Monday 6 December 2010

Video Clip: NAMEWEE's Problems with Racist FINAS on 1Malaysia Film. WHERE IS MCA?


Najib's Hypocritical 1MALAYSIA Concept Rubbished by the UMNO-bureaucrats in FINAS

NAMEWEE's Video Documentary
the Anti-1Malaysia FINAS

We Say,

NAMEWEE should have been facilitated and funded by FINAS to produce his 1Malaysia film, instead of putting questionable roadblocks and run-arounds in his dealings with FINAS.

FINAS can always take the necessary course of action to recover funds through a contractual agreement AFTER the film had been made, if NAMEWEE's film does not meet the requirements.

It is obvious FINAS, which is a taxpayer funded agency with its bureaucrats paid by taxpayers (read: non Malay and Malay taxpayers ) are racially biased to block NAMEWEE from producing his film.

The MALAY bureaucrats in FINAS, as well in other govt agencies, keep forgetting their salaries each month to put food on their family tables do come the sweat and the back-aching hard work of MANY non Malay taxpayers too.

FINAS is antithesis to Najib's 1Malaysia concept. In other words, FINAS serves NO purpose to unite Malaysians.

It should be disbanded as a waste of taxpayers' money or replace the racially-biased senior bureaucrats responsible for this fiasco.



Article in Star on 19 March 2010

(Read here for more)

Rapper Wee Meng Chee, better known as Namewee, is seeking funds from the National Film Development Corporation (Finas) to make his first movie titled 1Malaysia, reported Sin Chew Daily.

Wee said this was due to the 1Malaysia initiative started last year by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak under which the Government has allocated RM200mil for the movie, art and entertainment industry.

Wee stressed that he did not mean to challenge Finas but to prove to the Chinese that he would be able to get the funding.

Should Finas not approve his application, Wee said he might try to obtain funding to produce a documentary.

The daily quoted Wee as saying he wanted to prove to the Chinese Malaysians that Finas WOULD fund people from their race.

“A number of friends in the movie industry said there is no way for a Chinese movie to get funds from Finas as only movies with 60% Malay language content can apply for it.They asked me not to dream of it. But I don’t agree,” Wee told reporters.

Wee, who is famous for his song Negarakuku, said he spent a few weeks to complete the script for his first movie 1Malaysia and has translated the script into Bahasa Malaysia.

He will submit the Bahasa Malaysia version of the script to Finas to seek funding.


Anonymous said...

@#$%^&* , how does Finass finish our hard-earned $$$$$$$ making ONLY malay wayang !?

Anonymous said...

And this is termed MASYARAKAT YANG ADIL in the RUKUNEGARA - a piece of tattered toilet paper dangling in front of the rakyat for 40 bloody years!

Anonymous said...

der...come on la...dont mention bout who pay tax more n so on..malay or non malay...equal la...wonder how much u pay tax to govt? 80k or 100k a year?

Anonymous said...

FINAS, a group of no brains nothing to do wayang kulit with the hard earned rakyat money. Nothing more.

Anonymous said...

Meet the PM? Good (CHESS) move my friend. c
Just make sure you take Saifool along. "You help me, I help you" remember?

Can't wait for next episode.

Anonymous said...

where is MCA which makes chinese angry !

Anonymous said...

This shows the STUPIDITY of 1 MALAYSIA. So rakyat u still want to vote for UMNO-BN in GE13 ? Better kick them out sky high !!!! Where is MCA ??- USELESS party !!NAJIB,real hypocrite?

Anonymous said...

You people don't talk about tax from which race. You know 40% comes from Petronas (digging oil from Tanah Melayu) and individual tax revenue only 15%. That 15% only enough to pay enforcement officers to catch fake VCD peddlars, massage parlours cum sex dent, wild life smuggling for exotic food, etc. Gov servants salary comes from Petronas tax and other GLCs. Register that in yr brain ok...

Malaysian Unplugged Management Team said...

To Anonymous (8 December 2010 07:49)

Petronas is WHOLLY-GOVERNMENT owned. That means it is owned by the RAKYAT of Malaysia, and that means it is owned by Malays AND NON MALAYS.

ALL employees of PETRONAS are therefore accountable to the RAKYAT of MALAYSIA (Malays AND NON Malays).

What are GLCs? They are called Govt-Linked Companies. GLCs are defined as " companies that have a primary commercial objective and in which the Malaysian GOVERNMENT has a DIRECT controlling stake. Controlling stake refers to the Government’s ability (not just percentage ownership) to appoint BOD members, senior management, make major decisions for GLCs either directly or through GLICs."

What is a GOVERNMENT? The Govt exists at the pleasure and mandate, and its power comes from the RAKYAT of Malaysia, that is all Malays AND all NON Malays taxpayers.

To put simply, both Malays AND NON MALAYS own PETRONAS and all the GLCs.

PETRONAS and GLCs are NOT wholly-owned by MALAYS.

PETRONAS and GLCs are owned by ALL the rakyat of Malaysia (Malays AND NON MALAYS) and any income from Petronas and GLCs belong to Malays AND NON MALAYS.

You should widen your understanding of the structure of Govt held corporations and institutions.

The Govt is NOT UMNO-owned or MCA and MIC owned ,or Malay-owned.

The Govt is accountable to all RAKYAT Malaysia (Malays and NON Malays).

Income from GLC and Petronas should also go to help ALL RAKYAT, NOT just Malays.

Anonymous said...

You people has become very racist. Namewee is a racist and unpatriotic person condemning our national anthem. Do you think he should be rewarded with Gov Grants? Not in a thousand years... You know the Petronas oil money mostly comes from state of Trengganu and Kelantan with 99%+ Malays and now you said well we should share. I have no problem sharing as it is Fed own. Now you guys are hypocrite. I will be embarassed to share if petrol comes out from Jelutong in Penang.

Malaysian Unplugged Management Team said...

Anonymous( 8 December 2010 13:38)

It does not matter where the oil is dugged by Petronas, in Trengganu, Sabah or Sarawak or Penang.

The natural resource is owned by the nation. And the nation is about Malaysians, not Malays only, nor Chinese or Indians only.

And PETRONAS is owned by GOVERNMENT, which means it is owned by Malays AND NON MALAYS.

Penang is not about Chinese or Trengganu is not about Malays.

You need to have more mature thinking before you can debate in issues like this.