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The Static Mindset of the MALAY Leadership: " I-am-right-therefore-you-are-wrong" Syndrome

From Malaysiakini: Read here article by AB Sulaiman


AB Sulaiman
(AB SULAIMAN is an observer of human traits and foibles, especially within the context of religion and culture. As a liberal, he marvels at the way orthodoxy fights to maintain its credibility in a devilishly fast-changing world.)



"... the emotional, subjective, narrow-minded, and plainly prejudiced and racist Malay mind... is adamant stating he is right about it, and being so, everyone else is wrong.

This "I-am-right-you-are-wrong syndrome" remains in vogue and its pervasive presence will be felt for a long while to come.

This environment is to me retroactive, and racist in concept and application. It is totally out of sync with the progressive outlook Malaysians badly need, to be on par with the rest of the human civilisation.

Learn, unlearn, relearn. This is one tested way to get on with life in this post-modern world. Sadly I do NOT see the Malay mindset learning, unlearning and relearning from it.

In the post modern world of human rational thinking decked with science and technology and where change is a constant, this Malay penchant for clinging on to the status quo is the worse thinking norm to have.

Old Timer will be left miserably behind (like many Malays are already) and the Ketuanan Melayu leadership will lead the country to ruin (like it is already?).

Old Timer and the Ketuanan Melayu leadership are like confused ethnocentric crabs, walking sideways.

They connive for ALL Malaysians to walk SIDEWAYS, just because THEY walk that way, and NOT straight.

It might be too late for the country, for other countries might be that far ahead of us and our next generations will suffer, all because people like Old Timer do not know how to learn unlearn and relearn, and they allow the country to go down the drain with a clear sideways-walking conscience.

(But) I DO think that the Malay is beginning to be aware that his long held mental status quo has passed its currency and usefulness.

-AB Sulaiman

Excerpts: Read here for more AB Sulaiman's article "Window to the Malay Mind"

Debate on the word "Allah": "An Old Timer"'s Mindset

The debate about the word ‘Allah’ gets more interesting and challenging as days go by. The background is simple enough to enunciate.

I reiterate it here as a reminder (principally to myself) not to be confused about the issue.

It is that the generic or mainstream Malay mind does NOT distinguish between:
(a) the term ‘Allah’ as a concept of the transcendent super-being, and

(b) as a specific name to label it.
So to the Malay mind there is NO difference between god as the concept and as a name give to recognise it; they are perceived as identical and synonymous to one another.

This inability to separate (a) from (b) has probably led to the Malay’s ETHNOCENTRIC INABILITY to appreciate that ‘Allah’ has at least three meanings:
(i) the name of the Malay-Muslim God

(ii) the word for God in Arabic, which therefore is commonly used by non-Muslim Arabs; and

(iii) the word for God used by non-Muslim and non-Arab cultures, borrowing it from Arabic.
The challenge to this enunciation is that the Malay loads this belief with a lot of theology and spirituality, so much so that talking plainly about it is taken as blasphemous.

In other words, the Malay mind sees the meaning of this word only as per (i) above.

He is totally ignorant and blind to the remaining two, and other, alternative possibilities.

An Old Timer puts it concisely thus:
"To the Malays, the word 'Allah' is unique and exclusive.

It refers to the God that they have been taught to worship and have submitted to".

By this terse statement, he sweeps alternatives (ii) and (iii) under the carpet and simultaneously gives credence and proof to my perception of HIS frame of mind.

Old Timer’s single perception has given us a clue, and a window, to his thinking norm.

When we separate the blasphemous element and concentrate on the basic scientific and secular elements we see that the mindset harbours the following features and characteristics:
1. He (Old Timer) displays the traditional thinking norm where everything is taken LITERALLY , where Thinking IS Reality . Because of this, he does NOT conceptualise and intellectualise.

2. He accepts past wisdoms inherited from his elders WITHOUT much scepticism and criticism. Everything he inherited (like in this case, that Allah has only one meaning) is right, and has to be right, while every OTHER thing is wrong.

3. This thinking norm is known not to have the avenue for realising its mistakes and therefore the path or avenue to get out of problems on its own volition.
Old Timer has NO mental path or avenue to REALISE his mistakes.
I’d put the case in another way.

Old Timer can be right only in ONE special case: That is:
- When there is only one ‘race’ in the world and that is the Malay race; and

- When there is only one religion in the world and it is Islam.
But in reality there is no denying that there are very many ‘races’ in as much as there are many religions. So by the logic of the argument Old Timer cannot be right.

In my perception he is wrong on ALL counts.

But as ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ are in turn elusive and subjective words, I’d rephrase my contention as follows:
Old Timer has no capacity to see beyond alternative (i) because of this he has no mental ability to accept the existence of (ii) and (iii).

He is reduced to being emotional, subjective, narrow-minded, and plainly prejudiced - racist - with his contentions when he should be rational, objective and open minded about it.

To be kinder, I’d say that Old Timer is obviously the person who does NOT know that he does NOT know.

Old Timer and others like him (think Fathima Idris, any member of the ulama class, and those individuals under the ambit of the Ketuanan Melayu leadership) have a way of discounting my arguments.

He’d merely term or label the contentions (that there can be three meanings to ‘Allah’) in effect as the current politically fashionable ‘rubbish’ as per his own words:
"When debating the use of term ‘Allah’, please do not quote Indonesia which has a different historical and socio-cultural background.

Also, please do not quote the use of the word ‘Allah’ in the Bible used by Christian bumiputeras in Sabah or Sarawak because in the context of Malaysia, that should not have been allowed in the first place….

And of course, please do not quote the use of the word ‘Allah’ among the Christian Arabs because it is in a totally different context."

