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Hasan Ali, Now a Pariah in Malaysian and Malay Politics

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Hasan Ali - Thank Goodness, He Didn't Appeal!


Iskandar Dzulkarnain

A long time ago, when you mentioned Hasan Ali’s name, there was some respect for this PAS leader even though he was basically another self-proclaimed defender of Islam. Respect was extended to him for his Islamic standing and that was mostly due to his position as the head of PAS Selangor.

Less focus was placed on his persona, educational background but mainly he was held in esteemed and given face because he had been handpicked by PAS to defend the Muslims in the state, and perceived to be performing his religious duties to uphold the good name of Islam.

But things changed. Something happened.

Even from before 2008, Hasan was interested in UMNO

Rumours and wild talk started to surface after the last election in 2008. Hasan Ali started to become prominent for other reasons. From religion, he started to move into race-championing.

Talks of secret meetings between Hasan Ali and UMNO to form a new Selangor government under Pakatan Rakyat finally came out into the open.

PAS had to issue a denial, and its president Hadi Awang had to make a clarification. Within PAS, the blurred lines between the party's liberals and the ultra conservative ulama or religious heads began to take shape and sharpen. Along with Pakatan, PAS was shaken and stirred by the Hasan's dealings with UMNO.

It was no secret that Hasan harbored dreams of becoming the next Menteri Besar and was willing to sleep with the devil just to deny a Pakatan Rakyat government in Selangor.

Since then, he has in the news for all the wrong reasons, and oftentimes people wondered whether he was representing PAS, Pakatan or UMNO!

The beer fiasco in Shah Alam’s minimart left a sour note on people’s lips. Non-Muslims started to watch him with a wary eye and avoided him like the plague.


Later on, when he leveled accusations at the Christians for attempting to proselytize Selangor Muslims in the Damansara Utama Methodist Centre, it confirmed everyone's worst fears. Hasan was like Ibrahim Ali - a political lunatic running amuk and ready to do any extreme act just to reap some gain from UMNO.

The DUMC-JAIS raid affected more than Selangor. It left a lasting negative impression on the whole country, especially Sarawak where 43% of the people there are Christians. Surprisingly, BN politicians seemed unaware of the horror the two political 'pyschos' were creating.

In fact, BN leaders  sided with Hasan even though he was then still in PAS. It was starting to become obvious that Hasan might straddling two 'sampans' or long-boats at the same time.

But to Hasan, he was like a white knight in shining armour, fighting against the purported proselytization of Muslims in the state. Somehow he could not convince the Muslims he was sincere. The majority saw him as just another political opportunist. Soon, the daily attacks against the Christians and declarations that his actions were for the good of Islam began to fall apart.

Thank goodness, he didn't appeal

As he spoke about Islam, or the version that he practiced anyway, others were already discussing his defection to UMNO. It was a matter of when and in what manner - the possibility was never even questioned!

Thus, it was not a surprise when PAS finally sacked him. Everyone knew he had it coming. In fact, he worked hard to force PAS to sack him.

Seduced by flattery from UMNO, it is likely Hasan believed that PAS wouldn’t have the balls to dump him. Still reeling from the aftershock of his shameful sacking, he has embarked on a roadshow to educate the public on the political parasites in PAS, who was partly responsible for his sacking. And guess who is tagging along with him? None other than Ridhuan Tee, the faithful Muslim.

The appeal period for Hasan Ali has expired and he has declared he has no intention to appeal. The sighs of relief are loud indeed along the corridors of power in PAS and Pakatan.

If he had appealed, it would have put the coalition and the party in a slight pickle. They would have looked bad if they rejected him. But if they re-opened the door to him, and he started his nonsense again, they would look weak and foolish - much like our Prime Minister Najib Razak!


Talking about parasites, Hasan Ali failed to observe that most parasites are so tiny, like the lice in one's hair that most do not notice. As far as the public knows, there are only 3 parasites with ravenous blood-sucking traits that are of some 'entertainment' value. So well fed are these parasites, they have turned into hideous overweight monsters like Jabba the Hut in Starwars.

