Sunday 24 February 2008

Son-in-Law Nominated for Rembau seat: Pak Lah BROKE Tun Mahathir's Long-Standing Tradition, by STARTING a Dynasty Within UMNO

Khairy Jamaluddin, the son-in-law of Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi was nominated to stand as UMNO candidate in the parliamentary seat of Rembau in Negri Sembilan.

(The UMNO candidate for Rembau, Khairy Jamaluddin had called Malaysian bloggers as "monkeys"/"monyets". Read here and here )
The incumbent sitting UMNO Rembau MP, Firdaus Muhammad Rom Harun who won the seat in the 2004 election against the PAS candidate by a massive 48 % margin (by 28,664 votes), was asked to give way to the PM's son-in-law for this election.

Opposing Khairy in the 2008 election is a PKR candidate, Badrul Hisham Shaharin. .

Candidate Badrul Hisham was a teacher in Rembau. He lost his job because he wouldn't hide his anger towards a small group of unscrupulous people who are taking from country's khazanah to enrich themselves.

(Photo courtesy of Rocky's Bru blog)
Badrul Hisham Shaharin (Chegubard)
PKR Candidate - Rembau, N. Sembilan


The Rembau (N.Sembilan) parliamentary seat, where the PM's son-in-law is contesting against PKR candidate, Badrul Hisham Shaharin ("Chegubard") has about 30 % of NON-Malay voters:

  • Malays 69.9%
  • Non Malays 29.6 % (Chinese 14.8%; Indians 14.8%)
  • Others 0.5%
  • From Malaysiakini:

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    Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today that there should be NO political dynasties in the country.

    ..Many believed it was a reference to Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin.

    The Prime Minister with his Son-in-Law, Khairy Jamaludin,
    approved by Pak Lah to stand in Rembau (N.Sembilan) parliamentary seat

    Mahathir did NO Favours to his son, Mukhriz

    Mahathir said this was the reason why he did NOT fast-track his son Mukhriz’s political career during his tenure as prime minister.

    Photobucket Mukhriz will be vying for the Jerlun parliamentary seat in Kedah.

    Speaking at a press conference in Kuala Lumpur today, Mahathir said although Muhkriz has his blessings to stand as a candidate for Barisan Nasional, he will not campaign for his son.

    "It (Mukhriz’ candidacy) was determined by the top leadership of the party (Umno). I will not lobby, I will not make mention anything," added Mahathir who headed BN and Umno for more than two decades before stepping down in 2003.

    Recounting the call four years ago by Umno secretary-general Radzi Sheikh Ahmad for Mukhriz to replace his father as the Umno Kubang Pasu division head, Mahathir said he declined as he did not want to be accused of setting up his son as a political heir.

    "I did not want people to say I was setting up a dynasty. We should not have dynasties in our country’s politics. I had no say in the choice (of Mukhriz). It was entirely up to the leadership of Umno. If they choose him, they choose him. If they don’t choose him, I have to accept that. No, I will not campaign (for Mukhriz)," he added.

    Asked further, Mahathir refused to be drawn into the topic. "That is my choice," he said.

  • From Rocky's Bru: Read here for more
  • Donate to STOP the Dynasty !

    "...You want someone with leadership qualities?

    Take Chegubard (BADRUL HISHAM SHAHARIN - PKR candidate for Rembau).

    I've seen quite a bit of the 30-year PKR candidate (Badrul Hisham) and I am heartened.

    No millions in his bank account and he drives a Kelisa with no fancy numbers, unlike our friend KJ. A teacher in Rembau who lost his job because he wouldn't hide his anger towards a small group of unscrupulous who are taking from country's khazanah to enrich themselves.

    He does not have the millions that Khairy's friends have but he's determined to stop them from letting Khairy create a dynasty to rule Malaysians.

    A man can change things, but it'd be easier if you can help him change things for us.

    Help Chegubard to help save us.

    At the launch of the People's Declaration at Blog House yesterday, a doctor approached Chegubard while I was talking to him.

    "I'd like to help with your campaign fund," the good doctor offered. Chegubard thanked him and referred him to the PKR's campaign fund manager.

    "No," the doctor said. "I want to make sure my contribution to you, not to another candidate. I want to help you stop this dynasty."

    You can help Chegubard, too. click HERE.

