Friday 30 April 2010

Raja Petra Speaks Out: Selangor Palace Short-Changed Selangorians to Federal Govt

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Feudal Malaysia


Raja Petra Kamarudin

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Malaysians probably do not comprehend why I decided to exile myself from Selangor because of my conflict with the Sultan. Maybe they think I am overreacting or exaggerating things a bit. Well, many do not understand how the ‘system’ works. It is not carved in stone. It is not even written on paper. But it is the law, nevertheless, and a law that I comply with.

If you can remember, this all started with what happened in Perak. I wrote an article asking Nizar Jamaluddin to defy the Sultan of Perak and not bow down to his demands. I also told him to hold his ground and take the Sultan head on.

The Selangor Sultan was very angry and he called my family for a meeting to express his displeasure. The instruction given to my family was that I was to issue a public apology for this treasonous act.

My Aunt, Raja Fuziah Tun Uda, sent me an e-mail, which I published in Malaysia Today. The e-mail made it very clear that I had committed an act of treason and that I was to issue a public apology to the Sultan of Perak. I was also told that I have disgraced the family name and if my grandfather were still alive he would have been very upset about what I had done.

I was given an ultimatum. If I did not issue that public apology then the family was going to insert advertisements in the mainstream newspapers condemning my act. In short, the family would distance itself from what I had done and in a way disown me.

I refused to issue that public apology. Instead, I wrote another article and condemned my family. I also, at the request of my Aunt, published the exchanges of e-mail messages. Maybe she wanted the Sultan to know that they had spoken to me as instructed.

That sealed my fate. My family declared me a treasonous person and someone who had brought shame to the family name. I was also told that the police had been instructed to launch an investigation and charge me for treason, an offence that carries the death sentence.

I wrote another article relating how the palace had boycotted my father’s funeral, although the palace did allow him to be buried in the Royal Mausoleum in Kelang. This, again, made the Sultan very angry and this time he really went berserk.

I received word from the palace that I would not be given a grave in the Royal Mausoleum when I die. I responded by saying that when I die just cremate my body and scatter the ashes wherever my children wish for it to be scattered, which of course sent shivers up the spine of Muslims because Islam does not allow cremation.

My feud with the palace is still ongoing and there were many other incidences since then. In fact, my feud with the palace goes as far back as when the last Agong was still alive and when Tun Dr Mahathir was the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

This earlier feud was with regards to Putrajaya. The federal government had annexed Putrajaya against the wishes of the Royal Council. The current Sultan was then only the Acting Sultan while his father was the Agong.

The Royal Council was summoned for a meeting and the Agong told them that the federal government is annexing Putrajaya and that they are not to oppose the move. The Council was to have no say in the matter.

I wrote an article asking the entire Royal Council to resign and for the Sultan to abdicate the throne. I also declared that the Sultan and the Royal Council are traitors to Selangor.

This caused a huge uproar in the palace. The Agong told my uncle, Raja Datuk Redzwa, that he is going to summon me to the palace so that I could be given a dressing down. My Uncle told the Agong to just try that and see who whacks whom. “Remember his father, Abang Din?” asked my Uncle. “Well, Peter is exactly like his father so you may want to reconsider whether you want to face him.”

The Acting Sultan eventually summoned me to the palace for a meeting so that I could be informed of the actual situation. The Agong, however, abandoned his plan to talk to me.

The actual situation, according to the Sultan, was that Dr Mahathir had made a secret deal with the Agong behind the backs of the Acting Sultan and the Royal Council. When the Acting Sultan requested to meet Dr Mahathir, His Highness was told that there is nothing to talk about as the matter had already been settled.

Actually, the Agong did not have the authority to give Putrajaya to the federal government. It is a state matter and the Agong is the head of the federation and not the head of Selangor. Furthermore, the federal government had already annexed Kuala Lumpur as the federal capital. Therefore, if they insist on annexing Putrajaya as the new federal capital, then they have to give back Kuala Lumpur to Selangor.

When the federal government realised that annexing Putrajaya means they would have to give back Kuala Lumpur to Selangor, they decided to call Putrajaya the ‘administrative centre’ while Kuala Lumpur remains the federal capital. In reality, Malaysia has two federal capitals but with different labels.

When I was detained under ISA in 2001, I was interrogated about this matter. I had committed treason, I was told, and treason is punishable with death.

I asked my Special Branch interrogators whether any of them are members of the Royal Family. None were. Then you have no business interfering in palace matters, I told them. This is a matter between the Sultan and me and Bukit Aman should stay out of it.

The Special Branch officers said that acts of treason is a national matter and a matter of national security. So they can get involved. I replied that if this were 200 years ago I would lead an army on the palace and dethrone the Sultan and put someone else on the throne.

The Special Branch officers were speechless. They shook their heads and muttered that I am really asking for it.

So my feud with the palace is not new. It goes back to the day they buried my father about 40 years ago. It became worse when I opposed the annexation of Putrajaya and asked the Sultan to abdicate. The final break was when I opposed the illegal takeover of Perak and whacked the Sultan of Perak.

And yes, the Sultan can declare someone persona non grata. But I did not allow him to do that to me. Before he could do that, I declared that I am in self-imposed exile. And that really pissed the palace big time.

Anyway, I have a score to settle with the federal government. They have to choose whether Kuala Lumpur or Putrajaya is going to be the federal capital. They can’t have both. And if by God’s grace we get to change the federal government, then I am going to make it my life’s mission to get back Putrajaya, which was illegally annexed by the federal government.

Hidup Selangor!
-Raja Petra Kamarudin

Wednesday 28 April 2010

Pakatan is on Track to Putrajaya, Or Is it ?

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Review of the Hulu Selangor Election Results and Advice to Pakatan Rakyat Leaders


Kenny Gan

It was an intense hard fought by-election in a traditional Umno stronghold which many said was too close to call. BN’s Hulu Selangor campaign was as dirty and nasty as any other by-election and dirtier than most with the stakes seen as a referendum to Najib’s administration.

BN fought mostly with character assassinations and money and but both sides have released strategically timed policies, land titles and grants although naturally PR could not match BN’s largesse.

The campaign was fierce and furious with both sides throwing in their biggest guns with PR bringing in revered Tok Guru Nik Aziz to shore up Zaid’s Islamic credibility among the conservative Malays. The normally ignored orang asli were wooed by BN with parties, booze and cash and Felda settlers who were nursing grievances for decades suddenly found the sky raining with money and promises.

Even Maika shareholders were buoyed by the strategically timed news that a buyout of their troubled investment is in the works.

In an uncharacteristic move for an incumbent prime minister which underscored how important this by-election is, Najib Razak himself joined the fray.

The Election Commission also got into the act by a dubious transfer of 14,000 voters between polling stations seen as a calculated move to cause confusion. Several hundred pro-opposition voters were also transferred outside the constituency and denied their right to vote.

When dust of battle had settled and the votes counted, it was BN which emerged victorious by a thin majority of 1725 votes of the 49000 votes casted. But if BN thinks that this by-election win means they have swept popular support away from PR, they are deluding themselves.

BN won only because of EC’s shenanigans and their win at any cost tactics supported by wheelbarrows of money. Such questionable tactics would not be able to be repeated in a general election. Bribes are ineffective if there is a possibility of the bribe giver being kicked out of power.

A BN stronghold

Hulu Selangor is a mixed parliamentary seat constituency with 54% Malay, 27% Chinese and 19% Indian voters and a traditional BN stronghold.

In 2008 BN won the three state seats under the Hulu Selangor parliament seat with convincing majorities. It lost the parliament seat by a whisker thin majority of 198 votes which is swamped by the 1466 spoilt votes. As this large number of spoilt votes can be seen as protest votes against an unpopular candidate by BN loyalists, this means that BN could have won in 2008 with a more popular candidate than G. Palanivel.

Hence it is fair to say that the 2008 tsunami did not upset the BN stronghold of Hulu Selangor. To defend this seat against BN is far harder than pro-opposition seats like Permatang Pauh or Penanti.