By now it is obvious what he is saying is the following paraphrase: "Please do not resort to alternatives (ii) and (iii) to the meaning of ‘Allah’, because we Malays are not privy (i.e. unable or unwilling to conceptualise and intellectualise) to them. We are contented with alternative (i)".

In simpler terms he is saying: "In debating ‘Allah’ just stick to alternative (i) and ignore (ii) and (iii) because I say so. They have no reason to exist in the first place anyway."

There is sadly no other substantive logic beyond this.

From here we can see that Old Timer is of the illusion and delusion that he is right, that only he is right, and all others are wrong.

I’d be happy to leave Old Timer alone in his illusion and delusion, save for one important observation:
That Old Timer also says this ominous following: "You too have to think like us."
I take umbrage to this and cannot comply, for I think I have the mental or logical avenue to realise my mistakes. Moreover I value my own rationality and can make my own decisions and judgments. So beyond alternative (i) I do appreciate, accept and recognise the presence of alternatives (ii) and (iii).

I had been quite prepared to sit back and enjoy the proceeding of this interesting debate.

But Old Timer’s rigid exhortations prevented me from letting it go by.

The Need to Learn, Unlearn and Relearn

As a nation, we Malaysians have to at least learn a little bit from this heated conundrum.

To quote Alvin Toffler, we learn something, and if we find it untrue, to unlearn it, and then to relearn new things from it:
Learn, unlearn, relearn.
This is one tested way to get on with life in this post-modern world.

The "Apostasy" Controversy

Indeed in the recent past the country has gone through one similar debate. I refer to the case of apostasy.

Sadly I do NOT see the Malay mindset learning, unlearning and relearning from it.

The gist of the debate on apostasy has been:
To the Malay mind, Malays cannot apostate, and non-Malay converts too cannot revert to their original religion.
Like the word ‘Allah’ this is the way the emotional, subjective, narrow-minded, and plainly prejudiced and racist Malay mind takes the word ‘apostate’ to mean.

More importantly he is adamant stating he is right about it, and being so, everyone else is wrong.

I connect this I-am-right-therefore-you-are-wrong syndrome not only with the words ‘Allah’ as understood by Old Timer, and ‘apostasy’ previously, but also with the generic mindset of the Ketuanan Melayu leadership running the country today.

The BERSIH and HINDRAF Demonstrations and the "Ketuanan Melayu" Mindset

1. Remember the Bersih demonstration? This civil society coalition says the election system is a travesty of a clean democratic process. The authorities, however, are used to the idea that they are right all the time and every time. The police said No to a permit and declared the rally illegal.

2. Remember Hindraf? This nascent group claims that the Indian Malaysians have been suffering from the after-shocks of the New Economic Policy. The authorities, again used to the idea they are right each time and all the time, said No, this is not true and declared the Hindraf protest rally as illegal. Its leaders were branded as crooks, bad hats and terrorists.

3. Remember the other Ketuanan Melayu leaders doing and saying things that would result in severe discomfort for lesser mortals? To the ruling institutions, they were not doing anything untoward; they were merely BEING THEMSELVES . These symptoms are not dissimilar to Old Timer’s protestation that he is right and others are wrong on the word ‘Allah’.

The Malay Mindset of "I-am-right-therefore-you-are-wrong" Syndrome

It is evident this I-am-right-you-are-wrong syndrome remains in vogue and its pervasive presence will be felt for a long while to come.

This environment is to me RETROACTIVE, and RACIST in concept and application.

It is totally OUT OF SYNC with the progressive outlook Malaysians badly need, to be on par with the rest of the human civilisation.

Can we not change the Malay mindset a little bit, enough to enable it to say in effect:
‘I am right, but I can see that you might be right as well.

Now, let us sit down and determine where the contradiction and conflict lies and find some flexible and pragmatic grounds where we can work together.’

Such show of flexibility and pragmatism should go a long way to sort out our national problem.

The Malays Need Time (30-40 Years) to Change

Dr Mazeni Alwi has made some comments before that give me a glimmer of hope.

Give the Malay time to digest the concept and let it germinate, he has previously said on apostasy.

Then, "30-40 years" from now the Malay will grow to accept it.

In other words, right or wrong has nothing to do with it; it is the suddenness to make apostasy less rigid that has created the over-reaction on the part of the static Malay mindset.

It’s all a matter of timing. Let the Malay digest change slowly, and he will eventually think the way the rest of the world think.

Should indeed this is the case - if the Malays are projected to be able to address change three to five decades into the future - does this not mean that today he already has the conceptual ability to realise that today his I-am-right-therefore-you-are-wrong mindset is conceptually no longer right?

Does this not mean that there is merit in apostasy, in the many possible meanings of ‘Allah’, and in other such similar situations, but that the Malay mind cannot accept (or not quite ready to accept) the existence of this possibility?

I would like to think the answers are in the positive; and looking into the logic of the arguments I do think that the Malay is beginning to be aware that his long held mental status quo has passed its currency and usefulness.

Do I care? Yes, I do care.

In the post modern world of human rational thinking decked with science and technology and where change is a constant, this Malay penchant for clinging on to the status quo is the worse thinking norm to have.

"Ketuanan Melayu" Ideology of Malay Leadership and the Ruining of the Nation

Old Timer will be left miserably behind (like many Malays are already) and the Ketuanan Melayu leadership will lead the country to ruin (like it is already?).

Old Timer and the Ketuanan Melayu leadership are like confused ethnocentric crabs, walking sideways.

They connive for all Malaysians to walk sideways, just because they walk that way, and not straight.

The greater tragedy is, with the country’s political and power structures what they are right now, they might get their way.

And 40 years down the road can be a very long time indeed.

It might be too late for the country for other countries might be that far ahead of us and our next generations will suffer, all because people like Old Timer do NOT know how to learn unlearn and relearn.

