Sunday 13 March 2011

BERITA HARIAN's Insensitivity is a Disgrace to the Malay Community and to Malaysians in General

BERITA HARIAN pokes fun at recent tsunami disasters in JAPAN


CNN iReport :

Local Malaysian newspaper Berita Harian published a caricature in their editor's column today that depicts the popular Japanese cartoon character Ultraman as trying to outrun an incoming tsunami.

The publication has received tremendous criticisms by readers, who accuse the editors as being "inconsiderate and distasteful".

What Malaysians Are Saying....

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  • I am embarrased to be a Malaysian but I can't change that fact. However, I am fortunate to be livimg out of Malaysia given all the distasteful & disrespectful events caused by Malaysian leaders. Now to top things, Berita Harian, a local Malaysian newspaper have proven themselves to be OWNED BY IDIOTS AND RUN BY IDIOTS!

  • I am so disgusted with Malaysia...sad to admit I am from Malaysia...

  • I think this is the most insensitive and distateful thing that can come out of any human being. There is a time and a place for everything and clearly, this isn't one of them.

  • Publish news about japan disaster and yet at the same time mock them with cartoon .. Sorry to say, even I'm Malaysian very ashamed about this.

  • That's the problem with Malaysian, they are so coveted by their government that when this kind of things happen they react too fast without thinking. Here they don't get the whole point. This cartoon is not offensive, it's just not funny. Get over it. A cartoonist like Lat has covered more sensitive subjects and yet has never been criticized, the reason being that he has done it intelligently.

  • I am a Malaysian and I must admit it is a national disgrace having such newspaper poking fun of others misery. There is a classic case of "Schadenfreude" German word for cashing pleasure from the misfortunes of others.

  • I am Malaysian. And i'm ashamed of this as BH is one of the main medium reaching the audiences and the citizen of Malaysia. I would like to apologize for this. A lot of petition has been started online requesting BH to apologize. We, most of Malaysian are aware of the trouble of those affected in Japan. We deeply and are still praying for Japan. Condolences to those affected.

  • BH is supposedly a true 'muslim' news media , fully supported by our UMNOputras. Have a question for the UMNOputras , does Koran teach you poke jokes at suffering people ? ? ? Why have numerous places of worship, instead of decent schools , IF you are able to be DECENT , in the face of such devasting disaster ! ! ! BH should be banned , to prove that we , the Malaysians are really sorry for such a SICK JOKE .

  • This BH is Umno organ and they will be satisfied after making fun of others the like of: “Sodomy adalah perbuatan memasukkan zakar kedalam dubur” so much so my primary school going daughter once asked me, “Papa what is zakar, what is dubur.” I just cannot answer but deep inside me I said,” Umno Pukima*.”

  • The whole Berita Harian editorial bunch should be dragged on the street like the cowhead incident. Apologize is not enough. They should weep for forgiveness to the Japanese people.

  • Taking stupidity in Bodohland to higher levels. That's all they are capable of. When we had the highland towers tragedy, the Japanese, the French acted swiftly, flew in with their rescue personnel & equipment to help us, and this is how we thank them. Screw u next time. When we had terrible floods in johor, while the Sleeping Beauty was cutting ribbon for "restoran" in perth, singaporeans came in and help us malaysians. Ungrateful, this is ketuanan behavior, izzit?

  • Dumb people do dumb things in the most inappropriate time and place.This berita harian ought to b esuspended for embarrassing Malaysia. berita harian = umnoputra = stewpigs! Buat lawak pun tak reti tempat dan masa. Bila umnoputra tersindir sikit jee dah nak meradang ugut bakar lee, ugut hantar balik cine lee, ugut nak tarik balik kerakyatan lee tapi bila sendiri buat bodoh tak de hal laa plak!

  • Sick mentality. The whole Editorial and Management Board should resign and their press printing permit cancelled. This is the so-called 'dominant' race inculcated from the days of Tun Mahathir. Congrats to Malaysia. You have proven to be the most extremely insensitive and offensive Nation in the international community. Perkasa and Ibrahim Ali must surely be truly proud of what they had done.

  • Berita Harian another UMNOputra dirty rag, not worth the paper it is printed on.Their contempt for decency is demonstrated by this distasteful cartoon, nonetheless this daily has shamed me and everyone in my household.In 2009, Berita Harian fell from a circulation of 203,704 in 2006 to 154,868 – a fall of 24 per cent. Little wonder many will not wrap even fish purchases with this rag. It poisons the fish.

  • utusan is so used to making fun, humiliating and threatening people of other races and this time i think, will incur international backlash from japanese investors and citizens. This is not the first time UMNO papers did this. At one time NST humiliated the thais when Kadir Jasin was editor in its daily cartoon.

  • This goes to show how immature, idiotic and distasteful these morons are. People are mourning for the losses of lives and yet they are making fun out of it! Bustards!

  • Tasteless .. another UMNO's paper. This is really insulting even though the paper has apologised. This shows that insulting Chinese is OK, insulting Japanese is also OK. Anyway, I have sent a copy of the cartoon to the Japanese Telecommunication Ministry ex-adviser who closed to me. Good luck to you all #%@#$ UMNO. Let see how no cultural senseless and inhumane this newspaper was.

  • Apology not accepted.Berita Harian has given Malaysia a bad name internationally.It should be shut down, and its editors and entire management should be forced to resign, just like what happened to the Sarawak Tribune in 2006, when they reprinted the Jyllands-Posten cartoons. No double standards should be practiced here.

  • The damage was done. ... That's the essence of their mindset and mentality since Tun Mahathir. They now even think the whole world belongs to them. Berita Harian must be condemned in the strongest sense for their lack of maturity and insensitivity. The whole Editorial and Management Board must resign en bloc for this extreme folly. Is this what their religion taught them? We are talking about thousands of lives feared to have died in the tsunami.


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Anonymous said...

Nasib baik Utusan ta kata Japan Pariah.

Anonymous said...

You can't blame the paper. In actual fact, it is not a national paper but a 'Berita Harian (Umno)masked as a MSM.

Anonymous said...

No wonder the Japanese government does not want our so-called SMART Team ...embarassing.

nomoredespots said...

You called this a newspaper?
More like paper meant to 'mun see fatt' after you do your thing in the toilet.
I have not been reading any MSM for more than 4 yrs now cos I know that it is all trash and Umno propaganda.
It all started with mamak kerala. He instigated the malays to call the non malays pendatangs.
It has been this way for over 22yrs of his socalled reign.
Luckily, ther are smart malays e.g.PKR malays, PAS malays,etc who know the TRUTH.
Seek the Truth, Malaysians and let's join our bros from across the universe to liberate the nation from moronic despots.

Anonymous said...

What kind of XXXX sits at the helm of this so-called Bahasa Malaysia daily??? Isn't the Editor-in-Chief responsible for what goes out to the public, read & digested by our children? Just an apology? Hah, you are lucky your head didn't have to roll...the cartoon sent a shiver of dull sickening pain...I'm so ashamed to be born and bred in a country where such uncivilised press exists!