Hulu Selangor is an ideal mid-term check for PR. It is called a semi-rural constituency but is more rural than urban. The people are primarily concerned with bread and butter issues although they also have some grasp of national issues.

The mixed nature of this constituency is a good test of PR versus BN’s strength in mixed seats which will be the main battleground in the next general election. It is a test of whether Najib’s 1Malaysia has made any impact in mixed seats.

As the constituency is under Selangor it may be seen as a referendum on the performance of the PR state government for the past two years. It can also be seen as a referendum on Najib’s performance since taking the reins as prime minister.

However BN’s thin majority in their traditional stronghold despite fighting a no-holds-barred contest did not furnish the pointer that Najib wanted. If anything, it shows that support for PR is still strong. We must remember that BN goes into every election with tremendous advantages of money, machinery and media especially in a by-election where it can focus its resources. To think that only a mere 900 voters need to change their votes to reverse the result is cold comfort although BN’s propaganda machine will go to town with this narrow victory.

A changed political landscape

It is worth noting that prior to 2008, BN could have won this mixed seat merely by putting up some posters. Mixed seats were considered safe seats for BN and recognizing this, the Election Commission created lots of mixed seats.

The fact that BN had to fight tooth and nail with PR and used every dirty trick in the book for a narrow victory shows how much the political landscape has changed since 2008. Gone are the huge majorities it used to enjoy for this seat prior to 2008.

BN’s slim victory shows that the 2008 general election results was not a fluke brought about by temporary anger at BN. Just as a tsunami sweeps in and changes the landscape irreversibly what happened after the 2008 political tsunami is a sea change in mindset. This change in mindset is best exemplified by the loss in safe status of the mixed seats.

To maintain its hold on power in the face of blatant corruption and institutional abuse, Umno has traditionally depended on racial divide and rule tactics by playing on racial and religious fears. It was in the mixed seats that such tactics had been played to great advantage for BN. But the 12th general election has turned this on its head with voting across ethnic and religious lines for the first time and this trend is again affirmed in this by-election.

What this means is that voters now vote on democratic issues instead of fears of racial strife or unchecked Islamization. In the era of new politics they look at performance, policies, social justice, service delivery and whatever future hopes and expectations they have of the political parties. This is what a two party system is all about.

A coalition which represents all races is essential for success in mixed seats. Where previously only BN could claim to represent all races, the PR coalition comprising of PKR, DAP and PAS can lay an even stronger claim of multi-racialism. The rise of PKR as a true multi-racial party with a Malay spine is a nightmare come true for BN.

A rejection of 1Malaysia

It is clear that with the receding of racial and religious fears, BN has to find another strategy. This came in the form of Najib’s 1Malaysia promoted incessantly by the mass media as a catchy slogan.

But 1Malaysia is an intractable contradiction to the race based underpinning of Umno and the concept of Malay special privileges which has been used as the basis for corralling Malay support.

To provide a counterbalance to 1Malaysia for the Malays, Umno nurtured the swift rise of Perkasa to outsource its racial posturing. Meanwhile the non-Malays are expected to return to the BN fold on the shady and vague promises of 1Malaysia.

For a true 1Malaysia, the slogan must be match by the reforming of racial policies especially race based economic policies to provide fairer opportunities and treatment to all races. But it goes without saying that Najib’s 1Malaysia will never be fleshed out but remain a hope and a promise to pull in the non-Malays. With 1Malaysia and Perkasa, Umno hopes to have its cake and eat it too.

The Hulu Selangor by-election result shows that the astute Chinese have rejected Najib’s slick slogan which is nothing more than an attempt to pull the wool over the people’s eyes.

The Indians have returned moderately to BN’s fold could mean that the Hindraf factor has largely dissipated. The Indians are mainly concerned with bread and butter issues and PR will have to do more work to convince them that it represents a better future for them than BN. They should also be educated that accepting BN’s gifts for votes is selling their future away.

The way forward: Can BN compete?

In a democratic competition with PR for the hearts and minds of the people there are certain areas where BN or specifically Umno can never reform despite loud proclamations to the contrary. Among them are corruption, abuse of public institutions and fair treatment of races.

As a party structured on the feudal system of patronage where largess are given for political loyalty, the use of public funds to fund the patronage will forever remain an essential feature of BN’s rule. The vehicle for siphoning of public funds may take the form of inflated negotiated contracts, anti-people sweetheart deals, crony privatization or allocation of national resources, licenses for rent seeking and unproductive projects and may be properly termed corruption.

To allow the corruption to continue public institutions such as the police, the MACC, the judiciary and the media must be co-opted and subjugated to serve interest of the ruling regime instead of the public.

An egalitarian society is not to BN’s interest as BN’s power depends on leveraging a racially polarized society. The race based parties whose raison d’etre depends on fighting for racial rights have no reason to exist in a racially egalitarian society. The use of a cheap slogan like 1Malaysia without any substance behind it does not convince the non-Malays.

BN is critically aware that its fate is tied to the economy. Rising cost of living against stagnated income does no favours for any ruling regime. However to lighten the people’s burden and boost the economy is yet another structural contradiction for BN.

Endemic corruption is ultimately passed to the man in the street and raises the cost of living. A profligate spending government has no choice but to reduce subsidies and increase taxes. Race based quotas and rent seeking activities impose inefficiencies on the economy and hamper its performance. They also lead to the flight of skilled human capital which further drags down the economy.

Hence we can conclude that BN is unable to compete with PR in the next couple years leading to the 13th general election. Time is not on the side of a decadent regime. As the years pass, more young voters join the ranks, the online media penetrates deeper, rural areas become more urbanized, the cost of living goes higher, corruption bites deeper, more scandals will be exposed and 1Malaysia rings hollower.

If PR can survive BN’s incessant attacks until the next general election it stands an excellent chance of wrestling Federal power from BN. Despite PR’s loss the Hulu Selangor by-election result shows that PR is firmly on track to Putrajaya.

Monday 26 April 2010

Must Read Article: What I Learned from HULU SELANGOR BUY-ELECTION

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Art Harun

Okay guys. The by-erection is over.

As many of you might notice, I am a history freak. I just love history. I don't know why. But one thing for sure, I like to look at how people behaved or acted before so that I could learn a lesson or two from them in order to enable me to predict how people will behave in the future. I think that's part of the reason why I love history.

What can I learn from the Hulu Selangor buy-election?

  1. First and foremost, this buy-erection teaches me the sure fire way on how to get something done in my constituency. Let's say there are pot holes everywhere on the roads leading to my house. Or there is an old abandoned school project (there are everywhere, aren't they?) which stands like a sore thumb in my housing area which has also doubled up as a drug haunt.

    Let's say my kids need a laptop each. And the old folks near my house need some help with their monthly expenditures to make ends meet. Or I need some road humps near my house because there are bloody idiots who drive 80kph on roads in housing estates in their Cayenne or whatever behemoth they drive. And I have been writing countless time to my MP to help. But there isn't anything done.

    The trick is to ask my MP to resign. Or to pray that he or she would kick the proverbial bucket.

    Then a buy-erection would be declared. And oh my God wouldn't all my prayers be answered instantly! The abandoned school project will immediately be revived. All the pot holes will instantly disappear. My kids will get new laptop. The road humps will suddenly grow on the road in front of my house. Like wow wow.

    And I tell you what. If Barisan Nasional wins, I could even get to go to Putrajaya to see the Prime Minister who will see to it that a sum of RM3 million or whatever will be allocated for my mosque, Chinese school or whatever. tawdally simply happenin'.

  2. I also learned from this buy-election that many Malays do not know the difference between a "gift" (for which they should be thankful or grateful) and something which they are already entitled to.

    Yes. I am talking about the RM50000.00 each paid to 100 FELDA settlers. That money was not a gift from the government. Nor was it a contribution of any sort from the government. That money belonged to the settlers in the first place because their lands have been taken away more than 10 years ago. That money was long due to them. So there was nothing to be thankful to the government for paying it.

    I mean, should I thank you if you had taken my Porsche GT3 (note: this is just an example. I do not have a Porsche GT3 or any Porsche for that matter) about 4 years ago and now you pay me 500 bucks for it?