They allow the country to go down the drain with a clear sideways-walking conscience.

Monday 28 January 2008

Why YOU Should Boycott ALL Malaysian Mainstream Newspapers: Press Statement by HARTAL MSM Committee

Go to "People's Parliament" Blog for more information on the BOYCOTT CAMPAIGN


A ‘Boycott the Newspapers!’ online petition was launched.
The petition can be accessed and signed online at


(Get News on the Internet)


New Straits Times








MEDIA STATEMENT from the "HARTAL MSM Committee "

Hartal MSM’ working committee: When & Why

This committee comprising 8 individuals was set up in late December 2007 when it became apparent from participants’ comments in The People’s Parliament that there was a genuine concern in society over how news reported by the mainstream media (MSM) did not always tally with facts.

The earnest discussions in our blog and numerous suggestions by readers on strategies to address this concern clearly indicated that many treated the shortcomings of MSM with the seriousness they deserved.

It also became obvious that some structure and methodology would have to be put into place if the suggestions to tackle MSM’s failings were to be effectively implemented.

Hence the formation of our committee to manage a boycott of newspapers.

Which newspapers make up MSM?

In the context of The People’s Parliament initiative to tackle the matter of dishonest news reporting, we have to say that, regrettably and without exception, but to varying degrees, this would include ALL of the LOCAL newspapers.

False reporting by MSM

In truth, this is not a recent phenomenon but has been going on for some time.

However, a reference to recent events of public importance and the less-than-honest coverage of the same by the MSM would be sufficient.

On 9 Oct 2007, Malaysiakini reported that the Ipoh Timur parliamentary constituency had seen an increase of 8,463 in the number of registered voters within the space of three months. Of particular concern were the new 3,208 postal voters even though there are no new army camps or new police stations in the constituency. MSM did not carry any report on this.

On 10 Nov 2007, a civil society-driven rally in Kuala Lumpur was attended by some 60,000 people of diverse backgrounds, calling for electoral reforms. Bersih supporters peaceably marched to the palace of the Yang DiPertuan Agong to deliver a people’s memorandum on the electoral reforms sought. Yet a report in The Star of the following day gave the impression that this rally comprised no more than 4,000 people and was effectively dispersed by the authorities.

On 20 Nov 2007, senior political correspondent Lydia Lim of the Singapore Straits Times reported on the 10 ongoing International Court of Justice hearings between Malaysia and Singapore to decide on the dispute between the two nations for sovereignty over the Pedra Branca. Lim’s report said that the Malaysian legal team had resorted to the use of a photograph of dubious authenticity lifted from an anonymous blog to create a photographic illusion and exaggerate the proximity of Pedra Branca to Johor. This scandal was reported in numerous blogs. However none of the MSM published this piece of disturbing news.

On 25 Nov 2007, some 30,000 Malaysians joined the Hindraf march headed for the British High Commission. In the early hours of that same day, several thousand Malaysians were forcefully contained in the compound of the Batu Caves. The Star reported on Nov 26 that the IGP had said no teargas or water cannons had been used at the Batu Caves. Nonetheless, many blogs and alternative news sources on the Internet published photographic evidence to the contrary. To date, The Star has not shown any inclination to pursue this matter with a view to giving its readers the truth. In fact, in the days following, there appeared to be a concerted and contrived effort through the MSM to unabashedly vilify this public rally as an attempt by Indians to stir up racial unrest.

On 19 Dec 2007, Malaysiakini reported a statement issued by Anwar Ibrahim in which the ex-deputy premier implicated former transport minister Dr Ling Liong Sik and his successor Chan Kong Choy in the RM4.8 billion Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) project irregularity. None of the MSM carried this news item. Interestingly, MSM have also not seen it fit to undertake an investigation into this scandal.

On 21 Jan 2008, most, if not all of the MSM reported a crowd of some 21,000 at the MIC-sponsored ‘Meet the PM’ rally at the Badminton Stadium in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur the previous day. Yet our own committee member who attended the event reported that the number of attendees ranged between 6,000 and 8,000 at best.

Our expectations of MSM

We want responsible, ethical news reporting.

Balanced and unbiased.

MSM must cease their practice of continually downplaying issues of grave concern to the reading public and their lack of transparency in reporting (or omitting to report) national scandals and revelations of high-level corruption.

We are also concerned for our friends in journalism. We often hear from them of their frustrations in having their reports edited to a point where fact becomes displaced by fiction.

This must stop; professionalism must prevail.

Readers pay good, hard-earned money to receive honest news reporting. They should not be duped into settling for less.

Our concerns on elections coverage

Given that the next general elections are expected to be held very soon, our ‘Boycott the Newspapers!’ campaign is imperative if Malaysia is going to have any chance of a cleaner poll.

As the Bersih manifesto for electoral reform clearly states, we urgently need a free media and fair access for opposing views.

MSM presently are neither free nor fair.

What history has shown is that MSM have always had a field day disseminating falsehood to Malaysian voters because of the uneven playing field and public space restrictions imposed by the incumbency who are the media owners or whose owners are closely affiliated to the ruling parties.

The recent acquisition of Nexnews shares in The Sun and The Edge by tycoon Vincent Tan reinforces the nexus between political and corporate interests.

Signature Campaign

Yesterday evening, we launched an online signature campaign calling for a boycott of the MSM.

The petition is a vehicle for ordinary Malaysians to put on record that they do not condone the duplicity of MSM pretending to speak as vox populi and the patent lies that they print.

The petition can be viewed at

Today, we call on all Malaysians to join us to make every Tuesday a ‘Paper-Free Tuesday’.

Let this be the start.

We hope that MSM will get the message and if they do not, we will have to give some thought to the other days in the week.

