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PERKASA: The Symbol of Everything That is Ugly and Scary of Malaysians



".... Who would forget the "SHIT, SHIT, SHIT " Al-Jazeera interview?

In FULL VIEW of international audience, PERKASA's real ugly, uncouth, unrefined and even uncivilised nature reveal itself.

It is comical. And it is tragic.

It is tragic because the international community may think - and I am sure they do think - that Malaysians in general are as uncouth as these Perkasa creatures.

And that my friends, is a insult to Malaysia and to ALL Malaysians.

It makes me wonder what UMNO's official stand on Perkasa is.

But one thing is clear. To many, Perkasa is NOT feared. Let alone irrationally feared.

What is feared is what Perkasa and its ilk represent. ..."
- Art Harun

Do WE fear PERKASA ?


Art Harun

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I refer to a post at Rocky's Bru titled "The irrational fear of Perkasa".

Perkasa. What does that name evoke?

Fear? Unlikely.

To me and many others, that name is almost comical and tragic at the same time, quite in the same mould as Roberto Benigni's "Life is beautiful," only that the later was poignant and sorrowful, rather than tragic.

Perkasa is comical in the way it - through its leader, Dato' Ibrahim Ali and its various extras whose names I do not even care to remember - went around calling people who do not agree with its views names. YB Khairy Jamaludin knows about this well. Minister Nazri also knows about this very well.

Whenever Perkasa's views are opposed or criticised, Perkasa has been unable to counter such oppositions or critics. When Perkasa cannot rebut another's opinion, what would it do? Yes. It will attack the person who expresses the opinion rather than the opinion itself.

And so, Khairy Jamaludin was a “stupid”, “crazy”, “feeble-minded” and a “confused child”. according to Dato' Ibrahim Ali. And not to mention, also "mentally ill."

Just look at one full sentence by Dato' Ibrahim Ali about YB Khairy:-
“This is the talk of a stupid, brainless person. He is talking like a crazy person." (source is here.)
Then, who would forget the "shit, shit, shit" Al-Jazeera interview? In full view of international audience, Perkasa's real ugly, uncouth, unrefined and even uncivilised nature reveal itself. It is comical.

And it is tragic. It is tragic because the international community may think - and I am sure they do think - that Malaysians in general are as uncouth as these Perkasa creatures.

And that my friends, is a insult to Malaysia and to all Malaysians.

It is also an insult to the Prime Minister, because as I am told, the Prime Minister has a voracious appetite for knowledge and is an avid reader. And what an insult would be to the Prime Minister if the international community thinks that Malaysians are generally uncouth because of that Al-Jazeera interview with Dato' Ibrahim Ali.

Ah, let's not forget about all the police report.

That Perkasa is only able to shout and scream slogans and misleading statements about rights which do not exist is exemplified by its inability to accept YB Nurul Izaah's polite, but firm, invitation to debate on the purview of Article 153 of the Federal Constitution.

Perkasa's response - and no less than Minister Sharizat's response (I am addressing her as a Minister in a loose sense) - to YB Nurul Izzah's clear articulation on the subject matter was taken right from the 1st line of the 1st Chapter of Dr Mahathir's guidelines to a discourse, namely, twist and hijack the issue.

This they did by saying YB Nurul Izzah had "challenged" article 153. When in fact she did nothing of that sorts.

By twisting - and thereby, hijacking - the real issue, they hoped to make YB Nurul looked bad.

To challenge article 153 would make YB Nurul anti-Malay "rights" and therefore anti-Malay. How convenient.

This tactic has been employed so many times.
  • Ustaz Asri, the former Perlis mufti, of course, is branded as a "Wahabbi" and therefore anti-Islam.

  • Zaid Ibrahim is of course an "alcoholic" and therefore is unfit.

  • Haris Ibrahim is a "liberal-secularist" and therefore he is also anti-Malay, anti-Islam and anti-whatever.
What YB Nurul was trying to do was to set out the REAL provision of article 153. She NEVER challenged it. To challenge it would mean she was asking that that article ought to be repealed or amended. But she was not doing that.

Since she challenged article 153, according to these real smart people, she has committed an offence.

The standard offence nowadays is of course the dreaded "S" offence. No, it's not Sodomy. It is SEDITION.

And so Perkasa had to lodge a police report against YB Nurul. And then they would take pictures of themselves while holding the police report.

That's the standard operating procedure.

The new IGP should come down hard on this kind of police report. It wastes the police's time and the tax payers' money. The police has many other more important things to do. Like investigating murders, corruptions, breach of trusts, drug trafficking and taking care of the traffic during this festivity.

Not to spend time on all these totally moronic police reports. But then again, that's Perkasa. Nothing more and nothing less.

And now, YB KJ, Minister Nazri, Minister Khalid and Datuk Tengku Adnan, the secretary general of UMNO have come out to distance UMNO from Perkasa.

These are big people. Not some cikus from UMNO. Can we take it then that UMNO now does not want to be associated with - and is not associated with - Perkasa?

I think we can make that conclusion.

Well at least I will make that conclusion, personally.
  • The Prime Minister wants change. He wants to transform Malaysia and the Malays in general.