    Yes. But the FELDA settlers could not differentiate between the two. They are owed about a million each for their lands. They are now paid 50000 bucks and they thought it was a gift.

    What to do?

  3. I also learned that the Chinese people don't give two hoots to the Barisan Nasional or MCA. To them, the BN or MCA can do or say what they like and they just could not care bloody less. If Pakatan Rakyat had put a chimpanzee as a candidate, the majority of the Chinese people would vote for that chimpanzee. Even if Chua Soi Lek was the challenger.

  4. Then I learned that the majority of Indians in Hulu Selangor however are a predictable lot. They would follow whatever the Barisan Nasional say. Even if UMNO rejected their own party's preferred candidate, the Indians would still support BN. MIC had wanted Palanivel. Local UMNO boys preferred Mugilan. UMNO head honchos put in he-whose-name-is-truly-1Malaysia. And they still supported him.

  5. The next thing I learned is the fact that HINDRAF is now more complicated and dynamic than middle-east politics. They have right winged HINDRAF. Then the left. Then the right-leftist and also the left-rightist. Then they have the true HINDRAF. Also the true right, left, right-leftist as well as the leftist-right. Which makes all the other HINDRAF, whether right, left, rightist-right and leftist-right untrue. Then they have the extreme right, which in other word is known as right-right HINDRAF. As well as left-left HINDRAF.

    I don't even know who they support. Or whom they are against. I think they should change their party's name to HUH?DRAF instead.

  6. This buy-election has also taught me that Ibrahim Ali is, at the very least, mildly schizophrenic. One minute he wears an Independent MP hat. In this mode, he is an independent MP who is not aligned to anybody or any party. The next minute, he is the PERKASA leader. In this mode, he fights for the Malay rights, kiss his short Keris in public and wave it about town.

    Sometime he fights for Islam, or so he says. Of course he forgets that under Islam, human beings are all equal and the only thing which differentiates people in the eyes of God is piety and how he or she adheres to His wishes.

    Then he went to Hulu Selangor and campaigned for Kamalanathan, whom, the last time I checked was not a Malay. On this, Ibrahim Ali said he was in Hulu Selangor not as PERKASA leader but as an independent. Now, if he was an independent who is not aligned to anybody or any party, why was he campaigning for the Barisan Nasional's candidate? Didn't that make him aligned to the BN?

  7. Apart from Ibrahim Ali, I also learned that Kamalanathan is also probably a schizo or a very forgetful boy. When Nasir Safar made some statements which he (Kamal boy) deemed racist, he shouted and screamed on his blog that "the authorities should take the strongest possible steps by charging him with sedition."

    However, during the bye-erection, he refused comment when asked about Nasir Safar. Not only that, he mentioned that PERKASA's fights for Malay rights is a-okay by him. And this coming from an Indian, who, in the eye of PERKASA, is "second class citizen." Classicus confuse-ious.

    In the same blog entry, he also proclaimed that "I think I am more Malaysian than he is." But when he was asked whether he is an Indian first or Malaysian first, if I remember correctly, he refused to answer. (I stand corrected on this as I am writing this purely from memory).

  8. Be that as it may, I am really proud that YB Kamalanathan has mastered and in fact practised one of the scared act in the Malay culture. That is the act of respecting our leaders and elderly persons by kissing his or her hand. YB, I am proud to call you a brahder Bro. And you speak Bahasa Melayu well too. Even better than Zaid Ibrahim. If we ever meet YB, I expect you to kiss my hand okay. After all I am older than you.

  9. Hulu Selangor bai-elecsyen had also given me a peek into the Malay Muslim psyche. Alhamdulillah. And that is, alcohol is a big no no. Yea. Nope. Alcohol consumption is a sin. A very big sin. And repentance is not enough to wash you off that sin. Because alcohol consumption my friend, is drunkenly sinful.

    You can plunder the country. Commit adultery with children. Commit murder. Commit breach of trust. Have sex with some sex worker from China or where ever. Marry a nice trophy wife without telling your first wife. Lie to your wife. Be a hypocrite all the way.

    Yes. But drink alcohol? Wooooo, that's sinful Bro. It is sinful unless you did it when you are in Barisan Nasional. HUaHAHaHAHAHaHa... kayu!

  10. The next thing I learned is that Mirzan Mahathir is very clever. All the board members of San whatever parent company had wanted to diversify into some other business rather than concentrate in the business of manufacturing and selling beer (although why they would want to do so is beyond my comprehension when they earn a hell lot of pesos doing so) but they did not know how to do so or what to do.
    They then brought in Mirzan to help them to diversify.

    Perhaps they had wanted to diversify into car manufacturing la kot. That's why. But then again, Mirzan must have been one of the smartest diversification strategist around. Caya lu la Bro. You make me stand proud as a Malaysian.

  11. The most important thing that I learn from the Hulu Selangor be-elektion is that the Chinese would get to see the Prime Minister and demand 3 million clams only if the Barisan wins.

  12. Hmmm..."Saiful whatever" is better than the whole Chinese community in Hulu Selangor then.

    Because he got to see the Prime Minister in his house and there wasn't even a bi-erection. (careful, careful, no pun intended, okay...LOL!!!) Oh sorry, I mean, by-election, not erection.

-Art Harun

Sunday 25 April 2010

UPDATED: Hulu Selangor By-Election.... The Countdown


BN =24,997 
 PKR= 23,272

MAJORITY WIN BY BN:  1,725 votes

Money was literally thrown at the Malay voters to vote an Indian candidate.  (RM  64 Million for Hulu Selangor)

The dirtiest election campaign by UMNO-BN in recent memory.

Nonetheless, the  people of Hulu Selangor has spoken loudly

Go to Anil Netto Blog for Live Updates

FINAL VOTER TURN-OUT ( 5 PM) :  75.87 % voter turnout or 48,935 out of 63,701 voters


8.00 PM

The BN have nothing to gloat over after splashing out and promising all that money.
7.55 PM
Mkini official:  BN 19067 / PKR 17554   - A Margin: 1513

7.45 PM

PKR needed 80% of non Malay votes, he only got 68%.
 Latest unofficial tally from Aku Budak Balun @ Hulu Selangor: BN 20,827 PKR 20,293 
7 more polling districts to report
7.40 PM

10,000 votes more to be couted

 Latest unofficial from Khairy: : ‎​19,067 BN - 17,554 PKR ....BN led by 1,300 votes

PKR admit lost in FELDA area...

7.35 PM

PKR supporters believe Not enough Malay support and support from urbanites to bring PKR across theline

 7.30 PM
There are still a lot of votes left to count. Around 30,000.
Official EC tally so far: BN 3,134 PKR 3,772
Votes in Malay areas coming in only trending 40% to 43% for PR only. PKR might be in trouble
Total Tally:  PKR 9,116 BN 7,280


These results so far are mostly from the Chinese polling center. The votes from Malay area yet to come in 
 UNOFFICAL TALLYBN 6985 - PR 8885.... PKR leading by about 2,000 votes

7.10 PM
Anil Netto noted kampung/rural votes still be counted
Pakatan Ops Centre tally:    BN 6,840 PKR 8,509 

7.06 PM

 Kampung Padang
Saluran 1: PKR - 77 BN - 209

Saluran 2 PKR - 154 BN - 191
Unofficial PKR 8509 BN 6840 ... PKR still leading.. lead extends to about 1,500

Batang Kali - PKR 901 BN 798

Total Tally: PKR 7162 BN 6063... PKR is still leading

6.50 PM

Ampang Pecah PKR - 148  BN - 216
38,000 votes more to count.....STILL TOO EARLY TO CALL 

Unofficial   TOTAL COUNT:  PKR 6141    BN 5278

  6.45 PM

With 11,000 votes tallied PKR leading by 900 majority.
(Fahmi Fadzil reports)

UNOFFICIAL Total Count:  PKR 5176 BN 4682 
PKR leading at this stage according to Malaysiakini 

6.35 PM

PKR  wins Kg. Bharu:   KKB by 736 votes.