Currently, MSM spindoctoring is going into overdrive on the authorities’ perennial tried-and-tested track of communalism, misrepresentation and fear-mongering.

To counter their deliberate inaccuracy, we shall put together a brief summary of ‘alternative news’ for our ‘Balik Kampung Bawa Berita Benar’. It is an experimental initiative to be picked up at The People’s Parliament shortly.

Closing statement

The People’s Parliament holds that MSM are now hardly voices of the people but rather mouthpieces of the government. If Malaysia is to see any change at all, the rakyat must know the truth and this truth is unfortunately not forthcoming from MSM.

We hold that a boycott of local newspapers is one way we can check the rot in our country and a means for civil society to take constructive action. Malaysia deserves a free press.

Hartal MSM committee

So You DON'T Want to Vote? F-U, You Moronic Robots

"The government is us; WE are the government, YOU and I ”
- Theodore Roosevelt - 26th US President (1901-09)

From POLITIKUS on "Squeak.Speak. Roar," Blog

Excerpts: Read here for more article by Politikus:

" Here’s how I see it.

The explanation is a bit crude, so please bear with me.

I think the rakyat has the OPPOSITION by the balls.

DAP, PKR, PAS, PRM, PSM, DLL (dan lain-lain) are at our mercy. They need our votes and support because without us, they are nothing. I think that’s a better bargain for the rakyat to have at least some kind of leverage over them.

(And) the ruling BN COALITION Government have ALL OF US by the balls and are squeezing them so tight that WE are nothing but mere shells of what a DECENT citizen is entitled to.

That’s what happens when you have a (BN)GOVERNMENT that has raped the system so thoroughly.

They just take it all. And they take it from us (and Petronas - which belongs to the PEOPLE !!)

F**k that, you moronic robots. So, you don’t wanna vote?

  1. Then you’ve just deprived yourself the chance to make the teensiest of change.

  2. You’ve also revoked your right to complain about the government or the opposition.

  3. Your decision not to vote, to me, is as good as a foot set in migration.

  4. The only difference that sets you apart from those Nazri has labelled ‘kalau you tak suka, you boleh keluar dari negara’ is that somewhere deep down inside, YOU LOVE the country BUT you’re NOT willing to bear the responsibility of actually DOING something.

Of course everybody just LOVES being a critic. So much easier isn’t it? I’m not surprised.

You lot ain’t got NO MORE BALLS left, that’s why.....the typical tidak apa attitude we’re so famous for.

Bitch, bitch, bitch and complain ONLY.

I’m happy for Kelantanese who think PAS is doing a f**king good job. Don’t see a mass exodus of them moving to KL cos PAS is treating them like dirt.

How well do you know PAS? Have you ever done research or speak to people from the party? I guess not. Whoever bothers these days. Just set up a blog and say PAS is evil because our ministers say so.

Our MINISTERS said WE ARE an Islamic state. Vote them in again-lah, dickheads.

I’m sick of you ranting Malaysians who can only complain about OPPOSITION, the GOVERNMENT and how imperfect every damn thing is.

Please- lah, look at your bloody self.

Having your BALLS squeezed till they’re black and blue; and many of you are licking the ones of your masters.

You f**kers deserve it.

And DON'T vote. You will STILL be a loser.

If you wanna migrate then migrate-lah. We don’t need PUSSIES in the country taking the easy way out.

If the ORANG ASLI has never had the urge to migrate although they are treated WORST in the country, then the lot of you sure have a sorry excuse to be Malaysian.

I’m voting and I’m not sorry. .."


  • From Rocky's Bru Blog, on "When he who's never been elected speaks ... " EXCERPTS:
  • Bernama reported: " ...Khairy Jamaluddin advised Umno Youth leaders not to lobby to become candidates in the next general election but to strive hard to consolidate the party machinery to face the elections. He reminded the movement's leaders and members to support those who were selected as Barisan Nasional (BN) candidates in the 12th general election. 'Let there be no one who broods, refuses to set up operations rooms or boycotts when the candidates of their choice are not picked. The candidates represent the BN, they represent us, and we have to support them,. he said. ...'"

    This statement here is the clearest hint so far that the PROTECTED ONE, ie the PM's beloved son-in-law, who was NOT elected to be the Umno Youth deputy chief, will be fielded as a candidate at the 12th general election.

    Question is WHERE , and at WHOSE expense? ..."
  • From Anil Netto:EXCERPTS: Read here for more
    "..I thought I would check out the atmosphere at the DAP ceramah at the Penang Chinese Town Hall in George Town tonight to gauge the mood among voters. The total turnout was around 3,000, including the few hundred outside the hall.

    This was not your typical DAP ceramah. I had covered ceramahs in Penang, including those held at the Chinese Town Hall, for some years - but this was unlike anything I had seen.

    Instead of an 80 per cent ethnic Chinese crowd, this time Indian Malaysians made up more than 90 per cent of the crowd.

    Instead of speaking in English and Chinese, the DAP speakers spoke largely in Malay and Tamil and some English.

    The Chinese Malaysians who turned up looked bemused and a bit taken aback to find themselve in a minority this time. One Chinese woman, a stranger, turned to me and remarked,After 50 years of Independence, you have finally woken up.

    I saw many, many men and women who looked like they had come from tough or difficult backgrounds, the lower-income group. Were they manual labourers, casual workers, factory workers or unemployed, I wondered. Many of them looked like they were coming to a political ceramah for the first time.

    How many of them were actually registered voters? All the same, they seemed eager to snap up reading material such as The Rocket and Aliran Monthly, which were being sold outside.

    I saw a few young Indian Malaysian men wearing the familiar red and pink Abolish ISA badges.

    You could almost feel the air of excitement hanging over the crowd.

