of Barisan Nasional. In other seats, because of the three-corner fight, the opposition candidate lost his deposit.

      One hapless opposition candidate in Kampong Medan actually borrowed money from an Ah Long (loan shark) thinking he would be able to refund the money after the election.

      The poor fellow disappeared after that and I am not sure whether he had gone underground to escape the Ah Long or the Ah Long finally caught up with him and dumped his body into a mining pool.

      Punish the Opposition Parties in 3-Corner Fights

      This time around we must punish those parties that perpetuate three-corner fights.

      If your voting constituency is subjected to a three-corner fight then we must vote for the Barisan Nasional candidate.

      Let both the opposition candidates lose their deposits. It must be a straight fight or nothing at all.

      The people must send this very strong message to the Opposition Parties.

      DAP, PAS, PKR, MDP, PSM, PRM are all guilty of this.

      This is because there are many egos at play here. Everyone thinks that they are terra.

      Azmin Ali of PKR and Hassan Ali of PAS are quarrelling as to who is going to be the new Menteri Besar of Selangor.

      Aiyoh. Boleh menang ke tidak? You are not even sure you can deny Barisan Nasional its two-thirds majority in the Selangor State Assembly. Try that first if you can.

      Taking over the state and forming the next government and throwing tantrums because you want to the next Menteri Besar is pure bullshit. Nak cerita pun malu!

      Last election, DAP and PAS engaged in a three-corner fight in Puchong. This election, Karpal Singh's son will be contesting that seat and PAS has graciously agreed to withdraw to allow DAP to have that seat -- and he has a better than average chance of winning the Puchong seat.

      But just as we thought the Puchong matter is already settled, PKR jumps in and says it wants that seat. Aiyah! Apa ni?

      PKR does not even have a candidate yet. They just want that seat and if they get it they will be frantically looking around for someone to field in Puchong.

      Why not DAP, PAS and PKR all contest in Puchong and we make it a four-corner fight instead? Semua kepala tak betul.

      If there are any three-corner fights we must punish BOTH opposition candidates by voting for Barisan Nasional in that particular constituency.

      This is the era of Peoples' Power. The people must decide, not the political parties.

      We accept the opposition, but on our terms, not theirs. If they turn their backs on us then we must turn our backs on them as well.

      Chances are Good to Deny BN Two-Third Majority

      The opposition has a very good chance of winning a good number of seats. The opposition also has a very good chance of denying Barisan Nasional its two-thirds majority in Parliament.

      Furthermore, the opposition has a very good chance of forming the Kelantan, Terengganu, Penang and Sabah state governments.

      And if the opposition fails to do all this it is not because Barisan Nasional is strong but because the opposition is shooting itself in its own foot.