6.30 PM

Ulu Yam Bharu - BN 572, PR 397 

Kuala Kubu Bharu (Sal 1-3 ) - PKR 897, BN 499

6.25 PM

Unofficial,   Kg Baru Cina PKR leading in 2 saluran
6.20 PM
 Anil Netto reports no clear trend 

Postal Votes:PKR - 120, BN - 767 Rosak - 12

6.15 pm
RASA BN 75 PKR 301
 PERTAK   PKR 22  BN 15



Unofficial results:
SMK Dato haji Kamaruddin
PKR - 135
BN - 82

Ulu Yam Barat  (6.15 pm)

PKR - (138)
BN - (226)


Unofficial - PKR leading in Soeharto


Unofficial,  PKR leading in Gedangsa (counting on-going)
5.05 pm:

PKR wins Bukit Frasers: PKR (22) BN (15) Spoilt (1) 38/68 (55.9%)
(Zorro reports)

  5pm: Voting Closed

4.30 pm


Kg Jumut, Hulu Bernam 70%

Bandar Kalumpang 65%

hulu Yam Timor 71%

Sg Tengi Selatan 81%

Bukit Berungtung 58-3%

SK Taman Buaya Raya 38.96%
of 1350 eligible voters.


Sg Buaya 67%

SJKC Batang Kali 70%

SRJKC Choong Chee 81%

SMK Bukit Sentosa 40%

SJK(T) Sg Choh 70% (situation here has turned chaotic....FRU has been deployed)

SRKRT Changkat Ledang Asa (Hulu Bernam) 63%

SK Sg Selisek (Hulu Bernam) 73%
SKGesir \Tengah (hulu Bernam) 45%
SJK(T) KKB 53.54%

Voter turn out is 67.18% - 43,333 out of expected 63,701 voters.

Saturday 24 April 2010

The Slave-Lord Relationship of MIC to UMNO

MIC Information Chief, P.Kamalanathan 
Greeting UMNO's Deputy President, Muhyiddin Yassin By   Kissing His Hand Slave-like
kamalanathan and Muhyiddin


Self-Respecting UMNO Malays Greeting 
UMNO Deputy President Muhyiddin Yassin
muhyiddin yassin shaking hands

Excerpt from article by Bridget Welsh in Malaysiakini

MIC's  Loss of  Face

There is considerable loss of face as a result of the party being passed over in their candidate selection and many consider Kamalanathan to be a traitor to the party for kissing the hand of the DPM.

 Note: Malaysian Insider quoted Muhyiddin Yassin as saying, I did not ask him to kiss my hand but he did it..." Read here for more

Traditionally MIC has many of its voters in its parliamentary seats registered outside. They are brought “home” to vote. Kamalanathan himself is apparently registered in S Samy Vellu's former seat of Sungai Siput. The MIC party has been largely excluded from the campaign as Umno has dominated the ground.

This may affect the party's own efforts in supporting the MIC candidate. Their presence this round is lower than previous campaigns. Part of this is a result of the by-election dynamics.

Another part of this is a sense that Umno bullied MIC  publicly and many are smarting.

Ibrahim Ali/PERKASA /UMNO Mengajar Anak Muda Melayu Adat Berkurang Ajar (Lihat Gambar)


DEMONSTRASI- 29 August 2009

cow head protest

Read here for more in Malaysian Insider

Datuk Ibrahim Ali boasted that thousands of slippers would greet Tony Blair if he set foot in Malaysia, but he only mustered less than 100 protesters at the “slipper protest” today (24 April 2010).

His Malay rights group Perkasa joined a few other groups who did not want the former British prime minister to speak at a success seminar in Bandar Sunway here over his alleged war crimes.

The dismal showing did not seem to faze those gathered at an entrance to the Sunway Pyramid Mall. Chanting “Allahu akbar” and “Blair! Blair! B*****d!”, the protesters stepped on and burned flyers printed with Blair’s face.

They also threw slippers at a banner featuring the crossed-out faces of Blair, George W. Bush and the Star of David.

The group was mainly made up of young Malays, although a dozen or so Iraqi nationals were also present.

Friday 23 April 2010

Video Perlu di Tonton: Pandangan Tentang Orang Melayu, UMNO dan Emosi

UMNO Terlampau Menghina Zaid Ibrahim Sebagai Haiwan Bukan Sebagai Manusia Dari Kaum Melayu

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"Zaid itu manusia, kenapa digambarkan seolah-olah beliau seperti haiwan? 
Tak munasabah langsunglah!!.”
-Saorang Graduan Dentistry (Pakar Gigi)

PRK Hulu Selangor - UMNO banyak membantu Zaid


Aspan Alias

Setelah berulang alik keHulu Selangor dua tiga hari ini saya banyak mendapat pelajaran yang boleh memberi munafaat kepada diri saya sendiri dan pada sesiapa yang mahu belajar dari PRK ini.

Salah satu pelajaran yang saya dapati ialah mempelajari saikoloji manusia yang berpelajaran dikalangan orang Melayu dan juga bangsa-bangsa lain yang akan mengundi pada hujung minggu ini. 

Tindakkan menyerang peribadi yang keterlaluan boleh memakan diri sendiri dan sebaliknya memberi banyak kebaikkan kepada pihak yang difitnah dan dihina.

Tindakkan pembantu-pembantu BN menyerang dengan tidak ada belas kasihan terhadap Datuk Zaid itu telah membuatkan ramai yang telah mengambil tindakkan akan mengundi beliau.

Saya sendiri yang mendapat panggilan talipon dari pemimpin cawangan UMNO yang saya kenali telah berjanji untuk memberikan undi kepada Zaid Ibrahim.

Tak mungkin Datuk Zaid sehina yang digambarkan. Tak mungkin. Pihak BN telah melakukan penghinaan melampaui batasan kemanusiaan seolah-olah Zaid ini seekor anjing kurap ditepi jalan.” Kata seorang guru bersara.

Seorang lagi dari kaum cina yang saya kenali berkata, “dulu saya undi BN, tapi ini kali saya bagi Datuk Zaid. Saya sudah banyak benci dengan cara BN hantam D Zaid. Itu cakap memang tadak baik punya” Chin bercakap selamba sahaja.

Seorang kaum ibu pula berkata,
“Suami saya talipon dari Melaka yang dia akan bercuti hari Jumaat untuk buat kenduri, panggil saudara mara. Nak kempen untuk Datuk Zaid sikit.

Suami saya tidak pernah nak sokong pembangkang tetapi kali ini terpaksa berikan kepada Zaid kerana penghinaan terhadap beliau yang tidak ada batas kemanusiaan.”

Itulah yang saya dapati dari perbualan dengan beberapa orang pengundi tempatan.

Sesungguhnya untuk memahami saikoloji yang mudah ini, seseorang itu tidak payah keUniversiti untuk mempelajarinya.

Menuntut diUniversiti tidak menjamin seseorang itu boleh menggunakan pemikiran yang dianugerah tuhan itu. Malahan ramai penyokong BN ada sarjana muda, dan sarjana dari England, Australia atau pun New Zealand masih sanggup untuk menjadi pecacai kepada kempen buruk ini.

Zaid itu manusia, kenapa digambarkan seolah-olah beliau seperti haiwan? Tak munasabah langsunglah!!.” Kata anak muda yang baru sahaja pulang dari mesir setelah tamat pengajian ‘dentistry’ itu.

Saya pun menjawab, “betullah tu!” sambil bersetuju bahawa kita tidak boleh menghina manusia yang juga datangnya dari Tuhan itu.

Seorang yang bekerja disalah sebuah jabatan Persekutuan dari Shah Alam pula berkata,
“Kalau nak menang pun jangan lah jadi pariah pula.. Nampak sangat tidak ‘classnya, dan saya tak mahu lah dapat dosa kering macam tu!.Macamlah kita ni tak pernah bersekolah dibuatnya”.

Tetapi apa yang jelas sikap memaki hamun dari pihak BN ini, menyebabkan kempen BN itu tidak membawa faedah kepada BN sendiri malah ianya memberikan kelebihan kepada Zaid Ibrahim.