    The DAP made a conscious effort to project the Indian Malaysian faces in their ranks such as Karpal, Kula, Prof Ramasamy, Guna, Sivanesan and Rayan. Also on stage were Kit Siang, Guan Eng, Chong Eng and was that Jeff Ooi?
  • Saturday 26 January 2008

    Thaipusam 2008 at Batu Caves Temple: "One MILLION Turned Up ?? "

    POODAH !!
    BERNAMA (the National News Agency) DISGRACED ITSELF by headlining " Call To Boycott Thaipusam In Batu Caves Ignored, One Million Turn Up."

    Photobucket Bernama even quoted Samy Vellu as saying as of noon Wednesday, not less than 500,000 people, both locals and foreigners, flocked to the temple to fulfil their vows, and Samy Vellu "expects the crowd to swell to about 1.1 million by this evening."

    Related article:

    More spins and untruths to be fed by the Government's new media propaganda machine, "Accurate Information Reference Center- (SAHIH)"

    " Accurate Information Reference Centre (SAHIH)" - Ministry of Information

    "... The Information Minister, Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin, said the Information Ministry has set up an Accurate Information Reference Centre (Sahih) which will begin operations from Feb 1 to tackle the dissemination of false information, particularly in view of the coming general election.

    He said the setting up of Sahih could
    ensure that ONLY ACCURATE and CORRECT information were conveyed to the people using the existing technology.

    He said the Sahih centre would disseminate the information through the hotline, e-mail and SMS DAPAT, sending them by `broadcast', through the `cell broadcast' and correct information subscription...." (Bernama)
    here for more

    DPM Najib's Dangerous Untruth About Kampung Baru Malays
    "... DPM Najib Razak today defended the government's crackdown on dissent, including the arrest of ethnic Indian activists and suppression of street protests, saying "If the Malays of Kampung Baru come out then we have the spectre of a serious possibility of a racial clash in this country."

    I don't think this Deputy Prime Minister was aware that during the Hindraf peaceful rally, when the police fired their tear gas and water cannons, many of the Indian marchers near the KLCC had to run to nearby Kampung Baru for cover. And guess who gave the marchers refuge? None other than some of the Malay residents of Kampong Baru.

    I thought this reason given by the deputy prime minister for the arrest of the Hindraf leaders was indeed frivolous for a man of his stature. It is totally irresponsible for the deputy prime minister of the country to issue such provocative statements of a racial nature.

    Political leaders who continue to influence this kind of racial politics that contribute to the perennial racial divide in this country ought to be ashamed of themselves. It is people like him who utter such irresponsible comments that contribute to the respective communities continuing to sneer and scorn at each other. ..."
    Read here for more on "Tumpang Sekoleh" Blog and HERE

  • Read here eye-witness account by "Nanda" at Batu Caves on People's Parliament blog

  • Read here article in Malaysiakini, "Hindu devotees boycott Batu Caves"

    "...Visitors to Batu Caves yesterday evening and this morning reported that the crowds were relatively thinner this year - numbering only in their tens of thousands - unlike previous years where devotees could reach more than one million.

    One seasoned visitor, businessman S Babu, 32, said he was at the temple at 6am this morning and was surprised by the lack of congestion at the temple.

    Previous years, we can’t even walk. This morning however, it was as easy as an evening stroll,” said Babu.

    The MIC-linked temple managers were blamed for allegedly assisting police who cracked down hard on a demonstration by Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) supporters there last November, using tear gas and water cannons..."

  • Read here related article on Dr. Hsu Forum, "Self- Denial Mode Still"
    "..Yesterday’s Oriental Daily (Chinese paper) carried 2 photographs of Batu Caves, one taken 2007 and one this year on Wednesday, both during the Thaipusam Festival.

    From the pictures , it was clear that the crowd at Batu Caves was smaller this year.

    But the ’supreme’ Indian leader was still in self denial mode and boasting that this year’s crowd is the biggest ever...."
  • The following photos speak for themselves:

    Photobucket Photobucket

    Photobucket Photobucket

    Photobucket Photobucket
    Photobucket Photobucket
    (Photos courtesy of People's Parliament Blog and Tumpang Sekoleh Blog


    From "Kuala Lumpur Is Home" Blog: Read here for more
    ".... The first time I saw Samy Vellu trying very hard to appear full of confidence (on national TV of course) when he announced that there were more than 1 million devotees at the Batu Caves Temples on Thaipusam day, I could not help but just burst out laughing.

    I woke up quite late yesterday (thanks to Pak Lah for declaring a public holiday in Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya… errr sorry…. should I thank Hindraf instead?), and when I turned on the TV, it was just nice that the TV guy was interviewing him right there at Batu Caves.

    In the background, I, or anyone watching the TV for that matter, could clearly see there was so much less people at the famous temple… and yet this guy was telling the whole nation there were 1 miillion Hindu devotees.

    To add salt to Samy’s injury, Malaysiakini reported
    Hindu devotees boycott Batu Caves, the fact that was backed by the some visitors to Batu Caves temples, stall owners and all other medias, save of course some main stream media that are well known for twisting and spinning real stories for ‘you know who’.

    Like me, I think the whole Indian community in Malaysia must be having good laughs on Samy Vellu as well. And who knows, Samy Vellu and associates also were quietly having one hell of a good laugh themselves after the interview…. while the whole world is watching what has become of Malaysian politicians...."

  • From Anil Netto: Read here for more
  • ".... It’s confirmed. The boycott of Batu Caves for the Thaipusam festival has been a success.

    Tens - perhaps hundreds - of thousands of Hindu Malaysian devotees have boycotted Batu Caves - which experienced at least a 30 per cent drop in attendance.

    They have instead turned to temples elsewhere for the annual Thaipusam festival.