  • He wants the Malays to stop being spoon fed and promote meritocracy.

  • Of course he is not doing away with affirmative actions just yet, because he recognises the needs for such actions. However, I believe the Prime Minister wants to change the way the affirmative actions are being implemented.

  • He wants to introduce a semblance of accountability to it. A certain level of defined methodology which is rooted in meritocracy to it.

  • But I also believe he is facing a revolt from within his own party about what he wants to do, particularly the was he wants to redefine the affirmative actions and its methodology.

  • Sometimes, the perception is, even his own deputy is against him on this.
And of course we have Dr Mahathir Mohamad who is dead against the Prime Minister's well intent moves. And Perkasa - like Dr Mahathir - is also dead against it. in fact, personally, it is my perception that Perkasa is just echoing Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

No, not echoing. But parroting him. Yes, that's more apt.

So, it is high time that UMNO, as a party, puts a stop to this insidious counter-movements against its own President, who happens to be our Prime Minister. He needs full support of UMNO for this much needed - if a bit radical to the Malays - change which he intends to introduce. And he also needs support from the BN component parties.

These supports are not forthcoming. MCA is too lame to do anything. MIC is mired in internal problems. AS for the others, I do not even know their names to begin with.

The statements by YB KJ and gang wouldn't have come at a better time for the Prime Minister.

However, I note with a bit of puzzlement, that no such statement has been forthcoming from the likes of Minister Hishamuddin; Minister Shafie Afdal, the Wanita Wing chief, Minister Rais and other top leaders of UMNO.

And so it makes me wonder what UMNO's official stand on Perkasa is.

But one thing is clear.

To many, Perkasa is NOT feared. Let alone irrationally feared.

What is feared is what Perkasa and its ilk represent. And I don't think there is any need for me to spell out what they represent.


Najib Flip-Flops on Rejecting Perkasa

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As expected, Prime Minister Najib Razak has already begun back-pedaling on recent statements from certain Umno leaders that the party would reject Perkasa, an ultra Malay rights NGO whose patron is former premier Mahathir Mohamad.

“No, we do not want to be in conflict with any NGO. It (Perkasa) is just like any other NGO. We have so many NGOs. There are times we can agree, and there are times we cannot agree. No, I do not want to refer specifically to anyone,” Najib was reported as saying on Friday. He was asked to respond on Mahathir's comments that for Umno to break off with Perkasa, it would hurt its ability to win over Malay votes.

But at a glittering event on Wednesday, the signs were already evident that he may have knocked out a deal or some form of preliminary truce with Mahathir. This would pre-empt the power tussle predicted by many pundits after several leaders aligned to Najib publicly distanced Umno from Perkasa, which has been stirring up unprecedented social discord with its racist rhetoric.

Najib Made Fools of MCA and GERAKAN

Najib's latest statement is bound to disappoint those who had hoped to see his administration finally make headway in implementing sorely needed social and economic reforms. Many Malaysian had been hoping to hear him personally confirm that Umno would no longer support Perkasa.

Indeed in his Malaysia Day address on Wednesday night, Najib had spoken out against extremism in the country. On Friday, he reiterated that his government would distance itself from extremists but again refused to say who he meant.

PKR strategic director Tian Chua told Malaysia Chronicle:
Well, now we know he DOESN'T mean Perkasa.

We have always warned that the whole Umno-Perkasa row was a charade because at the end of the day, Najib just does not have it in him to go head to head with Mahathir. You don't need any great analytical skills to see that.

Now it looks like the fools are MCA, MIC and Gerakan. They rushed to celebrate and tell their constituents that Umno has changed its racist ways but it hasn't. The BN is still manipulating and deceiving the public."


Anonymous said...

now, adnan denies saying bn wants to distance itself from perkosa ! @#$%^&*

Anonymous said...

Do not tell me ten years down the road that I did not warn you. I wonder how many of us remember The Late Slobodan Milisovic that monster of a President of Yugoslavia. When he came to power he did what it took to correct the ills of prrevious administrations. Leading an administration that was dominated by the Serbs, an army dominated by the Serbs, a Civil Service dominated by the Serbs, a police Force domoinated by serbs, a security Police dominated by the Serbs and a Par Military Force similar to our RELA having a strengrthen that was equal to the combined uniformed services he came out with the battle cry Serbia for the Serbs. I do not have to tell tou what happened. From 1990 till today that country has not only not recovered but has been divided into seven States- what it was before the start of the First World War.

We in Malaysia must be careful what we wish for. Because it will come true. If we are not careful we too will find out that Malaysia will revert to what the Western Colonialist found us to be in the 1800s.Kelantan and Trengganu under Siam, Penang&PW, Malacca, Southern Johor, and Singapore under the Straits Settlements and what will be left of Malaysia will be the Federated Malay States.

We have to put on out thinking caps and determine what we want.Very soon the money will run out in the sense that the wealth will grow in arithmetic prograssion (2,4,8,16..) while the population will grow in geometric progression(2,4,16,256...)And we will never be able to catch up. We now are talking about HighIincome society. I am not a economist you can only achieve a high income Society if you have high productivity.The other way of achieveing a High Income Society is to print unsecured cash like waht Zimbabwe did.