Bagi Zaid penghinaan pihak UMNO ini memberikan beliau kelebihan.

Sesungguhnya UMNO lah yang memberikan dokongan kepada Zaid dari sudut hakikinya.

Tuesday 20 April 2010

Zaid Ibrahim, Principled, Courageous and the People's Politician

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Hishamuddin Rais

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Ini cerita lama.

Tapi baik juga untuk dibuka kembali agar kita semua dapat tahu apa yang berlaku puluhan tahun dahulu.

Cerita-cerita ini kalau baik kita jadikan tauladan. Kalau tidak molek dapat kita jadikan sempadan.

Kalau tidak pun kita baca untuk ketawa.

Ceritanya bagini:

Saya ingat lagi pada tahun 1972 - ketika itu saya anak mahasiswa yang mengulang tahun satu di Universiti Malaya. Saya telah aktif dalam perjuangan gerakan mahasiswa sejak dari awal tahun pertama lagi.

Pada tahun itu, ketika Kongres Tahunan Persatuan Kebangsaan Pelajar-Pelajar Malaysia (PKPM ), saya telah dilantik untuk menjadi Setiausaha Agung. Badan yang bernama PKPM ini telah diharamkan pada tahun 1974 - sesudah demo pelajar menyokong warga Baling.

Ketika saya dilantik sebagai SU Agung PKPM – perang Vietnam sedang rancak. Kuasa imperial Amerika sedang melancarkan perang kolonial ke atas Vietnam, Laos dan Kamboja – sama seperti yang sedang berlaku di Iraq dan Afghanistan hari ini.

Justeru dalam Kongres PKPM tahun 1972 itu ada terdapat resolusi yang mengutuk imperialis Amerika Syarikat dan menyokong perjuangan menuntut keadilan oleh rakyat Indo China. Ketetapan yang dibuat dalam kongres akan menjadi dasar persatuan sehingga ke kongres tahun hadapan.

Pada zaman itu gerakan mahasiswa cukup rancak.

Saya adalah seorang ahli kelab sosialis yang aktif. Justeru pandangan politik saya adalah kiri. Buku dan akhbar yang saya baca adalah kiri. Negara dan pemimpin negara yang saya hormati adalah dari jalur kiri.

Berdasarkan resolusi PKPM yang anti-Amerika saya telah memasang poster-poster anti-perang Vietnam yang kami terima dari International Union of Students yang berpengkalan di Prague.

Rupa-rupanya ada juga kumpulan mahasiswa, terutama dari PMUKM yang yang tidak bersetuju dengan pemasangan poster ini. Lalu saya dikritik sebagai SU Agung PKPM yang tidak bertanggungjawab. Sebenarnya isu poster anti-perang Vietnam ini hanya alasan.

Kritikan ini datang dari pelajar reaksionari bermazhab kanan.

Akhirnya satu persidangan tergempar telah diadakan. Persidangan ini diadakan di Dewan Majlis Persatuan Universiti Malaya. Saya ingat lagi petang itu – delegasi dari PMUKM, dari Serdang College, dari Institut Teknoloji Kebangsaan, KSITM dan tuan rumah PMUM turut hadir.

Saya dapat merasakan seolah-olah telah ada persetujuan untuk menyingkirkan saya dari PKPM. Idris Jusi, dari PMUKM mula bercakap membuka kes tentang saya yang dikatakan tidak mengikut dasar PKPM dan dilihat pro-komunis.

Dari KSITM, presidennya Zahari tidak pula bercakap. Yang banyak bercakap ialah Ibrahim Ali.

Pandangan-pandangan kanan dan reaskioner bertaburan pada petang itu.

Sebelum keputusan dibuat untuk menyingkirkan saya dari PPPM tiba-tiba seorang wakil delegasi dari KSITM mengangkat tangan untuk berucap.

Saya masih ingat lagi anak muda itu. Dia kurus lansing dan kacak. Berkulit sawo matang. Anak muda ini memakai seluar hitam dan berbaju biru. Mustahil saya akan melupakan susuk ini.

Sampai akhir hayat saya ingat apa yang berlaku pada petang itu. Tidak mungkin saya akan lupa kerana pada petang itu saya sedang disalib.

Masih terngiang di telinga saya hingga ke hari ini apa yang dikatakan oleh anak muda itu:
“Sebelum dia dibuang, dia berhak untuk diberi peluang bersuara. Ini adalah cita-cita demokrasi pelajar… dan ini adalah hak dia.”
Saya terperanjat kerana tidak ada sesiapa dari persatuan lain yang menyokong saya kecuali PMUM. Saya terperanjat kerana anak muda ini berani ‘pecah regu’ untuk menyokong saya.

Saya kagum atas keberanian nya.

Saya tidak kenal anak muda ini. Tapi saya tahu anak muda ini datang dari KSITM – satu persatuan pelajar yang saya anggap reaksionari.

PhotobucketBila saya selidiki baru saya sedari anak muda ini ialah Zaid Ibrahim – pelajar jurusan undang-undang Institut Teknoloji Mara. Saya juga difahamkan si Zaid ini datang dari Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman (STAR) seteru kuat sekolah saya, MCKK.

Semenjak petang itu saya tidak bertemu dengan Zaid Ibrahim. Kami meneruskan keyakinan diri. Saya difahamkan Zaid telah menjadi seorang peguam yang berjaya. Saya terus menjadi diri saya.

Lima tahun dahulu seorang kawan dari MCKK mengajak saya untuk menjadi ahli Civil Society of Malaysia. Ini badan hak asasi manusia yang cuba diwujudkan oleh Zaid Ibrahim.

Cuma ada ‘catch’ - sesiapa yang ingin menjadi ahli wajib membayar RM250. Jumlah ini agak berat untuk saya - lalu saya menolak jemputan ini.

Seminggu sebelum Ngo ini berkumpul dan bersidang saya telah mendapat panggilan telefon mengatakan bahawa RM250 telah dibayar oleh Zaid Ibrahim. Saya hairan kerana seumur hidup saya – saya belum pernah bercakap sepatah pun dengan susuk ini.

Dari panggilan talipon - saya telah diberi kebenran untuk datang ke persidangan pertama Civil Society ini di Hotel Renaisance.

Inilah kali kedua saya melihat Zaid Ibrahim.

Kali kedua ini agak berbeza. Anak muda kurus yang berbaju biru dan berseluar hitam dahulu telah agak bersisi. Rambutnya telah dicantikan oleh anyaman uban. Baju dan pantalon yang dipakainya kelihatan dari jenis yang baik dan bermutu. Nah!

Pastilah dia telah berjaya hinggakan sanggup membayar yuran untuk orang yang tidak dikenalinya.

Dua hari sebelum nama Zaid Ibrahim dimahsyurkan sebagai calon di Hulu Selangor saya telah pergi menemuinya.

Rumah kediaman si Zaid ini bukanlah sama seperti bilik sewa tempat saya menginap. Ini kawasan lumayan yang hanya 30 minit dari Serendah Hulu Selangor.

Mata saya memerhati dengan rapi untuk mengetahui lebih dalam lagi manusia yang bernama Zaid Ibrahim ini. Rumahnya tidak mengancam tapi pastilah lebih luas dari bilik sewa saya. Dalaman tidak lucah dan bukan bermotifkan budaya ‘arriviste – horray henry’ yang sering kita temui di wilayah-wilayah mewah.

Tujuan saya datang kerana ingin bertanya apakah dia masih ingat lagi apa yang terjadi di Dewan Majlis PMUM 38 tahun dahulu. Zaid termenong sabentar sebelum mengakui yang dia pernah datang ke PMUM untuk bermesyurat. Tetapi tidak ingat apa tujuan dia hadir. Malah dia juga tidak ingat bahawa pada petang itu yang di salib ialah saya.

Saya tidak merasa kecewa kerana si Zaid tidak mengingati episod itu. Inilah perjalanan hidup kita sebagai manusia . Terpencar pencar - ada yang kita ingati dan ada yang kita lupakan. Untuk kita – pekara yang ini mungkin penting dan untuk orang lain pekara yang sama adalah ‘non event – tidak ada apa apa yang penting’.