One of them is a chronic and confirmed party-hopper. This guy owes allegiance to no one and his master is whoever pays him for the moment. Though he contested on a PAS ticket, within months of winning, he turned Independent and then formed Perkasa.

The second lost his position as the number 2 in PAS last year.

The third one didn’t realize that he was a parasite and has embarked on an educational tour to expose himself!

And to top it all, all of three of them were present at a recent press conference in honor of Parasite No. 3's sacking. Were they there to lend support to him as a fellow parasites, or to wallow in glee at his sacking?

Political ambitions

Now, Hasan says he wants to form a new NGO called JATI to fight for Islam, Malay Rights and the Malay Rulers. What a noble cause, if it only were true. Already there is Perkasa and Perkida and these 2 organizations must be sleeping if there is a need to form JATI.

Hasan clearly still harbors political ambitions, positioning JATI as the Third Force. So confident is Hasan that he has already rejected the lures thrown out to him by KITA. But there is some shadow-play there and although for ex-UMNO minister and PKR turncoat, Zaid Ibrahim, has announced plans to dissolve KITA, some are betting that eventually peace will be made and Hasan will go into KITA although Zaid may make an exit after doing his national service for UMNO.

So one way or another Hasan looks sets to become a rusty fixture, much like Ibrahim Ali, Zul Noordin and Zahrain Hashim. His JATI can even apply for its own license to become the nation's newest political party.

Then he can field himself and other like-minded specimens in the next election, because while UMNO may support him, they won't touch him with a 20-foot barge pole. Apart from KITA, no one else would!

Hasan has finally shown his true colours and it's not green like those little green men from Mars. Instead of seeking forgiveness from the Party that gave him an illustrious career, he sees it fit to back-stab his former colleagues. Memang kartun or a real cartoon, is how they now view him. But this modus operandi will doom his new career as Zaid will tell him.

Zaid too had embarked on a 'politics of revenge' against Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim. But the slandering and washing of linen in public only put Malaysians off Zaid. From a high perch as a Malay intellectual, Zaid was finally perceived to be just another political pirate doing the rounds for UMNO. The very same is taking place with Hasan, though he doesn't see it or chooses not to see it yet.

Another failed UMNO tactic

Obviously, if Hasan has new backers, he must show them the benefits of taking him on-board. How can he blow the whistle on himself? For example, how can he tell UMNO - you guys were stupid to pick me!
So, acting like a crusader and trying to pick a fight with the Christians whom he regards as the enemy, Hasan is out to conquer the country with yet another out-of-favor and shelf life-expired cocktail of racism and religious bigotry.

Hell-bent to rouse the flames of controversy, Hasan will put the blame for his misfortune on the peace-loving Christians in this country whom he thinks will not dare to retaliate. Hardly the hallmark of a man of Islam!
By now, no one in PAS is angry anymore at Hasan's sacking.

The real Hasan Ali has stepped out from the shadows and he has sprouted horns. No doubt about it, like Ibrahim Ali, Hasan Ali is a boon to the Pakatan Rakyat.

The more the 'Alis' rant and holler, the more Malaysians will sympathize with Pakatan.

Whoever in UMNO dreamed up this diabolical scheme to back stab PAS has now been back stabbed by himself! Really, they should think more carefully and not rush to grab off the shelf items that may not work or are defective. No point to behave like a bull in a China shop, but perhaps this is an indication of how bankrupt UMNO is of new ideas.

What their strategists are doing is like the Malay saying,  tak sa takut! Gostan saja. Jika langgar, pasti ada bunyi


theprofessor said...

bullshit. hassan ali has done more damage to pakatan than they could ever imagine.

Anonymous said...

hassan & ibrahim = twin sons of ALI-baba kah !!??

Anonymous said...

This holier than thou bum has only shit in his brain. Good riddance for PKR. A disgrace to Islam as a whole.

Anonymous said...

...and what is "pariah" ? As far as I'm concern this word is a taboo for some of our Indian friends. Do you still remember the "Interlok" case ? You are degrading the Indian community my friend.