    The boycott has blown apart any attempt by Samy Vellu and the mainstream media to equate the attendance at a religious festival in Batu Caves with support for the MIC/BN.

    Clearly, the attempt to tie the MIC and Samy Vellu’s political legitimacy to the turnout at a religious festival - as if the devotees were there to pay homage to them - has failed miserably.

    A couple of eye-witnesses who visited Batu Caves this morning told me that the turnout for the Thaipusam festival early this morning was distinctly smaller.

    Remember, this is despite Thaipusam now being a public holiday in KL from this year.

    One would have expected a bigger turnout with people having the day off there. One source told me that he felt the turnout was about 30 per cent lower.

    A second source told me that the drop exceeded 30 per cent but not as much as half. She told me that during the same time (early morning) last year, the entrance to the Batu Caves temple premises was jammed. But not today.

    A third source told me that a climb that would normally take 3-4 hours to complete - inching one’s way up the steps leading to the temple at the top and back - this time took only an hour.

    This morning, devotees could actually approach close to the altar with their paal kudam (milk pots) unhindered by the sea of humanity that would have obstructed their path in previous years.

    Many people had also turned up a couple of days earlier to fulfil their vows, said another source. And when they were asked for their chits (indicating they had paid about RM10) upon presentation of their paal kudam, many just glared back and refused to comply - which could be why the fee is reportedly only optional today.

    A couple of stall owners grumbled that business had been poor. They had apparently paid RM2,500 for a small stall and RM5,000 for a bigger area. Even the eating stalls/areas were not crowded.

    It’s very noticeable that it is a much smaller crowd this year,” said my second contact. “The shop-owners told me business was affected.”

    Tens of thousands of devotees have gone to OTHER temples instead including the Pandamaran temple in Port Klang. When contacted at the scene, Charles Santiago of the Monitoring Globalisation research unit told me over the background din that the turnout was anything between 30,000 and 40,000.

    (But) press reports say the total turnout over the entire celebration here reached 100,000, which is what another source told me. Now, this is remarkable when you consider that Port Klang is not normally associated with huge Thaipusam festivities.
    Hindu devotees have also thronged smaller temples in Kuala Selangor, Klang and elsewhere in Selangor. One small temple in Klang, which in previous years would receive only about 30 paal kudam, this time received over a hundred milk pots, as some 3,000 devotees showed up.

    All said, it looks like the boycott call by Makkal Sakthi/Hindraf supporters has successfully diverted a large number of people away from Batu Caves.

    The boycott was called after many Indian Malaysians expressed unhappiness over the way the Batu Caves temple authorities handled the situation on 25 Nov 2007.

    Riot police arrived to spray water cannon and tear gas in the direction of the crowd gathered inside the Batu Cave temple premises in the early hours of dawn before the Hindraf rally later that day, sparking anger...."

    Friday 25 January 2008

    Remembering Saloma aka Salmah Ismail (1935 - 1983)

    She was born Salmah Ismail on 23rd January 1935 in Singapore.

    On stage and on screen, she was called

    Photobucket Photobucket


    Photobucket Photobucket

    Some believed that her stage name SALOMA was given to her by Run Run Shaw of Shaw Bros when the film Salome which starred Rita Hayworth hit the Box Office. While others said it was coined by the 'love of her life' husband, P.Ramlee.


    Puan Sri Saloma passing at a young age of 48 on 25 April 1983 left the nation with profound sadness and an end to a era of screen romance.

    She married P. Ramlee in 1961. Till today, her movies and those acted along with Tan Sri P.Ramlee are classics and are still screened for the enjoyment of many... it's what legends are made of.

    Saloma's choice of songs and music cut across racial boundaries and genre. Listen to these songs, for example:
    She had a voice which had been described as "romantically melodious that can sink a man's heart".

    Her acclaimed crystal clear and melodious voice captivated and mesmerised those who came far and wide to watch her perform. Soon after, offers to act came by and like the saying goes... the rest was history.
      Charming , attractive and tinged with a look of innocence, she acted in numerous films and played lead roles which featured her prominent singing ability.





      "ACI ACI BUKA PINTU" with P. Ramlee

      "MALAM BULAN DI-PAGAR BINTANG " with P. Ramlee


      Along with her husband, Saloma was a lead member of Panca Sitara Group. She also sung with the Kalung Senandung Group at Radio Singapura.

      In 1975, she was awarded the Ahli Mangku Negara (AMN) and in 1979, the Biduanita Negara (National Celebrity Award).

      MORE SONGS BY SALOMA (including duets with other singers)

        Wednesday 23 January 2008

        Rumours Abound In Malaysian Blogosphere: Another Sex Video Scandal ??

        Update (26th Jan 2008):

        The following was posted on 16th December 2007 by 'BUDIEY' in "Sensasi Selibriti" Blog

        "Gossip Artis Lelaki Gay dibela Menteri Biseksual?

        Sebenarnya gossip pasal artis lelaki gay dibela oleh orang kenamaan dan VIP sudah lama wujud. Cuma kadangkala orang dah bosan dan tak mahu sentuh pasal cerita taboo macam ni sebab ianya agak pelik, menjengkelkan dan memalukan.

        Sekarang timbul balik gossip di kalangan komuniti gay Malaysia di mana didapati ada seorang penyanyi kacak lagi terkenal yang dipercayai mempunyai naluri cinta sejenis telah dibela dan disimpan oleh seorang MENTERI yang mempunyai seksual orientasi

        Untuk info adik-adik dan kakak-kakak semua, biseksual merupakan perilaku atau orientasi seksual seseorang, baik laki-laki maupun perempuan, yang tertarik secara seksual dan erotik pada dua jenis kelamin iaitu lelaki dan perempuan. Semua benda dia nak sapu.