Kenapa saya menulis kesah ini?

  • Saya menulis kerana susuk yang bernama Zaid Ibrahim ini sedang berkempen untuk memenangi kerusi di Parlimen.

  • Saya menulis ini kerana saya yakin bahawa manusia yang bernama Zaid Ibrahim ini adalah manusia demokrat. Tiga puluh lapan tahun dahulu – ketika kami masih lagi anak pelajar - si Zaid ini telah memperlihatkan sifat jujur dan demokratnya.
Pada petang itu, 38 tahun dahulu, si Zaid telah tidak terpengaruh dengan tohmah anti-komunis, anti-kiri dan anti-sosialis.

Sifat demokratiknya telah tertanam dalam sebelum dia meletakan jawatan sebagai menteri kabinet kerana menentang ISA. Susuk yang bernama Zaid Ibrahim dapat melihat salah dan benar.

Jika saya warga Hulu Selangor saya merasa senang hati untuk menobatkan Zaid Ibrahim sebagai wakil suara saya di Parlimen.
-Hishamuddin Rais

UMNO Meludah ke Langit Akhirnya Jatuh ke Muka Sendiri Juga.

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Inilah Hishamuddin Hussein,
Menteri Dalam Negeri,
Sepupu dengan Perdana Menteri, Najib Razak

(Gambar sebenar)
hishamuddin beerhishamuddin wife tengku marsila

zaid and umno beer

Zaid minum arak!!

Pertama sekali mereka yang menimbulkan isu ini perlu ukur di baju sendiri terlebih dahulu.
  • Ada juga terdengar pemimpin yang ada skandal seks dengan seorang artis.

  • Ada juga dengar seorang pemimpin terlibat dalam kematian seorang wanita rakyat asing.

  • Ada juga dengar seorang pemimpin mengambil komisien rasuah berjuta-juta ringgit.

  • Ada juga orang tertentu yang menggunakan bomoh, jampi dan santau.
Meludah ke langit akhirnya jatuh ke muka sendiri juga.

Kita kena tahu apabila Zaid Ibrahim meminum arak dahulu adalah Zaid Ibrahim yang berada di UMNO.
Bukan Zaid Ibrahim yang kini berada di Pakatan Rakyat.

Mengapa dahulu bila Zaid dalam UMNO tidak berani menimbulkan isu ini? Tiada seorang pun dalam kalangan UMNO yang cuba menasihatkan beliau? Mungkin UMNO sedar itu juga budaya mereka?

Serangan mereka hanya menyerang diri sendiri kerana menyerang Zaid Ibrahim yang minum arak semasa berada di UMNO.
  • Ada juga bekas Menteri Besar Selangor yang terlibat dalam 100 juta rasuah di Australia.

  • Ada juga seorang bekas Menteri Besar Selangor yang kata orang menerima suntikan botox di muka dan pada masa yang sama menggunakan wang rakyat berhibur di Disneyland.

  • Ada juga bekas Ketua Bahagian salah satu bahagian di Selangor yang membina mahligai dan Istana sendiri.
Taktik mereka menyebarkan gambar bogel Elizabeth adalah politik yang paling keji.

Jangan lupa Pengerusi MCA kini juga adalah seorang yang memiliki video dan skandal seks yang jauh LEBIH TERUK berbanding Elizabeth yang menjadi mangsa seks.

Jangan lupa. Seteruknya-teruknya Barisan Nasional cuba hendak merendah-rendahkan Zaid Ibrahim sebenarnya menunjukkan kegagalan dan kelemahan mereka sendiri.

Sebab seteruk-teruk Zaid mereka bukankah UMNO dan Barisan Nasional yang melantik Zaid menjadi Menteri Kehakiman?

Khairy pula jangan cuba melaga-lagakan Zaid dengan Azmin sebab UMNO sendiri Palanavel, Mugilan, Kamalanathan dan Taib dari UMNO juga berkrisis.

Ali Rustam dalam videonya menuduh Khalid Ibrahim membantu orang kaya sahaja. Habis UMNO bukan tolong Melayu kaya sahaja ke? Tolong India Ananda Krishna dan Cina Vincent Tan?

Ingat rakat:
  1. 1 undi kepada BN adalah undi kematian menghalalkan kematian Teoh Beng Hock Cina

  2. 1 undi kepada BN adalah undi kematian bersetuju kematian Kugan India

  3. 1 undi kepada BN adalah undi memberi mereka menembak 5 kali kepada Norizan Melayu

  4. 1 undi kepada BN adalah undi menyokong kematian wanita warga asing di Malaysia
Sesungguhnya itulah 1 KEMATIAN PELBAGAI BANGSA 1MALAYSIA di Malaysia

Kalau kita berperikemanusian yang mengasihani roh-roh yang telah meninggalkan kita maka kita perlu memangkah BN.

Kalau kita bersetuju dengan tindakan pembunuhan dan tindakan kejam itu makalah teruslah undi BN sebab kita tidak akan tahu satu hari nanti ibu kita, bapa kita, kekasih kita, keluarga kita, anak kita atau sesiapa yang rapat dengan kita juga akan mati sedemkian.

Antara minum arak dengan pembunuhan, pilahlah sendiri.

Lagipun isu minum arak adalah isu lama semasa beliau berada di dalam UMNO.


This Is How Low UMNO Will Go

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Art Harun

The Barisan Nasional, especially UMNO is devoid of any usable issue in the Hulu Selangor I suppose. It is also absolutely corrupt of any idea on how to win the heart and mind of the voters.

And so they resorted to character assassination from the word go. That, I suppose, has been their trademark. And we all have come to expect it from them.

How sad.

On one hand we want to be a high-income country by whatever year. We want to be a world class country with world class infrastructure blah blah blah. But deep down inside, we are just a bunch of useless, vile, vicious and selfish animals, waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting and helpless.

That is what we are.

And so Zaid Ibrahim used to drink.

So what?

He had said he had repented. At least, he is a Muslim who had even performed the Haj. The BN candidate is not even a Muslim! (I am not being a race or religious-centric here. I am just continuing with the same rationale and theme as theirs).

You want to talk about moral? Hahahahah...excuse me.
  • What about detaining people without trial?

  • What about having sex with under-age girl?

  • What about corruption in PKFZ?

  • What about building a huge mansion from money which apparently came down from the sky?

  • What about corruption?

  • About sanctioning the torture and death of arrested persons?

  • About paying "commissions" for national purchases?

  • About abuse of power?

  • About pinching a woman's ass?

  • About using the religion for political mileage?

  • About money politics?

  • Hell, what about being video taped while having sex with a personal friend and later becoming the President of a major component party of the Barisan Nasional?
No. All those are a-okay. But drinking alcohol? Cannot. Only some people can hold shares in a beer company. That's a-okay.

As if that is not enough, just visit THIS SITE and look at the picture of Zaid with apparently a bottle of Jack Daniels.

zaid and umno beer
(Image courtesy of ARTiculation blog)

And look at the original picture as compared to the picture appearing on that site.(see photo above) .It is sinful!

Monday 19 April 2010

Perak Monarchy Making a Mockery of the Award of Datukship to Hee Yit Foong

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The Perak Sultan Made her a "Datuk"

Her Contribution to Perak for the Datukship ??
For Frogging to BN

The DAP Frog, Hee Yit Foong made a Datuk by the Sultan of Perak

Once dubbed as “the most hated woman in Malaysia”, the Jelapang assemblyman who helped bring down the Perak Pakatan Rakyat (PR) government last year will now be known as “Datuk Hee Yit Foong”.

The deputy state speaker was awarded the Darjah Datuk Paduka Mahkota Perak (DPMP) in conjunction with the Sultan’s 82nd birthday today. .

Ironically, she will now share the same accolade as that accorded to her former party’s chief, Perak DAP chairman Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham.

The now Barisan Nasional-friendly (BN) independent will receive the award at an investiture ceremony today.