    Or make your donation TODAY to:

    No: 199510011018 (Hong Leong Bank)

  • From Penarik Beca Blog: Read here for more

  • Orang Akan Ingat Perangai Yang Elok
    "... Saya tidak mahu melibatkan ibu Khairy Jamaluddin, Datuk Rahmah Abdul Hamid.

    Saya hanya tertarik pesanan beliau yang dipetik oleh
    Bernama, "kita hidup di dunia, orang akan ingat budi baik, jasa dan perangai yang elok."

    Kata-kata ibu Khairy itu mengingatkan kepada pesanan Allahyarham Datuk Kailan Hassan, kepada anaknya, Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

    "Kerjalah baik-baik, jangan selalu berbangga diri dan lupakan orang bawah,''
    Utusan Malaysia memetik Allahyarham sebagai berpesan kepada Abdullah.

    Sambil berharap anda tidak menyentuh walau sedikit pun ibunya, saya memohon anda menyatakan apakah yang paling anda ingati tentang Khairy, yang menawarkan diri sebagai calon Barisan Nasional bagi kerusi Parlimen Rembau dalam Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-12 ini...."

  • From Jed Yoong Blog: Read here for more
  • One Christian's View of PAS in Kelantan

    ' Husam Musa, HOT '

    "... Jed Yoong booked a room at a budget hotel at Husam Musa’s constituency.

    At about 9am, some shouting woke me up. When I went down to snap some pix on my road and beyond, I still didn’t know who the calons were at this area.

    I was so shocked that the calon was Husam Musa — the very person I wanted to photograph in Kelantan.

    As I chatted with the PAS people who were so friendly (the most among the political parties), I realised that as a Christian I was probably most ideologically similar to PAS in the sense that we believe in God. But our key doctrines are very different.

    There was something pure and sincere about PAS supporters. Call them naive or what you will.

    Over the other side, BN supporters rushed to get FREE nasi ayam. Some took about 10 packets. They also buggered off early at about 10.30am when I rushed over to the PAS side.

    I am really glad I made this trip. It’s been eye-opening so far.
    If Kelantan is the model, it’s better than Barisan (Nasional) .

    I want development with strong morals. Not the BN social decay while UMNOputeras (multi-racial) rob the people.

    Sincerity, integrity and fear of the Almighty appeals to me. PAS scores highest in these categories...."

  • From Malaysiakini: Read here for more on
  • "... Umno president Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today warned party (UMNO) members to STOP protesting against his decision to drop some incumbent candidates.

    It was reported that protests have been held outside the Perak and Terengganu menteris besar's official residence by disgruntled Umno members.

    Similarly busloads of Umno members had descended at the premier’s residence at Putrajaya yesterday to show support for their dropped candidates.

    Dissatisfaction in Perlis UMNO

    There was also high tension in Perlis yesterday when some Umno division leaders resigned and BN flags were tore down in the wake of news that Perlis menteri besar Shahidan Kassim would be dropped.

    Shahidan was eventually retained to defend his seat. His brother, Ismail, who was announced as the candidate for the Arau parliamentary seat this morning however was dropped from the list three hours later in a dramatic turn of events.

    The Umno president said he would not reveal what had transpired in his meeting with Shahidan and the two Perlis MPs Radzi Sheikh Ahmad and Azmi Khalid in Putrajaya yesterday.

    It is believed that the warring factions in Perlis - with Radzi and Azmi in one camp and Shahidan and his supporters in another - have come to an understanding in Putrajaya yesterday.

    It is believed that Shahidan would be stepping down in two years’ time and to be replaced by a neutral candidate, Syed Razlan Putra Jamalullail.

    The seat for Shahidan’s brother - as with the first announcement - is said to be part of this deal.

    Dissatisfaction in Penang UMNO

    A protest was held outside the venue by supporters of Penang’s Batu Maung state assemblyperson Mansor Musa. About 30 of them, led by an Umno branch leader Ahmad Omar, held banners calling for Mansor to be retained in the seat. They rejected the new candidate, Norman Zahalan, whom they said they were unfamiliar with.

    Meanwhile, on the possibility of a three-cornered fight in his Kepala Batas parliamentary constituency tomorrow, Abdullah said candidates are free to choose the seat they want to run.

    Apart from opposition PAS, a yet-to-be registered students’ party have said they would field a student as an independent candidate to challenge Abdullah. ..."

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