        Budiey tidak tahu kesahihan cerita ini kerana nama penyanyi dan nama menteri yang membela anak ikannya itu tidak diketahui.

        Sumber yang diperolehi di
        Forum Cari ini, mengatakan MENTERI tersebut berasal dari negeri JOHOR. Huhu… siapa ek?

        1. From Kuda Kepang Blog (21 January 2008) : Read here for more:

          "... kini satu lagi dvd seks yang membabitkan seorang lagi MENTERI dikatakan akan disebarkan di Kepala Batas.

          Sumber-sumber memberitahu blog ini, dvd itu dikatakan memaparkan...berasmaradana secara gay.

          Menteri itu daripada komponen BN. Tetapi BUKANnya daripada MCA.

          tulisan blogger Datuk Kamal Amir yang disiarkan dalam Malaysia Today, dvd itu dipercayai “melibatkan pemimpin tertinggi negara dalam percaturan moral sewaktu kunjungannya ke Singapura.”

          Sumber-sumber juga memberitahu blog ini bahawa AMALAN GAY MENTERI berkenaan sebenarnya sudah diketahui oleh pucuk kepimpinan negara. Tetapi, ianya terus dirahsiakan daripada pengetahuan rakyat jelata.

          Sumber-sumber yang sama juga mempercayai pihak yang terlibat mendedahkan skandal seks para menteri kebelakangan ini adalah dari satu kumpulan tertentu yang dikatakan mempunyai nafsu politik yang amat rakus.

          Sumber-sumber itu juga berkata, pihaknya menerima info bahawa dua lagi dvd seks mengenai “dua lagi orang besar” mungkin disebarkan oleh pihak berkenaan di sebuah negeri di pantai timur semenanjung.

          Jadi, adakah usaha di atas sesuatu yang terancang dan dilakukan oleh pihak yang mungkin rapat dengan pucuk kepimpinan negara? ..."

        2. From Kamal Amir: Video Panas di Kepala Batas: Read here for more

        3. " ... apa yang lebih menarik adalah cerita bakal meledak di Kepala Batas berhubung pengedaran pita video melibatkan pemimpin tertinggi negara dalam percaturan moral sewaktu kunjungannya ke Singapura.

          Kiriman sms berbunyi, “bersedia mulai sekarang ada cerita lebih menggemparkan di Kepala Batas, pengedaran pita video melibatkan pemimpin bakal tercetus”.

          Sejauh mana benarnya sosek-sosek tersebut sukar untuk dibuktikan. Namun, kalangan kaki “gebang” kedai kopi dan warung kaki lima semakin bersemangat menyatakan semacam adanya gerakan terancang menjelang pengumuman pilihan raya umum bakal beredarnya pita video tersebut bermula dari Kepala Batas, Pulau Pinang.

          Kenapa Kepala Batas dipilih sebagai pelancaran pengedaran pita video sedemikian?

          Ada kalangan menyatakan bahawa ia merupakan sebahagian daripada agenda Tingkat Empat melaksanakan perang saraf politik untuk segera menyingkirkan beberapa orang pemimpin tertentu. Katanya ada “grand design” sedang dicetuskan bagi merobah landskap politik tanah air.

          Untuk waktu terdekat, andainya pilihan raya umum dilangsungkan, Pulau Pinang bakal menjadi “padang maut” dominasi Barisan Nasional disebabkan rakyat negeri tersebut merasa cukup marah serta tidak dapat menerima tindakan pengkayaan kroni dan orang keliling Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

          Kalangan penganalisa politik merasa yakin kemungkinan besar pilihan raya umum bakal ditangguhkan ke satu masa yang lebih sesuai bagi membolehkan Abdullah Ahmad Badawi mencari upaya membersihkan beberapa isu besar yang bakal meledak di masa terdekat.

          - Siapakah yang didakwa pernah menjalin hubungan terlarang sesama jenis?

          - Siapa pula yang dikatakan terakam dalam lakonan berahi sewaktu bertandang ke Singapura dan luar negeri?

          - Siapa pula akan terseret ke mahkamah kerana didakwa terlibat dengan jenayah perdagangan?

          Semua ini tentunya akan terjawab seandainya benar seperti yang dikatakan bakal beredarnya pita video rakaman perilaku pemimpin bermula di Kepala Batas, Pulau Pinang.

          Paling sensasi dengar khabarnya ada pula seorang bekas isteri pemimpin sedang menyiapkan buku memoir kehidupannya sepanjang kehidupan berumahtangga dengan pemimpin tersebut sebelum diceraikan.

          Aduhai teramat sempang-peranang jadinya aroma politik menjelang saat pengumuman Abdullah Ahmad Badawi bakal membubarkan dewan rakyat untuk memanggil pilihan raya ke-12.

        4. From "Politica" Blog: Read here for more
          "... Ministers, Please Be Forewarned!

          Ministers with skeletons in their cupboards please be forewarned. Dvds about your sex scandals will hit the market soon!

          Informed sources said, Chua (Soi Lek) was victimised for two specific reasons – political reasons.

          One, he was said to have rejected a move being sponsored by Abdullah’s SIL (son in law) to set up a Singapore-based specialist cancer hospital in the WPI region.

          Two, Chua was seen as the strongest threat to the incumbent MCA President - also an ally of Abdullah’s SIL.

          One of the immediate targets now is Hishamuddin Tun Hussein (UMNO Youth Chief) . Already there are rumours that a dvd on Hishamuddin’s gay act is said to be circulated in northern Semenanjung (Malaysia).

          Najib Tun Razak is also said to be one of the main targets of this latest political move. Also on the list is said to be Jamaluddin Jarjis.

