Thursday, 24 June 2010

Comparing Malaysia to Singapore

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The Boston Consulting Group,(BCG) one of the leading global management consulting firm has just last week released its Annual Wealth Report and found Singapore to be amongst the top 20 countries with the most millionaires households.
Singapore is a tiny nation of 5.1 million population is ranked at no. 18 with the most numbers of millionaires and rank the highest in terms of density with 11.4 percent of the total households being a millionaire in USD (US Dollar).

That is about 3.3 million Malaysian Ringgit. And this is of liquid asset which does not include the value of property owned.

That means for every 10 Singaporeans you meet more than one will be a millionaire of USD.

Malaysia? In the late 70s to early 80s before Mahathir became PM, Malaysia has one of the highest per capita income in Asia and was way ahead of countries like South Korea and Taiwan.


The Singapore dollar exchange rate was at parity with the Malaysian dollar back than at 1 for 1. After Mahathir became PM we saw the other Asian countries race way ahead.The Hong Kong dollar back than was about 3 for one Ringgit.
  • Today the Singapore exchange rate is at about RM2.33 for one Singapore Dollar.

  • Singapore is today a fully developed country and an advanced nation of which Malaysia is only still aspiring to become.

  • Singapore enjoys a per capita income of more than USD 37,000 whereas Malaysia is at less than USD 7,000 which is way off the mark being a leader in the region some 30 years ago.

  • Singapore is the fourth leading financial centre of the world and the fourth richest nation in terms of GDP Purchasing Power Parity per capita.

  • Singapore is a fine example of a sound and efficient economic management and governance with one of the highest ratings by Transparency International for being clean and the least corrupt.
On the other hand Malaysia will show you how corruption can impoverished its people and after years of progressive corruption has now become terminal and rotted to the core.

  • Malaysia is now a sad story although blessed with rich and abundant natural resources, has 57.8% of its total household of 5.7 million earning a meager income of below 3000 Ringgit a month with an average household size of 4,5 person per household.

  • And more than two third of the Malaysian household earns less than RM4 thousand a month at 70.7%.
We could have been like Singapore and we would have been a prosperous nation only if than we had selected our leaders wisely and carefully but instead we had to pick the most wicked and corrupt that has plundered our resources and divided our spirits.


Anonymous said...

But our kampung hero here has bragging rights of being THE son of soil (bumiputera)with racial supremacy (ketuanan melayu)

Who needs progress when you've been brain washed since young that you're special.

Who needs to work hard when by being special, you will be provided for.

Who needs education when local university have already lowered standards to admit my special race.

Who needs the outside world when my leaders say we are more special than the outside world.

Anonymous said...

In 1966 per capita income of Singapore was S$ 400.00 today it is S$40,000.00. That alone tells the story.

And what makes me angry is that Singapore is run by many rejects from Malaysia.

Ok we do not like Singapore and therefore we do not want to follow them. We had this Look East Policy. Here also we did not learn from Korea. In 1966 their per capita income was, if I am not mistaken, about US$400.00 and today they are around US$ 16,000.

Instead of increasing the per capita income we spent it on unsustainable projects.And what makes me even more angry is that the private sector under the programme of close cooperation between the public and private sector has taken the taxpayer to the clearners. Raman

Anonymous said...

Our PeeeeeeeM can have the best economic plan in the whole world. But If you have lazy, racialistic, leechlike and pea brain dickheads like those in Perkasa, Gertak and some NGOs, it will never never ever going to work. I bet my last 1/4 cent on this.
With such a high rate of population increase in future and the way the current bunch of greedy, corrupted and unethical politicians running the government, many many of the youngs may perhaps grown up like those dickheads i mentioned above. Its back to square one. By 2030 we will be lucky if we can match Burma, Loas etc…
God helps Bolehland.