Thursday 29 September 2011

The Beginning of the Collapse of Pakatan Rakyat ?

"Asked specifically if Pakatan will be implementing the hudud law if it comes into power in the next election, Anwar said: “No, there is NO consensus (on that)".

The coalition agreed to disagree on existing enactments pertaining to hudud law in Kelantan and Terengganu, as the enactments predate the formation of Pakatan."

The Beginning of the MAJOR COLLAPSE of Pakatan Rakyat.



From a FaceBook User's posting

When RELIGION is put on to the fore-front of politics by parties in the Pakatan Rakyat coalition over ECONOMIC issues facing the country, voting based on religious divide for PAS and UMNO takes precedence over other more important issues, not only for muslims , but for non-muslims as well.

Religion is a highly emotive issue for Malays and non-Malays.

Most of the PAS MPs in the Federal Territory, Perak and Selangor who won on the back of non-muslim votes will lose their seats in Parliament as non Muslim voters will abandon PAS candidates. DAP members will not campaign for PAS candidates. PAS supporters will not vote for DAP candidates nor campaign for DAP candidates as they did for the 2008 GE.

PAS went for broke on hudud issue, although this is limited to Kelantan. When PAS leaders including Nik Aziz went public on its stand without prior discussion with its coalition partners, DAP feels the sense of betrayal by PAS.

PKR was forced to make a stand and being a Malay-based party, Anwar had to stand on the side of PAS on hudud. Since PKR supports huddud, non Muslim voters who stood by PKR in 2008 will abandon PKR candidates in droves.

It is an issue of loss of trust and faith by muslim and non muslim supporters of Pakatan in the ability of DAP, PAS and PKR to work together on a common policy platform for the coming GE especially on the emotive issue of the Islamic state.

There is a sense on the ground that Pakatan voters had enough of this unresolved issue.The latest move by PAS to go for broke on the hudud issue is the tipping point.

Muslim votes will either go to UMNO or PAS.PAS will lose big from non Muslim voters. But MCA may not benefit from Chinese votes at all. The question is: will NON Muslim voters who had voted Pakatan in 2008 will vote for UMNO when UMNO faces PAS/PKR this time around? Or more likely, they will not turn out for voting in these constituencies.

The prediction is BN will retain Perak and Selangor, and other states as non Muslims will return back to BN. Penang remains in DAP hands. Kelantan will remain in PAS hands and Kedah is 50:50.

BN is guaranteed of the two-third majority in Parliament in the next GE. PAS, DAP and PKR can kiss goodbye their ambition of having the keys to Putrajaya. PKR will be the biggest loser in the next GE.

Its the end of the honeymoon for Pakatan Rakyat basically.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry. There will be a new coalition coming up. People have enough of politics and no action just talk only. All trying to boost their ego. Malaysia want party who can set direction and to provide bright future and opportunity for their future generations.Look at our ringgit value compare to our neighbour. The first step is better education for our young. Even cambodian are learning English now. So Where we go 10 years down the road.

shafeek said...

So Mahathir the Machiavellian (who started this hudud nonsense by daring Nik Aziz to implement hudud in Kelantan) wins again? I guess Malaysian politicians, even seasoned ones like Nik Aziz, are easily baited to self destruct.

yapchongyee said...

This election is the best chance yet for Perkatan to win gov't so why throw it away on a RED HERRING !

Irony is the Chinese do not give a shit for religion, so why DAP is playing the principle nonsense ?

I say to DAP & PKR be brave and accept that PAS is the senior Partner and that if it is good for PAS is good for Pakatan.

Anonymous said...

These shameless guys in MCA still think that they are still relevant esp to their own community despite being thrashed since 0308. Either they are ignorant or completely out of touch with their own community. They are still trying like "a dead chicken thrashing the rice bowl cover". Hey, all you self-claim political bums out there "be real man" before you are completely wiped out come GE13 by your very own community.