The polio patient was one of three state assemblymen in Perak whose decision to turn independent in the 59-seat assembly changed the power equation in February 2009. Hee is the only one to receive the award among the three.

Her involvement had led to a steady stream of criticisms and accusations from her former party colleagues who strongly believed that the estranged former DAP leader was on the Barisan Nasional’s payroll.

Hee had the distinction of being the first non-Malay female and disabled person to be appointed as Deputy Speaker in the state legislative assembly when PR took power after Election 2008.

Today, she will be among the 919 to be conferred awards and titles from the state’s ruler Sultan Azlan Shah and one of the 56 to receive the title of “Datuk”.

Saturday 17 April 2010

Must Read Article !!: IGP Musa Hassan- Harapkan Pagar, Pagar Makan Padi

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musa hassan

IGP Musa Hassan- Personal Interest above National Interest and Security


Din Merican

The Malay proverb “Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi” is classical Malay politeness in rebuking traitors and damning treachery.

The English reader would be more familiar with “A wolf in sheep’s skin”. That is how IGP Musa Hassan has been “fondly” labeled as the “Musang” (although musang is fox and not wolf).

As I reflected on today’s Friday sermon, I have decided to put to test the pronouncement by the Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin that he is “a Malay first and then a Malaysian”.

Whether being a Malay first would mean that Malaysian Malays would be more tolerant of the treacherous acts, abuses of powers and breaches of justice , epitomised in the person of IGP Musa Hassan and so rampant in other government institutions today, especially in the law enforcement agencies?

RPK’s Malaysia Today (The Corridors of Power) is now running Round 8 of 10 of the expose’ that IGP Musa Hassan had placed his personal interests over the interest and security of our country.

Musa Hassan has been clearly shown to have canvassed for the “Police Reporting System” just as he did for the PDRM helicopter leasing with companies all linked to him and to that shadowy character B.K. Tan.

What is startling is that RPK had disclosed all these since 2008 and yet Abdullah Badawi extended Musa Hassan’s contract for two years!

It is as clear as light of day that Musa Hassan has betrayed his oath of office to protect the country and the constitution. His connection with companies like Asiacopter, Webpower and Asiasoft have been illustrated in the documents provided by his own officers to RPK.

Why should this happen?

The answer is simple enough – because the men in blue are just too revolted by the lies perpetrated by their own IGP, and have lost confidence in him.

Musa and Gani Patail

This is a silent revolt by the men in blue.
  • They saw in Musa a man who lied about being a law graduate and yet continues to be promoted.

  • They saw Musa’s determination to fix Anwar Ibrahim and dubbed him the “Mattress Carrier”.

  • They saw Musa’s mercuric rise despite his mediocre performance as a police investigating officer (IO).

  • They saw Musa working hand in glove with the Along syndicate in 2006 and in an affront to the country’s system of criminal justice, A-G Gani Patail released a known criminal Goh Cheng Poh @ Tengku Goh, while 6 rank and file officers were charged for blowing the whistle on Musa, the No. 1 crook.
Fixing Dato Ramli Yusuff

They saw how Musa fixed Dato’ Ramli Yusuff, his only adversary in PDRM. Even as Dato’ Ramli was vindicated and acquitted by both the Sessions Court and the High Court in Kota Kinabalu, the criminal justice system was constantly being manipulated by A-G Gani, in whose hands are vested the absolute power of prosecution.

On the pretext of enforcing the law, IGP Musa and A-G Gani Patail victimized the innocent and released the criminal.

How else do we justify that there is no appeal against Razak Baginda’s acquittal although he was the one who brought in the UTK boys who murdered the Mongolian beauty Altantuya Sharribu? It seems that Ramli Yusuff’s sin in using the Cessna is bigger than murder!

The silent revolt even culminated in IGP Musa’s ADC who swore a Statutory Declaration to disclose the links between Musa Hassan and BK Tan in WebPower and the links to Asiacopter via Othman Talib who was Musa Hassan’s man in the Police Force Commission.

And yet NOTHING was done to remove this cancer from within the PDRM.

Instead, Musa uses his network of covert writers to petition against police officers who stood in his way. Lourdes Charles, his contact in the main stream media will then set out to lynch these officers publicly. That is how smooth Musa has been.

When Dato’ Zubaidah Ismail, PDRM’s Deputy Director of Logistics, launched an investigation to disclose that the Police Reporting System was compromised by foreign elements (read Israeli agents!), Musa’s covert hands moved in to discredit these officers.

So you have a scenario where petitions will surface against these officers alleging that they are involved in corrupt activities in order to discredit the disclosures that they are about to make.

Sounds familiar?

That’s what Musa did to Dato’ Ramli Yusuff and to Dato’ Johari Baharom. One of the oldest tricks in the book. RPK may not have realized that the report to Robert Phang that was produced in Round 8 in MT today is exactly one of the decoys used by Musa Hassan to cover his tracks.

This is the ultimate treachery by this son of a religious teacher – he literally handed over the nation’s security system to the Israelis!

The MACC, Dr. Pornthip Rojanasunand, and The Death of Teoh Beng Hock

This scene is repeatedly seen in the other uniformed services. The MACC, supposedly the highlight of the Abdullah Badawi’s administration has turned out to be an uncontrollable monster.

The distrust in the police force is compounded many times over by the brute force of the MACC. As if killing Teoh Beng Hock, merely needed as a witness in a RM 2,400 investigation, was not bad enough.

That the current MACC No.1, Dato’ Abu Kassim, was consulted from the very beginning when Teoh’s body was found suggests that he is implicated in the cover up attempts.

In a charade to show transparency, the famous Thai pathologist, Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand, was brought in. And when things did not go their way, the MACC lodged a report against Dr Pornthip.

Now a new charade is being put up by the Minister of Home Security, Dato’ Seri Hishamuddin Hussein, over the guarantee of Dr Pornthip’s security to testify in the Inquest.

The scene is no better in the Armed Forces. Already the purchase of the French Scorpene submarines was tainted with the blood of Altantuya. Then when the submarines arrived, there were endless public displays of one of Malaysia’s weapon of strategic defence.

Euphoria turned into hysteria when the submarines could not submerge.

And then the theft of the fighter engines!

Plundering our National Wealth

If all these seemed like a joke, it is not ! No self respecting nation in the world would allow its wealth to be plundered by the very custodians who were entrusted to protect it. No self respecting nation, except Malaysia.

And after all these, the leadership of this country seems interested to only improve their image by engaging Fox and then APCO. As if these PR exercises will cure the ills of the country.

We have fundamental issues of integrity, honesty, transparency, justice, rule of law at stake here not just an image issue. And yet the leadership seem oblivious to cure these ills.

The Constitution states that to be a Malay is to be a Muslim. Instead of using all of Islam’s universal values to promote justice and peace on earth, the Jabatan Agama especially the Religious Minister, Dato’ Baharom exploited the Malay thinking by proferring this verse from Quran Surah An Nisa’ 4: 59 “ Obey God, and Obey the Apostle, and those in authority over you” as a command to obey the government leaders.

Good Governance, DPM, Sir

Muhyiddin YassinSince the DPM (Muhyiddin Yassin) want to be Malay first and then Malaysian, why not go back to Malay civilisational rules? What would the ancient Malays say to all these?

The proverb “ Raja adil raja di sembah, raja zalim raja di sanggah” is NOT a hallowed call.

Despite being a feudalistic society, the ancient Malays had settled guiding principles that demanded the people to rise up against injustice and unjust rulers.

Unfortunately, the Malay politicians today use that proverb only against their own sultans.

To make that proverb easier to understand – rephrase that to “ KERAJAAN adil KERAJAAN di sembah, KERAJAAN zalim KERAJAAN disanggah”.

Thus, it would be the obligations of every able bodied Malay to rise up against the injustice that is so rampant today.

Similarly, the so called Islamic authorities have desecrated the proverb “ Biar mati anak jangan mati adat” as being Unislamic.

It is not too difficult to realize that in ancient times, laws were not written. Laws were part of the way of life, just as Islam is a way of life.

