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A 20-Point Political Manifesto for Malaysia's Survival in 21st Century

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Makes plenty of sense...
Worth considering every one of them.

(except possibly on No.12 on Golf and No.20 on killing animals)

All political parties, especially BARISAN NASIONAL, DAP, PKR, PAS etc, should take note of this carefully crafted, humanistic, climate-change conscious and environmentally-friendly 20-POINT MANIFESTO for MALAYSIA 's SURVIVAL in 21st CENTURY

Don't forget to incorporate the
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Twenty (20)-Point Political Manifesto for MALAYSIA in 21st Century



Zaharan Razak:

  1. Gradual eradication of identification by race including bumiputraism which smacks of apartheid; you can use any language privately but only English and Bahasa Malaysia publicly; no Malay, Tamil or Mandarin separate schools; no schools will be identified by race or religion; religion is a private and community activity, not national or state; religion shall not be used for political or state purposes; no evangelical wars or pinching of members; no rabid evangelizing; live and let live, leave well alone, do not stir a hornet's nest.

  2. Holistic approach to environmental protection - facilities, education, carrot and stick; strict enforcement of recycling, proper rubbish disposal.

  3. World class public and housing utilities such as sewage, drainage, water supply.

  4. Gradual reduction of reliance on fossil fuel dependant motor transport; discourage use of private vehicles especially cars as is done in Singapore.

  5. Pedestrian and cycling facilities will be racked up to be among the best in the world such as Holland.

  6. All unhealthy lifestyle habits such as smoking, being overweight, being couch potatoes, will be severely discouraged, restricted, penalized.

  7. The purpose and spirit of Khidmat Negara in varied forms will be instituted to cover all age groups and all segments of society including grandmas and grandpas. Everyone has to attend KN type annual camps; must once, voluntarily more; KN trainees must produce a journal/report complete with selected photos or sketches; a minimum standard of report writing quality must be met. Writing and photography lessons, use of computers, will be part of KN. We don't want Malaysians to have discipline and confidence but poor in organizing their thoughts on paper.

  8. There will be a whole list of suitable Malaysian names for you to choose from as part of eradication of identification by race and to create a Bangsa Malaysia. No forcing, but people are encouraged to modify or change their names while names of newborns must be chosen from the thousands of names on the constantly updated list. Old elements of identification are incorporated into the new naming system. The basic form of naming is simple: first name, family name, e.g. Robert Tan, Ahmad Kushairi, Letchumy Karupasamy. No bins, a/l,G-B-T, M-K-b-A-T.

  9. Mass participation of sports is a way of life.

  10. People who commute using bicycles will be given attractive incentives.

  11. People who use cars will have to pay more; single occupancy of cars is strictly discouraged and will have to buy a gantry pass as in Singapore.

  12. All natural elements like rivers, mountains, the very surface of the earth, every square inch of it, will be gazetted as sacred and everyone is responsible of turning defined areas nearest to them as spick and span landscaped gardens with not a single cigarette butt or plastic to be seen. RM$50 spot fine, otherwise; awards and prizes as incentives. the whole country will be transformed into a golf course where no golf is played! Down with golf! Like bowling, golf is expensive to set up but gives less benefit to fewer people. It is a spurious pursuit that detracts humanity from its ultimate quest.

  13. The element of spirituality as opposed to mere organized religions and its outward trappings will be emphasized in all possible mundane undertakings within reasonable forms of course; all competing demands and social inequalities shall be solved by using standard working formulas of compromise and give and take arrived at by consensus and informed by the best ideals and principles humanity can offer.

  14. Establish diplomatic relations with all countries no matter their politics as a signal that people to people contacts are just as if not more important than governmental relations.

  15. No banning of books, movies except on grounds of excess violence, pornography,extremely in bad taste, etc.

  16. All services catering to public needs such as food selling must be properly codified, certified and standardized for health and sanitation. For example a goreng pisang seller will have to sit a written test and be asked: What are the dangers of using old recycled over night oil? Why black plastic bags cannot be used to wrap food? What is a balanced diet? What is air pollution? What is ozone layer? No pass, no licence. Resit!

  17. All toilets must be as clean if not cleaner than the cleanest room in the house.

  18. All houses must be built to standards set by authorities.

  19. All roads will be lined with shade trees on both sides.

  20. No more trees will be removed from the forest, penalty will be increasingly severe to repeat offenders; the lives of animals are sacred, thou shalt not kill them .

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