Friday 10 October 2014


UMNO-BN Govt's contention that police did not take action against Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali over his call to burn copies of the Bible containing the word "Allah" because he was merely defending Islam has placed Islamist extremists above the law, a senior Sarawak Barisan Nasional minister said today.

Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali had called for copies of the Bible containing the word ‘Allah’ to be burned.

Land Development Minister Tan Sri Dr James Masing said,

“So now it is acceptable to burn the Bibles, insult believers of other faiths and do disrespectful acts in defence of the sanctity of Islam. Never mind the sanctity of other religions? How did Malaysia arrive at this socio-religious situation?”

Masing said Malaysia's “founding fathers would turn in their graves if they found out what is happening to Malaysia today”.

“Let us all bring Malaysia to the time when people of different faiths were free to practise their faiths in peace and religious bigots were non-existent.”

A Malaysian Insider reader, who goes by the name samng2, in his reaction posted this message for Nancy:

“Hello Nancy. Threaten(ing) to burn other religion's holy books to defend (one’s) own religion does not make any sense. Logically, for one to make such a threat means that the physical holy book itself or the content in it posed a serious threat to Islam.

“In short, this holy book cannot exist. Now, if it is that serious, why haven't other Muslims in the world burned such holy books a thousand years ago?

“Clearly, he (Ibrahim Ali) is not defending Islam. He made a threat against Christianity on his own accord. So please Nancy. It's people like you from the ruling government that keep insulting the intelligence of the public. (A) bad excuse is better than none?”

Nancy said police decided not to take action against Ibrahim because they concluded that his words were only directed at specific individuals, and were not a threat to the larger society.

She also told Lim that Ibrahim's action "was not intended to cause religious chaos but only to defend the sanctity of Islam".

Ibrahim's call in January last year prompted outrage from politicians and Christian groups, with critics accusing Putrajaya of double-standards in using the Sedition Act against critics while sparing Ibrahim over his remarks. 

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