Adat refers to the common law of the land, just as the English common law that has become part of the law of our land. If they had taken cognizance that the “adat” referred to in that proverb are not rites or rituals but the common law, they would then realize that adat is also a source of Islamic law under the category of “U’rf”.

Why the significance of that proverb?

Because the ancient Malays would not condone the violations of laws, of justice and of fairness. The ancient Malays’ adherence to the Rule of Law is crystallized in that proverb, that they would rather sacrifice their children than to abandon the laws by which they live.

So, Tan Sri Muhyidin, while I want to support to you in being a Malay first, I would also ask you and all the Malay government leaders to adhere to these universal Malay values and enforce the laws against the thievery of our country’s wealth and bring these perpetrators to justice!

We Malaysians want honest and accountable government and that is a reasonable and rational expectation.

Jagalah maruah Bangsa kita dulu.

-Din Merican

Friday 16 April 2010

UPDATED! MIC Got Pissed On the Head by UMNO for the Hulu Selangor By-Election

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The Public Fooled by BN for Candidate Selection for Hulu Selangor

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".... Kamalanathan is a relative of Samy Vellu whom he can control, so Samy makes a pact with UMNO to play it for the public to ensure his hold on the party and the supporters are not affected. In this way, he would look good for the public as he can point out to the Indian voters that he had no choice but to abide by UMNO’s decision.

The hate factor, at least amongst the Malaysian Indians, at the moment is Samy Vellu. BN needed to engineer a way out to persuade those Indian voters there to vote for BN. Samy played the role assisted by UMNO on how to hoodwink the public and get the result they want without bringing Samy into the picture. This is a typical good cop, bad cop scenario.

Read here how Kamalanathan had been lobbied by Rocky Bru,UMNO's media spinner, in the Malay Mail.
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The Barisan Nasional i.e. Umno, has REJECTED MIC President Samy Vellu's first choice, MIC Deputy President G Palanivel as the BN candidate for the Hulu Selangor by-election, instead UMNO chose P Kamalanathan.

It is UMNO, and NOT MIC, which dictates who in MIC should stand for Hulu Selangor.

UMNO controlled MIC

To put it bluntly, MIC has been dealt a slap, leaving its leaders red-faced with embarrassment.

MIC members and supporters are wondering what good is the MIC president who cannot convince the BN leadership to field the party's candidate, and who has to submit to the will of Umno?

Sources claim that Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak wants to prove that he could win Indian votes without Samy Vellu's MIC.

Najib has on numerous occasions, sidestepped Samy Vellu and MIC, when reaching out to Indian voters.

Now Samy Vellu has to swallow his pride and back Kamalanathan, setting aside the fact that it is Umno, and not MIC, which delivered the final verdict.

He would have to rally his demoralised soldiers on the ground to swing into action, after days of confusion as to who would be the candidate.

To make matters worse, if Kamalanathan wins, the MIC president would have nothing to gloat about, since it would be evident that it was the Umno gamble which paid off.

Samy Vellu would also have to convince Palanivel's supporters, who are seething with anger, that their leader had been led by the nose ring to the slaughter house.

It is an open secret that Palanivel wanted to contest in this by-election in order to pave the way for his return to Parliament, and possibly back into the Cabinet.

Palanivel, who was a four-term Hulu Selangor MP, is known to be a man of pride and would find this humiliation difficult to swallow. Talk is that he has been offered a senatorship, which would probably see him appointed as a deputy minister. The question is, would he accept it?

For now, Palanivel is still licking his wounds.

It is common knowledge that Najib views the veteran politician's continued presence at the helm as a major stumbling block in capturing the hearts and minds of the Indian community.

The decision by UMNO-BN to drop Palanivel would also have a significant impact on MIC, with members wondering what good is a deputy president with no clout.

In the final analysis, a victory for Kamalanathan would be a defeat for MIC.



(Zaid Ibrahim is the proposed PKR candidate for the Hulu Selangor By-Election)

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zaid ibrahimAs the shootout for Hulu Selangor draws near, the dirty campaign of Umno has begun in full swing. Predictably, Umno are not focusing on issues of the rakyat. Umno are focused on the only thing they know: to spread lies and misinformation.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister and his hired hands, one of the issues plaguing my candidacy is my disciplinary record, of being suspended by Umno for money politics. They conveniently use this to accuse me of everything under the sun: being corrupt, greedy, wealthy, etc.

As always, the truth will set you free. It is perhaps something Umno is unfamiliar with. Time and time again, they continue to underestimate the intelligence of the rakyat and try to confuse them with fiction, but the rakyat knows better.

I have defended myself from these accusations many times, but will do so again. So here it is…
  1. In 2001, I won the contest for the post of Umno division chief for Kota Bharu. Took me three attempts and 10 years but I did it.

    That left them with no choice but to field me as a candidate in the March 2004 general election. I won a hard fought contest for the Kota Bharu parliamentary seat, although the three State Assembly seats in that parliamentary constituency were won by PAS. (Somewhat similar to the present situation in Hulu Selangor: the three State seats were won by BN in 2008, and now I am trying to win it again for PKR.)

    I expected a more supportive reaction from Umno — after 15 years of PAS rule BN had at last won in Kota Bharu. But it was not to be. They were ready to knife me again.

  2. By June 2004, there was another contest in Umno Kota Bharu. I was able to retain the seat of division chief, uncontested. But other positions were up for grabs. In that contest, certain individuals issued complaints in false statutory declarations that I had given money to “my agent”, the late Datuk Zahari Wahab, in exchange for votes purportedly on my behalf.

    I was charged on Oct 16, 2004 with money politics. Utterly ridiculous: I won the seat uncontested. How could I be charged with money politics when there was no contest? But within Umno, I guess anything is possible.

  3. By the time of the first hearing before the Umno disciplinary board, Zahari Wahab had passed away. He, too, had been charged with money politics, which I believe was also false.

    With his demise, the Umno disciplinary board could not put forth Zahari to support their claims. They did not put forth any other witness, only the false statutory declarations which I had no opportunity to challenge. I described the proceedings as a sham and that upset them. They were determined to pass judgment without any basis whatsoever.

    It was clear that I was being framed. I questioned how the board could arrive at their decision without supporting proof or evidence. In the end, the Umno disciplinary board ruled that I was guilty of money politics but were willing to spare me on condition that I apologise for questioning their process and authority.

    Under no circumstances was I ever going to apologise to them: to do so would be to implicitly admit guilt, and I was not going to compromise on principle and on my innocence. When I refused, the Umno board suspended me for three years.

  4. In 2008, when I was made a minister, I did not wish for there to be any doubt as to my character and credibility as I undertook this important responsibility in what I considered to be a reformist Government. I wanted to clear my name of any suspicion. So I requested the Anti-Corruption Agency to investigate me further. Until today they have not come forth with any outcome.

    The truth is I had not done any of the things claimed by my opponents; that is why I was made a minister.

  5. Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin suggested today that I was picked as the candidate for Hulu Selangor supposedly because of my deep pockets. My lovely wife and my daughter Alysha are very excited: they asked where did I hide my wealth and they insist I take them out shopping. Now, I’m in trouble!

    I suggest it is best for the DPM to hold his tongue. It is not befitting of a DPM to stoop so low.

  6. I was never wealthy, unlike other Umno ministers. I was a minister for only six months. Before that I was never a crony of anyone, nor had I obtained any concessions or APs or even blocks of shares.

    I would be prepared to publicly disclose my possessions and my so-called "wealth" and that of my family and my children as well — on the condition that the DPM and his Cabinet colleagues do the same of their own possessions and that of their families, their children, and their nominees.

  7. During my brief tenure as minister, (Tun) Pak Lah and I suggested that Cabinet Ministers should declare their assets to show that BN Ministers are clean and not afraid of full accountability and transparency. Many senior ministers opposed this. They opposed everything good that Pak Lah wanted to do. I wonder what the DPM has to say about this now.

    If he hasn’t got anything useful to add, I suggest that we move on and address the issues I have raised for the people in Hulu Selangor, and the issues facing the country.
Let's have a fair fight and see who has the support of the people!
-Zaid Ibrahim