Tuesday 23 February 2010

Malaysia NEVER Rose Above the Stature of THIRD World Country

The following is a commentary made by a reader, "Mr. Bean", on Din Merican's Blog

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Malaysia the subject of international ridicule? Naah …!

Malaysia despite its towering buildings and all the trappings of a modern state, has NEVER risen above the stature of that of a THIRD World country.

  1. The Brits gave you guys their model of parliamentary democracy they call Westminster to start with.

    Instead nothing grew beyond the trimmings of parliamentary democracy.

    Beginning with form without the substance, it was reduced quickly to being the rubber stamp of an all powerful ruling elite whose claim to legitimacy became over the years tenuous at best.

  2. The Brits gave you guys the English language to master so its people could be living example of a people once backward but later globe trotting citizens, diplomats and businessmen.

    You threw that away and in its place nurtured a false pride in a language not spoken outside its own backyard.

  3. The Brits gave you a legal system based on the English common law and a judicial philosophy that meets the needs of a modern nation state; and left behind a quietly functioning civil service that religiously adheres to the doctrine of civil service neutrality.

    Today the justice system, law enforcement functions not to safeguard the rule of law but rule by autocrats impatient and determined to maintain their hold over power and with it their monopoly over the spoils of public office.

    You have not one justice system but two which are antagonistic rather than complementary.

  4. And the civil service?

    Pipe smoking, neck-tie wearing and bespectacled anglophiles have been replaced by a group of self serving, religious bigots whose holier-than-thou attitude permeates the ranks of the civil service, preoccupied with after-life issues rather than issues that affect the development of a country once proud to show off her tradition – otherwise eager to please their political masters.

    - "Mr Bean"
    February 23, 2010

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ktteokt said...

Malaysia has become a 4TH WORLD country! A class of its own, unique!