          We may want to understand why Najib is being targeted. But, it is rather difficult to determine why Jamaluddin is also on the list. Because Jamaluddin is Najib’s man?

          So, we surely are looking forward to more interesting political great games in the next one or two weeks.

          And, the central figure behind all these games is said to be (PM)Abdullah’s SIL (son in law) and his associates. Is this true or false?

          Just wait and see!

        Tuesday 22 January 2008

        MCA's Chew Mei Fun: Scaring the Chinese about another May 13 Race Riot

        From "What a Lulu" Blog (Read here ) and from "People are the Boss" Blog ( Read here) more

        UPDATE: click here " Say No to the Spectre of May 13" Blog

        It is already bad enough to have UMNO leaders creating racial discomfort among Malaysians with reminders of May 13 racial bloodbath, now we have MCA leaders in Government, desperate in losing their seats in the coming election, doing just that, scaring the hell out of the Chinese about another racial bloodbath !!

        Another May-13 Scare-Mongering and Fearful IDIOT from MCA !

        Chew Mei Fun

        (MP -PJ Utara)
        Parliamentary Secretary
        Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development

        Chew Mei Fun
        Deputy Chairman of Wanita MCA


        "If there is NO sufficient Chinese representation in the Barisan Nasional, it is not a good thing, the Chinese community cannot afford another May 13 incident."
        -Chew Mei Fun

        English Translation of above Chinese language article:
        (from "
        People are the Boss" Blog)

        " The opposition [spreads] “checking Chinese with Chinese” statements

        Chew Mei Fun: Afraid Voters May Be Misled

        China Press, January 21, 2008 (Monday) Page A11.

        Petaling Jaya, Jan 20 - MP for Petaling Jaya Utara Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun said that although the voters in Petaling Jaya Utara are very supportive of Barisan Nasional, she is worried that voters may be misled by the Opposition’s “checking Chinese with Chinese” statement.

        She refuted Opposition claims that voters can vote for the Opposition to teach UMNO a lesson, as well as to check UMNO’s power within the BN, but in actual fact, the move will result in “checking Chinese with Chinese”.

        She stressed, “If there is insufficient Chinese representation in the Barisan Nasional, it is not a good thing, the Chinese community cannot afford another May 13 incident.”

        She said that MCA under the leadership of Ong Ka Ting is keen to establish a healthy political culture, in order to give voters better service.

        Chew Mei Fun is also the Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development and the Deputy Chairman of Wanita MCA. As the head of the MAC Crisis Relief Squad, she launched the Squad’s first mobile clinic today.
        Her comments were made when she was asked about MCA President Dato’ Seri Ong Ka Ting’s endorsement of her to defend her parliamentary seat of Petaling Jaya Utara.

        She said, she was grateful for the president’s trust in her and will strive to work even harder


        From "Lulu": Read here for more

        "Please, if you vote in PJ Utara, please show her the door.

        How LOW can she go?

        Now Lulu's really really wondering what other low-down dirty tactics she will employ to keep her seat.

        She's scared of losing her PJ Utara seat, but please... to utter this baseless fear-mongering message.

        She deserves to go.



        The end.

        Get out of here...."

      • From Faisal Mustaffa: Read here for more

        "... Ahli Parlimen untuk Petaling Jaya Utara (MCA), Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun digesa untuk segera menarik balik and minta maaf atas kenyataan beliau yang bersifat ugutan atau ancaman.

        Akhbar harian China Press bertarikh 21 Januari melaporkan bahawa Chew Mei Fun berkata, "Jika tiada perwakilan Cina yang mencukupi dalam BN, ia bukanlah sesuatu perkara yang baik, komuniti Cina tidak sanggup menanggung lagi satu insiden Mei 13."

        Badan-badan bukan kerajaan (NGO) dan pertubuhan masyarakat mendapati kenyataan yang dikeluarkan oleh Chew Mei Fun bertujuan menjadi amaran kepada pengundi supaya tidak menyokong parti pembangkang adalah perbuatan keji dan tidak mempamerkan sifat seorang pemimpin yang berwibawa.

        Rusuhan kaum Mei 13, 1969 sememangnya suatu episod gelap dalam sejarah Malaysia di mana keganasan dan manipulasi politik telah menindas proses demokratik dan suara para pengundi. Pembangkitan insiden pahit ini demi kepentingan politik bersifat menghina mangsa yang terkorban, mangsa yang terselamat dan juga keluarga mereka.

        Justeru, ramai berpendapat bahawa sekiranya beliau mengetahui apa-apa maklumat tentang pihak tertentu yang berhasrat untuk menggunakan keganasan akibat keputusan pilihanraya yang tidak memuaskan, beliau yang selama ini giat membangkit isu keselamatan awam patut serta-merta membuat laporan polis dan membantu dalam penyiasatan polis.

        "Tetapi, sekiranya beliau sekadar berspekulasi, kami berasa amat kecewa kerana beliau sanggup melakukan apa saja untuk mengumpan undi," jelas kenyataan yang ditandatangani oleh pertubuhan tersebut dan orang perseorangan.

        Mereka juga berpendapat bahawa ahli politik tidak patut berkelakuan selolah-olah anggota kongsi gelap dan tidak patut menggunakan keganasan sebagai ancaman untuk meraih undi sepertimana anggota kongsi gelap memeras wang.

        Mereka berharap agar Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya menyiasat dan membuat laporan polis mengenai kes ini. Namun, semantara itu, pertubuhan-pertubuhan itu menyeru Chew supaya menarik balik kenyataan beliau dan memohon maaf.

        Badan-badan tersebut juga menyeru kepada Perdana Menteri Dato' Seri Abdullah Badawi untuk menafikan sebarang kaitan antara kerajaan dan partinya dengan kenyataan Chew yang berpotensi menakutkan pengundi...."